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  • 2w, 3d
    End of Relief Fund and Other News

    First off, my thanks to the people who donated (all two of you). I'm happy you guys decided I was worth sending a little help to. While your donations weren't enough for me to get what I needed, I managed to get by with the help of my friends in real life. I'm going to kill the relief fund link, but I'll keep my PayPal ready for if this happens again.

    In other news, my muse is bound and determined to get me started on another story. While I do want to finish Pony Fantasy IV first, my muse is being stubborn in this. I might cave and write out a chapter or two, just to get her to cooperate. What story, you might ask? Well... suffice it to say that after watching the entire series of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, I have some... ideas.

    Ja ne, minna!

    3 comments · 27 views
  • 3w, 16h
    Relief Fund

    So those of you who actually visit my user page rather than my stories may notice a new thing there: a link that says 'Relief Fund'. There is a reason for this.

    Due to a combination of my own stupidity and my bleeding heart, I am in deep financial trouble. I was scammed out of most of the money in my account, and the timing couldn't be worse, as my rent is due. Some of the friends I have in RL have offered to help, but they can't make up all the money I need. So I've decided to turn to the community I love the most for aid.

    I need, at bare minimum, 90 dollars by Wednesday, November 5th, though I would prefer to get it sooner to give me time to actually turn the rent in. Rent is considered late by the 6th, and then things get even worse for me.

    Please, help me.

    4 comments · 33 views
  • 27w, 2d
    Note regarding Infernals, and update status

    I'm putting Infernals on hiatus for now. The reason for this is that I honestly don't know where it's going. It started off just as a 'what-if' scenario in my head that I wanted to write down, and I ended up getting Dirty Bit's help for some of it. But, the thing is, while I have some great ideas for what can happen in the future of the fic, I just don't know how to get it there.

    Now, regarding my other stories, I stand by what I said before: my other stories are on hiatus as well, until I finish one of my big fics. Infernals was one of my big fics, but without a clear idea of where to take it, I'm putting it on the same burner as PonyPuff Girls, Song of Change, etc.

    My limit for big projects is two at a time, so don't worry; I still mean to finish Pony Fantasy IV. However, my other big project, the one that's getting most of my attention for the moment, is a fic I showed a teaser for in a previous blog. It's a sequel to the famous Turnabout Storm; specifically, the novelization done by RavenRegios and edited by the ever-diligent Firesight. Firesight is editing this sequel as well, and will also be writing a good chunk of the story himself, due to how we're setting things up.

    I won't make an announcement of the title of the fic until we're ready to publish (which won't be until after the novelization is over). And don't worry, friends, I won't forget about my other fics. I'm just making sure my plate isn't too full for me.

    3 comments · 143 views
  • 38w, 5d
    Teaser for Future Story

    The two were alone now. They looked at each other for a moment, before the one in the cell coughed into his hoof.

    "Well, this is awkward," he said as lightly as he could.

    "That's one way to put it," Twilight retorted, ruffling her wings.

    Phoenix flinched at that. "I'm guessing you're not too happy with me, huh?"

    "Why, whatever gave you that impression?" Twilight asked, sarcasm dripping from her tone. Before the human-turned-pony could respond, she dropped the facade. "I'm furious! I've spent the better part of nine years trying to forget you and what you did to me! I thought I had finally gotten over it! Then you show up out of the blue, as a pony no less, and rip open all these old wounds!"

    Phoenix cringed. "I don't suppose saying 'I'm sorry' would help, would it?"

    "No, it wouldn't," the alicorn replied icily. "You broke up with me, Phoenix! You broke my heart! I was a wreck for nearly two weeks because of that!"

    "Was it really that bad?" the neo-pegasus asked warily.

    Twilight glared in response, her eyes briefly flaring red. "Let's make a list of the things you did wrong, shall we? First off, you broke up with me three days after my coronation. I was planning to go to Earth at the next opportunity and share the good news with you! Now, I realize you couldn't have known I'd just been coronated, but still, you had incredibly bad timing when you sent that letter.

    "Speaking of, that's another thing you botched." Her horn flared, and an envelope appeared in a flash. She drew out a piece of paper, opened it, and began to read:

    Dear Twilight

    I know this may seem sudden, but I have to make a decision now. I'm afraid we can no longer see each other. I can't explain why here, but trust me when I say it's for the best. I'll never stop caring for you, but you're better off not getting involved with me anymore.


    Folding up the letter, Twilight resumed her glare at Phoenix. "I could have manured Sweet Apple Acres with the amount of horseapples in this thing! And, by the way, really stallion-like, sending me a letter to tell me something life-changing!" She grumbled to herself, and Phoenix thought he heard "just like my brother" amid her growls. Before he could ask, she continued. "You didn't have the guts to tell me to my face that you were going to break up with me! That hurt, Phoenix!

    "But the worst part..." Finally, her glare seemed to soften. "The worst part is that you didn't tell me why. Why did you do this to me, Phoenix? I thought we meant more to each other than this. I thought I would have deserved more than a four-sentence letter."

    There were a few moments of silence. Then Phoenix sighed. "You're right, Twilight. You deserved more than that." He looked up. "Which is why I'll tell you now. I'll tell you everything... about why I broke up with you, nine years ago."

    Part of a chapter for a future story. This is meant to be a sequel to Turnabout Storm, specifically the novelization. I'm currently in the planning stages with Firesight, the fic's editor, for this sequel, but here's a little slice for you all.

    9 comments · 153 views
  • 45w, 1d
    So, my friend let me borrow Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD for the PS3...

    I was excited about this, because KH, along with Final Fantasy, is one of my favorite series of all time. I decided to begin by playing what I thought would be an HD version of 358/2 Days, one of my favorite games in the series. Unfortunately, it seems there was a bit of false advertising, or at least vagueness that got misinterpreted.

    You see, while the disc does include the full games for KH Final Mix as well as Re: Chain of Memories, it does NOT include the full game for 358/2 Days. Rather, that part of the disc is a glorified movie, showing off HD cutscenes, with Roxas making statements in between each day of the game.

    So, my advice to any of my followers who were thinking of getting KH 1.5 HD: if you were going to get it to play 358/2 Days in HD, save your money.

    2 comments · 113 views
  • ...

The latest scheme of a Townsvillain hurls the Powerpuff Girls to another dimension. In new bodies, and with different abilities each, the three must adjust to life in Ponyville. It helps that the locals are friendly. Maybe the Girls can have actual friends for once, rather than admirers...?

This was actually my first foray into MLP fanfiction. I wrote the beginnings of this long before I conceived of Pony Fantasy IV. So, enjoy my attempt at crossing Lauren Faust's two popular girl shows!

Image courtesy of GalooGameLady on DeviantART. Used with her permission.

First Published
7th May 2012
Last Modified
7th May 2012

IT WAS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME! :trixieshiftleft:

...Powerpuff Girls as ponies.... WELP! Fluttershy is no longer the most adorable thanks to Bubbles.

This looks fun and interesting!

Calling it featured box

One thousand times yes. I'm definitely looking forward to Blossom matching wits with Twilight.

As well as the inevitable "team vs. team" and "both teams vs. common enemy" fights that tend to come up in these types of crossovers. Not that that's a bad thing!

If you continue to write everybody in character the way you already seem to be doing then this could be a great story indeed. You've got my star and thumb.

You know whats weird, this is the first PPG - MLP crossover fic that i've seen. I would have expected seeing a lot of these.

But nope, I mostly see Mass Effect crossovers.'d think this would be the most used crossover...and yet this is basically the only one (that I've seen anyway)...very strange :rainbowderp:

Still, its awsome! :rainbowwild:

Now I must wait for the eventual meeting of Bubbles and Fluttershy...its only a matter of time. :pinkiehappy:

>>557581 Likewise! You'd think I'd have tripped over a hundred of these so far, given the shared creative history, but this is the first PPG/FIM crossover I've seen. Plus it's pretty well-written, which is a bonus.

Think I'll track this one. :yay:

Blossum! She is the fearless leader!

Bubbles, she is the joy and the laughter,

Buttercup! She is the toughest fighter,

Powerpuffs save the day!

McCrackinXFaust best irl shipping.

This party is going to be BIBLICAL :pinkiehappy:

I Can't believe i remember this show.

and i slowly click another tab on my internet browser


I did see what you did there dood....:ajbemused:


Really? Because I didn't...:derpyderp1:


Did you know that" This party is going to be BIBLICAL"  is almost the same quote from the movie Law Abiding Citizen were the villan/ victim says " This is going to be Biblical".



I've never seen that movie. I just used the term "Biblical" as an expression for Huge or Epic

i want to sing the theme song now...

Oh dear lord. I want to see this.

I'm under the assumption that the reason Pinkie Pie can outrace even Dash is because he consumes so much suger that her molecules have accelerated to the point were a second to her is an hour to everyone else.

Like when FDry drank 300 cups of coffee in Futurama.

Blossom and Buttercup must get Twilight and Bubbles mixed up all the time. What with them sounding so similar and all.

Enjoying the story so far, you've got a thumbs up from me.


Cannot wait to see the party. :pinkiehappy:

This story = awesome.:twilightsmile:

Keeping a good eye on this one. :twilightsmile:

Hmmmmm. I'm a little worried at how bubbles is easily keeping pace with Rainbow dash.

I love this concept, but do be careful not to overpower the Powerpuffs... or make them god-mode characters that blow the Mane 6 out of the water at every turn. I get that they're super heroes, but if they solve every problem they face with minimal effort it won't make for a good stroy.

>>560349 Oh, trust me, they'll have their share of problems.

As for Bubbles keeping pace with Rainbow Dash... I remember an episode where the PPG broke the lightspeed barrier. Bubbles knows she's faster than Rainbow, but she's letting the older pegasus keep her pride.


Ah thanks for clarifying, and the reassurance. I wonder how dash will react when she see's just how crazy fast Bubbles is. (Might wanna mention that they've got Chemical X at that point?) Oh and also... no cutie marks right? Wonder if the CMC will be getting three new members and the PPG/PPF (powerpuff filles) might get three fast new freinds. Hehe! Onto the next chapter!

Bleargh! Threw up too many rainbows of awesomeness! This is not only adorable, but it's very well written, the dialogue is fabulous, and the cutie marks? Genius! This is just entirely too fitting, and henceforth, I shall assume you're secretly Lauren Faust mingling with the bronies. Faved, liked, moustached, and most violently watched!

5/5 :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

>>560386 Ahem. Read Chapter 2 carefully. I gave the PPG cutie marks.


Ah, just read it! loving it so far, and I just finished the last chapter.

Just a few gripes though... aren't the PPG's in like kindergarten/grade school? You've listed their age as 12 and I'm not sure about that.

More Importantly though, while it's cool to have them show off thier powers to Mane six, it... kinda feels like you're obviously placing them as superior to the Mane 6. Even if it's not explicit, it feels like the story is shouting: Buttercup is a better applebucker than Applejack, Bubbles is a better flyer than rainbowdash and can speak with animals better than fluttershy, and Blossom is better prepared and better at magic than Twilight. (Seriously? After living with spike for years in a BIGGER library, raising him from an egg, She doesn't know a single anti-fire spell?)

What I'm trying to say is, while the powerpuffs are awesome, I'm worried that you might downplay the abilities, and WORSE, the representation of the Mane 6 in comparison to the PPGs.

I don't mean to seem rude, but I've seen that happen with far, far to many crossovers. I just don't want to see it happen here. It's a little too early to tell now though, and you're keeping the freindly spirit of MLP so far, and that's a plus!

Hope you get something useul out of my comments, and I can't wait to read more.

>>560550 This story takes place YEARS after the PPG cartoon. So, the Girls are older now.

And worry not, I'm going to do my best to have both sides equally impressed with each other.


It's not just impressed I'm worried about, it's equal representation throughout your story. Still, to early to know for sure. Thanks for reading my comments.

I totally saw this coming. But who says thats a bad thing?

Oh my god the nostalgia.

Excellent, can't wait for more!

"Normally, mah brother Big Macintosh would haul the wagon, but he went and hurt his ankle, so he ain't up to pullin' nothin' for a while."

I swear, I think Big Macintosh is just trying to avoid work, he gets injured so often in these stories.......... wait, I might be on to something.

Didn't you forget super speed and damage resistance?

>>561379 And how, pray tell, were they supposed to test either of those? They were in a small forest clearing, and as for damage resistance, the only feasible option would be to have Buttercup smack the other two around, or Blossom blast them with her heat ray. They're sisters, they're not going to hurt each other without a darn good reason.

This was actually my first foray into MLP fanfiction. I wrote the beginnings of this long before ...  lol wut (in you description)

>>561494 What? It's a legit word. It means this was the first time I wrote something pony-related.

Seriously, did you not pay attention in English class? :trollestia: I kid, I kid.

>>561522 Lol nop thats why I failed (mainly couse of ponies) ok then I guess that clears that up lol :coolphoto:

"As she did so, however, something felt off. Why couldn't she feel her hands?" "Trying to massage her head didn't help that much, especially since she no longer had fingers."

But... but... they don't have hands~! OR fingers! :applecry:

>>561665 Patience, young pony, and all shall be revealed. :trollestia:

Seriously. I'm going to weave some of the backstory for the PPG into future chapters.

the most epic pic ever done about the PPG's turned into PONIES

:yay:" rel="nofollow">


They could have done it like Leeroy Jenkins.:flutterrage: It would have tested both powers.

Good job mate! Makes sence Bubbles would keep pace with Rainbow. She flies lightspeed every day!:rainbowdetermined2:

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