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Yeah. I'm way late on doing this...a good while back, I have picked up Final Fantasy 7, on the Playstation Network store. it's downloaded onto my PS3, and has been for a good little while now. As such, I'm going to try and make it a bit special for me when I actually begin to play it, hopefully later this year...

By play it, I mean actually making it past just a few minutes. Now then....

Cloud will be renamed Red, since Cloud is basically ME....more or less anyway...

Tifa: Fleur (As in Fleur de Lis) or Angel (Angel Beats of the fame of Golden Armor series.)




Aerith/Aeris: Sonata Dusk or somepony else maybe.



Caid Sith:

to make it more personal, I'd like you ponies to possibly give me some names I can try to name everyone in the party, to make it more interesting for me. if you think they should be given their normal name simply say so.

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Best battle theme ever

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>>1785806 meh. if she tries, it's just another beat down to assert my dominance...but Yay. I get a Pet dino. Now...to name her Yoshi...or something else...

#8,736 · 2h, 44m ago · · ·

>>1785802 pretty much, except she still has trouble trying not to kill you

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>>1785799 So. I beat it down, and it accepts me as it's master to allow me to Ride it into battle and obey my commands? cause that's basically what happened. Grimlock had Prime fight to see who was stronger...Prime proved worthy because he beat Grimlock...

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>>1785797 No. You'll have a Michael-Bay-Version "Grimlock and Optimus Prime" relationship

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>>1785796 *Giving Faith's Puffy cheeked pouty face* TAMED one...

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