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  • 13w, 4d
    Remember Back when Rarity Could Do Magic?

    Okay, so does anyone else remember when Rarity actually had magic? And no, I don't mean telekinesis, because any ol' unicorn can do that. And I don't mean dark magic like the inspiration manifestation spell that made her go crazy. I mean actual other spells besides that, that are totally cool and not evil.

    When was the last time that Rarity used a magic spell to do something OTHER than telekinesis?

    Well, back in season one, if you'll remember, Rarity was quite gifted at magic.

    Boast Busters: Rarity could turn a stage curtain into a beautiful dress.

    Look Before You Sleep: Rarity was able to turn a log into mini pony figurines.

    A Dog and Pony Show: Rarity uses her magic to hunt for gems.

    Suited for Success: Rarity uses her magic to put on a dazzling light show.

    But those were the last times, to my knowledge.* They totally nerfed Rarity starting in season 2, and it got so bad that in Inspiration Manifestation in Season 4, she had to consult dark magic just to fix a stupid puppet theater. Back in season one, she would have just cast a spell on the puppet theater using her regular, natural, non-dark, totally sanitary magic. She would have pimped that theater out without a second thought. And it would have been okay and nopony would have been hurt.

    Meanwhile Twilight has gotten so absurdly powerful that it's not even funny. I mean, she's always been good at magic, but remember back in season one when it actually strained her to make a even single set of wings appear on a pony? But in season four's It Ain't Easy Bein' Breezies, she can SHRINK DOWN SIX PONIES ALL AT ONCE AND CHANGE THEIR SPECIES WITHOUT EVEN BATTING AN EYE. I mean, I know that she's an alicorn in season 4, but even still, give me a break.

    Did the writers take what little magic that Rarity had and give it to Twilight? Or am I just being a conspiracy theorist?

    *EDIT: I have been reminded that, in fact, Rarity uses a mending spell on a broken wagon wheel during her "Generosity" song in Rarity Takes Manehattan in Season 4. It still doesn't hold a candle to all the stuff she could do back in season one, but it is still something, and I'm willing to admit I was wrong on that point.

    34 comments · 181 views
  • 15w, 21h
    A Communistatsic Story

    Hey, do you like communism? Do you hate communism? Good! Then read this communist stalinist marxist collectivist space story starring Luna and the Luna-2 Space probe from the Soviet Union by Comrade Paraspritista.

    WARNING: Contains communism. Please have your Kack RED DETECTOR at the ready.

    1 comments · 67 views
  • 17w, 6d
    Top Five Huge Genre Shifts of Famous Bands/Musicians

    I like music a lot. I'm sure that a lot of my followers do as well. I often hear lots of longtime fans of famous top-forty bands complain about them "selling out" and changing their sound to be more commercial, thereby abandoning what made them special to begin with, but thereby gaining radio play and a lot of new fans. I won't comment on whether the bands I list below were "better" or "worse" before their change to become more radio-friendly, (I like all of the bands both before and after their changes) but it is interesting the changes that some bands have gone through.

    So here are the top five genre shifts, starting with the least radical changes going to the most radical changes.

    5. Alternative rock fun. once played piano-oriented baroque

    This is probably the least radical change, because they still maintain somewhat of their old sound. That's why fun. is only number five. The change is still very noticeable, though. Compare one of their top hits from 2012, "Some Nights"

    to their earlier material. Here is "The Gambler" from 2009.

    4. Party pop teen heartthrobs Hot Chelle Rae were once emo rock

    Everyone probably knows this band best for their 2011 summer party pop smash hit, "Tonight Tonight." Nowadays, they tour with the likes of One Direction and are considered by many to be a boy band. But when they first started, they toured as opening acts for the likes of Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy. Seriously. And their songs sounded a lot more emo and less upbeat. Compare their peppy top-forty hit "Tonight Tonight"

    With their first album's depressing emo rock ballad, "Bleed." (2009)

    3. The Police were once punk rockers

    Most people know The Police as the British band from the early 80's that spawned hit after hit. They changed their sound a LOT over the course of their five albums, incorporating many genres during their brief but famous career. Their biggest hit was the soft rock ballad "Every Breath You Take" from 1983.

    But years before, in the late 70's and early 80's, they started out as a punk rock band. Their first album, Outlandos D'Amour from 1978, didn't spawn any hits and was their only album never to reach number one in the UK.

    After they broke up in 1986, Sting (the vocalist and bassist) went in a different direction and continued his success, Andy Summers (the guitarist) went into jazz fusion, and Stewart Copeland (the drummer) composed soundtracks with a rather unique and distinctive sound, including the soundtracks for the movie Wall Street, the original videogame Spyro the Dragon trilogy, and Nickelodeon's variety comedy sketch The Amanda Show back in the 90's.

    2. John Mayer was once Alternative Rock

    He's a rare example of someone who changed his sound while famous. But, like the others, it led to him becoming more famous. When Atlanta-based John Mayer first was discovered in 2003, he received airplay on alternative rock stations. 99X, one of Atlanta's biggest rock stations, played his music along with Matchbox Twenty, Green Day, and Angie Aparo, among others.

    While nowadays he's known for his light-hearted, soft rock songs like "Waiting on the World To Change" from 2006,

    Back in 2003, "No Such Thing" was played on alternative rock stations. However, you will likely never hear this song on an alternative station nowadays, as his later softness tainted his name so much in the eyes of alternative rock fans that even his early material is now blacklisted.

    1. Alternative/hard rock Hoobastank was once Ska Punk

    This is perhaps the most dramatic change. Hard rockers Hoobastank, known for top-forty modern rock hits like "Crawling in the Dark" and "The Reason," were once ska punk rockers. They were discovered by Island records, who demanded that they change their name from Hoobustank (with a "u") to Hoobastank, and drop the saxophones. As a result, they are now considered to be post-grunge, alternative rock/hard rock. But back in the 90's and the heyday of ska, Hoobastank actually were pretty groovin'. Compare the top-forty 2003 ballad "The Reason"

    to their earlier material from 1998, "Can I Buy You A Drink"


    So that's the list. Which ones were you most shocked to discover? Are you a fan of one of these bands but didn't like their change? Do you know of any other bands that changed their sound to get onto top 40? Leave a comment below!

    12 comments · 165 views
  • 18w, 2d
    Westboro Baptist Church Pickets Panic! at the Disco Concert

    Everyone's favorite anti-gay religious zealots picketed a Panic! at the Disco concert. The results are hilarious.

    Basically, P!atD pledged to donate $20 to some gay rights group for every WBC member who showed up. Given their paucity of number in light of the death of their Dear Leader, however, Panic only ended up donating about $260 for the 13 members, which they bumped up to $1,000. In response, Westboro released a parody of Panic! at the Disco song "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies." It's located on the news page I linked above, and it's actually hilarious how hard they try and fail and you should totally listen to it. Yup. *giggles* Real Weird Al-quality stuff, Westboro. *snickers*

    Why did Westboro picket this concert to begin with, you ask? Come on, it's the Westboro Baptist Church, do they even need a reason?

    Well, the reason that they picketed Panic! is that their new album isn't as good as their old albums and is some weird experimental electro-rock and now they sound exactly like Fall Out Boy. Not old Fall Out Boy, but "Save Rock and Roll" Fall Out Boy, which also isn't as good as their old albums.

    Just kidding! Actually the real reason WBC protested them is that Brendon Urie, the lead singer, commented that he experimented with homosexuality many years ago. He's now happily heterosexually married to a woman, so I guess that he's one of the folks who chose to be straight, or he was never actually gay to begin with. Unlike what Westboro and the mass media would have you believe, if you have gay sex one time, it doesn't turn you gay like some sort of homosexual meth.

    (Actually, doing meth one time won't necessarily turn you into a meth addict either, but that's not really a catchy catchphrase that attempts to boil down the complex issues of lifestyle and dependency into a short slogan like "not even once." Instead, the meth campaign continues to spread propaganda and fear mongering rather than try to reform drug laws or actually help people who are addicted. They're the Westboro of anti-drug campaigns. But I digress.)

    Of course, on the other end of the spectrum, if you're happily in a homosexual relationship, you shouldn't be ashamed and go to one of those "gay camps" to turn you straight, because there's not anything inherently wrong with being gay.

    I guess that the lesson in all of this is don't be a dick.

    Also sorry for insulting your fave-band-ever-besides-Nirvana, Regidar, but Panic's newest album really was a disappointment.

    6 comments · 262 views
  • 19w, 6d
    I use my terrible writing skills

    In my latest fic, called "Daring Derp," I get a chance to use my terrible writing skills. Wait, that came out wrong. I mean to say that I get to use my skills in writing terribly. Not to say that my writing is terrible, but, rather, that I am using my skills at writing terribly. Which, by the way, is something that anyone can do. So it's about as much of a skill as breathing.

    The premise is that Derpy Hooves ghostwrites the newest Daring Do book after A. K. Yearling is injured, and Twilight and Rainbow Dash are not amused.

    Deliberately writing a bad story is hard. I had to stop myself from using active voice, sprinkle in some plot holes, add a bunch of telly adverbys such as "angrily" or "explanitorily," and write characters without any depth. I felt so naughty when I was doing it. It was hilarious.

    Anyway, check it out if you want to read a hilariously bad story.

    6 comments · 89 views
  • ...

Fred Phelps, Shirley Phelps-Roper, and Jack Wu are Westboro Baptist Church members. One day, a magic tornado hits their church in Topeka, whisking them away to the colorful world of Equestria.

Now, with a highly-irritated Twilight Sparkle to guide them, they must make their way to Canterlot in the hopes that Princess Celestia will be able to send them home. Along the road, ponies try to teach them some valuable lessons about friendship. Will they listen and find hearts and brains, or will even Equestria fail to reform these wicked witches?

The plot, cover image font, and song parodies are shamelessly stolen from the Wizard of Oz.

Westboro in Equestria is now on TV Tropes!

First Published
27th May 2013
Last Modified
21st Mar 2014

you sir, just won the internet...keep this up:moustache:

First fic I haven't facepalmed at in a long while. Good story! I lol'd.

This story receives ALL of my yes.:moustache: the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

All of my yes.

...Pfffft. :rainbowlaugh: You got a laugh out of me. Have a like and fave.

lol.  This is great!  Keep it up.:pinkiehappy:

This was painful in all the right ways.

How do you walk with five shattered pelvic bones?

Let me guess..... they fixed it with evil pony magic?  :pinkiesmile:

Poor Jack.

>>2637839 It doesn't need fixing -- it's slapstick humor.

I'm a baptist. Don't worry, we are not all like this... If you asked anyone at my church if god hates fags they would tell you that god loves all of his children, even the ones who have not found Jesus yet, and they would also get mad at you for using a word like fag. I was at a bible study with my friends a few days ago in which my pastor said that god doesn't punish people for being wrong, he doesn't punish people at all in fact. And for god sake we don't support any murderers ever! However, I really was entertained by the story and will be looking foreward to the next chapter.

I may read this later but from the summary I have one thing to say

>>2640821 Thanks for reading! My parents were both very hardcore Christian and they are far more knowledgeable about Scripture than anyone I know, and they both have NO idea what the WBC is talking about. I honestly think it's because they're all lawyers just waiting to sue anyone who assaults them.

Thanks to everyone else who has read this story! I'm shocked and quite honored at how much exposure and positive feedback it's gotten. Thank you all! :raritystarry:

>>2637130 Wrong. This guy didn't win the internet. He won the entire freaking universe.

:moustache:>9000. Looking forward to more. That is all.


WESTBORO baptist church...WESTBORO..let me emphasize the WESTBORO

the baptist church and the westboro baptist church are very different churches, trust me on this


you arent from westero baptist church, those idiotic people were on the news and everywhere, saying god hates the military troops and everything, I hate the mother but the daughter of the mother saw that she was doing stuff wrong and left her family, getting disowned in the process, I solute the daughter in her valient effort.

Parts that made me die in laughter

“Wait a minute… rainbow mane… a deep, scratchy voice for a female… are you a FAGGOT!?” asked Fred Phelps.

“I swear, you two. Don’t make me throw my hat back there,” said Fred Phelps as he made another turn

“We picket all sorts of depraved activity, such as homosexuality, being gay, and being a faggot,” Fred Phelps replied.


BTW I'm definitely sharing this with the Christian Brony Group on the site

>>2651314 just the inception reference, it wasn't meant as a bad thing, i actually really liked this story, well done... probably should have opened with that :twilightsheepish:

Meanwhile, on his bedside table, a small top spun around and around and around. Did it fall? Well, actually—


Awww, it's over already? I was hoping they'd swing by Sugarcube Corner for an order of Cupcakes.

:pinkiecrazy:If you know what I mean:pinkiecrazy:

But seriously, this story was absolutely hilarious. Have some more moustache.


Do Amy's baking company next!

>>2652280 They're the Westboro Baptist Church of restaurants.

Oh my fucking God. Must read.

I'm listening to "Totally Gay For America" by The Whitest Kids U' Know while reading this.

Needless to say, it's awesome. This story is amazing.


The Westboro Baptist Church is baptist in the same way that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is both democratic and a republic.  The short answer is that they're not.  The long answer is that they're not and they're both led by a very aggressive man prone to acts of grandiose flamboyance who exibits a dangerous lack of conection to the real world.  

“Ooh, ooh! This is exactly like that one C.S. Lewis book, Out of the Silent Planet,” said Jack Wu in a reference that probably no one reading this will get."

Haha, I like your humor :) it's a pretty amazing series :)

>>2655423 Thanks. I'm glad someone else has read those books! :pinkiehappy:


I'm reading Prelandia right now.

Twilight isn't a Green Lantern on crack! She's just an Arcane Mage from World of Warcraft!

What now lol? What's this about a spinning top?

>>2643729 Please do. The WBC is as widely laughed at amongst Christians as any other group. Mostly because they stopped talking about the Christian conception of God the moment they said, "God hates".

Ok, this caught my interest enough from the description alone to have earned a follow from me.

I wonder if someone would make a fanfic of Celestia and Luna snuffing out members of the WBC due to an ancient law dictating that Extreme hate that cannot be rectified by love and tolerance must be... "dealt with".

Within mere hours of the Boston bombings that happened this past April, the Westboro Baptist Church had said that Massachusetts deserved it for being the first state in the Union to legalize gay marriage, and declared their intention to picket funerals for the victims - one of whom was a ten-year-old boy.


...yeah, fuck the WBC. Fuck them sideways. This fic made me smile.

(Not quite so hot on the degradation of Christianity in general - I'm an atheist but I'm accepting of others' beliefs as long as they're accepting of mine. But in this case, I'll give you a pass. 'cause again, I despise the WBC).

And your fic has just shown me the reason behind every single TCB fic known to humankind. If the ponies think all humans are like that, I can't say I'm surprised.

u sir are a bloody excuse me i have a plane to catch to murder certain people

This should be #1 in most views on FiMfic! One of the funniest stories I have ever read. It had be crying I was laughing so hard. You, Sir, are a genius!

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