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  • 85w, 2d
    And So They Boinked The End

    Making this a blog post is the only way I can think of to make this clear to readers, so sorry for the spam.

    Chapter 5 is not the end of AJA! What the heck, people! Is ending with the beginning of a relationship so common in this fandom that I can begin one and everyone jumps ship? Even with half the characters in awkward, unfortunate positions? This is merely a development, not the terminus. Not sure what else I can say without spoiling anything, but suffice it to say that I’m not going to leave the story with the main conflict unresolved…

    4 comments · 245 views
  • 88w, 6d
    The Elegy of the Fingerless Pony

    5 comments · 214 views
  • 113w, 3d
    Looking for an editor or prereader

    Exactly like it says on the tin. I have a story coming up, and I need help with it. Anyone who feels they'd like to edit or preread for me would be greatly appreciated. PM me if you're interested. The story is titled Applejack Anonymous, and it's a romantic comedy of sorts.


    - Clavier

    2 comments · 158 views
  • 124w, 5d

    Just a quick note to my SBCM readers: I'm going to be out of town for two weeks, then it'll take me at least another week to write another chapter. I was considering getting a chapter of SBCM together for this weekend, but that's not going to happen, and instead I decided to finish up my other ongoing fic to get it out of the way. The bad news: At least a three week break 'til the next chapter. I can't call this a hiatus since chapters have taken me longer than that on a regular basis. The good news: With my other ongoing fic mopped up, my attention will be undivided until SBCM meets its grizzly end.

    OH, and by the way, I'm very, very curious: How many of you were surprised by the twist of who was blamed in chapter 6? I feared it would be obvious, but the feedback so far as suggested otherwise.


    - Clavier

    4 comments · 113 views
  • 127w, 4d
    Lost in her Eyes Chapter 6

    Just a bit of a ramble. I'll be posting chapter 6 tomorrow unless things go horribly wrong, after a reread without cobwebs in my brain.

    I wrote chapter 6 by my original plan, but I wasn't entirely happy with it, so I went back over it and tweaked it a bit. It still wasn't quite up to snuff, so I went back over it again, and this time I added a little scene. But the little scene was so fun, I added a bit more ... and a bit more ... and a bit more! And then that little scene was a not-insignificant change to my planned plot, and that little scene is in fact the entirety of chapter 6 (having concluded the bit of story I wanted to get across in my usual ~2,000 words for this fic[1]). Much of what I'd written for chapter 6 is moot, and what isn't will get pushed into chapter 7. Except for the first ten words ( ;) ), this was all written today, but some of what will be chapter 7 was written in the two weeks before.

    So yeah, there's that. I'm completely off the rails now, I have no more idea what's going to happen next than you do. Obviously when I'm writing a story with a completely arbitrary restraint that already makes things a bit quirky, the best idea is to go hog-wild and write off the cuff.

    I am a very stupid writer. Good thing it's not my vocation.

    Oh, and as I always put at the end of these, sorry for the spam for what turns out to be just a boring ol' blog post :)

    [1]: I'm obviously very tired if I feel like ranting this, but I know I have a very terse writing style. Knowing is one thing, repairing is another. Part, perhaps most of why I'm writing these is to work on that. In this story I'm restricting myself to one perspective per chapter (i.e., only one character's state of mind is known, all others are only seen through her perspective, without an omniscient narrator), which tends to make things even shorter, at least by my reckoning. In my opinion, however, that reads better for this kind of story.

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She’s the loyalest of friends and most dependable of ponies; how could anypony not fall in love with Applejack? In fact, so much of the town has found themselves under her seductive spell, they’ve formed a secret society to help each other cope with their unbridled lust. Operating in seclusion, this group has been an unseen staple of Ponyville. Surely, though, nothing good can come of the mare herself discovering the existence of Applejack Anonymous.

Cover pic by the inimitable Mr. Snowpony.

First Published
3rd Feb 2013
Last Modified
24th Mar 2013
#1 · 89w, 3d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

Hmm, this story seems familiar... :p

As for an actual comment, who did the cover art?

#3 · 89w, 3d ago · 16 · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

Applejack Harem Time!:rainbowlaugh:

#4 · 89w, 3d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

This certainly seems interesting, please continue. :derpytongue2:

#5 · 89w, 3d ago · 4 · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·


Reverse Harem time. Applejack is now Tenchi.

#7 · 89w, 3d ago · 11 · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

I am intrigued! Please, continue. :rainbowderp:

No, really, like, right now. I want more.  :rainbowdetermined2:

#8 · 89w, 3d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·


Next update next Sunday :)

#9 · 89w, 3d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

I guess I can wait till then.

No seriously, that's cool, I like having a story to look forward to. I blogged you, just so you know. Hope some more people check you out. :ajsmug:

#10 · 89w, 3d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

Hey, Clav! I finally uploaded the image so you can link to it and stuff: [link]

Also, can't wait to reread this story. It's gonna be a hoot!

#12 · 89w, 3d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

Fricking brilliant,

#13 · 89w, 3d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

This was a great start to what promises to be a fantastic story. The premise is unique, the characters are in-character and I didn't notice any egregious spelling or grammar mistakes. Good job :ajsmug:

#14 · 89w, 3d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

This is one of the funniest things that I have read in a while.  The premise is great, and your writing is fantastic, but it's the little jokes scattered throughout the story that make this so entertaining.  My favorite is the "something happens" scene.  This style of humor is what I like best about the show.  I'd give you three thumbs up if I could; unfortunately, only Pinkie can sprout limbs and digits at will.  Plus, the system only lets me thumbs up once.  

Do you plan on updating every Sunday or on a more sporadic schedule?  Either way, this'll definitely be added to my favorites list.

#15 · 89w, 3d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·


Every Sunday.

#16 · 89w, 3d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·


Awesome.  I don't know how people like you manage to write stuff regularly.  I've had an idea for a Twilight, Luna, and (indirectly) Rainbow Dash story for a few months now but never got around to writing it.  There have been other things and stuff that got in the way - for example, reading other people's fics.

I look forward to reading more about Applejack's Tuesday exploits.

#17 · 89w, 3d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

I can't write things regularly either. If I had help I could, but I'm seemingly made of writers block.

It was a cool story and I'm happy it's gonna update regularly. It was one of those stories that actually make you laugh. not just imagine yourself laughin' or blow air out your nose slightly faster. It's wierd how I can read this and see your words make somethnig awesome, and mine just.......:derpytongue2: You know?

#19 · 89w, 3d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

I don't even know what this is, but I liked it.

#20 · 89w, 3d ago · 4 · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

Pfft poor Applejack. Now I wonder if the stallions have the same meetings about Big Mac, there must be something about the apples. Uh oh...what hardships will Applebloom face?

#21 · 89w, 3d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

I want more. :flutterrage:

#22 · 89w, 2d ago · 1 · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

lucky mare! curse you applejack for being so hot! still more of a rainbow dash guy but still......

#23 · 89w, 2d ago · 2 · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

Yes, finally every mare in Ponyville recognizes the true awesomeness of Best Poni!

Although, I'm still hoping for a straight ship. Seriously, lesbian ponies has been run into the ground so far it's planted roots. :ajbemused:


#24 · 89w, 2d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

Why can't this happen to meeeeeee? :fluttercry:

#25 · 89w, 2d ago · 2 · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

He responded with a crooked smile. “Ah don’t think that’s legal, sis.”

She stuck out her tongue in retort. “Very funny. Ah mean with somepony else, ya big galoot. Ah’ve just been thinking about it a lot Ah guess.”

Eh heh heh...

#26 · 89w, 2d ago · 17 · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

My apples bring all the mares to my orchard...

#27 · 89w, 2d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

>>2068893 You will definitely enjoy this one, my friend :ajsmug:

And woo! Congrats on the feature! :rainbowkiss:

#28 · 89w, 2d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

Hahahahaha this is brilliant. As a fellow Applejack lover I heartily approve. I'm a member. :D

#29 · 89w, 2d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

I'll be the first to admit, gay shipping is not my thing. But the premise of this story was just to good to pass up.:rainbowlaugh: And after reading the first chapter let me just say that I think I'll follow to see where this goes.

It's kind of funny when i first read the description. I thought 'I'd totally be a part of that!' Then I read that they're all mares and I could only think of the awkwardness if I showed up. (Yes, I am a guy.):ajbemused:

"H-hello, my name is Truth, and I'm in love with Applejack..."

...GO BUCK YOURSELVES!:flutterrage:

#30 · 89w, 2d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

Well,this will end really god or really bad.

#31 · 89w, 2d ago · 3 · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

my over all reaction to this









----------[LOADING, DONE]----------

#33 · 89w, 2d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

>>2070087 clearly all the fillies will be attracted to her. and the colts dont get any i guess

#34 · 89w, 2d ago · 1 · 1 · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

Aw, a great start but you kind of spoiled the drama early.

There was such a great possibility for tension and drama but you dispensed with that way too quickly. AJ finds the group, RD/Pinkie figure it out too, then the group tells AJ they know-she-knows, all in one chapter! where's the drama? where's the tension, the slow building up?

It was like getting all my cookies at once. Oh well, I do think it was well written and you might take it places more dramatic than the initial concept, or it could be a very sloppy harem.

#35 · 89w, 2d ago · 3 · 3 · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

It's about time Applejack gets some serious attention. :ajbemused:

#37 · 89w, 2d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

>>2070087 Big Mac Anonymous...

Applebloom Anonymous.

Oh god.

... Granny Smith Anonymous.

And then there's "We all love Braeburn and we don't care." Which is just everyone.

#38 · 89w, 2d ago · 1 · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

>>2070815 You... You aren't into same sex shipping?

... And you're a part of this fandom? Where are you getting these stories from exactly?

#39 · 89w, 2d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

>>2071159 You'd be surprised at the amount of talented writers there are in this fandom.:twilightsmile:

#40 · 89w, 2d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

>>2071214 I like to think I'm one of them. I was just pointing out that I have read two stories with m/f primary shipping. Romance Reports, and Diaries of a Madman.

#41 · 89w, 2d ago · 2 · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

Congratulations, I am now all out of "What the crap?"'s to give.

#42 · 89w, 2d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

>>2071226 I came off as a sarcastic douche didn't I?:facehoof: My bad:twilightblush:

#44 · 89w, 2d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

The awkward moment when everyone realizes the ending is a dream.

>>2071322 Hey. It's okay. In the end, what are we all but sarcastic douches?

#45 · 89w, 2d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

I'll give it a go

#46 · 89w, 2d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

where can i join this group.  i think i need it.  :moustache: sorry apple jack :ajsleepy:

#47 · 89w, 2d ago · 1 · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

Okay...what the "BUY SOME APPLES" did I just read?  It's incredibly well written, and I'm pretty sure that bit at the end was a dream, but...what the "BUY SOME APPLES" did I just read?

#48 · 89w, 2d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

>>2071247  I'm out of "What the heck just happened?" to give too.  I think we've just been majorly :trollestia:

#49 · 89w, 2d ago · 2 · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·


That is all. :|

#50 · 89w, 2d ago · · · 1: Tuesdays in Ponyville ·

>>2071151 Braeburn is awesome...and hilariously random.

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