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The Lovely Maneiac, when she was still just a comic book villain

Ah the beautiful maneiac. the former main villain of the popular comic book series The Power Ponies.

Her Debut issue

Six months after the power ponies's latest victory, she surfaced, attacking the city, destroying buildings, stealing objects of power, or money, Though she would NEVER attack any innocent ponies...and rarely did anypony have anything more than scratches from her...but before I explain why, perhaps I should give some insight...

Silken Strands, aka The Maneiac

This is what she looked like before the accident. before she became Maney...Silken Strands, a mare with money, power and fame, as she created the Tresemme shampoo line. and worked as a mane-care specialist. then one fateful day, an assassin was sent to end her life, and so, above a vat of chemicals, made primarily for mane and coat care. what happened, after the assassin pushed her in, Nopony expected. Not even her...she thought she had died...

SHE SURVIVED! Transformed by the chemicals, she was changed into the Maneiac, her mane was now alive, as it was able to move around as she commanded it to. her fur was changed to the dark indigo color it's known of now, and her eyes changed from being sapphire blue, to green and red it turns out, she seemed to develop some slight psychosis, as she soon after, woke, and found the assassin who 'killed' her, and ended his life, in revenge, this was the only pony to be killed by her.

She continued living her peaceful villain life, for some time, creating companies, that via an anonymous donor, helped fund the rebuilding of the buildings destroyed during her confrontations with the power Ponies. Then, she had a fateful encounter...

The day Maneiac learned she lived in a comic book

She encountered Molly! as her comic book was enchanted, causing whoever opened it, to enter the comic for a short time. Molly decided to spend it with some fun. and had fun with Maney, causing maney to find out the truth. and after molly left 30 minutes later, it started over, seeming as if it's life as usual, but something was different...she knew the at one final encounter, she revealed it all to the power ponies. the sacrifices she made for Maretropolis. as she had adored the city as a foal, and that ponies thought that SHE made it a hellhole, when in reality it always was. she was just adding to it. trying to make it a better place, by giving the power ponies purpose. and though she didn't tell them, she realized that after she found out the truth from Molly, her escapades to make it a better place by giving them purpose, didn't exactly work, and never would, since it was just a comic she revealed that she confessed, because, she needed vindication...she wanted to be told just once, that what she was doing wasn't so bad. and that she was doing something genuinely good...even if she was a villain...she admired each of her nemesis...all six of the power ponies, and even the seemingly useless Hum Drum, as she praised his tenacity, which she found admirable. after confessing her reason for her actions, she threw down a potion, which knocked out the power ponies and Hum Drum, and erased the memories of what had happened a few moments prior, and when they woke, it was business as usual, so they had beaten her, tied her up in her own mane, and sent her to jail. however this was not the end of her legacy. as soon after her last trip to jail, she left the jail, literally walking out, and then I entered the another hero...named Nightwing. it was then that the two of us met. I explained to her, that I could break her out of the comic, after she expressed her desire to do so, after meeting one of my other Herd mates, Molly. So, I agreed. We went through the typical song and dance of her comic, of me fighting, and beating her, then before I was booted out of the comic, I anchored myself to her, and helped pull her out, her psychosis now permanently gone, she was able to finally live her backstory and dream out, as a mane-care specialist, and be able to help Equestria, she currently stays with me, and is one of my herd mates, we just recently had a little daughter, named Dove, who has green streaks in her blue mane, the streaks are able to move, much like her mother's green after being freed, we used magic to be able to allow her to switch between Silken Strands, and the Maneiac, now a hero, and defender...

Silken Strands, using her maneiac form to defend our home, now enjoying her new life

she's in bliss now, as she has a stallion who loves her for who she is, and now a daughter she can pass her legacy onto. she also aids Molly in the Spa as a masseuse, with her mane's tendril form being PERFECT for the job of massage. her primary job as Silken Strands though when she's not at the spa, is mane care. like a barber...I love the mare, and I'll do anything I can to help her.

That's the history and current status of the Maneiac, as recorded by her mate, Red.

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