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  • 11w, 6d
    Rise gets 5th place!

    The results for the EqD contest are in! Rise came 5th out of 109! Not bad, not bad at all!

    That means I am a winner and as I am in the top ten, I get some art too! Yay! What art that will be, who knows! I'm very happy about the placing though!

    Go read it if you've not yet!

    10 comments · 209 views
  • 13w, 5d
    BUCK 2014 Fanfiction Panel

    Hi guys and gals!

    BUCK is coming up this Saturday, and is very exciting (if you are going, that is!). Even more exciting than that is that there will be a FANFICTION PANEL starring all your favourite people (and me).

    If you are going to BUCK, please come along and say hi! It will be at 11am on the Saturday morning, more details here:

    Joining me, will be Knighty, Scribbler, Arcanium, Greatodyer and Metaphor

    (You may remember that Scribbler did some amazing readings of some of my stories, and Arc decided Scootaloo sounded like a pirate for our Fimfic charity livestream. I certainly haven't forgotten!)

    Come on, how amazing does that sound! If you're at the con and don't go, your life will be full of tears!

    (No idea if the panel will be filmed and put online, I don't think so, unless anyone is planning on going along with a camera!)

    4 comments · 183 views
  • 14w, 1d
    'Rise' has, uh, risen

    I am a machine! A pony machine! It turns out that after a few weeks of scraping out a few hundred words on another story, the threat of a deadline on this one got me there with time to spare!

    Yup, 'Rise' is now complete, and actually within the word limit. The response has been amazing, and so I really hope it doesn't disappoint. Some of you might be upset it is a self-contained story (though it was always going to be, and the ending was the first thing I thought up). I may return to this idea though, and I have no problem with anyone else wanting to riff off it!

    I ended up above a thousand words above the word limit. Fimfic's word count isn't as accurate as gdocs, but it was still a bit much. I ended up removing some minor bits, but also the firefly section. I will leave it below, and might drop it back in after the contest has finished! So uh, sorry if you liked that bit!

    Something caught her eye. A flicker of light above the enormous entranceway to the castle. It was fire in a jar.

    No. Misty narrowed her eyes, looking closer. She started to storm toward the entrance, a new sense of determination rising. It wasn’t fire. With a leap she rose into the air, ignoring the screaming of her sore wings as they took her closer and closer to the jar.

    It was sitting on a ledge above the door, sending gentle light all around. It wasn’t fire though. She pressed her face against the smooth glass, watching the trapped fireflies within, circling their tiny prison.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll get you out of there!” she whispered urgently, looking this way and that in case a pony should see what she was up to. When she was certain the coast was clear, she hefted herself onto the top of the jar, which seemed to be made out of metal. Despite the obvious join, she could see no gaps in the top. She tried using her sword to pry it apart, but nothing would budge.

    “Damn pony magic!” she cursed, sinking down beside the jar in defeat. She watched her pained reflection, illuminated by the streaks of light from within. An idea formed in her mind; she slowly stood up and hefted her front limbs against the jar. “Okay, little buddies! Hold tight!”

    Straining against the glass, she hefted as hard as she could. It began to scrape against the ledge and then started to violently shudder and topple. Misty fell forwards as the jar launched itself onto the ground, barely managing to not fall herself. Below her, it exploded into a thousand shards of crystal that lit up as the fireflies danced free, soaring into the black of the night and vanishing amongst the stars.

    Misty smiled. She had done it. She had struck a blow against the ponies the like of which had never been seen before. It wasn’t enough though. Winter was still coming. But there was something the ponies didn’t know. Misty was coming for them.

    Now to finish Seapony story!

    5 comments · 277 views
  • 14w, 2d
    EqD Prompt Competition Madness

    Okay guys, I have put everything on hold in a frenzied attempt to actually write a story for the EqD Outside Insight Summer Fanfic Contest. I have posted up what I've done in order to shame myself into finishing it. Another 5k by tomorrow... it's doable!

    Actually, my worry is that it will be too long, as the limit is 15k. But then I guess you all still get a bonus story, so everyone wins!

    Let me know what you think!


    It is about Breezies, but EVEN SO give it a go!

    5 comments · 201 views
  • 16w, 6d
    Video Review: Twilight's Best Friend

    I just got messaged by Emeraldcomet who showed me a video review he did of my story Twilight's Best Friend. I always like to see what other people made of my stories (and if you do something like this, please let me know!)

    It's an old story (early 2011 I believe) but still one of my favourites, if a little rough around the edges in retrospect! Anyway, check out the review here:

    3 comments · 207 views
  • ...

Is Mr Cake literally a cake? Pinkie Pie seems to think so – but will her investigations really reveal that Mr Cake is made solely from delicious margarine, sugar and flour, or is something else afoot? One thing is certain – the Cakes are hiding something from her, and Pinkie will expose the truth no matter the cost!

First Published
6th Apr 2012
Last Modified
6th Apr 2012
#1 · 137w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

New Blueshift story?...Dinner can wait, let's get to reading!

#2 · 137w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·


(Clicks next chapter)

#3 · 137w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 2 ·

"I should get some hard-core photosynthesising done."

Atta girl! Split that water! Excite those electrons! Synthesize that adenosine triphosphate!

#4 · 137w, 2d ago · 1 · · Chapter 3 ·

*Applauds* That was really well written.  I kept holding my breath, waiting for the grimdark, and when it came, it was indeed grimdarky.  But thankfully, it ended so happily.

It's also nice to see the old fairy tales be rewritten with ponies.  And happy endings, where everyone wins.  :twilightsmile:

This story brought a smile to my face today.  Thank you.

#5 · 137w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·


Lemon Dreams is my exciting character find of 2012!

#6 · 137w, 2d ago · 1 · · Chapter 3 ·


Thanks. I like dark stories, but I'm not a fan of grimdark, it tends to be depressing and indicate a lack of hope, which isn't fun for anyone!

#7 · 137w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

Great story, very funny, very grisly, wonderful ending.

#8 · 137w, 2d ago · 2 · · Chapter 1 ·

Carrot Top used to be annoyed that ponies would empty her fridge.

Then Pinkie filled her fridge and she got annoyed again.

This is good stuff.

#9 · 137w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·


Oh, wait, I just realized the story wasn't tagged grimdark.  Weird.  Must have been way too early in the morning when I read and commented.  The rest of my comment still stands though.

#10 · 137w, 1d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

Aww. Wait. What. But-

No. No, lets not think to hard.


#11 · 137w, 1d ago · 2 · · Chapter 3 ·

Well that was certainly a roller coaster of comedy and dark.  I'm kind of curious as to why Krastos didn't just use some of his old magic to overpower the three ponies beating on him, but I can definitely say I'm happy with the way it ended.  Glad I clicked on this.

One thing that bugs me though, in chapter two Pinkie says "I’ve not seen you about before and I know every pony in Ponyville!"  To me, at least, it would fit her more if she said "I haven't" rather than "I've not."  *shrug*

#12 · 137w, 1d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·



What? xD

#13 · 137w, 1d ago · · · Chapter 2 ·

This story, I'm not sure if it's getting better or weirder

I know, both :rainbowhuh:

#14 · 137w, 1d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

D'awwww, that was a beautiful resolution and ending. Kudos to you, good sir. :pinkiesmile:

#15 · 137w, 1d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

Great story! I really liked Lemon Dreams too :derpytongue2:

#16 · 137w, 17h ago · 1 · · Chapter 3 ·

one letter from cave story!

#17 · 137w, 15h ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

Well, that was certainly...different.

#18 · 137w, 15h ago · 2 · · Chapter 3 ·

That was an enjoyable read... if not a bit... odd.

Happy end is happy. :pinkiehappy:

#19 · 137w, 15h ago · 1 · · Chapter 3 ·

This was a very unique story, not to mention very entertaining and well written! I can't help but fave and like this story! Awesome job!

#20 · 137w, 15h ago · 1 · · Chapter 3 ·

What the heck did I just read?

And why can't I stop grinning?


#21 · 137w, 15h ago · 2 · · Chapter 3 ·

Oh. My. God. I had to stop reading after Krastos became a baker because it was so darn adorable.:rainbowkiss: That really made my day.

#22 · 137w, 13h ago · 1 · · Chapter 3 ·

Wow, just wow.

Normally I avoid Dark tagged stories like the plague, or I try to because my curiosity alwasy gets the better of me and I leave, feeling sick but without leaving a comment. Thankfully this was not the case this time!

I loved this story and I agree with your response here


Grimdark stuff just leaves me feeling sick and sadly most people don't seem to relize that you can turn dark stuff on its head with the FiM elements without changing the overall message of the story or it's original plot. I wish I found more stories like this.

A few questions about things that I couldn't quite understand: So was it Pinkie Pie who brought Carrot Cake back to life when she put his head back on, kissed him and told him she loved him like a second father? Is Krastos just a thin, scaly thing covered in hair like that gossamer thing from Looney Tunes? Is Carrot Cake flesh and blood now instead of cake and jam? Will Pumpkin and Pound be flesh and blood too after the three day time limit elapses? Is the play that Cup Cake and Carrot Cake went too the original story that this piece was based on? Will the Glue shortage ever be solved? Actually that last one's just an idle thought :pinkiehappy:.

Also I was really hoping that the "buns in the oven" could bake inside Cup Cake, IE that Krastos could make her pregnant despite her problems so her body could keep them safe until they were done and so she could not only have foals of her own but know what its like to carry them with her for a year (the average gestation for a horse), but that's just how I feel.

I do like how you used Krastos' creativity to explain the implausibility of the Cakes have twins who aren't Earth Ponies.

What touched me most about this story is that it did something I completely did not expect: it featured a headcanon that I held onto for a long time. Up until Baby Cakes was announced I actually had it in my headcanon that Mrs. Cake was, for lack of a better term, barren and unable to have foals, thus she and Mr. Cake "adopted" Pinkie Pie because she was like the daughter they always wanted. Of course that headcanon was dashed once the episode was announced but to see it used here as such a serious plot point and so well too that really hit home for me.

Overall I loved this story and for once I'm happy that my curiosity got the better of me. I wish mroe Bronies would write stuff like this, giving us happy endings even with a dark middle, kudos. Instant Fav!.

#23 · 137w, 12h ago · 2 · · Chapter 3 ·


Don't worry, you had it all right!

>So was it Pinkie Pie who brought Carrot Cake back to life when she put his head back on, kissed him and told him she loved him like a second father?

Yup! Or more importantly, that it doesn't matter if he's a cake or not, he's still real.

>Is Krastos just a thin, scaly thing covered in hair like that gossamer thing from Looney Tunes?

Yes! Or a living pile of hair with two arms sticking out and a pair of beady red eyes like a pom-pom toy your mum might make for you.

>Is Carrot Cake flesh and blood now instead of cake and jam?

As much as he was before, yes. He's real as long as he thinks he's real?

>Will Pumpkin and Pound be flesh and blood too after the three day time limit elapses?

Yes, as long as noone puts them in the bath or they'll go all soggy :(

>Is the play that Cup Cake and Carrot Cake went too the original story that this piece was based on?

Kinda. Faust is one of those plays/legends everyone has heard of but probably not seen performed. It's about a man who sells his soul to the devil for magical powers, and then the devil comes back to collect

>Will the Glue shortage ever be solved?

Why good sir, have you not purchased Flim and Flam's Super Sticky Glue?

It's... not very good

#24 · 137w, 12h ago · · · Chapter 3 ·


Ah OK that answers most of my questions, and yeah I won't buy from Flim and Flam, never have never will. Gotta wonder how Pinkie's little cider machine will work.

I'm going to assume that the twins won't get soggy, since Pinkie Bathed them and they turned out alright. they must be real after all the stuff they put Pinkie Through in Baby Cakes. Of course their origins here would explain their unusual powers and instability.

#25 · 137w, 11h ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

blueshift, you have turned your amazing trolling talent into amazing story talent that doesn't troll and instead makes stories. Or something. I enjoyed this so much I'm barely coherent.

#26 · 137w, 10h ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

O.o :pinkiegasp:

This is awesome.

Saw it from EQD.

#27 · 137w, 9h ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

...Dash is adopted.

Oh my.

#28 · 137w, 9h ago · 1 · · Chapter 3 ·



I never thought that this explained their extraordinary powers.

#29 · 137w, 9h ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

I have no idea where you're going here, but I expect the ride to be interesting, to say the least. :pinkiehappy:

#30 · 137w, 8h ago · · · Chapter 3 ·


Don't be silly, obviously whoever filled the form in was so bad at spelling they spelt both Dash's parents names wrong with completely different letters.

Right? Right? :rainbowhuh:

#31 · 137w, 8h ago · · · Chapter 2 ·

Lemon Dreams, the citruskin pony. Wonderful!

This is getting definitely weird, I see. Wonder what's the bargain Mrs. Cake made with Krastos?

#32 · 137w, 8h ago · 1 · · Chapter 3 ·

That was...bizarre, fascinating, funny...and yet, I'm not entirely sure I enjoyed the whole ride. Oh, I like how it resolved, that they didn't just kill the fairy tail monster, felt like the Cakes turned around too fast on that. Didn't quite seem plausible enough.

And frankly I don't much care for how Pinkie acted when she was trying to figure out whether Carrot was actually a cake or not. She was a massive jerk towards everyone, and I don't like it when Pinkie Pie is written that way.

So...I have mixed feelings about this story. I will say this though: you do have a gift for writing, and you use it to craft some rather unique tales.

#33 · 137w, 7h ago · · · Chapter 3 ·


Thanks, I appreciate the comments! Pinkie is a massive jerk though, unhindered by social norms. Just look at her treatment of the poor bakers in this week's ep!

#34 · 137w, 7h ago · 1 · · Chapter 1 ·

Loving this story already.

Golden Harvest being a prank by Rainbow Dash and Dash being adopted is headcanon to me now.

#35 · 137w, 3h ago · · · Chapter 2 ·


This is...terrifyingly classical.

#36 · 137w, 3h ago · 1 · · Chapter 3 ·


All those years of studying literature were not wasted!


#37 · 137w, 3h ago · 1 · · Chapter 3 ·

What a strange but adorable ending, rather chaotic but it...actually ended all out very nicely, and very fitting of Pinkie Pie.

I did wonder also how you were going to handle the whole "no foals" part considering Baby Cakes.  Good stuff!  Very bizarre, had a classical vibe, you got Pinkie's personality down good too!

#38 · 136w, 6d ago · 1 · · Chapter 3 ·

Wait, a glue factory? Pop rocks? Nicolas Cage in a spandex jumpsuit!?


I'm going to sleep now.

#39 · 136w, 6d ago · 1 · · Chapter 3 ·

*chuckles*  Anypony lonely?  I can make you a mare or a stallion of your dreams for the right price!  For I am, Helix the Geneticist!  But be warned, if they find out that they're abominations against nature until 20 years have passed, they shall become.... HUMANS!!!  *DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN!!

The story was fun, a great way to mix the 'deal with the devil' and My Little Pony.  It also brought to mind a tale I recall, from a book of sci-fi short stories.  Might have even been one by Isaac Asimov.  It was about a family in Phoenix whose neighbors were very odd, they always ate nothing but sweets and never came out where there was even the slightest chance of rain.  

And then they finally accepted an invitation to a picnic and it rained on them.  And it turned out that they were made of sugar and melted away and then they were dead!  That part made me laugh, thinking about their horror and agony as they dissolved!  Heh heh heh... even now... hee hee hee... their torment is truly mirthful!  *demonic smile*  Soooo... anypony care to hire a geneticist?  It won't even cost you your soul!  (maybe)  >:}

#40 · 136w, 6d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

This was bizarre. But I liked it.

#41 · 136w, 6d ago · · · Chapter 2 ·

I can't quite put my finger on why I feel so guilty for laughing at Lemon Dreams.

#42 · 136w, 6d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

A day later I still find this story sitting in my head, and I like it. This is the only story that won't leave my mind that I don't regret it sitting in my head, I'm going to download it so I can read it even when I don't have the internet.

I wish I could draw, I would love to illustrate or do a comic for this story.

#43 · 136w, 6d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

You won the internet. You may take your prize.

#44 · 136w, 6d ago · 2 · · Chapter 3 ·

That was an interesting take on the story and I thought it was a fun and cute read. It may be a little unrealistic to expect someone to go from being mean to being nice so easily, or for the Cakes to be so forgiving, those were the only awkward bits. Overall though it had a great flow and a good story and Pinkie Pie was very much in character, which I appreciate. :) Thanks for writing this! :pinkiehappy:

#45 · 136w, 6d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·


Thanks, well if you do decide to draw something, let me know! The best way to get better at drawing is by drawing after all!

#46 · 136w, 6d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

That was most unreasonably brilliant.

I don't understand why, but somehow I couldn't help but laugh when Pinkie sent them to see the play.

Quality gooey comic center, a soul-selling dark glaze, and a little bit of madness sprinkled on top. :pinkiecrazy:

#47 · 136w, 6d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

I had never expected to mix classical Faust with MLP, but that was quite cool. I do wonder though, what was with the lemons?


I remember reading that story as a kid; 'don't worry, it's not like the rain is going to melt you, hahaha, dead...oops?'

#49 · 136w, 6d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

Very creative; very well done.

At first, I thought this was all a wild goose chase - Pinkie probably ends up involved in a lot of those - then it took a little surprise, then it got a little dark, and then the dark reciprocated snap-fast into light. I'd expected there to be a redemption angle, though I imagine many wouldn't. It fits both with FIM and Pinkie herself, who you would expect to empathize with even the most bitter soul. You also wrapped all this up in a tight 3 chapters, showing authorial restraint and organization. Thumbs up. I'm glad I picked this up for a read.

#50 · 136w, 6d ago · 1 · · Chapter 3 ·

Is it weird that I teared up a little bit?

This is strangely awesome. Very strangely. And it's solidly put together, too; it sticks to its themes closely, and every little thing contributes to the theme, making sense by the end. That's more than I can say for most published stories, let alone fan fiction.

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