• Published 1st Jul 2019
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Hope In Rainbow - Lonely Fanboy48

Bon Bon and Lyra take a weekend in Hope Hollow while experience the joy of the Rainbow Festival.

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A Fashion Of Rainbow

Saturday has finally begun. In Hope Hollow, everypony is setting up the Rainbow Festival just for the two ponies who arrived last night. Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon woke up at the same time as they get out of bed. Bon Bon looked out the window and saw some of the tent stands being set up.

“Sooo...what place do you want to go?” She turned to Lyra.

“Well since we’re guests of honor, we should wear something so ponies will recognize us at the festival.”

“Good idea.” Bon Bon looked at her map to find where Kerfuffle’s fashion shop is located. It was the only boutique they can go outside from Rarity’s and Canterlot’s.

After they had breakfast, they went outside of the motel to see so many colors of ponies getting together in the festival. With so many options they have, it will take all day for Lyra and Bon Bon to check everything.

“Wow, when Twilight said they do so many activities, it really shows..” Lyra replied. They see Major Sunny Skies helping some of the citizens with their stands. They needed to meet him right away but they have to show they’re in the spirit of the festival.

Without wasting anymore time, they make their way to Kerfuffle’s boutique. After seeing two fillies waking out of the shop wearing light green and yellow leather outfits, they were surprised how good Kerfuffle’s fashion talent is. Not close to Rarity’s, but still at the levels of acceptance. They walk inside the shop and saw Kerfuffle putting her bits inside her cash register.

“Excuse me?” Bon Bon asked nicely. “You must be Kerfuffle right?”

Once Kerfuffle turned her attention to Lyra and Bon Bon, she turns on her thrill side. “Oh my goodness, you must be Bon Bon and Lyra Heartstrings!” She rushed up to them as she grabs one of her hooves for a hoofshake. “It’s a pleasure to meet you two, Mayor Skies told me everything.”

“And I got to say, Twilight told him about it.” Lyra rolled her eyes smiling.

“The Mayor always spreads the word in Hope Hollow.” She giggled. “Let me take you to the changing room.” Kerfuffle guides the two visitors to the room where everypony puts in their outfit. “You have no idea how happy we are to show our passion in the Rainbow Festival. Ponies who come here had never felt so excited.”

“Hope Hollow must be a really private place right?” Bon Bon guessed.

“Yes, which makes it a great get together during the festival.”

Then something came to Lyra that Twilight didn’t tell her about involving the years and generations of the Rainbow Festival. “Hey Kerfuffle, what happened to you and the others before...three months ago?”

Just when Kerfuffle was about to show the outfits she made for the guests of honor, she stopped into place. Although she didn’t have a painful time during the situation, she can’t get over the fact that others felt empty without the color they’re used to.

“Ohh...umm...we were silence without the Rainbow generator.”

Then Lyra and Bon Bon looked at each other in confusion. “The rainbow generator?” They replied.

“We use it to make not only make the Rainbow Festival special, but also have Hope Hollow remind us of its reputation.”

“So without the generator...you’re...colorless?” Bon Bon asked.

Kerfuffle didn’t wanted to continue the sad chapters of Hope Hollow, the only words she had to say is- “Gray with no passion.”

Lyra and Bon Bon looked at each other in concerned. When it comes to the color gray, it’s the least favorite color for ponies. “Ohh...must be a very devastated amount of years huh?” Lyra said.

“Well, Hope Hollow wasn’t really abandoned village but everything wasn’t the same.”

With most of the history in mind, it turns out anypony who lives in Hope Hollow wanted the spirit in the Rainbow Festival the same as before. Lyra and Bon Bon decided to check everything in the festival to understand everything in the passion of what makes it special.

“Well at least you’re back to normal. All that matters is to show us how the Rainbow Festival can make us happy.” Bon Bon smiled. This made Kerfuffle smile to see the two cheering her up. Speaking of which, she still had the two outfits for Lyra and Bon Bon.

She takes out the two outfits from her closet and once her customers laid their eyes on them. Bon Bon’s outfit is a yellow and Purple outfit with reflections. It also has some of the stars of the night on the sides. As for Lyra, hers has red and pink colors with sparkles. What caught her attention is the musical ponies playing their instruments on the sides.

“Oh my gosh, these look perfect for the festival!” Bon Bon commented.

“Yeah, these really make us the guests of honor.” Lyra added.

“Thank you, I wanted to show Rarity how much I wanted to be like her.” Kerfuffle replied.

“Well it takes time and inspiration.”

Bon Bon and Lyra gave Kerfuffle a hug while also paying for the two outfits. By the time they need to put on their colorful outfits, it’s time to show the Rainbow Festival to who they really are, being that they're the guests of honor.

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