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  • 14w, 6d
    What Could Have Been



    Do you ever dream?

    But of course. 'tis a rather silly question to be asking of me, is it not?

    Well, you never know. Some do and some don't.

    You have a question related to the first, do you not?

    Eh, just curiosity, mostly. What kinds of things do you dream of?

    Being lorekeeper for the Vigil has exposed me to a wealth of knowledge. Such things have opened me to the infinite possibilities presented to one during each and every lifetime. I dream of what is, and what could have been, of threads of fate that shall never be realized -- the wheel from which they were spun has ceased to turn. I dream of what life may have been like had we embarked on some grand adventure, the likes of which had never been done before. Just you and I, traveling to places unvisited for centuries, as we raced against time to stop a traitor and monsters, and to save Lady Luna and her kingdom.

    That's... wow. More entertaining than my dreams, at least.

    What of yours then, Ferous?

    No real adventure like yours. Just peace and quiet. Lots of happy moments.

    Such as?

    Falling in love, buying a home, raising a family.

    Happy moments indeed. And who would such moments be shared with, hm?

    ...I think you know.

    Ah, but I do. And I shan't tell a soul.

    10 comments · 210 views
  • 26w, 1d
    Attending Trotcon

    I'm breaking the silence (and my self-imposed exile) to announce that I will be at Trotcon in Columbus, Ohio, between June 20th and June 22nd. This is mostly so I can see friends again and to spend time with them, and not necessarily because of the pony fandom. Sorry.

    I'll either be attending as a helper, as I have several friends vending, or as a panelist. That's still up in the air.

    2 comments · 142 views
  • 56w, 5d

    As of today, I have decided to cease any and all work on any of my pony fics. Questions answered below:



    Several reasons. I'm back in nursing school, struggling to figure out what I want to do with my life, I'm on the verge of moving (which is just next week), and there's a few other things. The biggest one, however, is this fandom and this site. This fandom is filled with some of the most ungrateful, misogynistic, and self-centered people I have ever encountered, and the fact that it continues (and will do so for quite a while) is equal parts sickening and depressing. Moreso, writing for the pony fandom is no longer enjoyable -- I can work on something, post it here, and it is instead drowned out by a plethora of poorly-written ship fics and crossovers, none of which have even the slightest bit of originality to them. The userbase on this site is immensely frustrating, tends to have very poor tastes in literature, and few of them have any understanding of storytelling mechanics. Unless something is explicitly explained to them, they simply won't get it, and having to explain myself repeatedly is aggravating.

    You don't really mean that, do you?


    I do. Every word of it. Don't get me wrong, I've made some amazing friends through the pony fandom, but by and large, it's filled with individuals I want nothing to do with. I'm done contributing when I'm not getting any satisfaction out of it. I'll still watch the show, still moderate the chatroom, and I'll still attend conventions (mostly because friends are vending and I'm there to support them), but no more writing. I have neither the time nor the energy for it.

    But I really liked your stories! Will you ever finish some of them?


    Maybe. Maybe not. That's for me to decide, and constantly harassing and begging me to come back will very likely do the opposite. Please respect my decision.

    Where will you be at?


    Around. I still mod the chatroom, and all my contact info is still in my bio.

    None of my fics will be deleted, including those that are incomplete.

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.


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  • 59w, 5d

    14 comments · 381 views
  • 62w, 3d

    I've actually been back from Bronycon, but I haven't been on the site much, mostly because my Ponyfiction Vault interview went up and all the comments were about the state I was from and not the actual story itself. SLIGHTLY DISAPPOINTED THERE, FIMFIC.

    Also hi new watchers, I'll do more stuff eventually.

    3 comments · 208 views
  • ...

A sequel to 'Forbidden Fruit' - Months have passed since Applejack's and Twilight Sparkle's adventure to retrieve a piece of life-giving fruit, and Granny Smith has successfully recovered from her illness. Though they became incredibly close during their journey and learned much from each other, they never became anything more. As they'll soon discover, however, there's still more they can learn from one another - much more.

Fic is rated Teen for alcohol use, language, and romantic situations.

Featured on FiM Fiction! Thanks to everyone who has read, reviewed, and commented!

First Published
2nd Jan 2012
Last Modified
1st Aug 2012
#1 · 146w, 3d ago · · · In Dreams ·

Note: This story will contain references to 'Forbidden Fruit'. Reading 'Forbidden Fruit' beforehand is highly recommended due to the amount of characterization and relationship building, but not necessarily required.

Hurr cliche dream sequences. Shut up, it was fun to write. I also may or may not have been listening to the Muse song by the same name while writing this.

#2 · 146w, 3d ago · · · In Dreams ·

Double cliches all the way across the sky!

Yeah yeah yeah!

Double cliche!

I really got to quit listening to The Gregory Brothers, I don't evem like it...

Anyway, it's a useful start I presume.

I am not goinig to track this, atleast not yet. But if the next chapters turn out good, I guess I am onboard.

#3 · 146w, 3d ago · · · In Dreams ·


This hasn't even passed moderation yet - guessing you got in here by following my comment? :twilightoops:

Ah well. Guess it's an early treat of sorts for my readers.

#4 · 146w, 3d ago · · · In Dreams ·


Yup, was going via your profile to check the blog.

Then suddently, mysterious comment. I had to check it out.

#5 · 146w, 2d ago · · · In Dreams ·


#6 · 146w, 2d ago · · · In Dreams ·

Today seriously seems like ship fic day or something. Seen so many get posted today.

Debated on maybe holding it back until tomorrow, but decided against it. Here's my own contribution.

#7 · 146w, 2d ago · · · In Dreams ·
#8 · 146w, 2d ago · · · In Dreams ·

I like it- keep on rolling. :D

#9 · 146w, 2d ago · · · In Dreams ·

loltriplepost. Also wanted to say that this is my first ship fic, so it's still a bit of a learning process for me. Earlier chapters may be revised at any time.

#10 · 146w, 2d ago · · · In Dreams ·

Up to your usual tricks I see, Mr. Vargas.  I'll have to go back and read Forbidden Fruit now.  Excellent work of course.

#11 · 146w, 2d ago · · · In Dreams ·


What can I say - I love me some dream sequences.

#12 · 146w, 2d ago · · · In Dreams ·

Oh dear, this is going to be interesting... i think.

#13 · 146w, 2d ago · · · In Dreams ·

*is still laughing from the part when Twilight woke up*

Good start to this; looking forward to more!

#14 · 146w, 2d ago · · · In Dreams ·

Cute. XD

Cliche or not, those dream sequences are always good. Looking forward to the next part.

#15 · 146w, 2d ago · · · In Dreams ·

I first thought you were moving the story very fast. I was glad it was only a dream sequence xD.

Nice chapter and i hope the rest will be as good or even beter :)

#16 · 146w, 2d ago · · · In Dreams ·

I do have a question. Will one of your stories be a main stories (so more updates). Or will they be updated with the same rate?

#17 · 146w, 2d ago · · · In Dreams ·

Applelight? Twijack?

Hm. I don't think I can remember seeing this ship before.

I'll have to read "Forbidden fruit" at some point... xD

#18 · 146w, 2d ago · · · In Dreams ·

Gotta love them dream sequences! There is just so much you can do with them and then rip it all way; why must you toy with us! Please continue. :)

#19 · 146w, 2d ago · · · In Dreams ·


I'll be flipping between Stuck In The Middle With You and Unintended. After one gets updated, I'll then move to the other until it updates, and so on. One of the folks that frequents an IRC channel I'm in was somewhat worried about the pacing, but it'll be several chapters before anything really starts to happen. One of my biggest gripes with ship fics is that many don't spend enough time on characterization or build-up, so I'm doing my best to avoid that.


Because toying with you is awfully fun. :trollestia:

#20 · 146w, 2d ago · · · In Dreams ·


I understand what you mean. Most fanfics with relationships are very fast and only very few have the pacing correct.

#21 · 146w, 2d ago · · · In Dreams ·

element of honesty.... you do your element proud.... spike might make things difficult for you though :twilightsheepish:

i was waiting for this to be fair keep up the great writing!:twilightsmile:

Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them. ~John Updike

#22 · 146w, 1d ago · · · In Dreams ·

i love so much, great writing vargas i give 5 out 5 molestia faces :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

#23 · 146w, 1d ago · · · In Dreams ·

Next chapter is done, but you're not getting it until tomorrow.

Neener neener!

#24 · 146w, 1d ago · · · In Dreams ·

DEAR CELESTIA MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!!! (not that i was praying...jeez)

This is beautiful... Even your dream sequence has logic sound enough to warrant the begging of this shipping fic, but obviously your to cruel to give us the satisfaction just yet. (curse you mind and your incessant need to be pleased with romance fics about Twilight). The flow is smooth and sweet (i'm not saying jagged flow is bad) and the characterization is in line with Forbidden Fruit. Vargras you've done it again, ya bloody stole my soul. And i love you for it. :twilightblush:

WHY? Why must you make me wait!?!

#25 · 146w, 1d ago · · · That Sinking Feeling ·

Element of Honesty, gets most cryptic dream.

It isn't exactly hard for some of us to decipher, but I think it'd still be difficult for her.

#26 · 146w, 1d ago · · · That Sinking Feeling ·

The final line also refers to more than one thing, but attempting to elaborate on that made it feel too cluttered, so it was omitted.

#28 · 146w, 1d ago · · · That Sinking Feeling ·


Come now, I don't think my chapter will ever be able to beat a top hat with self-deploying sunglasses.

#29 · 146w, 1d ago · · · That Sinking Feeling ·

>>105792  'Tis not hard to catch the full meaning, especially if one pays attention to the previous paragraphs.

#30 · 146w, 1d ago · · · That Sinking Feeling ·


Well, considering your chapter took a look into the Psyche of Applejack and how she has a longing for Twilight and did it with intelligence. It is a beautiful and rare sight to behold. Thank you sir or madam.

#31 · 146w, 1d ago · · · That Sinking Feeling ·


Sir. :twilightsmile:


I'm aware of it. I didn't want to make it particularly hard to decipher, but dreams can be funny things - what's easy for us to figure out will likely be difficult for her. Some pieces may be clear, and others not.

#32 · 146w, 1d ago · · · That Sinking Feeling ·

>>106320   Indeed - it's generally hardest to understand things from the inside.  My initial comment was more about how the final line was clear enough that no further elaboration was needed. :moustache:

#34 · 146w, 1d ago · · · That Sinking Feeling ·


You mean we get to think that everyone wants to sleep with their mother? :trollestia:

#36 · 146w, 23h ago · · · That Sinking Feeling ·

that'll teach me to say stuff without knowing exactly what's going on :facehoof:

great chapter, i would say can't wait for more, but i know that you're working on another great fic, so I'll just say i can't wait for that one to update :twilightsmile:

#37 · 146w, 23h ago · · · That Sinking Feeling ·


You're not figuring this out that easily. :ajsmug:

#38 · 146w, 22h ago · · · That Sinking Feeling ·

@ Vargras

I'll hold you to that one!

I need more good stories that keep me guessing to fill the void between the updates of the 100+ stories I'm following

This one does nicely, same goes for stuck in the middle with you :twilightsmile:

#39 · 146w, 18h ago · · · That Sinking Feeling ·

oh jeez i feel another adventure coming on...in the mind (maybe?)

"You walk a perilous path, Child of Earth, and only with the aid of another will you find what you need." Which basically means "Bring Twilight with you, your going to need her."

#40 · 146w, 18h ago · · · That Sinking Feeling ·


Not another adventure, but you're on the right track.

#41 · 146w, 16h ago · · · That Sinking Feeling ·

There's another pairing that I'll be introducing with this fic, and I'm almost positive that it's never been mentioned anywhere else within the fandom. You guys won't get to see it until much later, though.

#42 · 146w, 14h ago · · · That Sinking Feeling ·

>>107438 I thought as much...

a pairing never seen on the fandom... as much as i doubt that, i look forward to it...

#43 · 145w, 6d ago · · · That Sinking Feeling ·

I see where this is going

#44 · 145w, 6d ago · · · That Sinking Feeling ·



You might be surprised.

#45 · 145w, 6d ago · · · That Sinking Feeling ·

New chapter tomorrow. No updates at all on Friday - I've seriously typed 6k+ words today, split between Stuck In The Middle With You, Unintended, and an as-of-yet unnamed work. Gonna take a break!

#46 · 145w, 6d ago · · · That Sinking Feeling ·

I know this is a triple post, but whatever. This is just... bizarre. I'm listening to the Bastion soundtrack, and one of the songs is just... perfect for Applejack and Twilight within this storyline, starting at Forbidden Fruit and continuing up through Unintended. Complete and total coincidence, but it's even more beautiful now. Go give it a listen and just think about it a bit.

Bastion - Mother, I'm Here


I set my sail

fly the wind it will take me

back to my home, sweet home

Lie on my back

clouds are making way for me

I'm coming home, sweet home

I see your star you left it burning for me

Mother, I'm here

Eyes open wide

feel your heart and it's glowing

I'm welcome home, sweet home

I take your hand

now you'll never be lonely

not when I'm home, sweet home

I see your star, you left it burning for me

Mother, I'm here

#47 · 145w, 6d ago · · · Cracking the Code ·

I love that Applejack and Twlight shipping!

5 out of 5 stars!

#48 · 145w, 6d ago · · · Cracking the Code ·


It'll still be several more chapters before any 'true' shipping even happens.

#49 · 145w, 6d ago · · · Cracking the Code ·

yay! This story is POWER!

#50 · 145w, 6d ago · · · Cracking the Code ·


twilight and alcohol. that should be fun :P

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