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(Part 3? where's part 2?! Right Here.)

Hello Everypony. Fleur De Lis here. I'm getting myself dressed up and painted up to be Luna this Nightmare Night...don't tell my sweet Husband Red. I haven't told him yet. *Wink* Why am I going as Luna you may ask? Well...apparently in my part time actress job...I seem to be a good stunt double for her Majesty, Luna...

You tell me if I'm that good...anyway. I'm gonna be helping out by talking about some of these weapons this time, seeing as my hubby has done his share in the first 2 parts. I've supplied a link to the 2nd part for those who didn't know. anyway, let's get started!

The Crissaegrim

This is the Crissaegrim, a beautiful, and yet deadly blade, forged from the tip of a metal stake, found in the dead body of a vampire. and two remnants of other swords, lost to time, a cursed rapier called Glaciem that simultaneously freezes it's enemies and heals the wielders, and the demonic flame blade Igneas, a blade that turns those cut with it into ashes. He can switch between it's Glaciem and Igneas abilities, and a normal state, which is capable of swift strikes, due to it's nature as a Katana. It can be held on the person in it's scabbard, or hidden in a pocket dimension when not needed. usually through use of a teleport spell, to take it right to Red's strong hooves from it's resting place at home.

The Void Sword

This powerful sword, is an ice elemental, similar to the Glacius fragments used in forging the Crissaegrim, Much like that half's abilities, this sword can freeze the foe, and steal their life force, much like a vampire, giving it to the wielder. this longsword, is quite quick, and is easily summoned from either pocket dimensions like the Crissaegrim is, or simply held in a scabbard.

The Chaos Claw Gauntlets

These firey gauntlets, similar to the Igneas fragments from the Crissaegrim, are slow, but powerful, due to being brute force pounding, and burning damage when in battle. Their appearance, as a blinding flame, is a manifestation of my beloved Red's pure unrivaled Rage. just waiting for their master to unleash them again. They can also be used to launch fireballs, or other ranged flame attacks, such as miniature eruptions from the ground.

The Combat Cross

Ahh the Combat Cross. I remember Red got this as a gift from Me~ It is a multi purpose tool, a hooked tip for grappling, a spiked chain for added damage, the weapon being able to be used as a stake for climbing, and killing Vampires, AND any sort of other foe in your wake this Nightmare Night...And, on top of that all, it's able to be used as a boomerang, and a chain whip...He really likes it. ~

The STARS Shield

Red uses this shield, along with one other from time to time. He likes it. Daring found this in an old Temple to Luna and Nightmare Moon, Supposedly, it will protect from any attack, as it's defense is as surrounding as the Night sky.

The Crystal Heart Shield. Green Variant.

Cadence had this shield made and sent for Red. as a gift, she knew his favorite color was green so after taking some enchanted Crystal from their empire, they forged it. it's unbreakable, due to it's nature as Crystal, and it blocks everything, but it also will reflect magical spells, due to it's mirror like surface.

Well, I'd say that's all for now. Perhaps He'll make another post sometime. or maybe I or somepony else will join in too! *leaves off to finish*

Luna: *enters dressed* Fleur You forgot something else! Oh...Your already gone...I'll put it up!

Heh. What does everypony think of MY costume?

The Star Saber

Similar to the Aformentioned STARS Shield, that Fleur so graciously shown, This blade was hoof crafted by myself, Nightmare Moon, and even little Nyx! she's so cute and sweet. she loves her father just like we do...Anyway, we crafted it as a gift for him, it holds great cutting power, able to cut through nearly anything in the way, and is lightweight to boot, making it a force to fear. Red prefers to keep it hidden in home, and to teleport it to himself when needed. much like his other weapons. Alright that's all of it. have a happy Nightmare Night everypony!!! *Trots off.*

Red: *enters, and notices the blog post already done* Wha? Huh...I don't recall doing this...Oh well, somepony else must have been helping me....heh. better thank them later...once I find out who they are. *Trots off, having gotten ready*

C'mon Marina!

Sure thing Hun~

(Marina is Flutterbat with a new name we gave for sake of differenciating from real Fluttershy, after being split from her by Caroline and cloned to allow for a free body)

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