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  • 2w, 2d
    On The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    I... ADORE this fucking game.

    It's everything I wanted and more. Killer music, awesome new enemies, INSANE items and trinkets, Mom's Heart is finally an actual challenge as a boss fight (and by challenge I mean BULLET HELL), item interactions range from cool to DIABOLICALLY OVERPOWERED... and in just three days, I've racked up 24 hours of play. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

    ...and taking. There are some pretty nasty bugs regarding loading and saving the game, apparently. I can load and run it fine, but I've heard of people pre-loading the game and not being able to start it up. And on top of that, it doesn't like retaining save files despite its intended function of holding three; I've lost my save once to closing the game wrong (I think), and again when I tried to occupy an additional file along with it. The real kick in the balls is that it saved file 3 while wiping file 1.

    But I can't hate it despite that. It's fucking mega-Isaac. It's my favorite roguelike beefed up to INSANE degrees, and I'm going to happily start anew with a third try at a main file (and BACK THE FUCKER UP this time). I seriously, HIGHLY recommend it, as it's MORE than worth the $15 it costs, but I can understand if you'd rather wait for a patch to release.

    If you DO pick up or already have the game, and you're worried about your save, go to C:\Users\[username]\Documents\my games\Binding of Isaac Rebirth (if you're a Windows user) and back up the file "persistentgamedata1.dat" often. A friend of mine came upon that solution after my first involuntary wipe.

    4 comments · 57 views
  • 4w, 4d
    So remember me saying I'm an MCU fanboy?


    5 comments · 74 views
  • 5w, 4d
    TheSequentialArtMan 2: The Resequencing

    So, uh... remember that plagiarist I discussed two months ago?

    He sent me a contact request on Skype this afternoon while I was in school. He's been talking to me most of the night. He's still a gigantic unrepentant plagiarizing faggot with faulty circular logic and a "never my fault" complex (and I'll PM a fresh-baked cookie to anyone who can find out what that's actually colloquially called). And, "miraculously," no headway has been made in making him see the error of his ways.

    Don't take my word for it, though. Check out the unabridged Skype logs. And the page break should tip you off that you're getting wall-of-texted.

    [12:11:30 PM] facebook:mathew.reed.908: Hi Fallen Prime, I'd like to add you as a contact.

    [7:17:29 PM] *** Fallen Prime has shared contact details with TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed). ***

    [7:18:01 PM] Fallen Prime: Oh, I sincerely hope this is either a joke or a mistake.

    [7:18:22 PM] Fallen Prime: If it's the latter, it's a mistake you had to put concentrated effort into making.

    [7:33:36 PM | Edited 7:33:58 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): And by making, I am continuing. So HA! :P

    [7:35:40 PM] Fallen Prime: Oh god, your word choice is even bad in real time.

    [7:36:11 PM] Fallen Prime: I get what you're TRYING to say, but it's lost in what you're ACTUALLY saying.

    [7:37:55 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I am working on my story in Notepad. So what that basically means that it cannot be taken away no matter how hard you try/tried. :P

    [7:39:56 PM] Fallen Prime: Except A. it'll never be hosted on FIMFiction. You stole the words directly from other works not your own, which means you ALSO took their ideas, and regardless of the state of completion of the story, that's legitimately illegal.

    [7:40:19 PM] Fallen Prime: And B. whatever site you try hosting it on, you'll get reported. Because it's legitimately illegal.

    [7:45:39 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Didn't you pay attention to Update #5? Anyway Topsy-Turvy Tours, Provocative Predicament, and My Little House Guests have only been posted on Fimfiction. So really, I'm safe. And I did say in Update #4 that I was STILL working on it when the mods plagiarized it. :P And I still am now. :P

    [7:47:00 PM] Fallen Prime: Okay, FIRST OF ALL, I suddenly realize you have no goddamn idea what plagiarism is. I mean, you prove that to me before, but...

    [7:47:12 PM | Edited 7:47:25 PM] Fallen Prime: You just said the MODS plagiarized the story.

    [7:47:18 PM] Fallen Prime: The story they had no hand in writing.

    [7:47:56 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Whatever dude. :P

    [7:49:02 PM] Fallen Prime: Second of all, as you've been told numerous times, it doesn't matter how unfinished a story is. If it breaks site rules, it goes down.

    [7:50:06 PM] Fallen Prime: And again, plagiarism isn't just against FIMFic rules.

    [7:50:11 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): In which I was getting to that when I got banned and banned, and banned.

    [7:50:34 PM] Fallen Prime: It's against the rules on DeviantART, and on, and on whatever other site you'd try to slip it on.

    [7:51:19 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Like I said, the only thing it's gonna be posted on is in Notepad.

    [7:51:47 PM] Fallen Prime: So... you're literally writing this for no audience but yourself.

    [7:52:30 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): That was basically my own IDEA in the first place. :P

    [7:53:38 PM] Fallen Prime: Dude, you haven't had a completely original thought in your life.

    [7:54:10 PM] Fallen Prime: The best you've done is "Hmm, nice story. It'd look GREAT if I changed some trivial details and made this protagonist my self-insert!"

    [7:56:05 PM] Fallen Prime: And before you even START on your weak justification bullshit again.

    [7:56:14 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Same goes for YouTube. I'm just making videos for the heck of it. Whether people like 'em or not. Also, there are a TON of self-inserts in those PoE/HiE stories. least the ones I've read anyway.

    [7:56:33 PM] Fallen Prime: Yeah, and they almost all suck.

    [7:56:54 PM] Fallen Prime: Thing is, though, as samey as they tend to be, they don't COPY WHOLE EXCERPTS FROM EACH OTHER.

    [7:57:15 PM] Fallen Prime: If they do, they're caught, reported, and banned, and the stories get taken down.

    [7:57:28 PM] Fallen Prime: AND BEFORE YOU START WITH ME AGAIN.

    [7:57:56 PM] Fallen Prime: If this is staying on a Notepad doc... something that's supposedly staying on your computer and not going on the web...

    [7:58:02 PM] Fallen Prime: Why the FUCK are you telling me?

    [7:58:13 PM] Fallen Prime: Hell, why are you telling ME?

    [7:59:08 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Exactly. Who cares if the story is good or not, at least you have a story. Uh...what about the MLD related stories (Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Derpy, Octavia, Vinyl, AJ, etc)?

    [7:59:35 PM] Fallen Prime: You didn't have a story.

    [7:59:54 PM] Fallen Prime: You had someone else's stories Frankensteined into something you thought could pass as yours.

    [8:00:15 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I did, and it was deleted before I could finish it.

    [8:00:26 PM] Fallen Prime: [7:59 PM] Fallen Prime:

    <<< You had someone else's stories Frankensteined into something you thought could pass as yours.

    [8:01:25 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): 2) The story being based on TV shows, movies, video games and other real life events.

    [8:01:45 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Those other stories weren't.

    [8:01:48 PM] Fallen Prime: Oh my god, you're still trying to copy-paste your response.

    [8:02:05 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Maybe.

    [8:02:14 PM] Fallen Prime: Seriously. Use your own words for once in your life.

    [8:02:39 PM] Fallen Prime: How hard is it to craft a story where every word of it was typed by you?

    [8:02:49 PM] Fallen Prime: EMPHASIS ON EVERY WORD.

    [8:04:29 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I was getting to that, but the story got deleted and I got banned. Therefore I was trying again, but I got banned again. Sheesh, just how hard is all of that stuff for you to put in your tiny little peanut sized brain?

    [8:05:26 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Meh, whatever. You all still lost.

    [8:06:14 PM] Fallen Prime: How? You used circular logic and went back to points we disproved countless times.

    [8:06:42 PM] Fallen Prime: If you knew it was an issue, you should have revoked the submission yourself.

    [8:06:51 PM] Fallen Prime: Better yet, deleted the story page.

    [8:07:05 PM] Fallen Prime: That way, you could have a chance to start the story entirely from scratch.

    [8:07:22 PM] Fallen Prime: No other framework to build off of, no other works to drag and drop from.

    [8:09:41 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Do you really need me to spell it out for you or what? Because really, I've had it with all of you heartless and sinful people.

    [8:09:51 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): |-(

    [8:10:06 PM] Fallen Prime: Then why the fuck did you send me a contact request?

    [8:10:18 PM] Fallen Prime: To gloat over some imagined victory?

    [8:10:33 PM] Fallen Prime: After I'd long forgotten you and your bullshit?

    [8:10:40 PM] Fallen Prime: You started this back up.

    [8:10:54 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): To tell you that you are a peanut headed moron.

    [8:11:12 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): That dislikes stories.

    [8:11:31 PM] Fallen Prime: I dislike plagiarism. I love stories.

    [8:14:45 PM] Fallen Prime: Also, I love how you're so out of points to make that you've resorted to petty insults and assertions that you've won.

    [8:15:04 PM] Fallen Prime: And trying to repeat negated points, but that's not really new.

    [8:15:20 PM] Fallen Prime: ...neither were the winning claims or the petty insults either, I guess.

    [8:15:50 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed):

    Now tell me just how many of those stories haven't been plagiarized. Hmm?

    [8:16:41 PM] Fallen Prime: That depends. How many of them took whole paragraphs from other stories?

    [8:17:02 PM] Fallen Prime: If the answer to MY question is none, so is the answer to yours.

    [8:17:26 PM] Fallen Prime: No, shut up.

    [8:17:37 PM] Fallen Prime: Don't even say another word until you answer THIS question.

    [8:17:55 PM] Fallen Prime: Why are you still trying to say that taking words you didn't write is okay?

    [8:18:07 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Paragraphs...none. Ideas..."My Little Dashie" ideas and made it their own.

    [8:18:37 PM] Fallen Prime: [8:18 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed):

    <<< Paragraphs...none.That is where your story differs from those.

    [8:19:12 PM] Fallen Prime: That is what makes yours illegal.

    [8:24:07 PM] Fallen Prime: Ideas are one thing. Those are flexible, open to interpretation. It's a dick move to take one and shit all over it by making a bad adaptation, but it happens.

    [8:24:14 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Mine was Equestria Girls movie based, therefore Twilight was basically Alicornized at the time I made the story. Those other stories just pretty much went the ''random human transformation" way. Which if I can recall was before Twilicorn, Equestria Girls, and season 4 was even brought up.

    [8:24:24 PM] Fallen Prime: WE.

    [8:24:25 PM] Fallen Prime: ARE.

    [8:24:26 PM] Fallen Prime: NOT.

    [8:24:28 PM] Fallen Prime: TALKING.

    [8:24:29 PM] Fallen Prime: ABOUT.

    [8:24:31 PM] Fallen Prime: OTHER.

    [8:24:33 PM] Fallen Prime: STORIES.

    [8:24:51 PM] Fallen Prime: The focus is on YOURS.

    [8:25:18 PM] Fallen Prime: How you stole entire paragraphs, changed some words, and claimed you wrote every word.

    [8:25:22 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Which still makes this conversation null and void.

    [8:25:29 PM | Edited 8:25:42 PM] Fallen Prime: And are STILL TRYING TO JUSTIFY THAT.

    [8:26:44 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I was getting back to the work that I pretty much had, but you all, and I do mean you all, would NOT listen. |-(

    [8:27:16 PM] Fallen Prime: The work wasn't yours. It was someone else's, and you chopped it up and added bullshit to it.

    [8:27:16 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): So whatever.

    [8:27:35 PM] Fallen Prime: And you're still trying to say you weren't wrong in doing that.

    [8:28:12 PM] Fallen Prime: And you claimed to be writing that stuff out, but not only were you failing to, the rewritten thing you showed us PLAGIARIZED THE ACTUAL CONVERSATION WE WERE HAVING.

    [8:28:33 PM] Fallen Prime: You stole someone's example and Frankensteined it.

    [8:28:41 PM] Fallen Prime: Plagiarized it.

    [8:28:49 PM] Fallen Prime: Stole it.

    [8:29:23 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): If I had more time, then all of this wouldn't have happened. Stole what? Ideas? Story? What?

    [8:29:45 PM] Fallen Prime: ...

    [8:29:52 PM] Fallen Prime: Are you actually fucking brain damaged.

    [8:30:02 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): No. Are you?

    [8:30:16 PM] Fallen Prime: Have my words been sinking in at all?

    [8:30:26 PM] Fallen Prime: You stole stories, words and ideas all at once.

    [8:30:47 PM] Fallen Prime: You got caught. You got banned. You got in a shouting match with the people you stole from.

    [8:30:57 PM] Fallen Prime: That was a REALLY dick move, by the way.

    [8:31:00 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Have mine? No. That makes you look like a total dumbflank.

    [8:31:18 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): :P

    [8:31:58 PM] Fallen Prime: [8:31 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed):

    <<< dumbflankNo, I think the fact that you even tried to use that non-word cemented that it fits you more.

    [8:32:22 PM] Fallen Prime: You're ponifying words in a private conversation. That's just sad.

    [8:32:31 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Ass means donkey dude. Look it up.

    [8:32:41 PM] Fallen Prime: You said flank, not ass.

    [8:33:10 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): You did though. :P

    [8:33:32 PM] Fallen Prime: We both did, but you were the first to.

    [8:33:50 PM] Fallen Prime: Here's another word that fits you. Thief.

    [8:34:08 PM] Fallen Prime: Word thief. Idea thief. Story thief.

    [8:34:14 PM] Fallen Prime: Unapologetic thief.

    [8:35:19 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Words are nothing more than just words dude. Except swearing words. I hate those kinds of words.

    [8:36:38 PM] Fallen Prime: When you put pen to paper (figuratively or literally) and craft a narrative, those words are YOURS.

    [8:36:56 PM] Fallen Prime: When you take words from those stories, you're taking what's theirs.

    [8:37:17 PM] Fallen Prime: And yes, you took the ideas that went with them.

    [8:37:37 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Nuh-uh.

    [8:37:49 PM] Fallen Prime: Because not only did you keep other people's words, you didn't even do enough to change the contexts.

    [8:38:17 PM] Fallen Prime: They were still saying and meaning the exact same things in the exact same type of setting, only you changes names and minor details.

    [8:38:35 PM] Fallen Prime: You know, tiny little things that don't mask the fact that none of it's yours.

    [8:38:49 PM | Edited 8:38:57 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I said I was going to, but I got banned before (or when) I was doing that.

    [8:39:09 PM] Fallen Prime: You got banned because you failed to.

    [8:39:12 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Stupid typos. |-(

    [8:39:21 PM] Fallen Prime: You were given more than one warning.

    [8:39:34 PM] Fallen Prime: You should've done it the fi-

    [8:39:44 PM] Fallen Prime: No, actually, you shouldn't have even stolen at all.

    [8:40:32 PM] Fallen Prime: Because you wouldn't be in any trouble if you hadn't.

    [8:40:36 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): So you say, and you all WOULD NOT LET ME HAVE THAT CHANCE!!!! (angry)

    [8:40:52 PM] Fallen Prime: YOU HAD A CHANCE. MORE THAN ONE.

    [8:41:12 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): And you all blew it away.

    [8:41:44 PM] Fallen Prime: How? So it's FIMFiction's fault you failed every chance you were given?

    [8:41:55 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Yup.

    [8:42:15 PM] Fallen Prime: You...

    [8:42:20 PM] Fallen Prime: You are ACTUALLY retarded.

    [8:42:33 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I did NOT fail, they and you all did.

    [8:42:39 PM] Fallen Prime: It's the website's fault you fucked up.

    [8:42:43 PM] Fallen Prime: That's what you're saying.

    [8:42:43 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): |-(:P

    [8:43:15 PM] *** TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed) sent Chapter 1.txt ***

    [8:44:05 PM] Fallen Prime: You fail to address the point that, had others' content not been there in the first place, you wouldn't have had to be given chances and warnings to begin with.

    [8:44:46 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Look at the download thing. |-(

    [8:45:23 PM] Fallen Prime: No. Because it's not the current version of the story we're talking about.

    [8:45:45 PM | Edited 8:45:53 PM] Fallen Prime: We're talking about your bizarre inability to hold yourself accountable for your own actions.

    [8:46:09 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Exactly. It's the reworked version.

    [8:46:16 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): :P

    [8:46:31 PM] Fallen Prime: Which is not what we're talking about.

    [8:47:20 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): That stuff is all in the past. Now I have the future stuff. :)

    [8:48:53 PM] Fallen Prime: First of all, no. You don't get to talk about shit being "all in the past" when, as these Skype logs will faithfully document, you drudged the past up by seeking me out.

    [8:49:31 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): That too was in the past.

    [8:49:38 PM] Fallen Prime: Second of all, past or future, the point is it's not your st-

    [8:49:38 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): :P

    [8:49:41 PM] Fallen Prime: ...

    [8:49:48 PM] Fallen Prime: IT WAS LITERALLY THIS AFTERNOON.

    [8:50:08 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): That you accepted. :P

    [8:50:31 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): The request, I mean.

    [8:51:12 PM] Fallen Prime: Well, yeah. I admit that I did accept the request.

    [8:51:21 PM] Fallen Prime: There were a few reasons for that, actually.

    [8:51:53 PM] Fallen Prime: One was that I was just dumbfounded to see the name Mathew Reed in a contact request.

    [8:52:15 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Heh.

    [8:52:20 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): :D

    [8:52:36 PM] Fallen Prime: There was also that I was half expecting this to be a troll and not the real deal. That would've been good for a laugh, not that this hasn't been.

    [8:53:02 PM] Fallen Prime: Third, the off chance that you'd finally wised up and decided to stop bullshitting.

    [8:53:31 PM] Fallen Prime: I think that was what really got me to accept. I honestly thought you were going to apologize for your actions and conduct.

    [8:53:36 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Which I haven't to begin with.

    [8:54:37 PM] Fallen Prime: You're right. You haven't wised up.

    [8:54:41 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): And no, I will not apologize. Why? I didn't report and delete someones unfinished work/story.

    [8:54:46 PM] Fallen Prime: You haven't stopped bullshitting.

    [8:54:51 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): :P

    [8:55:20 PM] Fallen Prime: You haven't stopped inventing excuses and reasons why the use of others' words in your story isn't your fault.

    [8:55:29 PM] Fallen Prime: As if it could possibly be anyone else's.

    [8:55:29 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Have you? No. So there! :P

    [8:56:14 PM] Fallen Prime: What the hell do I have to apologize for? I'm sticking up for people you stole from in an argument YOU STARTED BACK UP.

    [8:57:03 PM] Fallen Prime: I'm making damn sure Tap and Java see this, I hope you know that.

    [8:57:27 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): And then was never finished again because I got banned. AGAIN!!! |-(

    [8:57:37 PM] Fallen Prime: Okay.

    [8:57:42 PM] Fallen Prime: Hang on.

    [8:57:49 PM] Fallen Prime: Let me stop you for a minute.

    [8:58:01 PM] Fallen Prime: You're REALLY hung up on the fact that your story never got finished.

    [8:58:23 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): So yeah, I'm working on it in Notepad to keep that from happening. AGAIN!!! :P

    [8:58:52 PM] Fallen Prime: Like... you seem really convinced that, despite the fact that your story broke site rules and numerous international laws, you were still entitled to finish it before you were punished.

    [8:59:07 PM] Fallen Prime: You don't get to say "Time out, I'm not done breaking the law yet!"

    [9:00:59 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): The punishing part was whomever reported me and had the mods ban me not once, because those were 24hr bans, but THREE TIMES I GOT BANNED!!! |-(

    [9:01:45 PM] Fallen Prime: Yeah. Because you didn't clean your act up the first time.

    [9:02:17 PM] Fallen Prime: And ONCE AGAIN, if you hadn't been a thieving hack, there would've been no first time.

    [9:02:32 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I was busy with non-computer stuff and therefore I forgot that I had a story up.

    [9:02:58 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Couldn't get to it is what I mean.

    [9:04:45 PM] Fallen Prime: Not only does that contradict your claim that you were working on revisions when you got perma'd, and not only is there comment evidence on that Spider-Mane story that you were, in fact, at your computer and on your account to feed people the same bullshit you're trying to pull on me...

    [9:05:06 PM] Fallen Prime: But you're STILL ignoring the fact that you shouldn't have done it in the first place.

    [9:05:26 PM] Fallen Prime: And you have failed to answer that one gigantic question I've been trying to ask.

    [9:05:47 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Max currently doesn't want to delete those comments tbh. |-(

    [9:06:48 PM] Fallen Prime: Exactly. So there's proof that you were on just prior to your final ban, yelling at people and trying to STILL JUSTIFY YOUR ACTIONS instead of making the revisions the story needed to not be illegal.

    [9:07:02 PM] Fallen Prime: As in, completely wiping it without thinking twice or looking back.

    [9:07:30 PM] Fallen Prime: Even if he decides to delete those comments, the time stamps of the ones surrounding and responding to them will prove it.

    [9:07:52 PM] Fallen Prime: And then there's your tardrage with a blatant alt.

    [9:08:03 PM] Fallen Prime: Now stop deflecting.

    [9:08:08 PM] Fallen Prime: Answer the question.

    [9:08:18 PM] Fallen Prime: Why did you even do it in the first place?

    [9:08:49 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): That was so many months ago dude. On my FIRST time writing a story. I'm talking about the one that's still up but cannot be worked on. As of currently btw.

    [9:09:53 PM] Fallen Prime: So am I.

    [9:09:56 PM] Fallen Prime: Why?

    [9:10:14 PM | Edited 9:10:33 PM] Fallen Prime: Why did you use words that weren't yours?

    [9:11:39 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): It was meant as a starting point. Didn't I tell you that before?

    [9:12:14 PM] Fallen Prime: That only leads to a two-part follow-up.

    [9:12:38 PM] Fallen Prime: 1. Why did you use someone else's words to build your own story off of?

    [9:13:06 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): It was meant as a starting point.

    [9:13:42 PM] Fallen Prime: 2. Why did you leave all that not-yours content in during publication?

    [9:13:58 PM] Fallen Prime: On LITERALLY ALL of your stories?

    [9:15:00 PM] Fallen Prime: And I suppose I should rephrase the first subquestion, since you seemed to take no new meaning out of it.

    [9:15:24 PM] Fallen Prime: 1. Why did others' words have to be what you started off (and ended up) with?

    [9:15:34 PM] Fallen Prime: That's the real killer there.

    [9:15:42 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): It got all glitchy on me when I left the completed unpublished chapter, so I published it and the story to have it not do that.

    [9:16:10 PM] Fallen Prime: On which story? Did it do that to all of them?

    [9:16:40 PM] Fallen Prime: Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, but you had more than two stories, didn't you?

    [9:16:45 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): But you all got mad again and had the mods ban me with a forever one.

    [9:17:00 PM] Fallen Prime: And multiple chapters on lots of them, too.

    [9:17:18 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): No, I only had one. Those other ones were just favorites.

    [9:18:08 PM] Fallen Prime: Alright, so I'll confess to not having that fact straight. I thought you'd written more than one story with plagiarized content.

    [9:18:17 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Nope.

    [9:18:36 PM] Fallen Prime: If anything, that's a point in the FIMFic community's favor. They caught you before you could keep going.

    [9:19:30 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): My story plus the stories I like reading added as favorites were the only stuff that was and is on there. :)

    [9:19:59 PM] Fallen Prime: You completely ignored the last thing I said.

    [9:20:16 PM] Fallen Prime: Also, you ignored the revision of my other question.

    [9:20:16 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I saw. And?

    [9:21:05 PM] Fallen Prime: Why did your writing process have to use the copy-pasting of entire excerpts from other stories as a "starting point?"

    [9:21:26 PM] Fallen Prime: What was so hard about forming the words yourself?

    [9:21:34 PM] Fallen Prime: Like, ALL the words?

    Like, ALL the words?

    [9:23:35 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I tried asking for help, but I never got it. So I went with the "If you want something done right, you got to do it yourself" quote. And that's the point that you all seem to be hating on. |-(

    [9:25:07 PM] Fallen Prime: Except your method of writing is inherently not "doing it yourself."

    [9:25:44 PM] Fallen Prime: If you wanted your work done right, and you thought you'd need help to do it, you should have shelved it until you got the help.

    [9:26:39 PM] Fallen Prime: In fact, I'm willing to bet that, if you actually did get help, you'd make them do all the work and just sit there going "Yeah, that looks good, keep going!"

    [9:27:18 PM] Fallen Prime: Which is... I mean, that's a dick move, but it's not inherently bad. Not if you credit the person and acknowledge that they did damn near all of it.

    [9:28:00 PM] Fallen Prime: But that's still different from what you did. Because you'd be working with that other person, actively participating in the process of their writing.

    [9:28:16 PM] Fallen Prime: THEN it would be their words formulating your ideas.

    [9:32:54 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Yes it was, and it was all glitchy when I did that. Also, I got yelled at for havig the chapter posted thought of as a one-shot story when I said time and time again. Further more, I did credit those people, but I took that part down since it was taking away from the description itself. And all those stories were posted when season 2 was still up and about. I did mine at the time the Equestria Girls was still up and about. Then I tried that again when season 4 came on. THEN I did it AGAIN when it ended. I still have that version up and being worked on in Notepad. So again...HA!!! :P

    [9:34:15 PM] Fallen Prime: There were a million things wrong with that.

    [9:34:32 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Huh?

    [9:34:59 PM] Fallen Prime: I need your word right now that you'll shut up and let me talk for a little while without interrupting me. Because that's a lot I need to address.

    [9:35:24 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Depends.

    [9:36:11 PM] Fallen Prime: I'm gonna go point-for-point on that comment. I'm not posting it all in one comment; it'll take too long to get to you and I know you'll TL;DR it if I do.

    [9:36:40 PM] Fallen Prime: I want you to keep your hands away from the keyboard and let me have my say.

    [9:36:41 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): TL;DR?

    [9:36:49 PM] Fallen Prime: Too long; didn't read.

    [9:37:08 PM] Fallen Prime: Which I'm going to try not to induce.

    [9:37:13 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Ugh. |-(

    [9:37:18 PM] Fallen Prime: If you'll cooperate and let me talk.

    [9:37:30 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Fine. |-(

    [9:37:46 PM] Fallen Prime: Thank you. I'll let you know when I'm done.

    [9:37:56 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Whatever. |-(

    [9:39:22 PM] Fallen Prime: First of all, your claim that the site glitched and you didn't mean for the chapter to go through.

    [9:39:42 PM] Fallen Prime: I know. The site's buggy. Always has been.

    [9:39:56 PM] Fallen Prime: Oh, I see that pencil moving, motherfucker.

    [9:40:12 PM] Fallen Prime: I'm not even REMOTELY done.

    [9:40:15 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I posted it so it WON'T be glitchy. Dummy.

    [9:40:56 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I'm so ready to block you. You know that?

    [9:42:04 PM] Fallen Prime: ...that was literally the nicest thing I said to you this entire conversation. I gave you some circumstantial credit.

    [9:42:14 PM] Fallen Prime: And you're threatening to block me.

    [9:42:27 PM] Fallen Prime: Over that.

    [9:42:45 PM] Fallen Prime: ...oh my god you're trying to throw me off point, aren't you.

    [9:43:49 PM] Fallen Prime: Okay. I was wrong about the glitch thing in your comment; I got the wrong idea from your words.

    [9:44:18 PM] Fallen Prime: That throws out a whole rant I was going to give, so you're welcome.

    [9:44:48 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): If you keep ignoring me over every thing that I've said since the beginning of me making my story and that it was stuff that I've done in real life and not some made up hoax, then yes.

    [9:45:27 PM] Fallen Prime: You know what? I'll get to that.

    [9:45:32 PM] Fallen Prime: First, even, if you really want.

    [9:45:56 PM] Fallen Prime: Like, right now. I'll tell you my thoughts on your story being based on your real life.

    [9:47:09 PM] Fallen Prime: That was never the point. That was never the problem. Neither was the existence of a single chapter.

    [9:47:34 PM] Fallen Prime: It doesn't matter that it was your life. They weren't your words.

    [9:47:49 PM] Fallen Prime: You manipulated others' stories to suit your life.

    [9:48:14 PM | Edited 9:50:26 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Yet you still complained about me committing some sort of bug.

    [9:48:39 PM] Fallen Prime: Because that was the point YOU were pushing at the time.

    [9:48:48 PM] Fallen Prime: Now you're pushing the life story point.

    [9:48:52 PM] Fallen Prime: And I'm addressing it thusly.

    [9:49:26 PM] Fallen Prime: Seriously, you lost all right to say it was based on your life.

    [9:50:12 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Dude, I've been making videos since late 2012 till the time I've uploaded my current video. That's two years almost. Maybe even three.

    [9:50:15 PM] Fallen Prime: Because if it were, why the fuck would you feel the need to take someone else's words? What could be easier to write all by yourself than the story of your own life?


    [9:50:41 PM] Fallen Prime: STOP CHANGING THE SUBJECT.

    [9:51:36 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Like I said, words are just words. They can mean anything.

    [9:52:27 PM] Fallen Prime: And yet you're so attached to the idea that these ones are yours.

    [9:52:53 PM] Fallen Prime: You know they never were. You admitted they never were.

    [9:53:08 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): They are similar yes, but they aren't stolen from one another.

    [9:53:12 PM] Fallen Prime: The authors from whom you stole recognized they never were.

    [9:53:47 PM | Edited 9:53:51 PM] Fallen Prime: And when they called you out, you kept feeding them the same shit you're trying to feed me.

    [9:54:02 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): They wrote down that the human and Twilight were playing on a Wii.

    [9:54:24 PM] Fallen Prime: Oh my god.

    [9:54:30 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I had it where me and her were playing on a PS2.

    [9:54:41 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): See?

    [9:55:24 PM] Fallen Prime: That's still a human and Twilight gaming together. And literally the only things you changed were the names of the human, the system, and the games.

    [9:55:34 PM] Fallen Prime: That's not enough to call it your own.

    [9:55:59 PM] Fallen Prime: The only way you could have changed it enough to call it your own was to NOT TRY REPHRASING OTHER STORIES' WORDS.

    [9:56:40 PM | Edited 9:57:03 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I wanted my story to have me and the things I do in the story in my story. My life, my story. So there.

    [9:56:59 PM] Fallen Prime: That's not what you wanted.

    [9:57:14 PM] Fallen Prime: You wanted SOMEONE ELSE'S story to have you and the things you do in it.

    [9:57:18 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Yes it was.

    [9:58:27 PM] Fallen Prime: How does that justify using other authors' words? Because no, once words are put into a story, they stop being "just words."

    [9:58:33 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Okay, then explain the filly in a box story.

    [9:59:16 PM] Fallen Prime: You're still pushing that.

    [9:59:29 PM] Fallen Prime: The idea of adapting a concept to suit your own needs.

    [9:59:29 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): You too. :P

    [9:59:36 PM] Fallen Prime: That's different from what you did.

    [9:59:47 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Nuh-uh.

    [9:59:54 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): :P

    [10:00:11 PM] Fallen Prime: At least the people who made those MLD spin-offs actually wrote every word of their own spin-offs.

    [10:00:23 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): How do you know?

    [10:00:42 PM] Fallen Prime: Because it's easy to look between them and compare.

    [10:01:13 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): For all I know they could've replaced Rainbow with some other pony.

    [10:01:14 PM] Fallen Prime: Plus, given the enormous popularity of MLD, if someone took excerpts from it, someone would've fucking noticed.

    [10:01:27 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I noticed.

    [10:02:45 PM] Fallen Prime: Then show me. Show me that someone took scenes from My Little Dashie word-for-word and only changed the name and description of the filly they found.

    [10:03:11 PM] Fallen Prime: If they did, I'll report them right now.

    [10:03:22 PM] Fallen Prime: Because I am absolutely no-nonsense on plagiarism.

    [10:04:04 PM] Fallen Prime: Otherwise, don't make claims you can't and won't back up.

    [10:04:29 PM] Fallen Prime: Like that you didn't steal "ideas."

    [10:04:38 PM] Fallen Prime: Or that you stole less with each edit.

    [10:04:44 PM] Fallen Prime: Or that you didn't steal period.

    [10:05:05 PM] Fallen Prime: Or that you weren't in the wrong when you got banned for plagiarism.

    [10:05:31 PM] Fallen Prime: Or that you didn't earn yourself a perma and IP ban with your alt shit.

    [10:06:20 PM | Edited 10:06:39 PM] Fallen Prime: Also, can we talk about the fact that you removed the credit to the authors that actually wrote your story?

    [10:06:49 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Some guy finds a filly in a box and adopts said filly to be his daughter. Why? Because the guys life was once a never ending hole that was soon patched up when he did that. Then Sun Butt and friends come over to take the pony back to her real home and the rest is history.

    [10:07:20 PM] Fallen Prime: That's not even close to what I asked for.

    [10:07:38 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): You still asked it though.

    [10:07:51 PM] Fallen Prime: I did. Because I hoped you'd follow through.

    [10:08:10 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): And it's true.

    [10:08:12 PM] Fallen Prime: All you did was give me the plot synopsis to every My Little X story.

    [10:08:26 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Exactly.

    [10:08:40 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): :P

    [10:08:47 PM] Fallen Prime: I asked you to find me word-for-word theft of My Little Dashie.

    [10:09:03 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I did just that.

    [10:09:06 PM] Fallen Prime: No you didn't.

    [10:09:12 PM] Fallen Prime: Word-for-word means just that.

    [10:09:26 PM] Fallen Prime: You didn't give me anything close to just that.

    [10:09:38 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I'm so blocking you. |-(

    [10:10:45 PM] Fallen Prime: If you intended to block me, you wouldn't have even sent me the contact request in the first place.

    [10:11:21 PM] Fallen Prime: You stole from Tap and Java. You got in trouble. And you're whining because you got caught and acting like you didn't do anything wrong.

    [10:12:04 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): You forgot the House Guests story.

    [10:12:08 PM] Fallen Prime: You're making up excuses. Claiming everyone else is doing it, claiming you turned it into something about your own life, claiming the tiniest changes suddenly make it not theirs anymore.

    [10:12:41 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I forgot okay?! Sheesh! |-(

    [10:13:14 PM] Fallen Prime: You can't even KEEP TO AN EXCUSE.

    [10:13:33 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): No, YOU can't.

    [10:13:37 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): :P

    [10:13:38 PM] Fallen Prime: First it's "I forgot it was still there," then it's "I changed this and that so it's okay."

    [10:14:01 PM] Fallen Prime: Then it's "Oh no, I edited SOME OF IT out so it's okay."

    [10:14:06 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): It's called a spin-off.

    [10:14:36 PM] Fallen Prime: Spin-offs don't steal entire paragraphs of the stories they spin off from.

    [10:14:56 PM] Fallen Prime: The Life and Times of a Winning Pony did not contain paragraphs from The Increibly Dense Mind of Rainbow Dash.

    [10:15:02 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): They do NOT mean the same thing.

    [10:15:27 PM | Edited 10:15:31 PM] Fallen Prime: That doesn't justify you taking them.

    [10:15:46 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Meh. |-(

    [10:15:55 PM] Fallen Prime: You're flip-flopping RIGHT NOW on whether or not you even meant to keep it in.

    [10:16:50 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I actually WANTED to keep my story. You readers and moderators didn't.

    [10:17:18 PM] Fallen Prime: Not even what I was talking about.

    [10:17:39 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I was though. :P

    [10:17:44 PM] Fallen Prime: I was talking about you flip-flopping on whether not the inclusion of words that weren't your own was intentional.

    [10:18:19 PM] Fallen Prime: You can't even consistently decide whether or not you doing that was a bad thing.

    [10:18:24 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): The ideas were though. So at least there's that. :P

    [10:18:46 PM] Fallen Prime: I've gone over a hundred times why the idea thing was bull.

    [10:19:19 PM] Fallen Prime: The original authors' ideas were in the words they wrote. You just Frankensteined the shit out of them and pretended yours fit.

    [10:19:26 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Says you and the others who've disliked my story. |-(

    [10:19:48 PM] Fallen Prime: It wasn't even yours. And people were smart enough to notice.

    [10:20:16 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Untill I made a boo-boo that is.

    [10:21:23 PM] Fallen Prime: The boo-boo was you "writing" the story in the first place.

    [10:21:52 PM] Fallen Prime: You've proven by your own admission that you can't do a damn thing without letting other people put words in your mouth.

    [10:22:03 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): No, the boo-boo was people "hating" the story.

    [10:22:07 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): |-(

    [10:22:43 PM] Fallen Prime: Because you stole whole chunks of other people's stories and claimed it was your work.

    [10:22:57 PM] Fallen Prime: That's typically a GOOD reason to hate a story.

    [10:23:11 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): But paste I did not.

    [10:23:38 PM] Fallen Prime: Yes you did.

    [10:23:48 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Nope.

    [10:23:53 PM] Fallen Prime: And once it was pasted, you picked a few words to switch around.

    [10:24:01 PM] Fallen Prime: That's not storywriting.

    [10:24:09 PM] Fallen Prime: That's plagiarism.

    [10:25:39 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Once it was pasted, I reworked/edited it to have it make more sense. So really I took the pasted work away, and rewrote the parts to make it seem senseible.

    [10:26:23 PM] Fallen Prime: That's blatantly illegal.

    [10:26:58 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Not if I just left the pasted work pasted.

    [10:27:36 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): If I left it pasted, then yes, it's bad.

    [10:27:59 PM] Fallen Prime: IT'S MORALLY BANKRUPT BOTH WAYS.

    [10:28:31 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): No, it wouldn't.

    [10:28:47 PM] Fallen Prime: You're trying to appeal to a gray area that doesn't exist. What you're describing is still plagiarism.

    [10:29:40 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Plagiarism is the form of taking someones work or ideas and passing them off as ones own.

    [10:30:22 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Not and.

    [10:31:33 PM] Fallen Prime: just incriminated yourself.

    [10:31:41 PM] Fallen Prime: You're right, it doesn't have to be "and."

    [10:31:57 PM] Fallen Prime: Even if you squeezed by on the idea thing, IT'S NOT YOUR WORK.

    [10:32:16 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): But it IS my IDEAS.

    [10:33:06 PM] Fallen Prime: Butting your ideas into someone else's work still makes it someone else's work. The reason it's not "and" is because breaching EITHER is plagiarism.

    [10:33:18 PM] Fallen Prime: You breached the work part.

    [10:33:21 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Nope.

    [10:33:31 PM] Fallen Prime: Absolutely yep.

    [10:33:42 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Nope.

    [10:34:02 PM] Fallen Prime: You can't even prove me wrong. The burden of proof is on you, and all you can say is "Nope."

    [10:35:00 PM] Fallen Prime: The purpose of the word "or" in that definition is to outline that even doing one of those things counts towars the definition of plagiarism.

    [10:35:13 PM] Fallen Prime: It says that both apply, and they don't have to both be together to count.

    [10:35:48 PM] Fallen Prime: If they DID have to be together, it WOULD say "taking someone's work and ideas."

    [10:36:18 PM] Fallen Prime: You only have to fuck up on one to be a thief.

    [10:36:53 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): The rules also said to not be a dick. In which you all did just that to get your way.

    [10:38:00 PM] Fallen Prime: Bitch, we're talking actual criminal activity. Fuck the site policies right now.

    [10:39:38 PM] Fallen Prime: Also, you were the BIGGEST of dicks when you tried to circumvent your ban with an alt.

    [10:40:13 PM] Fallen Prime: You cursed and screamed at everyone, even though they long since stopped talking to you once you got banned.

    [10:40:53 PM | Edited 10:41:22 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Don't Post

    Stories that are not related in any way to the Friendship is Magic universe. Your story must be related to the universe at the time of submission, otherwise it will be rejected.

    My story was indeed related to Fim. It was Equestria Girls movie related and season 4 related. :P

    [10:41:28 PM | Edited 10:41:46 PM] Fallen Prime: Telling me the rules it didn't break doesn't help you against the LAWS that it did break.

    [10:42:06 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I'm still here aren't I? So no I did not.

    [10:42:13 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): :P

    [10:43:00 PM] Fallen Prime: A murderer could say that as long as he avoided getting caught.

    [10:44:08 PM] Fallen Prime: The reason you haven't been persecuted is because the authors you stole from thought the removal of your story and your ban from the site were punishment enough.

    [10:44:40 PM | Edited 10:44:50 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Oh now you're saying that I killed someone? That's cold. Beyond cold even.

    [10:45:11 PM] Fallen Prime: First of all, stop twisting my words.

    [10:45:30 PM] Fallen Prime: Second of all, you're the last person to be fit to preach morality.

    [10:45:50 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): You're the one who keeps typing all that useless junk.

    [10:46:18 PM] Fallen Prime: It's not useless. And I know you know it's not useless.

    [10:46:46 PM] Fallen Prime: Right now you're willing yourself to not listen to me because otherwise you'd have to admit you were wrong and did a really cunty thing.

    [10:47:46 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): A va-jay-jay thing huh? Oh ouch, that hurt. NOT!!! :P

    [10:48:27 PM] Fallen Prime: Cute. Glad you're being so mature about this.

    [10:49:04 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): That makes one of us. And that's me.

    [10:49:10 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): :P

    [10:49:35 PM] Fallen Prime: You literally disproved that the moment you typed that emoticon.

    [10:50:54 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): If it’s only a chapter, or a passage or two, you might be in for less than you’d get if you’d stolen a work wholesale, but do be aware that Fimfiction simply doesn’t look kindly on word-thievery.

    To clarify: basing a story on a setting or another work is not plagiarism. Copying text and large chunks of dialogue verbatim is. For example, you can write a story based on Cupcakes, but you can’t copy Cupcakes and post it.

    [10:51:36 PM] Fallen Prime: [10:50 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed):

    <<< Fimfiction simply doesn’t look kindly on word-thievery.

    [10:51:51 PM] Fallen Prime: That's the key phrase.

    [10:51:57 PM] Fallen Prime: That's what you did.

    [10:52:05 PM] Fallen Prime: You keep admitting that that's what you did.

    [10:52:32 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): [10:50 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed):

    <<< For example, you can write a story based on Cupcakes, but you can’t copy Cupcakes and post it.

    [10:52:48 PM] Fallen Prime: [10:50 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed):

    <<< Copying text and large chunks of dialogue verbatim is.

    [10:53:13 PM] Fallen Prime: You copied text.

    [10:53:19 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): [10:50 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed):

    <<< If it’s only a chapter, or a passage or two, you might be in for less than you’d get if you’d stolen a work wholesale

    [10:53:21 PM] Fallen Prime: You changed some, but the rest was copied.

    [10:53:39 PM] Fallen Prime: Also, note the "might" in the statement you just posted.

    [10:53:56 PM] Fallen Prime: And the utter lack of implication that you wouldn't get punished at all.

    [10:54:46 PM] Fallen Prime: You WERE let off easy the first time. 24 hours.

    [10:55:01 PM] Fallen Prime: You didn't fix it, so the bans got worse.

    [10:55:15 PM] Fallen Prime: They're allowed to do that. Make the bans harder for repeat offenses.

    [10:55:36 PM] Fallen Prime: Which your refusal to remove the story was seen as.

    [10:55:46 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I was fixing that. But since I was busy woth non-computer stuff, I couldn't. And I forgot that I even had a story when I got back. And when I was editing again, I got banned.

    [10:55:47 PM | Edited 10:56:03 PM] Fallen Prime: As was your refusal to adequately rewrite it.

    [10:56:54 PM] Fallen Prime: So you forgot about your story, but you were editing your story.

    [10:57:23 PM] Fallen Prime: Once you got in trouble THE FIRST TIME, you should've pulled it.

    [10:57:35 PM] Fallen Prime: I imagine that was a harsh reminder that you had it.

    [10:57:36 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I forgot my story when I was busy, but remembered it when I got back.

    [10:58:07 PM] Fallen Prime: Still, though, when you were editing it, you were obviously consciously aware of its existence.

    [10:58:27 PM] Fallen Prime: And you knew it had content that the mods deemed not allowed on the site.

    [10:58:44 PM] Fallen Prime: They should've pulled it themselves, but I don't know why you didn't pull it either.

    [10:59:00 PM] Fallen Prime: You got bitch-slapped by the mods and you didn't learn a damn thing from it.

    [11:00:00 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): But I'm not now so yay! :)

    Yes, that's why I keep telling you that once I got back, I started to work on it some more. But you wouldn't listen to me and now we have this. |-(

    [11:01:14 PM] Fallen Prime: Here's what I don't get, though. I thought I made this lapse of logic clear, but it's flying over your head.

    [11:01:42 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): What is?

    [11:02:21 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Logic? I have that.

    [11:02:23 PM] Fallen Prime: If you were aware that the story had content that was against the rules, and if the mods made that crystal clear to you with REPEATED bans, why didn't you even ONCE remove the chapter?

    [11:02:53 PM] Fallen Prime: You could have unpublished it so no one would have to look at it and report you for it anymore.

    [11:03:05 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Because I didn't want to leave a story hanging.

    [11:03:23 PM] Fallen Prime: Then unpublish the story itself.

    [11:03:59 PM] Fallen Prime: You were allegedly trying to start fresh. Whatever you were leaving hanging wasn't even going to BE there when you were done, so you claim.

    [11:04:34 PM] Fallen Prime: You'd have something fresh and new, so clearing the old and busted would've been smart.

    [11:04:44 PM | Edited 11:04:50 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): But what if the chapter is complete and I was on the next one? What do I do then?

    [11:05:22 PM] Fallen Prime: Considering the chapter you had up had work that wasn't yours, you delete the goddamn chapter and try again without stealing.

    [11:05:49 PM] Fallen Prime: And you add a disclaimer in the description saying the story's undergoing an extensive rewrite.

    [11:06:18 PM] Fallen Prime: Note the "and." You should have done BOTH those things, the first before the second.

    [11:06:27 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Same goes for the story itself being marked as 'Incomplete'? What do I do then?

    [11:07:45 PM] Fallen Prime: Once the chapter's gone, mark it as "On Hiatus" or leave the incomplete tag. Either would show that there was intent to finish.

    [11:07:45 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): EDIT: My story is slowly going through some changes. So if there's something wrong or if you see something you don't like in it, tell me and I'll be sure to fix it whenever I can. So please, try to be nice. Okay? Thank you.

    [11:08:11 PM] Fallen Prime: Yeah, you were told.

    [11:08:17 PM] Fallen Prime: By the mods.

    [11:08:38 PM] Fallen Prime: They didn't like it because it was violating site rules and a lot of literary laws.

    [11:08:41 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): And I'll get to fixing it whenever I can.

    [11:08:50 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): See?

    [11:09:46 PM] Fallen Prime: That doesn't change the fact that you left up plagiarized material without editing it. You should have wiped the chapter and made a similarly worded disclaimer saying basically that.

    [11:09:51 PM] Fallen Prime: Something like...

    [11:10:31 PM] Fallen Prime: EDIT: My story is slowly going through some changes. It'll be a bit before the revised first chapter is posted. So please, try to be patient. Okay? Thank you.

    [11:10:50 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Note: My story is based on the Equestria Girls movie because Twilight is an Alicorn princess and Sunset Shimmer is in it. And based on the Welcome To Ponyville game because of the Day/Night cycle. And because of random crazy things happening in it as well. It's also based on Twi and Ty's Topsy-Turvy Tours, Ponyville's Provocative Predicament and My Little House Guests. So go check those awesome stories out whenever you get the chance to do so.

    [11:11:29 PM] Fallen Prime: We've already covered how the "based on" thing was an absolute lie.

    [11:11:48 PM] Fallen Prime: It WAS those stories. You just bullshat yourself into them.

    [11:13:01 PM] Fallen Prime: What really gets to me, though... you flat-out insulted the guys you stole from, as close as to their faces as you could get.

    [11:13:24 PM] Fallen Prime: Acting like they didn't have the right to be offended by what you did to their hard work.

    [11:13:24 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Based on those stories. Nothing more.

    [11:13:36 PM] Fallen Prime: That's what you claimed.

    [11:13:43 PM] Fallen Prime: Again, you lied.

    [11:15:15 PM] Fallen Prime: Yes you did.

    [11:15:41 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed):

    [11:15:42 PM] Fallen Prime: "Based on" does not mean "contains vaguely rephrased excerpts used without permission from."

    [11:15:57 PM] Fallen Prime: And THAT is the killer.

    [11:15:59 PM | Edited 11:16:07 PM] Fallen Prime: You didn't have their permission.

    [11:16:24 PM] Fallen Prime: You used their words and they didn't say you could.

    [11:16:31 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Watch the video.

    [11:16:38 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): |-(

    [11:16:38 PM] Fallen Prime: You took excerpts from their hard work and you didn't think they'd like to know that.

    [11:17:10 PM] Fallen Prime: And no. I'm not looking at your ugly mug while you try to say in voice the exact same things I'm discrediting in text.

    [11:17:32 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): This one's different.

    [11:18:28 PM] Fallen Prime: What, another laundry list of things you're tweaking in the story you crafted from other stolen stories?

    [11:18:50 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Just watch and listen.

    [11:18:56 PM] Fallen Prime: Because not only is a list of differences not an "update," YOU SHOULDN'T EVEN EVER NEED THAT.

    [11:19:33 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): (lalala)

    [11:19:42 PM] Fallen Prime: ...

    [11:19:45 PM] Fallen Prime: You literally...

    [11:20:08 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Are aewsome? Yes, I am.

    [11:20:13 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): :)

    [11:21:09 PM] Fallen Prime: You ACTUALLY just did the LALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU thing.

    [11:21:23 PM] Fallen Prime: I could only assume before, but now you're just flat-out saying it.

    [11:21:23 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Yup.

    [11:21:46 PM] Fallen Prime: You know... at least I'm TRYING to listen to you.

    [11:22:05 PM] Fallen Prime: I'm reading what you type, I'm absorbing what you say...

    [11:22:07 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): But you are failing.

    [11:22:28 PM] Fallen Prime: No, no, I'm really not. I read you loud and clear.

    [11:22:35 PM] Fallen Prime: And that's the problem.

    [11:22:52 PM] Fallen Prime: I'm pretty damn convinced YOU don't even read you loud and clear.

    [11:23:32 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I do.

    [11:23:50 PM] Fallen Prime: Otherwise I'm pretty sure you'd have picked up on ANY of the ignorant, borderline retarded things you've been saying.

    [11:24:41 PM] Fallen Prime: I normally HATE using this many allusions to mental disabilities, having Asperger's myself, but you actually have something very wrong with you.

    [11:25:31 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I am not the one that deleted someones unfinished story. |-(

    [11:25:43 PM] Fallen Prime: Neither am I.

    [11:26:10 PM] Fallen Prime: And AGAIN, because the work wasn't yours, you weren't entitled to KEEP your unfinished story.

    [11:26:58 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): No, but you accused me of whatever. FYI, I still have my story.

    [11:27:09 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): :P

    [11:28:04 PM] Fallen Prime: What accusation? I'm pretty damn sure our past conversation and the action the site moderators took against you are proof that I'm the one here who actually has a case and a point.

    [11:28:47 PM] Fallen Prime: I'm going to laugh when you try to post your story, either in text on another site on as a dramatic reading on your YouTube page.

    [11:29:48 PM] Fallen Prime: It's not just a FIMFic thing. You'll likely get banned from whatever other places you try to use as an outlet.

    No, you don't. If you did, then I would have the proof. Which btw, I only got half of the first chapter screenshot. If the stories such as those haven't been posted on any other reading and writing website, then no, I won't. :P

    [11:31:45 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Be in trouble that is.

    [11:32:40 PM] Fallen Prime: ...yes. You would. The work you steal doesn't have to be from the site yours is posted on for you to get in trouble for it.

    [11:32:57 PM | Edited 11:33:04 PM] Fallen Prime: Someone on FIMFic had a story removed because it plagiarized the works of Lovecraft.

    [11:33:00 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): No it doesn't.

    [11:33:22 PM] Fallen Prime: See? You just agreed with me.

    [11:33:52 PM] Fallen Prime: You REALLY need to choose your words better if you ever want to make me think you can be taken seriously.

    [11:34:06 PM] Fallen Prime: All these Freudian slips and shit.

    [11:36:00 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I meant that I won't get in trouble because Topsy-Turvy Tours and the sequel, My Little House Guests, and whatever story Java Joe posted are not on any of those reading/writing websites aside from Fimfiction.

    [11:37:42 PM] Fallen Prime: And I said that because they still exist somewhere, and because it's still not yours, you'll still get in trouble. Repeating myself from two seconds ago, someone on FIMFic had a fic removed because it contained word-for-word vaguely rewritten passages from HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos.

    [11:38:24 PM] Fallen Prime: Someone ELSE got the boot for posting other people's pony creepypastas on the site.

    [11:38:24 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Pfft. Whatever you say bra. |-(

    [11:39:20 PM] Fallen Prime: I can actually still link you the stories from the second user. They were unpublished, but not deleted, so they should still be in the folders of the groups they were added to.

    [11:40:18 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Good, because I'm on a limb here trying to work on chapter 2.

    [11:40:38 PM] Fallen Prime: ...

    [11:40:41 PM] Fallen Prime: Oh my god.

    [11:41:07 PM] Fallen Prime: Did you just imply that, once I linked you the stories, you'd copy-paste-hack-slash like you did before?

    [11:41:15 PM] Fallen Prime: With them?

    [11:41:43 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Meaning, if I had every screenshot from start to finish, then I can see where I've made my mistakes and stuff.

    [11:43:26 PM] Fallen Prime: The saddest part is that my outlining of the situation didn't show you that.

    [11:43:54 PM] Fallen Prime: And THAT statement implies that you want to know what alpha did wrong to get caught.

    [11:44:13 PM] Fallen Prime: So you can keep going as you are without fear of getting called out for doing nothing different.

    [11:44:21 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Yeah, all you did was go ... .

    [11:44:54 PM] Fallen Prime: If you actually wanted to know where you went wrong, you should have actually read and listened to what I said.

    [11:45:05 PM] Fallen Prime: If you blew me off, you'd absolutely blow off anything else you saw.

    [11:45:19 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I was already on chapter 12 bub. |-(

    [11:45:48 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): But now I'm not.

    [11:46:26 PM] Fallen Prime: The fuck are you even talking about?

    [11:46:45 PM] Fallen Prime: Are you saying you cut-paste-hack-slashed eleven more chapters to your stolen story?

    [11:47:00 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): My unpublished then banned story.

    [11:47:18 PM] Fallen Prime: Which was RIGHTLY unpublished and banned.

    [11:47:40 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): And incomplete too.

    [11:47:40 PM] Fallen Prime: It broke rules. You didn't act to fix it in a timely manner.

    [11:47:52 PM] Fallen Prime: You lost the right to finish it for the site.

    [11:48:10 PM] Fallen Prime: Because you couldn't fix what you already had.

    [11:48:14 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Patience is the key to everything.

    [11:48:30 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): But now I am.

    [11:49:07 PM] Fallen Prime: Too little too late. It shouldn't have taken a permaban and a story removal for you to realize you did something way wrong.

    [11:49:35 PM] Fallen Prime: ...of course, the fact that we've talked this long showed me that you did NOT, in fact, realize you did something way wrong.

    [11:50:14 PM] Fallen Prime: Every attempt to tell you just what you did wrong and could have done better was met with equivalents of LALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU.

    [11:50:24 PM] Fallen Prime: And at one point a literal statement of such.

    [11:50:50 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): No, you all weren't patient enough to let me do what I was doing.

    [11:51:28 PM] Fallen Prime: What, edit the story? You should've taken what you had down while you were editing.

    [11:51:49 PM | Edited 11:52:02 PM] Fallen Prime: Or write another chapter? There was NO WAY IN HELL you'd be allowed to do that after one chapter was plagiarized.

    [11:52:46 PM | Edited 11:53:03 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): When it was marked incomplete? I don't think so. And I was on another chapter when that happened.


    [11:53:38 PM] Fallen Prime: If it bothered you that much, you should have completely deleted the entire story.

    [11:53:53 PM] Fallen Prime: Plus side to that is, you would've lost the nasty hate comments and downvotes.

    [11:54:06 PM | Edited 11:54:15 PM] Fallen Prime: And since you'd have a thorough rewrite, it'd be perfectly within site rules to do.

    [11:54:36 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Why? Because it didn't meet your ungodly needs? I. DON'T. THINK. SO. (angry)

    [11:54:47 PM] Fallen Prime: Ungodly needs?

    [11:55:06 PM] Fallen Prime: Suddenly asking you to make a story 100% YOUR OWN WORDS is ungodly?

    [11:55:11 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): You know what I mean.

    [11:55:26 PM] Fallen Prime: No. I actually don't.

    [11:55:47 PM] Fallen Prime: What was NEEDED of you was the removal of your stoey until you could make it not stolen.

    [11:56:02 PM | Edited 11:56:08 PM] Fallen Prime: Of course, you're not going to read that statement because you're already typing.

    [10/15/2014 11:56:32 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Telling me what to do in a wrathful way. I told you about that before you know.

    [10/15/2014 11:57:40 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed):

    [10/15/2014 11:59:03 PM] Fallen Prime: There are two reasons for that.

    1. There is literally only one thing I hate more than plagiarism, and that's ignorance. You've done nothing but flaunt both this whole time.

    2. We've reached the point where I doubt trying to tell you calmly what you did wrong will sink in any more.

    [10/15/2014 11:59:26 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Same here.

    [10/15/2014 11:59:52 PM] Fallen Prime: Also, you're a gigantic hypocrite on the wrath front because A. you STARTED this and B. you've been all-capping at me.

    [12:00:22 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I actually started nothing.

    [12:00:45 AM] Fallen Prime: [Wednesday, October 15, 2014 12:11 PM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed):

    <<< Hi Fallen Prime, I'd like to add you as a contact.Come again?

    [12:01:10 AM] Fallen Prime: Do you want me to try and politely, calmly tell you where and how you screwed up?

    [12:01:33 AM] Fallen Prime: Do you think you could simmer down yourself long enough to listen?

    [12:01:59 AM] Fallen Prime: And I do mean listen.

    [12:02:24 AM] Fallen Prime: Which I... can't tell if you're even doing now. You seem committed to that statement you're typing.

    [12:02:38 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Because I wanted to have you apologize to me and give me the screenshots that you all took so that I can see what and where I did wrong. Nothing more.

    [12:03:14 AM] Fallen Prime: How fried is your short-term memory that you think that was the start of this?

    [12:03:28 AM] Fallen Prime: And I didn't say I had screenshots. I said I could get links.

    [12:03:50 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Well, may I have them plz? :)

    [12:05:07 AM] Fallen Prime: Now? If and only if you let me talk afterwards, completely without interruption and discarding all your pretense of righteousness.

    [12:05:15 AM] Fallen Prime: You know pride's a sin too.

    [12:05:50 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Only if you are prideful. Then it's a sin.

    [12:06:09 AM] Fallen Prime: Nice to meet you, Exhibit A.

    [12:06:32 AM] Fallen Prime: Shit-flinging aside, do you think you can agree to that?

    [12:07:08 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Will you give me the links from beginning to end?

    [12:07:33 AM] Fallen Prime: For that guy's stories? If I can dig up all six.

    [12:07:50 AM] Fallen Prime: Funny thing? The mods actually fucked up and let one through AFTER the guy was banned.

    [12:07:58 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): 12, THEN we have a deal.

    [12:07:58 AM] Fallen Prime: Which was also stolen.

    [12:08:15 AM] Fallen Prime: ...dude, hunter alpha only had six.

    [12:08:34 AM] Fallen Prime: He was who I was talking about.

    [12:08:57 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I made 12 chapters that day.

    [12:09:51 AM] Fallen Prime: What does that have to do with hunter alpha and his stories?

    [12:10:39 AM] Fallen Prime: Hell, the only reason I brought him up was because you said you couldn't get in trouble for posting something on a site that was stolen from another site.

    [12:10:45 AM] Fallen Prime: Which he did six times.

    [12:10:50 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Nuttin'. Now, are you gonna keep being a prick, or what?

    [12:11:22 AM] Fallen Prime: Hey. I'm trying to keep it nice right now. That was uncalled for.

    [12:12:03 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Gimme the screenshots of my first removed story then.

    [12:12:17 AM] Fallen Prime: ...

    [12:12:39 AM] Fallen Prime: I never said, at any point, that I preserved any of your story.

    [12:12:48 AM] Fallen Prime: All talk of links was about alpha's theft.

    [12:13:43 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): And yet I still have no screenshots. Way to buck things up. |-((clap)

    [12:14:34 AM] Fallen Prime: Yeah. Because I don't either.

    [12:14:50 AM] Fallen Prime: What would you have done with the screenshots anyway?

    [12:15:12 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Check to see wher I made my mistakes.

    [12:15:49 AM] Fallen Prime: You mean where the text of the other stories was really obvious?

    [12:16:54 AM] Fallen Prime: I'd like to think a side-by-side comparison of your story and the originals would do that well enough.

    [12:17:01 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I mean where the text of the chapters to my story was and stuff.

    [12:17:16 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I gave you one.

    [12:17:50 AM] Fallen Prime: Yeah, and it matched up alarmingly often.

    [12:18:13 AM] Fallen Prime: And your rewrite matched up with an example thing someone wrote up during that very conversation.

    [12:18:30 AM] *** TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed) sent Chapter 1.txt ***

    [12:18:34 AM] Fallen Prime: Which he was doing to make a point that he could craft something without needing to look at others' work.

    [12:18:55 AM | Edited 12:19:10 AM] Fallen Prime: I'm not taking that again. I already downloaded it the first time.

    [12:18:56 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Read it and weep.

    [12:19:19 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Did you read it though?

    [12:20:28 AM] Fallen Prime: I don't have the time right now. I have to go to bed really soon; college is a thing that has to happen, and my first class of the day is at a kinda gross hour.

    [12:20:39 AM] Fallen Prime: Before I go, though, can I ask you something about it?

    [12:20:48 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): What?

    [12:21:53 AM] Fallen Prime: How did you write it? The same way you did before, or did you wipe it all, start from scratch and craft something completely new using no one's words but your own?

    [12:22:56 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I used the chapter that is still up on Fimfiction and worked my way there.

    [12:23:39 AM] Fallen Prime: ...when you SHOULD HAVE wiped it all, started from scratch and crafted something completely new using no one's words but your own.

    [12:24:37 AM] Fallen Prime: You're using, as your template, a work of yours that was so heavily laced with other people's work that I genuinely don't think you remember what's stolen and what's not.

    [12:24:48 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): And the screenshot someone gave me as well. I did dude. Sheesh, take a few chill pills why don't you.

    [12:24:52 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): |-(

    [12:27:26 AM] Fallen Prime: Eh. We'll see. If I still don't find the time, I'll send it by the guys who wrote the originals, see if they can still see their words.

    [12:27:53 AM] Fallen Prime: By the way, if anyone in this whole mess is owed an apology, you really should say sorry to them.

    [12:28:42 AM] Fallen Prime: Not even specifically for your use of their work. The way you treated them when they got upset.

    [12:29:12 AM] Fallen Prime: That was... kind of an asshole thing to do.

    [12:29:24 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I tried, but I ended up getting some other type of ban on my other accounts.

    [12:29:55 AM] Fallen Prime: Remember that debacle on YouTube? The one I made the blog you linked about?

    [12:30:09 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Ban-evasion I think it was called.

    [12:30:10 AM] Fallen Prime: Because you spat in their faces there.

    [12:30:27 AM] Fallen Prime: And yes, you can get sacked for using an alt to dodge a ban.

    [12:30:53 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I tried saing sorry on those accounts though.

    [12:31:17 AM] Fallen Prime: Before or after you had your meltdown on Spider-Mane?

    [12:31:41 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Definitely after.

    [12:32:06 AM] Fallen Prime: Really? Because it looked like you were kicking and screaming until the very end.

    [12:32:31 AM] Fallen Prime: And again, I'm talking about two months ago. The YouTube thing.

    [12:32:32 AM | Edited 12:32:41 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Heck, I even went as far to e-mail Ob to say I'm sorry.

    [12:32:57 AM] Fallen Prime: You managed to reach me again. You can probably reach them too.

    [12:33:36 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Ob won't answer though. That is the problem I'm having.

    [12:35:00 AM] Fallen Prime: And speaking of ol' Obs... if you really think you've learned from all this (or will let yourself be taught, as it were), and if your story is completely, totally, one hundred percent devoid of the others' work, you could appeal to have your ban lifted so you could post on FIMFic.

    [12:35:26 AM] Fallen Prime: If you can't reach him, there are other mods. Obs is one of the good ones, though.

    [12:35:32 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): You might wanna stay clear of Update #5.

    [12:35:43 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Just saying.

    [12:35:58 AM] Fallen Prime: FIMFic rage?

    [12:36:13 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Taunting a bit.

    [12:36:39 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): With a bit of anger.

    [12:36:54 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Nothing more though.

    [12:37:12 AM] Fallen Prime: Yeah, I'm not watching any of your vids. Probably ever. Not the kind of content I'm interested in.

    [12:37:31 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I got Spider-Man on there.

    [12:37:53 AM] Fallen Prime: I'm really not fond of that story.

    [12:38:03 AM] Fallen Prime: But yeah, I do need to get to bed. If I can reach Tap and Java, I'll send the revision their way.

    [12:38:20 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Spider-Man 2 The Game?

    [12:38:26 AM] Fallen Prime: Oh, never mind.

    [12:38:31 AM] Fallen Prime: I heard that was phenomenal.

    [12:38:43 AM] Fallen Prime: Thought you still meant that crossover story.

    [12:39:02 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): I Let's Played that game.

    [12:39:43 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed):

    [12:40:22 AM] Fallen Prime: Yeah, I'll look through the chapter and/or have the authors of the stolen work check it over. If you're going to appeal to the mods, I'd advise AGAINST doing it before it can be ascertained that you've grown some creativity.

    [12:40:35 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): And do try to reach the My Little House Guest's guy too plz :).

    [12:40:53 AM] Fallen Prime: What's his name?

    [12:41:21 AM] Fallen Prime: Ah, Spazzy Jamz. Found him.

    [12:42:25 AM] Fallen Prime: I'll do what I can.

    [12:42:34 AM] Fallen Prime: Swear to god, this had better be worth my time.

    [12:43:44 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): Just try to get the screenshots of my banned story back and my account unbanned and I'll leave you all alone about this mess. :)

    [12:44:36 AM] Fallen Prime: I can't do a thing about the screenshots. I took none, and with the story gone, I can't take 'em now.

    [12:45:06 AM] Fallen Prime: But if the revised story checks out, I'll try to put in a good word. I have a few mods' contact info offsite.

    [12:45:38 AM] Fallen Prime: You're on really goddamn thin ice, but consider this a sort of truce.

    [12:46:41 AM | Edited 12:46:54 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): The mods still have 'em somewhere. And I got Chapter 1 completely worked out. Now all everyone has to do is stop thinking my story is just a one shot story and stuff.

    [12:48:43 AM] Fallen Prime: It said Incomplete. No one thought that, and when the ban hammer falls, no one cares.

    [12:48:52 AM] Fallen Prime: I SERIOUSLY have to sleep now. Like, NOW.

    [12:50:11 AM] TheSequentialArtMan (Mathew Reed): When I have it back and I can work on it without that crap going on, then I'll be one VERY happy camper. :)

    [12:51:06 AM] Fallen Prime: Gonna take a lot of luck. Considering the impression you left and the exit you made, you'll damn well need it.

    So at the very least, he MAY have learned not to steal shit? I'm not totally sure, I'm skeptical. If this IS him turning over a new leaf, then all the excuses and shit were his pride not letting him say he was wrong. I actually am going to check his shit and make sure the three authors he admits to plagiarizing from can confirm that they haven't been plagiarized again.

    Am I wasting my time and breath, or am I actually doing something good? Take your bets, people.

    EDIT: Fuck that shit, he's on his own.

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    Because posting opinions is apparently cool now.

    It seems like a BUNCH of people are fond of making themselves look like asses by spouting some really, REALLY volatile beliefs publicly. This includes those who keep decrying "the gay agenda," those who keep pushing conspiracy as fact, and those who adamantly REFUSE to accept the real world and write their own self-insert fantasies into a bunch of fictional worlds laced heavily with hatred and headcanon.

    So you know what? I think I should clear the air. I don't think any of these ARE gonna draw in any hate, but this is such a diverse and varied fandom that I know I won't see universal agreement either. I'd rather just let people know where I stand on several issues right now so I can just get whatever those stances earn out of the way. And no, not all the issues are going to be serious ones.

    - I find legitimate enjoyment in Michael Bay's Transformers films. Don't get me wrong, the sequels are pieces of shit, but I love them too. I've always adored the franchise as a whole, so I can't even bring myself to hate the worst it has to offer (except Kiss Players and the Energon dub). I personally blame the presence of supplementary canon, particularly world-building interquel comics IDW published, for my tolerance of the films as a part of that canon as opposed to individual works. Also, screw the critics, Age of Extinction was the best of the sequels.

    - I'm situationally pro-choice. I understand the reasons why a woman wouldn't feel able or willing to carry and birth a child. Maybe she's in a horrible position financially to support another mouth to feed. Maybe the child was conceived during a rape. Maybe an ultrasound has shown DRASTIC complications in the fetus's development that could harm it, the mother, or both during the birth. In those situations, I understand the desire to terminate the pregnancy; in the second scenario, I REALLY don't think the woman should be forced to shove a living person out of her after a living person forced his way into her. If C-sectioning the baby out and/or putting it up for adoption aren't viable options for the expecting mother, and the fetus still hasn't reached the developmental stage where it's capable of independent thought (which is actually the PERFECT cutoff point for abortion legality), then you really can't blame the woman for needing that thing gone. Whether they should abort in most OTHER circumstances, namely just not wanting it, is where the REAL debate should lie; I personally think that's a really dickish thing to do, but fuck it, it's her body, so I'll leave her to her decision.

    - Inequality towards women, LGBT people, and ethnic and racial minorities is awful. I know the founding fathers had a slew of biases and prejudices that were reflected in our most sacred documents, but times and opinions are changing. There's really nothing a straight white man can do in this country that anyone else shouldn't be able to as well. Being conscious of others' differences is absolutely fine; hell, I'm fine with giving those people a few special privileges, like women's maternity leave or the right to take time off work to observe a religious holiday. But they are entirely undeserving of discrimination as groups, and the matter of equal rights and equal pay should probably be a more pressing issue in this country than a lot of the things they're pushing these days. In fact, it'd be better if it could finally STOP being an issue.

    - Most social justice warriors need to SHUT UP. I know how hypocritical that sounds coming off my previous point, but I really don't like most of the vocal minorities in these groups. Lots of these "activists" are hypocritical anyway, demanding equality and then wheeling around to tell people to check their privilege. I get it, they want to get respect and recognition as a part of a group that doesn't get enough of either. Fine, whatever; THAT is a decent point. The issue is when these people start acting like they PERSONALLY are entitled to this shit and chastise people just for living decent lives, then use their race, gender, religion or sexuality as a shield when people rightly call them out on being assholes. They act like, because they're outside the "norm," they should be treated BETTER than all the cisgendered heterosexual white guys. The point of equality is that people should be accepted for WHO they are, not WHAT they are, and WHO these radicals tend to be isn't flattering and makes their position look worse.

    - I'm perfectly fine with dubstep. I've been pretty heavily into electronic music as a whole for the last two years, and dubstep's one of those electronic genres I've spent a lot of attention on. Sure, it's not always structured as traditionally as most other music (I almost said "these days" as part of that, but given the prevalence of EDM in pop these days...), but that's part of what draws me to it. Granted, there's absolutely such thing as bad dubstep, and trust me, when it's bad, it's worse than any other music you're bound to hear, because it crosses that "not even music" threshold several times over. My electronica has to be a lot more varied than just a chain of unchanging wubs, and I like when there's actually a structure and even a MELODY to it. That's partially why I have a stronger leaning towards electro house and drum & bass than dubstep, but I do still appreciate the genre. I just like bombastic and loud music in general, though, which is why I DON'T particularly enjoy trance/trap music.

    - I consider myself agnostic. I don't hold the Bible as close to my heart as some of my family does, and in fact, there are a LOT of things in it that I flat-out don't believe, most of them regarding the events described in them. Namely, we have fossil evidence and carbon dating that debunks most elements of creationism; the Ark as described in the text was not NEARLY large enough to do what it was meant to; something must have been REALLY fucked in order for the Red Sea to just split open long enough for Moses and his people to cross it; and Jesus of Nazareth, while there IS documented proof of him being an actual historical figure, probably didn't do a lot of the things the Bible says he did. I view the Abrahamic religions, and in fact all theistic religion, as elaborate fantasy stories that people choose to believe in because of the morals promoted within and the inherent comfort that comes with the idea of a benevolent force larger than us. That's not to discredit or hate on any of those religions, not at all; the ideas and morals behind most of them are really admirable to live by, and I harbor plenty of Christian values myself. I just don't believe in a higher power or the events these holy books describe, but if an argument based more in fact than faith can be made to convince me of their existence, I'm open to it.

    - I FUCKING ADORE the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And I mean ALL of it. The Iron Man movies, the Hulk movie, the Thor movies, the Captain America movies, The Avengers, Agents of SHIELD, ESPECIALLY Guardians of the Galaxy... there's not a single work in this universe that I legitimately dislike. Hell, I'm more than willing to call Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers two of my favorite movies of all time. There's an undeniable abundance of energy and fun that comes with every film, and what they're doing in terms of continuity is both ballsy and amazing. My hype for Age of Ultron is through the goddamn roof.

    - I MUCH prefer to play indie games, particularly roguelikes. Seriously, the gaming market is oversaturated with first-person modern war shooters and, frankly, first- and third-person shooters in general. It feels far too much like the mainstream gaming industry gives more of a shit about profit than fun, and they're terrified of stepping out of their guns-loaded-shoot-everything comfort zone to the point where so few major titles try to do anything different. But then you look at independent developers, and you see rhythm games like Audiosurf, dungeon crawlers like The Binding of Isaac, platformers like BattleBlock Theater, and horror games like... yes, Five Nights at Freddy's, I'm going there.

    My favorite kinds, though, are roguelike games. They're typically defined as games where almost every element of the layout and triggered events is randomly generated, getting a game over completely fucks you and makes you start from the very beginning, and the difficulty is at a level where you HAVE to pick up a bunch of power-up items if you ever want to see the end. They're usually equal parts skill and luck, and their random nature makes them more fun to play countless times and more satisfying to beat. I'm especially fond of Risk of Rain, FTL: Faster than Light, and the aforementioned Isaac, the remake of which I'm STILL HYPE-CRAPPING MYSELF OVER.

    That's all I've got that I can think of off the top of my head. If anyone wants to contest or debate what I've said here, I'd PREFER if you kept it civil. Like, even if I pissed someone off here, try to take a few deep breaths and think about what you're typing before you send the comment. I'm not gonna delete it, but you're gonna look like a moron in front of everyone else if you swing your rage-boner around.

    Other than that, I'm opening myself up here. If you've got shots, fire them now.

    16 comments · 180 views
  • 8w, 2d
    On RealityCheck

    PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE BLOG BEFORE DEEMING IT A HATE/ATTACK BLOG. You're going to get the wrong impression if you only skim the beginning of it.

    That said, RealityCheck is a cunt.

    I'm not kidding. He's arrogant, he's bigoted, he's spiteful, he's a hypocrite, and he's lately been prone to soapboxing in his own work. His claim to fame on this site was to make a verse out of a polarizing fandom cornerstone, and outside the fandom, he's just as much of a pissy lolcow as Chatoyance, only without the persecution complex. And he's apparently within the same (middle-)age range, give or take a decade, so if anyone wanted to play matchmaker...

    He's recently posted a story on the site. I'm not going to link it, and considering the diverse range of groups it's been added to, I'm betting I won't need to anyway. The story itself is... underwhelming and a little insulting. I UNDERSTAND the appeal of "fix fics:" maybe canon does something that pisses you off, and you have the impression that you can write out a much better outcome/scenario. The big problems with that, though, are:

    - Unless you pull a Mykan and absorb yourself in your own fictional universes to the point of believing more in them than the real goddamn world, you can't actually alter canon within the official work. As such, fix fics are mostly an exercise in wishful thinking.

    - You have to actually show more respect for the universe and its canon than you think the series writers did. The story RC posted is attached to his Nyxverse and completely shits on the very real threat Tirek posed. He wrote the pony version of Godzilla's Revenge without the dream aspect, and turned Tirek into fucking Gabara.

    And... yeah, I know a lot of the people who look at the story, and likely any future story he writes, are going to see red based on his outspokenness regarding his repugnant beliefs. RC may have forever doomed himself to story votes that imply mediocrity. His adherence to a VERY love-or-hate character for his signature verse doesn't help, though he's still made his fans.


    As much as I may think he has it coming or clearly deserves it, the amount of abuse being thrown his way isn't going to help anyone's case. You're giving him a perfect excuse to be completely indiscriminate with what comments he deletes because people will come in later and assume it was ALL hate he deleted.  I actually saw a very well thought-out grammatical critique get wiped and have RC claim it was a hate comment, and people who didn't see it BOUGHT IT until the writer of the comment actually came back and explained their kind intent.

    RealityCheck is on my list of people I'd love to see leave the site, either by will or by force. A tidal wave of hate is not the right kind of force. All it actually does is make him look like some sort of martyr to his followers and make him think his holier-than-thou attitude is being validated. As ugly as comment deletion looks for any author, the comments he's leaving up aren't making the people who hate him look any better than him.

    Trust me, he KNOWS a lot of rational people on the site hate his fucking guts. Stop making yourselves look irrational by blindly flinging shit his way.

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  • ...

With the population of the changeling race crippled by their expulsion from Canterlot, and their queen powerless to salvage it on her own, Chrysalis requires outside help from Equestria to get them back on their feet. But reaching out to Princess Celestia proves troublesome, as she cannot risk returning to Canterlot, and the one pony outside the city with a direct line to her is also the least willing to trust her. The salvation of her kingdom may rely on her making amends... and perhaps making friends as well.

Now has a sequel!

Cover art by Nocturnal Melodies (No_M), drawn at my request for this story.

First Published
23rd Sep 2012
Last Modified
9th Nov 2012

This is... new, I like the concept.


With my Samurai sword, I slash upon this fic:



Adding it to read it later - I'm sucker for such stories :twilightsmile:

Wow, this is looking pretty good. The plot set up is great, and although there are a ton of Chrysalis comes back stories, this one is completely different and definitely worth watching.


I'll see where this goes and how it sits with me when I'm done. Hard to beat "Transcend".

Huh, Fluttershy as first pony to trust changelings never fails :twilightsmile:

For now I have only one thing that buggers me: Chrysalis is too fast opening to ponies. I mean, I feel she have more hate for ponies in heart. I believe that it would be longer way for her to beg ponies or Celestia for help. But hey, it's your vision of her.  I hope it'll get featured.

You get extra points for an appropriate and well-used Python reference. Chrysalis does seem to be opening a bit quickly, but it's a small issue. Unless Lightening_Zing manages to unionize the other readers and things spiral out of control.


Chrysalis is too fast opening to ponies. I mean, I feel she have more hate for ponies in heart. I believe that it would be longer way for her to beg ponies or Celestia for help
Pretty much what he said. She goes from an evil queen that dreamed of taking control and enslaving everypony to what most people did with Nightmare Moon; trying to make a villain that wanted to enslave/kill ponies look like the victim; which makes this perfect feature material. Not to mention that Chrysalis seems a little OOC -- I say little because we don't know much about her, so there's room to speculate here.

You'd think that Fluttershy would freak out more -- she did with Princess Luna. But maybe she learned from that experience? And Twilight was, well, really out there. Whatever, it was completely within reason for her to have that reaction.

The story also seems to move a bit fast, but I'm not really bothered by that. I dislike it when fics drag on and on.

You already know how I feel about Chrysalis plan and her motives - as well as how changelings work - so there's no point in repeating it. As Lightening_Zing said,

it's your vision of her.

But enough about that -- you make this seem plausible in the canon of the show with believable characterization of the cast, and that's always important in my book. I look forward to more. I really like where you're going with this. Have I mentioned that before?

Wow. I come back from my date, and I have a small flood of favorites, seventeen likes (scratch that, NINEteen), and some pretty good praise and helpful input in the comments. I'm calling this a successful maiden voyage into the world of published fics on this site.

Ultimately, Chrysalis comes off as "Oh SHIT I FUCKED UP SO BADLY AAAAAAAAA" rather than "YAY PONIES!!", so yeah.

Really really REALLY good work. Seriously. Twilight seems... more violent than usual, but then again, that one episode with the plushie....


Personally I don't see her as a villian or evil Queen. I see her more as ruler of dying nation who had to deal with all stuff happening to her subjects. Well intentioned extermist or anti-villian, your pick. :twilightsmile: I just don't like so easy labeling of characters.

And in my personal headcanon, changelings plan for ponies was similiar to machines plan for humanity in Matrix, so it gets even less black and more in gray shades of morality.

Anyway, I just ended reading all chapter. Twilight Sparkle reaction was a bit extreme, but I was excepting something like that. She's not very stable with her emotions and reactions. I wonder about reactions of rest Mane 6. Anyway, good read, upvoted, and waiting for more.

Really looking forward to more. I like the more sympathic depiction of chrysalis, myself not being so much a fan of changelings as totally evil.

Within canon it seems suprisingly open whats made of the changelings, we have little except what chrysalis says, and from that a surising range of things can be derived.

One one hoof, desperately seeking food for her starving subjets (to the point of being willing to face down a godess), with maybe a bit of a "drunk on power" moment after overpowering celestia (she seems as suprised as everypony else that she won that).

On the other hoof, she can be seen an somepony who would gleefully destroy a peacefull, almost utopian nation for personal power. (from her coments about gaining power, and interpreting changelings as more hivemind/subversient and/or fundamentally evil)

But as i said, i prefer versions closer to the first, both because i like the changelings and would love to see them redeemed in some fashion, and the idea of an "always evil" race just seems to clash with the hopefull, love&tolerate theme of MlP:FiM. There seems to simply be few true evils in that world, even discord seemed more an embodiment of madness than malice.

Wow. Twilight's a bitch lol. :rainbowlaugh: I mean, damn. I hate her more than Eric Cartman, and THAT'S saying something. But it's not a 'you like to hate him' feeling. It's more like a 'Can Leatherface have you over for dinner?' type feeling.

>>1331768 You know, I JUST watched that movie about a week ago. Though I wouldn't go that far, really. I actually really REALLY like Twilight, but I had a reason for writing her like this, and I'm not going to have her be like this for the entire run of the story. That's a serious injustice to her character.

By the by, writing the riff of RGP part 5 now. Be on the lookout. hurts, Obelisk. It hurts so much.



I suppose I'll give this a read... I'll provide you my thoughts when I get through what you have so farl

Favourited and watched and very well done.

Interesting story.

As >>1326804 said, I'd like to see more of is Chrysalis' opinions on the ponies as a species. For example:

So this Fluttershy was a caretaker of local fauna. Having seen her relative skill with handling the songbirds for the wedding, this did not come as a surprise. Chrysalis chuckled to herself. She'd like to have seen the feeble little pegasus go up against some of the Everfree's larger denizens.

Just small things like the way she refers to them to help enforce that she doesn't like them, but is asking them for help out of pure necessity. You could then subtly change the language to show some character development further along the line.

This definitely has my seal of approval.  I actually think Twilight's skepticism is more than justified.  She undoubtedly suffered severe emotional trauma from the events in Canterlot.

I can't help but feel the conversations and the internal dialogue sections are very... divided. There is only one going at a time, and this leads to conversations becoming information unloads, where characters spill everything, even the stuff the other characters don't need to know, to inform the reader. I think blending them together a bit more would help in making conversations more natural. For example:


Rarity turned toward her friend, eyebrow raised. “Are you certain it was because of Angel? I noticed some hesitation when you answered me.”


Rarity turned toward her friend, relieved that she had finally arrived, but something caused her to pause for a moment. Was that hesitation? “Are you certain it was because of Angel?” she asked, an eyebrow sliding skyward.

Hmm, this is a similar premise to my fic. I'll be interested to see how this develops.

>>1351610 >>1351704 Thanks for the tips. I'll see what I can do about tweaking the story to incorporate that. Might still be a little while, since I still have classes to go to and all, but I WILL look through what I have and see where it can be edited, if not today, then probably tomorrow.

That may or may not involve using the examples you gave me I mean what?

:yay:Update!:yay: Hope to see more in the near future

Twilight finally recognizes what she is actually doing, even if Queen Chrysalis was in wrong in the past but for right reasons.

Yay:fluttershyouch:, it updated.

Nice. Hope twilight comes around a bit, i mean shes wasting time when the changelings are in very dire straits, and its not like asking for help (and putting the whole thing in celestias hooves, were it as a matter of state arguably belongs) would mean that chrysalis gets of scot free.

Good to see Twilight finally get a full perspective on this.

Please continue. :pinkiehappy:

Oh dear, twilights off to the crazy train again.

Rainbow might be the hardest to convince, but shes not gonna let sompony die. Probably. Although... ive tried to finish this sentence five times now. No, i dont know how Rainbows gonna react.

Although a thought occurs. Chrysalis does not strictly speaking need twilights help to send a message to celestia. She needs Spikes. And his sympathy she has. If twilight gets too irrational.. hmmm. Of course hijacking a mode of communication meant for twilight isnt necessarily make celestia more sympathic.

Good work with the chapter.

This is why you should never confront Twilight with anything. She overreacts and becomes mental. (She could turn Hades into a quivering crying mess, with her antics.) I feel so sorry for Chrysalis. (Go Pinkie!:pinkiehappy: That's the spirit.) A party, hopefully, will help things.


Given Rainbow's nature, I would guess she will side with Twilight and likely fly off the handle. If no one is around to stop her She and Twilight may critically injure Chrysalis.


Actualy, you raise a good point there. Chrysalis actualy needs spike's help, since only he can send and recieve letters directly to the princess. However, I am pretty sure that the "communication lines" that Spike was given can be "overided" if Twilight is not in her own mind. (Remeber when Twilight thought she would be tardy with her friendship reports with Celestia? :twilightblush: Yeah, Twilight, you owe Spike big time for making him both worry and send a letter to the Princess that day.)

However, if the communication lines were to be over-ridden, Spike should send his own letter first saying that "Twilight's gone insane again," but not to worry about it because "somepony else needs to talk to you, and please don't 'sick' the Royal Guards on her." Then Chrysalis can write her sob letter about the whole scenario.

If there was a sudden strike of Tragedy, Chrysalis would collapse next chapter, talking how she FEELS nothing from the other Changelings (IF the Changeling Hive mind is like I theorized it is).

BAM! Instant Drama by Mass death. But a bit dark for the current tone the story has.

>>1415906 That does sound like a good idea, but A. I don't know how well that would go over at this point in the story, considering their continued survival is Chrysalis' reason to keep going with this, and B. I love the headcanon of the changelings being connected by a hive mind, but I'd have to tweak the story to account for it because I never alluded to such a thing. I easily COULD, and... actually, now I'm CONSIDERING it... but I have a little bit of a plan for how the ending will go, and it doesn't really work if they're all dead.

Oh, but goddammit, you're making me want to try it... I guess we'll just see how happy I am with the story progression. If the hive-mind thing comes into play at all, it'd be a good point for chapter seven. And I would probably have to tweak the prologue (and a chapter or two) to establish the connection's existence.

Holy shit, you may have just helped the story. You've earned a cookie and a pat on the back, and if I do decide to implement the hive-mind headcanon into the story, credit for the idea. I mean, I did think of it when I first started, but you got me thinking about how it could be used to work in the story. Hell, I just came up with something brilliant regarding it while I was typing this comment, so... yeah, once I pump out chapter seven and weave that little plot point into the story (minus the total extinction thing [for now...?]), I'm putting up a blog post or author's note thanking you for the idea.

Or I could just say "thanks for the idea" right here, but that's not appreciative enough. Because it really is an awesome idea, and I have an awesome idea for how to use your awesome idea. I'd tell you WHAT that idea is, but in the immortal words of River Song, "Spoilers!"

Angry Pinkie is best pony :pinkiehappy:

Also, Twilight's gonna fuck Rainbow Dash's shit up :twilightoops:


When I read this I was surprised. And I think I squealed a bit. The Hive Mind Theory has been in my head since the original Airing of "A Canterlot Wedding" and is my headcanon, how all the soldiers just KNEW they had to stop those six, not having seen the situation when Chryssy unmasked herself.

what could possibly go wrong

this is nice.....and yet it annoys me...I was going to write a story with a somewhat similar premise...different location, but as the trigger for the wedding attack and this just makes me think of that.....will still do it but......that being said continue, you are doing a nice job-you don't need to forgive her Twilight, bu accept that she needs help for her people

Time Attack Mode Activated!

Great story.

It was so good that it made me cry.:twilightsmile:

I love the story but hate this point in it, because I do not like the two "normal" solutions that are

Oh no, those poor changelings!:fluttercry:

Good job Twilight, you helped destroy the entire changeling race all because you wouldn't listen :ajbemused:

A heavy truth that Twilight just realized, this is dark but good twist to this fanfic. Keep up the good work!

Oh... right in the feels.

Wow...Twilight: Element of Harmony and Pony Responsible for the Extinction of an Entire Species...I like the title :facehoof:

I’ll be there after sunrise. Don’t let her out of your sight.

I might be wrong, but that response sounds to me like Celestia isn't coming no help the changelings and more like a I'm coming for Chrysalis don't let her hide and/or scape...

While it looks like Twilight screwed up, I don't think anypony has any right to place blame on her for not writing sooner. She certainly could have handled it better, and blowing up on her friends is mostly, if not completely, on her, but the recent tragedy and fact that Chrysalis won over the mane six as friends can easily make one forget that the fact is that the Changelings are a foreign aggressive force. It's true they acted in desperation, but they attacked unprovoked, caused untold property damage, harmed, and maybe even killed, both civilians and guards. Even if you were to ignore the aggravating details involved, it would have been stupidly reckless to listen to the enemy, accept their word and ask Celestia for help. Twilight might have erred, but considering the situation it was better for the Equestrians to err in the side of caution, had the Changelings been acting it could have open the doors for a second invasion...

Also you have to wonder, no matter how much it makes her suffer, silencing her link to her subjects and not contacting them in 2 days is a incredibly stupid move. While it's true it hurt her to have constantly listen their cries, and that she needed concentration to plan and to try to win Twilight over, not bothering to check for two whole days was asking for trouble, especially considering a leader is supposed to reassure her subjects during hard times. Not only are they likely dead, they probably died confused, scared and alone. The worst part is I doubt any current world leader would have acted differently, and that makes it all the more believable...

While I believe you took Twilight a little to far, all the characters are completely in character, the way you wrote it it's completely believable, thought this scenario is a little to dark for the show target audience, so I don't think we will actually see something similar on the hub. A great fic so far.


>that response sounds to me like Celestia isn't coming no help

Yes, I noticed that line didn't inspire a whole lot of confidence...

>and maybe even killed

Now, that's not really a fair assessment.  Killing would both serve as a detriment to their overall goal, and fly in the face of Chrysalis's actions up to that point.  She'd had ample opportunity to kill Twilight and the real Cadence, but just locked them up, instead.  Cadence's health would suggest she even gave her food and water.

>had the Changelings been acting it could have open the doors for a second invasion

It's entirely possible to give aid while not rolling out the red carpet for an invasion.  They already know of the changelings' abilities, so as long as they had security measures in place, there's no more danger of them invading that way than any other.

>not bothering to check for two whole days was asking for trouble

Given her proclivity towards not planning ahead, thinking things through or using common sense, you have to wonder how she became queen in the first place.  I mean, her first attempt at invading would have gone off without a hitch if she'd tried, I don't know, maybe not being a bitch.  All in all, I think it's safe to put a modest share of the blame for this mess on her atrocious acting.

I don't mean to be a dick, but Estimate time to next Chapter? I love this story, I must have more!

>>1498784 I don't have a schedule for this. It's mostly just a free-time thing. I mean, I already started the next one (if you count two sentences as "starting"), but I've got my riffs to work on as well.

Basically, no promises, but I don't think it should be more than a few weeks. Probably.

>>1496430 when will the next chapter of OtWoA come out?

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