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  • 12w, 1d
    Where I've Been

    So, I've been taking writing really seriously over the past year. I got 15,000 words out of NaNoWriMo; not bad for a busy month running science festivals. I finished the manuscript in June, sold my retro game systems the funds for self-publishing e-books, and joined a forum thread on one of my boards to write 500 words a night. I was feeling pretty good, especially considering I'm finally a parent (Lyra's style).

    Then I come back one, and notice the disappointment and cobwebs I've left around here.

    So, I wrote 1,431 words of the next Chaos and Darkness chapter tonight. That brings it up to almost 4K. I'm not going to promise a date, but I'm clearing my writers block on my self-publishing projects to try to come back and finish the backlog of ending I owe people here.

    I'm not sure how time will be, considering I'm teaching honors courses that demand instant grading, but I'll try on day at a time and at least 500 words a night. I owe it to the fans that taught me how to write.


    Coincidentally, this is my 100th Blog post. Huh.

    5 comments · 100 views
  • 42w, 1h
    Hooves Holding Hearts contest

    So, working on the next chapter. No one reading the last one got the hints about the new kid, who is the story's main kid. I'll give these out, and the first person (and maybe a few others) who get it right will earn a small OC cameo in HHH.

    Now, the kid's an OC...but the mother is not.

    Here are the first few hints.

    1)  Heartmend said that the "mother is not cognizant, incapable of care and unlikely to change."

    2) I got the idea for this blog post listening to a song about her.

    Any guesses?

    46 comments · 411 views
  • 43w, 3d
    Hooves Holding Hearts Edit

    So, I changed a scene in chapter four. I changed it because it didn't work, and others complained with a reasonable point.

    It happens near the end of the chapter.

    Spoilers ahead.

    I mean, really spoilers.

    If you haven;t read the chapter, it kind of ruins the punch to know this...


    So, when John is confronting the father....

    “You go back inside, and you thank her and the other one and ask those questions, or...” John scratched his mane and leaned in.

    "Tell me if you've heard this one..."

    "There's a pony," he started, "that keeps order. This pony makes sure good things come to the deserving, and that bad things arrive in spades to others. This pony keeps the unjust in anticipation of what they deserve, and ensures that the world flows on as it should, piece by piece. Your little world runs because this pony keeps it running." His mouth was nearly at the father's ear now. "Do you know what they call this pony?"

    The shaking of the father's head was more like a vibration.

    "They call her," John whispered, "the Mailmare. She's the best friend of the crying mare who's heart just snapped." He patted the shaking stallion on the shoulder. "Let's face it, having the mailmare as an enemy is bad enough when you haven't been declared legally dead for months and have legal and financial paperwork on its way."

    He smiled, and the father flinched.

    “Uh. Uh. Okay.” Terrified, the father stepped backwards."I'll get r-r-right on that."

    “Great!” John spoke with relief reached his mouth into his saddlebag and pulled out a napkin and a pen. “Take notes! Make sure she sees you taking notes.” His smiled stayed for a second too long. “Make sure I see her see you taking those notes.”


    This takes the chapter back towards the comedic-dramatic life of the Choices girls territory and less obligatory crossover. One one hoof, yes, many of my readers love John yelling at people. On the other hand, it's now something perfectly rational that the town repairman would say. You could have it either way.

    Thanks go to ankyo and  RK_Striker_JK_5.

    19 comments · 286 views
  • 44w, 2d
    What the pre-readers are saying...

    Just so you know, here's some comments on the Hooves Holding Hearts chapter that drops this week.

    "She had a really miserable childhood, didn't she?"

    "Holy freaking s***! Nevermind Jazz, you are not worst parent anymore!"

    "This is both heartwarming and utterly heartbreaking at the same time. You magnificent bastard."

    "Other than that, this chapter does a magnificent job of punching one right dead center of your feelings. "

    "Now, if you will excuse me, I must weep quietly to myself until I fall asleep."

    9 comments · 204 views
  • 44w, 2d
    Story Progress!

    Chapter four of Hooves Holding Hearts is off to the pre-readers! I'm going to try to get a C&D chapter done next, I think. I'm having to split time between pony writing and writing things I actually intend to e-publish for money, but I intend to finish the crop of stories I have, maybe saving a week in summer to write "Doctor Whooves and the Mare in the Moon."

    In other opinions, is the reason Coco Pommel is so popular because the writers could not have made a pony who is more deliberately moe if they tried?

    6 comments · 195 views
  • ...

A long-forgotten villain escapes from Tartaurus Prison, taking Discord's power with him!  Can a motley band of opposites and former enemies work together long enough to save Equestria?

Cover Art provided by the amazing Gina at I AM PONY.

First Published
25th Sep 2012
Last Modified
13th Feb 2014

No comment. Guess I might as well make a joke.

One does not simply sneak into Tartar- DAMN IT, IRON!

I knew it was tirek as soon as I laid eyes on the cover image.

  Man that is one old villain!

Totally read it already.

Still buckin' awesome, though.

Also, I get the feeling I know what the soundtrack for this story is gonna consist of:


Goddammit, dude. I have on job around here, and you just up and take it away from me.

However, I approve of your post.

I feel like I'd be getting more out of this if I could stand to watch the old G1 cartoons and find out who Tirek, No-Heart and the others are.  (Though I think the two-headed monkey dude is Demogorgon, and if he showed up in My Little Pony, I may have to reconsider my stance.)

Nevertheless, intriguing stuff, and I wish to see more.


Tirek should be mostly bearable, at least. Rescue at Midnight Castle is just the regular 80s kind of bad, not G3 bad.

oh I liked it better when i hadn't read the synopsis, it was more fun to not know what was going on!@


I was wondering about that.  Considering making it more opaque.:twilightblush:


Don't worry. It's a Grant Morrison-style reboot of the character. Everything necessary will be present in the story.:twilightsheepish:

Also, Tirek is the ONLY bad guy in the prison from MLP. Everyone else is from a DIFFERENT 80's cartoon. I may actually have a contest to identify them all. :yay:


True.  But you still get "Shoo-Be-Doo" in your head.:raritywink:


You have plenty to do. I expect this to be a very metal story.:rainbowdetermined2:

80's villains.

No holds barred.

Dis gon b gud.

The little throwaway lines like, "Hmm. Misnamed." and "it will be neither chocolate nor water that flows through its streets.” make this a great read already.


O I think that would be wise, the last thing you want is to have the whole first chapter condensed into a three sentence summary.

Try "A routine inspection of the Tartaurus Prison system introduces Twilight to a former acquaintance of a friend and reintorduces her to an old family foe." and then go on from there or something along those lines, I am really bad at these things as mine is particularly clinical and boring. too vague and generic, but I think you can make better with it.


This is true. I want to make sure that the prospective reading who'd like it gets enough clues, though. It's a weird balance.


"I was hoping "Misnamed." wouldn't fly over people's heads.  As a writer, you never know if your jokes are clear.

Fantastic, I can't wait to see how this plays out!  :twilightsmile:


I know what you mean, and I know you know how to do it better than I. Good luck.

Mmm, I'm liking this already.:trixieshiftright:

That misnamed line is amazing.

I read all the villain's lines in their voices.


Okay.  I was ready to say that Tirek, despite being a little goofy-looking, was actually pretty damned badass and terrifying.  I mean, carrying around a beating heart?  Turning ponies into dragon-monsters?  Threatening to murder and decapitate children?  Holy crap.

And then I saw the sea ponies, and witnessed the true face of horror.

"Shoo-Be-Doo" must be the last thing sinners hear before being dropped into Hell.

Well, I recognized Venger, Tiamat, and Lolth from Dungeons & Dragons. No-Heart sounds familiar, too.

I like Iron Will particularly. He comes home and the traditional greeting is a punch to the head? Reminds me of my family.


Thanks!  I'm hoping to give you readers another jaw-dropper next chapter.  Ch 2 and 3 will be FUN to write.:pinkiehappy:


Your cartoon-fu is strong.  I actually changed my initial description of No-Hearts voice after checking out YouTube clips.


Yeah, I suffered a surprise when I put my Pony mp3  directory on shuffle and hit a nice synthpop song.  Then I ralized it was Eurobeat Bronies' "Call Upon the Sea Ponies."  STUCK IN HEEEEEEEEAD.


Y'know, I'm inclined to agree with you. Thought in all honestly, if you managed to make Hell not-metal, I'd be amazed.

Breaking Into Heaven - Heaven and Hell


I got to see them before Ronnie died.  It was great to watch them bring Dehumanizer back to life.


No worries, I just had to get that one in there.

I plan to spend the next 10 chapters looking for headbanging gif emotes.


There's a great one of Luna somewhere from the Canterlot wedding.


Yeah, I like that one.  That was one of the samples I gave to my artist as a reference.  There's a LOT of good Tirek art out there.


I don't think you quite understand how insanely jealous you made me with that one statement. At least I got to see most of the original band at Lollapalooza.

So far, my track record is

1) Fear Factory- Faith No More (Terrible position from stage)

2) Iron Maiden (Blaze Bailey)

3) Gwar (Thrown out by bouncer after guy punched me in face)

4) Hammerfall- Dio in Atlanta, then drove back down the next day to South Florida for Blind Guardian.

5) Iron Maiden (Somewhere Back in Time Tour)

6) Queensryche - Alice Cooper- Heaven and Hell

7) Blind Guardian

(And a bunch of They Might Be Giants, Weird Al, and Jonathan Coulton)

So, he's "object 23" huh?

Hail Eris.



It's like Joel Robinson said: "We never a' Who's gonna get this?'  We always say, 'the right people will get this.'"

This is... brilliant. Is there perhaps a giant purple robot locked up somewhere, his cannon removed and the voices in his heads finally silenced? :D

If you hold a contest for their names, I'd lose. Badly. :pinkiesad2:

As for G1... wasn't that bad, after a viewing a few months ago.


I really, Really, REALLY wanted to have a Transformer cameo.  I was shy of including anything humanoid.  Then again, you've just given me an idea....:pinkiehappy:

During the part at the beginning when Iron Will's mom is explaining the inevitable destruction of Tartaurus, did anyone else think of this?


That was actually the exact thing I was thinking of!:pinkiehappy:

Baron Silas Greenback! (or as I was watching it "Baron Ekel von Etzmolch").

Now all we need is a meeting of Count Duckula and Pinkie Pie and BOOM: instant universal meltdown.

Tirek with Discord's powers? This will be a tough one.

Oh, crud. So far, they've chained up the antagonist on Care Bears, Teddy Ruxpln's arch-enemy and possibly others. Heh. I halfway expected to see Mumm-Ra hanging around.

Wow, Twilight and co. are really under pressure now, while Tirek watches some good friends scream "let me out!"

This one has the makings of a real winner! :twilightsmile:

Ahhh, I've been setting up my own fanfic continuity to have something very similar to this happen. Mine actually involves the Greco-Roman gods of chaos and darkness, though, but was definitely planning on a confrontation between the two. Ooh, and does Tirek have a crush on Nightmare Moon? I have this feeling he does :trixieshiftright:

Oh yeah, I'm liking this!

I didn't get all the references, but they were certainly amusing.

Can't wait to read more.

By looking at the image cover, I'm getting a bit of deja vu with Freddy vs. Jason

“Would that be fear in your eyes, No-Heart? I recognize that flavor. It’s the terror of knowing what this world is about."

Watching some good friend scream, "LET ME OUT!"


Hey, I'm the guy who wrote School Daze; I can't get the musical reference bug out of my system. :rainbowlaugh:  I toyed with the idea of making every chapter a Dio song for a while.


The artist is a HUGE Freddy fan.  She has the Freddy rap album hanging in plastic on her wall next to her Vlad the Impaler dish.


Glad to hear.  I also hope to make references that can be missed without loss of enjoyment of the story on a whole.


Crush?:scootangel::duck: Stay tuned for Chapter Two.


Ugh, I REALLY debated having Mumm-Ra in a cell.  More cameos in chapter two!


I grew up watching Danger Mouse everyday. I love that show.


Danger Mouse and Count Duckula were my first contact with British humor at the tender age of ... nine or ten, I guess.

Quite the culture shock back then. The narrator is best pony. :rainbowlaugh:


Just as long as no one uses the phrases "bumbling boobs" or "meddling kids."


Alright, I recognized Quellor from Teddy Ruxpin, No-Heart from Care Bears, and Venger from Dungeons and Dragons...


If you don't want to watch the full episode here's one that basically says what happens in one minute.

I really like this backstory for Tartaurus and where Iron Will came from. Instant headcanon unless we are ever told differently.

“Wait a second.  Did that guy pay the gate toll?”


Six people are clearly biased against G1. :rainbowlaugh:

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