Hope In Rainbow

by Lonely Fanboy48

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Bon Bon and Lyra take a weekend in Hope Hollow while experience the joy of the Rainbow Festival.

(Takes place after Rainbow Roadtrip)

Bon Bon and Lyra Heartstrings know each other for a long time and in weekends they always do the best activities. When Twilight told them about Hope Hollow and the Rainbow Festival, it caught their interest to do something different for their relationship, take a trip to a village together. It will be a weekend they will never forget.

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Planning The Weekend

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Every Friday in Ponyville, it always feels peaceful and relaxed. While some ponies spend the weekend off in their homes, others go to locations for activities or sightseeing. There’s only a few hours left until the sun sets in Equestria and several ponies are almost done with their daily work.

“Well, I guess I need to check on Mr. and Mrs. Cake’s deliveries and I’ll remind Pinkie Pie about it.” Twilight Sparkle smiled while looking at her list. It was a busy day of course for the Princess Of Friendship, but it doesn’t stop her from helping the neighborhood.

On the streets, Bon Bon and Lyra Heartstrings are walking together discussing their plans for the weekend. “So do you want to go to Canterlot tomorrow?” Bon Bon offered.

“Again?” Lyra replied. “We went there two weeks ago and I’m getting sick of the food there. Does it have to be Canterlot?”

“I’m sorry, it’s the only place I can think of.”

“So you’re meaning to tell me there’s nothing but Canterlot where we can spend our time together?”

This made Bon Bon making an awkward look away from her best friend. “Yes.”

Lyra signed in annoyance with the issue of not having anything planned for the weekend. “Why can’t we just stay in Ponyville?”

“Because we’ve been doing that in every single weekend together. We should at least do something fabulous by going to one of the best places.”

“I think the going to Canterlot ship sailed weeks ago.” Lyra rolled her eyes.

“You’re right.” Bon Bon lowered her ears in shame. Luckily for them, Twilight noticed the two ponies stopping in the neighborhood. During her past as a filly, Lyra were one of her friends in Celestia’s school back at Canterlot. She may not know Bon Bon a lot, but she understands that Lyra means everything to her. Whenever she comes across them, they always love hanging out and not once she saw them fighting against each other. But by the looks of their plans, that might happen eventually.

Without time to waste on her day, she walks up to the two ponies. “Excuse me? Lyra and Bon Bon?” She replied which caught the two ponies.

“Princess Twilight?” Both Lyra and Bon Bon responded.

“What seems to be the issue?”

“We are planning to go somewhere during the weekend and Bon Bon thinks about going to Canterlot again.” Lyra replied while her best friend blushed.

“Again?” Twilight guessed.

“How did you know that?” Bon Bon blinked.

“I’ve seen you two when I was doing Celestia’s duties in some of the weekends. You didn’t think I notice?”

This made Bon Bon blushed ever more when she remembered she saw Twilight along with Celestia, Luna, and Cadence by her side in front of the castle’s entrance. “I guess we really need to try somewhere else during this weekend.”

Twilight went to so many places in Equestria,along with her friends more then anypony in Ponyville. With the knowledge in her experiences, she knows how to help with Bon Bon and Lyra’s problem. “Did you try the Crystal Empire, Appleloosa, Seaquestria?”

“No.” The two responded which surprises Twilight.


“We spend all our time in Ponyville because it’s enough for us.” Bon Bon replied.

“And we never thought of going out, outside of Ponyville other then Canterlot.” Lyra added.

Twilight became speechless. It’s amazing she thought that Lyra and Bon Bon never went to more places. “Are you sure?”

Both ponies tilted their heads up and down. The Princess Of Friendship tries to rethink more places for Lyra and Bon Bon but places like Griffonstone, the Dragon Lands and the Changeling Empire aren’t really pony environments. But she remembered a place where her friend Rainbow Dash became the guest of honor. It was a place filled with all the colors of the rainbow with a festival dedicating it.

“How about Hope Hollow?” Twilight offered.

“Hope Hollow?” Lyra and Bon Bon responded.

“It’s a small village but I promise you, it’s a great place. Sunny Skies and his father and grandfather throw a Rainbow Festival every year.”

“What is the Rainbow Festival?” Lyra asked.

“It’s like a get together with tons of activities. And I was actually amazed of how it turned out.”

Lyra and Bon Bon found Hope Hollow interesting, but the festival seems like an annual thing which made them disappointed. “When was the last time they did the Rainbow Festival?” Bon Bon asked.

“Three months ago.” Twilight answered.

“So are we just going to enjoy Hope Hollow without a festival?”

Twilight almost forgot about it, but it doesn’t stop her. She knows how the ponies in the village worship her and her friends after they saved the festival. It changed everything once the rainbow returned and with names like hers, they will respect her new friends.

“Actually, I found a solution. I know we never hang out but if they know about your encounters with me, they might allow you two to be their guests of honor, so they can throw the Rainbow Festival just for the both of you.”

Not only did this make Lyra and Bon Bon happy, but also wondered what it feels in that village. They can hope it will be the best weekend that isn’t Canterlot for a change.

“Are you sure they’re okay with that?” Bon Bon asked.

“They’re very kind ponies.” Twilight answered.

“Okay, we should go to Hope Hollow tonight.” Lyra said.

“I agree, do they have a motel?” Bon Bon added.

“Yes they do and I’m going to there right now to talk to Sunny Skies right now, you just pack up everything you need.” After that, Twilight made her way to Hope Hollow as she flew up in the air thanks to her wings.

“So, let's get back to our place and pack up.” Lyra replied.

“And our next stop,” Bon Bon said.

“Is Hope Hollow!” They both gave each other a hug as they went back to their home and get the supplies they need for the weekend. With them about to be the guests of honor, it will be a weekend that will top all of their weekends for the rest of their lives.

Arrival At Petunia’s Motel

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It took about an hour for Lyra and Bon Bon to pack up their things for the weekend at Hope Hollow. Once Twilight returned, she gave them the map that leads to Hope Hollow and reminded the two about everypony who lives there will greet them once they arrive.

It wasn’t hard for Lyra and Bon Bon to find the entrance to Hope Hollow, thanks to the directions of their map.

“Well, we’re here.” Bon Bon said with the luggage on her back. They’re amazed from the huge rainbow billboard attached to the trail to Hope Hollow.

“Do you think the citizens made this? This must be a hundred feet tall!” Lyra commented.

“I don’t know, but they must really have a passion for the Rainbow Festival.”

Lyra turned to her friend before she continued on the trail. “What do you think the Rainbow Festival will be like since it’s only going to be the two to us?”

Bon Bon got the impression that ponies who live in Hope Hollow would easily do the festival to have fun, but not to outside ponies like her and Lyra. Twilight never told her what she and her friends did the last and only time they went to Hope Hollow.

“I’m not sure. The Rainbow Festival sounds like a great name but the tradition sounds…”

“Ordinary like the other festivals we’ve seen in the past?”

“Sounds like that.”

The two ponies looked at each other for less than a minute. The festival may have tons of activities but the question remains, will Bon Bon and Lyra love them? The festivals they went to in the past were similar whenever they come across. Even if most of them took place in Ponyville, it was still the same festival with a different theme.

“Why don’t we get to…” Lyra looking at her map. “Petunia’s motel. Right now, there’s not enough time to do anything in the village.”

Bon Bon agrees as she and Lyra finally go on the trail with their hopes still attached for the Rainbow Festival.

Once they arrived at Hope Hollow, the sun has finally set over the hills and mountains until tomorrow. Lyra and Bon Bon looked all over the place in the village. It’s mostly quiet with some of the citizens either doing yard work or sleeping in their houses. Lyra and Bon Bon found Hope Hollow and nice place, not the best but not mediocre.

“This is kind of like Ponyville, but smaller.” Lyra commented.

“I thought it was going to be a little bigger.” Bon Bon added.

Then they heard two filly colts flying over the village, they saw them getting along with each other as they make their way to their house before bedtime.

“Do you think those two ponies are ready for tomorrow?” Lyra asked.

“I think, maybe we should talk to them in the morning about the festival since we’re going to be guests of honor for this festival.” Bon Bon replied.

Without wasting anymore time, Lyra and Bon Bon tries to find the motel they’re going to be staying for the weekend. In the map Twilight gave them, it shows the important buildings like Kerfuffle’s fashion shop and Major Sunny Skies’s office. They finally made it to the motel, unlike last time due to the gray, colorless situation Twilight had, there's no way it will happen the same way to Lyra and Bon Bon. Lyra knocked on the door and it wasn’t long until the pony inside answers it.

“Hello, my guests of honor.” The light purple and red pony smiled. Since Twilight told her everything about Lyra and Bon Bon, she knows how to make these visitors comfortable while arriving. “I’m Petunia Petals and I will guide you to your apartment, come inside.”

Lyra and Bon Bon went inside of Petunia’s motel as they check the place out. “So Twilight told you everything about us? Bon Bon asked.

“Of course!” Petunia smiled. “We want to give you the best rainbow experience in the morning. And I got to say, I wanted to thank you two to come over.”

“For what?” Lyra blinked.

“So we can have another festival. We love the Rainbow Festival so much and after decades of our rainbow generator losing all its color, we still have the motivation to do more. Ponies can’t even wait for next year’s festival.”

Both Lyra and Bon Bon we’re surprised in they’re expressions. It was like they’re being treated the respect as guests in the village. “What do you think the Rainbow Festival will be like?” Bon Bon asked.

“You’ll find out in the morning, it’s getting late. Let me show you to your room.” Petunia guided Lyra and Bon Bon up the stairs where their room is. Petunia opened the door and showed the visitors their apartment. Thanks to the colors back in Hope Hollow, the walls are painted in the six main colors of the rainbow. The mattresses were more comfortable than rough, and the windows shows the views of the village while also looking at the Rainbow Festival. Lyra and Bon Bon entered the room with their luggage still on their backs.

“You two should get some rest and I’ll make you a proper breakfast when you wake up.” Petunia smiled as she closes the door. While Luna and Bon Bon begin to unpack their things, they both look at the windows as they saw most of the street lights being turned off.

“I can’t believe this is going to be our first vacation weekend outside of Ponyville and Canterlot.” Bon Bon replied.

“Why, are you already feeling homesick and Canterlot activity sick?” Lyra giggled to which her friend rolled her eyes, not laughing at the joke at all.

“It’s not that I’m homesick, It’s just feels...odd for doing something different for a change.”

“Well that’s what happens when we go to Canterlot for the fiftieth time. I’m sure Hope Hollow will have something Ponyville and Canterlot would never have.”

Bon Bon tries to respond to Lyra’s opinion but she really tired from the day she had. “Maybe you're right but…” She then yawn until Lyra decides to help her with her unpacking.

“You just go to sleep, this will be great for both of us.” Lyra lid her eyes in her sweet side. Bon Bon accepts the help from her best friend as she tucks herself on her mattress. It didn’t take long for Lyra to unpack her friend’s things, soon she turned off the light in the room and tucked herself in on her mattress. With everything they brought for the weekend, all that’s left is what their Saturday is going to be like tomorrow, when the Rainbow Festival begins.

A Fashion Of Rainbow

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Saturday has finally begun. In Hope Hollow, everypony is setting up the Rainbow Festival just for the two ponies who arrived last night. Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon woke up at the same time as they get out of bed. Bon Bon looked out the window and saw some of the tent stands being set up.

“Sooo...what place do you want to go?” She turned to Lyra.

“Well since we’re guests of honor, we should wear something so ponies will recognize us at the festival.”

“Good idea.” Bon Bon looked at her map to find where Kerfuffle’s fashion shop is located. It was the only boutique they can go outside from Rarity’s and Canterlot’s.

After they had breakfast, they went outside of the motel to see so many colors of ponies getting together in the festival. With so many options they have, it will take all day for Lyra and Bon Bon to check everything.

“Wow, when Twilight said they do so many activities, it really shows..” Lyra replied. They see Major Sunny Skies helping some of the citizens with their stands. They needed to meet him right away but they have to show they’re in the spirit of the festival.

Without wasting anymore time, they make their way to Kerfuffle’s boutique. After seeing two fillies waking out of the shop wearing light green and yellow leather outfits, they were surprised how good Kerfuffle’s fashion talent is. Not close to Rarity’s, but still at the levels of acceptance. They walk inside the shop and saw Kerfuffle putting her bits inside her cash register.

“Excuse me?” Bon Bon asked nicely. “You must be Kerfuffle right?”

Once Kerfuffle turned her attention to Lyra and Bon Bon, she turns on her thrill side. “Oh my goodness, you must be Bon Bon and Lyra Heartstrings!” She rushed up to them as she grabs one of her hooves for a hoofshake. “It’s a pleasure to meet you two, Mayor Skies told me everything.”

“And I got to say, Twilight told him about it.” Lyra rolled her eyes smiling.

“The Mayor always spreads the word in Hope Hollow.” She giggled. “Let me take you to the changing room.” Kerfuffle guides the two visitors to the room where everypony puts in their outfit. “You have no idea how happy we are to show our passion in the Rainbow Festival. Ponies who come here had never felt so excited.”

“Hope Hollow must be a really private place right?” Bon Bon guessed.

“Yes, which makes it a great get together during the festival.”

Then something came to Lyra that Twilight didn’t tell her about involving the years and generations of the Rainbow Festival. “Hey Kerfuffle, what happened to you and the others before...three months ago?”

Just when Kerfuffle was about to show the outfits she made for the guests of honor, she stopped into place. Although she didn’t have a painful time during the situation, she can’t get over the fact that others felt empty without the color they’re used to.

“Ohh...umm...we were silence without the Rainbow generator.”

Then Lyra and Bon Bon looked at each other in confusion. “The rainbow generator?” They replied.

“We use it to make not only make the Rainbow Festival special, but also have Hope Hollow remind us of its reputation.”

“So without the generator...you’re...colorless?” Bon Bon asked.

Kerfuffle didn’t wanted to continue the sad chapters of Hope Hollow, the only words she had to say is- “Gray with no passion.”

Lyra and Bon Bon looked at each other in concerned. When it comes to the color gray, it’s the least favorite color for ponies. “Ohh...must be a very devastated amount of years huh?” Lyra said.

“Well, Hope Hollow wasn’t really abandoned village but everything wasn’t the same.”

With most of the history in mind, it turns out anypony who lives in Hope Hollow wanted the spirit in the Rainbow Festival the same as before. Lyra and Bon Bon decided to check everything in the festival to understand everything in the passion of what makes it special.

“Well at least you’re back to normal. All that matters is to show us how the Rainbow Festival can make us happy.” Bon Bon smiled. This made Kerfuffle smile to see the two cheering her up. Speaking of which, she still had the two outfits for Lyra and Bon Bon.

She takes out the two outfits from her closet and once her customers laid their eyes on them. Bon Bon’s outfit is a yellow and Purple outfit with reflections. It also has some of the stars of the night on the sides. As for Lyra, hers has red and pink colors with sparkles. What caught her attention is the musical ponies playing their instruments on the sides.

“Oh my gosh, these look perfect for the festival!” Bon Bon commented.

“Yeah, these really make us the guests of honor.” Lyra added.

“Thank you, I wanted to show Rarity how much I wanted to be like her.” Kerfuffle replied.

“Well it takes time and inspiration.”

Bon Bon and Lyra gave Kerfuffle a hug while also paying for the two outfits. By the time they need to put on their colorful outfits, it’s time to show the Rainbow Festival to who they really are, being that they're the guests of honor.

A Colorful Introduction

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The ponies of Hope Hollow have got everything set up for the Rainbow Festival. They had never felt so happy to make another festival all because of two ponies spending their time here for the weekend. Bon Bon and Lyra make their way to where all the ponies are gathering, where the mayor of the village is waiting for them with a microphone. Once he saw the guests coming up to him, he immediately greed them.

“You must be Bon Bon and Lyra Heartstrings Twilight told me about. I’m Sunny Skies the mayor of Hope Hollow.” He smiled. “You look great in those outfits.”

“Why thank you Skies.” Bon Bon replied.

“And we will show you how much we should our respect to your festival.” Lyra added.

Sunny Skies accepted the complements from the guests of honor. He would love to give her a tour of the Rainbow Festival but he still needs to give them an introduction. With all the colors of the ponies being patient, Sunny Skies finally begins his speech.

“I wanted to thank all of you for preparing this Rainbow Festival. Yes, I’m aware it’s been three months since the last one, but we’re only celebrating for two ponies, who are staying for the weekend.”

Sunny Skies turned to the two guests as he wants them to stand by him. Bon Bon and Lyra walk up by Sunny as all the colorful ponies put their attention on them.

“Princess Twilight told me everything about these two friendly ponies when we had a conversation last night. Ponies of Hope Hollow, meet our guests of honor, Bon Bon and Lyra Heartstrings!”

All the ponies cheer Bon Bon and Lyra. The red ponies are excited to show them what the true heart of the Rainbow Festival while other colors of ponies really want to hang out with them.

Lyra and Bon Bon are about to make their speech until ponies of Hope Hollow immediately request their offers.

“Can we show you the activities?” One orange pony asked.

“Do you want to see colts show off their flying talents?” One light blue colt added.

“And maybe eat some of our homemade foods?” One green pony added.

Just when Lyra and Bon Bon are about to answer any of the questions, Sunny Skies help them out. “Alright everypony, don’t worry. I’m going to give them a tour of your stands and offers, just be patient, we have all day.” Most of the ponies stopped their further questions and had to agree with the fact that they are about to start the festival. After Sunny Skies back away, Lyra and Bon Bon finally do their speech.

“He’s right you know.” Bon Bon spoke. “We rainbow promise we will get to everything to what this festival has as we can.”

“Not to mention we might talk to our friends about this, so they might come over to check out the Rainbow Festival in the next nine months.” Lyra added. “Also keep this in mind. If they really love Hope Hollow so much, they might want to move here.”

The citizens of Hope Hollow really love the idea of Lyra’s speech. Meanwhile two ponies from the back actually found Lyra’s words ironic since they did the same thing. They’re the ponies who moved from Manehattan here before Twilight arrived. And since they know who her friends are, they’re willing to show Lyra and Bon Bon their famous pies.

Sunny Skies took over so he can turn on the Rainbow Generator to begin the festival. During that time, purple and yellow ponies set off fireworks they use from generations as the fireworks blast off into the sky. Once they exploit, sparks from all the colors of the rainbow spread out in the air which made both Lyra and Bon Bon surprised. They never saw fireworks spark so many colors in the festivals they’ve been to in the past.

“Now get into your places as our guests will do everything in the Rainbow Festival. Show your passion once you get your chance!” Sunny Skies finished.

Then the Rainbow Generator caused the village to regain the color which made all the ponies go to their stands. With the introduction over with, Sunny Skies is about to give Lyra and Bon Bon a tour of the Rainbow Festival.

A Tour Of Colorful Stands

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With more than ten stands in the festival, Lyra and Bon Bon have a lot of options. Eating pie, cake, doing fantastic activities and also meeting the great friends Twilight met. With the introductions out of the way, they’re now going to see what the colorful rainbow ponies have in store.

Sunny Skies takes them to a purple stand with purple ponies waiting. “I really think the best way to make you two look good in front of our citizens is to put up some fantastic makeup.” He smiled. Once they walk up to stand, so many different colors of makeup are displayed. There are also pictures of what the makeup looks like after it’s put on, which made Bon Bon surprised.

“Wow, there’s so many choices and they do look fantastic.” She commented.

“You bet they are.” The purple pony happily replied. “So many years of doing this, we continue to get better.”

While Bon Bon looked at the pictures, Lyra on the other hand wasn’t interested. “No offense, but I don’t want makeup on.”

“It’s fine, I can understand makeup is not for everypony.” Sunny added.

It didn’t take long until Bon Bon found the makeup she liked. Once she picked her choice, the purple pony takes her to a smaller size tent with all the tools she needs for Bon Bon.

It took about ten minutes or so to put the makeup on Bon Bon until it was complete. Lyra and Sunny Skies were waiting for her, wondering what she picked for her style of makeup. Once Bon Bon returned, Lyra was so impressed with her best friend.

The make up she has on is a colorful eyeshadow with glitter on making it gorgeous. “So ponies? Like my makeup?” She asked.

“It looks, really amazing!” Lyra replied.

“Why thank you so much.” The purple pony smiled. “I always give our guests of honor the best makeup they deserve.”

Bon Bon didn’t even need to continue how beautiful she is. That moment when she looked at herself in the mirror, it not only surprised but also speechless and this was the first stand they come across in the festival.

“If you really that that’s devine, let me show you what we have in the other stands.” Sunny Skies lead his guests to another stand after Bon Bon played the purple pony her bits.

The next stand they went to is a blue stand. Unlike the last stand which is smaller, this stand is a little bigger with light and dark blue colts in the back practicing their flying skills. When they walk up to the stand, they met a regular color blue colt waiting for them.

“What is this stand?” Bon Bon asked.

“This is our flying skills stand. This is where we teach colts who moved or live here amazing tricks to perform our show later.” The blue colt explained as he shows the ponies in the back of his stand.

“Well not to be rude but, me and my friend don’t have wings.” Lyra said.

“That’s really not the point of this stand.”

Both Lyra and Bon Bon looked at each other in confusion until Sunny Skies fills in. “You see you have two choices in this stand. One, be part of the group if your a colt or two, since your guests of honor, you can pick one kind of gimmick of what the show is going to be like.”

“Really?” Bon Bon blinked. “You can actually do that?”

“Why yes.” The blue colt answered as the three turn their attention back to him. “Most of our talented flyers have their own style of ideas and we actually like them. Besides, if we all stick to one pony’s idea, we won’t get a lot of attention, which will make us blue.”

While Lyra and Bon Bon awkwardly laugh from his joke, they know what he’s trying to do. But considering they have a lot of time for the other stands in the festival, they might need to pick the show they prefer the most.

“Look.” Lyra replied which caused the blue colt’s ears to perk up. “We would love to make a decision for your show, but I think we need time for that.”

“She’s right.” Bon Bon added. “Is it okay that you give us the ideas your flyers have for us? What time are you going to do your show?”

“Tonight before sunset.” The blue colt replied. He takes out papers of the ideas for what his friends had in mind and handed them to Sunny Skies. “I really hope you pick you decision in time. We promise our show will be great.”

“Don’t worry, they will keep their promise.” Sunny Skies smiled.

Lyra and Bon Bon sign in relief, they didn’t want to hurt the pegasus’s feelings since they have the whole day in the Rainbow Festival. They wave at the blue colt as they head to the next stand.

The next stand they went to is an orange stand with so many kinds of foods. A few fresh croissants on one side with pure, crisp apple pies on the other and finally, highly approved raspberry muffins in the middle. The smell caught almost all the ponies attention in the festival, even Lyra and Bon Bon noticed it when they woke up this morning.

The ponies who are running the stand are two old ponies, who are husband and wife. They’ve met both Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy during the whole crisis situation and after the rainbow returned, they became much better chiefs in the village.

“So this is where most of the food is coming from?” Bon Bon asked.

“Yes by two of the best bakers in Hope Hollow.” Sunny Skies replied as they went up to the stand. “Mr. and Mrs. Hoofington.”

“That’s right.” Mrs. Hoofington smiled with her husband approving the complaint from the mayor. “We really made everypony satisfied ever since the rainbow generator is back up and running.”

“So much so, Sunny Skies offered us to be waiters in the restaurant he’s opening next week.” Mr. Hoofington added.

“Wow, bet the restaurant will be a success when it opens up.” Lyra said.

While Sunny Skies, Mr. and Mrs. Hoofington liked Lyra’s opinion, they still need to show her and her friend how good their food is.

“Anyway,” Sunny Skies walking up to the stand. “What do you want to eat?”

Lyra and Bon Bon looked at the three options on the stand. While Mr. Hoofington will make more later, they need to eat something since they missed breakfast to see the festival.

“We would like some raspberry muffins?” Lyra said kindly.

“Four, if you please.” Bon Bon added.

Mrs. Hoofington put four muffins in a paper bag and gave it to Lyra. “We will give you our thoughts when we eat them.”

“Thank you dear. We're waiting for you.” Mrs. Hoofington closed her eyes in delight. They left the orange stand to look at more stands. While there’s a lot of them, it didn’t stop Lyra and Bon Bon to show their support in the Rainbow Festival.