• Published 1st Jul 2019
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Hope In Rainbow - Lonely Fanboy48

Bon Bon and Lyra take a weekend in Hope Hollow while experience the joy of the Rainbow Festival.

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Planning The Weekend

Every Friday in Ponyville, it always feels peaceful and relaxed. While some ponies spend the weekend off in their homes, others go to locations for activities or sightseeing. There’s only a few hours left until the sun sets in Equestria and several ponies are almost done with their daily work.

“Well, I guess I need to check on Mr. and Mrs. Cake’s deliveries and I’ll remind Pinkie Pie about it.” Twilight Sparkle smiled while looking at her list. It was a busy day of course for the Princess Of Friendship, but it doesn’t stop her from helping the neighborhood.

On the streets, Bon Bon and Lyra Heartstrings are walking together discussing their plans for the weekend. “So do you want to go to Canterlot tomorrow?” Bon Bon offered.

“Again?” Lyra replied. “We went there two weeks ago and I’m getting sick of the food there. Does it have to be Canterlot?”

“I’m sorry, it’s the only place I can think of.”

“So you’re meaning to tell me there’s nothing but Canterlot where we can spend our time together?”

This made Bon Bon making an awkward look away from her best friend. “Yes.”

Lyra signed in annoyance with the issue of not having anything planned for the weekend. “Why can’t we just stay in Ponyville?”

“Because we’ve been doing that in every single weekend together. We should at least do something fabulous by going to one of the best places.”

“I think the going to Canterlot ship sailed weeks ago.” Lyra rolled her eyes.

“You’re right.” Bon Bon lowered her ears in shame. Luckily for them, Twilight noticed the two ponies stopping in the neighborhood. During her past as a filly, Lyra were one of her friends in Celestia’s school back at Canterlot. She may not know Bon Bon a lot, but she understands that Lyra means everything to her. Whenever she comes across them, they always love hanging out and not once she saw them fighting against each other. But by the looks of their plans, that might happen eventually.

Without time to waste on her day, she walks up to the two ponies. “Excuse me? Lyra and Bon Bon?” She replied which caught the two ponies.

“Princess Twilight?” Both Lyra and Bon Bon responded.

“What seems to be the issue?”

“We are planning to go somewhere during the weekend and Bon Bon thinks about going to Canterlot again.” Lyra replied while her best friend blushed.

“Again?” Twilight guessed.

“How did you know that?” Bon Bon blinked.

“I’ve seen you two when I was doing Celestia’s duties in some of the weekends. You didn’t think I notice?”

This made Bon Bon blushed ever more when she remembered she saw Twilight along with Celestia, Luna, and Cadence by her side in front of the castle’s entrance. “I guess we really need to try somewhere else during this weekend.”

Twilight went to so many places in Equestria,along with her friends more then anypony in Ponyville. With the knowledge in her experiences, she knows how to help with Bon Bon and Lyra’s problem. “Did you try the Crystal Empire, Appleloosa, Seaquestria?”

“No.” The two responded which surprises Twilight.


“We spend all our time in Ponyville because it’s enough for us.” Bon Bon replied.

“And we never thought of going out, outside of Ponyville other then Canterlot.” Lyra added.

Twilight became speechless. It’s amazing she thought that Lyra and Bon Bon never went to more places. “Are you sure?”

Both ponies tilted their heads up and down. The Princess Of Friendship tries to rethink more places for Lyra and Bon Bon but places like Griffonstone, the Dragon Lands and the Changeling Empire aren’t really pony environments. But she remembered a place where her friend Rainbow Dash became the guest of honor. It was a place filled with all the colors of the rainbow with a festival dedicating it.

“How about Hope Hollow?” Twilight offered.

“Hope Hollow?” Lyra and Bon Bon responded.

“It’s a small village but I promise you, it’s a great place. Sunny Skies and his father and grandfather throw a Rainbow Festival every year.”

“What is the Rainbow Festival?” Lyra asked.

“It’s like a get together with tons of activities. And I was actually amazed of how it turned out.”

Lyra and Bon Bon found Hope Hollow interesting, but the festival seems like an annual thing which made them disappointed. “When was the last time they did the Rainbow Festival?” Bon Bon asked.

“Three months ago.” Twilight answered.

“So are we just going to enjoy Hope Hollow without a festival?”

Twilight almost forgot about it, but it doesn’t stop her. She knows how the ponies in the village worship her and her friends after they saved the festival. It changed everything once the rainbow returned and with names like hers, they will respect her new friends.

“Actually, I found a solution. I know we never hang out but if they know about your encounters with me, they might allow you two to be their guests of honor, so they can throw the Rainbow Festival just for the both of you.”

Not only did this make Lyra and Bon Bon happy, but also wondered what it feels in that village. They can hope it will be the best weekend that isn’t Canterlot for a change.

“Are you sure they’re okay with that?” Bon Bon asked.

“They’re very kind ponies.” Twilight answered.

“Okay, we should go to Hope Hollow tonight.” Lyra said.

“I agree, do they have a motel?” Bon Bon added.

“Yes they do and I’m going to there right now to talk to Sunny Skies right now, you just pack up everything you need.” After that, Twilight made her way to Hope Hollow as she flew up in the air thanks to her wings.

“So, let's get back to our place and pack up.” Lyra replied.

“And our next stop,” Bon Bon said.

“Is Hope Hollow!” They both gave each other a hug as they went back to their home and get the supplies they need for the weekend. With them about to be the guests of honor, it will be a weekend that will top all of their weekends for the rest of their lives.

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