The Death of Princess Celestia

by Writingmare

First published

Princess Celestia sets off to fight a darkness that is threatening all of Equestria.

Princess Celestia is leaving Canterlot to fight a darkness that is sweeping through all of Equestria. Leaving Princess Luna as the new ruler, she must begin teaching Twilight the many ways of being a princess. Will Luna be able to handle the task, or will Celestia's death have more than just an effect on Twilight's teachings?

Beginning of the end

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Canterlot, The Day of Twilight's Princess Coronation.

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna walk down the long corridor of the castle, both with serious looks on their faces.

"Tia," says Luna "are you sure there is no other way?" Luna looks at her sister with sadness and concern.

"Yes, my darling sister, this is how it was meant to be." Celestia nuzzles her little sister with a small tear falling from her face.

"But sister there has to be another way" Luna's tears began to pore as the pain in her chest began to consume her.

"Luna, you must be strong for all of Equestria from now on" Celestia shoulders Luna with one wing. "Once Twilight becomes a princess she will be under your care, treat her with respect and kindness, dear sister."

"NO!" screamed Luna her wings spread "THIS IS NOT THE WAY I WANTED TO COME BACK, THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER WAY?" Luna's eyes started to glow; her mane began to turn dark.

Celestia wrapped both wings around her sister and hushed her to calm down."Sister we need to be strong a great darkness is sweeping across Equestria in search for me, not even the Elements of Harmony can stop this great darkness."

Luna calmed and sat under Celestia's wing. "That is the reason why I needed to wake up Discord from his prison; in order to reverse the damage that darkness has created, it requires Discord's magic."

Luna walks towards the stained glass windows.

"So you are going to sacrifice yourself?" Luna looks at the stained glass window telling the story of Nightmare Moon, as Chills run down Luna's spine as she remembers the darkness corrupting her.

"Luna, for a thousand years I have waited for your return, so that I may accomplish this task and to insure that the Alicorn Legacy would not fall", Celestia spoke as she walked right next to Luna with her head held high. "Do not be scared Luna; I will always be with you, in your heart." Luna looked at her older sister wishing there was another way, but she knew that this was only the beginning.

Luna couldn't imagine her strong fearless sister being killed by something that had once corrupted her a thousand years back. The grand door opens and a Pegasus solder, runs towards the two princesses, he stopped to catch his breath. "Pardon me your Highnesses, but urgent news from the ponies of Saddle Arabia, the darkness has already breached their Kingdom."

Celestia frowned and looked back to the guard,"Inform Discord immediately and have the royal guards follow him to Crystal Empire right away, we must protect the others, I will be there shortly" Ordered Princess Celestia.

"Right away your highness" says the solder as he flies out of the royal hall.

"Luna once I turn Twilight to a princess you must not tell her where or what has become of me understand?" Princess Celestia looks directly at Luna.

"I understand sister" Luna hugs her one last time her tears poured down onto Celestias colorful mane. They both cried as they walked towards the door, wing to wing, towards the last day of Celestia's Life.


Ponyville library, two hours before the coronation


Twilight pushes Pinkie away her eyes still spinning from Pinkies shaking "Look girls as excited as I am, I'm very nervous"

"Aw shucks, Twilight. There is nothing to be nervous about we are going to be there with you" says Applejack putting a hoof around twilight.

"Yea Twilight, just think about the cool things that you can do while flying with me an Fluttershy" Says Rainbow Dash as she does a flying cartwheel. "But you still won't be as cool as me" Rainbow Dash crashes into a book shelf "I'm okay"

"Don't worry my dear you will look like a princess from head to toe when I get done with you, I already have the idea for your coronation dress in my head, I'll go and get it ready before we leave for Canterlot" says Rarity as she hugs Twilight before leaving.

"Thanks girls I couldn't have done this without you, but im worried if once I become a princess that I might change?" says Twilight look down on the floor with a sad look on her face.

"Oh my, Twilight. You could never change, because you are the kindest and most helping pony that has saved Equestria many times already, and I know that you will still be our best friend even once you become a princess" says Fluttershy

"Oh girls, I couldn't ask for better friends than you guys" says Twilight as she hugs all of her friends who were there.

"When I first came to Ponyville, I didn't know that I would have met a great bunch of ponies like you guys that would change my life forever." Says Twilight with tears running down her eyes

"Let's go see if Rarity has your dress ready for the coronation" Says Pinkie jumping out the door as everyone follows laughing with joy, best friends forever.

Battle Strategy

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In the distant the dark clouds are on the verge of nearing the Crystal Empire.

Princess Cadence looked with worry on her face, the Crystal Heart that was powering the force field surrounding the empire, began to flicker.

"Princess" says a royal guard "Celestia and the others are awaiting your arrival"

Shining Armor signals the guard to leave.

"Cadence, dear, the princess has already informed us what we need to do" Shining Armor wraps a hoof around his wife in order to comfort her.

"Shining Armor, this can't be happening again" Cadence recalls the evil King Sombra who had ruled the Crystal Empire and had once plunged it into darkness.

"Cadence" Shining Armor grabs his wife's face "My sister, her friends and Princess Celestia won't let this happen"

"I know it's just", Cadence looked at her husbands with teary eyes. "What if Princess Celestia doesn't come back?"

"You remember what happen when Luna fought something like this, and she was more powerful than Celestia back then"

"Cadence I believe in the Princess and everything she has said so far, let's not over work so hard, we need to keep calm for the people of the kingdom"

"I know, you're right, let us go to your sisters crowning and return as quickly as possible" Cadence said as she orders a carriage ride to take them to Canterlot.


After the crowning, night falls over all of Canterlot and Ponyville, as a secret meeting was being held in the Canterlot Castle.

"Luna the moon looks as amazing like always" Princess Celestia compliments her sister as she walks next to her.

"Sister, you do not need to do this" Luna sternly says, ignoring the compliment and avoiding her gaze towards her sister.

A royal guard steps in carrying a cart filled with a bunch of metal covered with a cloth.

"Princess your armor is ready!" announced the royal guard.

"Thank you, you may leave them there" Celestia ordered as she walks over to the cart and inspects its contents. She first pulls out a helmet and inspects the quality of the blacksmiths work.

"Very nice I wouldn't have doubted Blackfire skills"

"SISTER THIS IS SERIOUS" Luna spoke in her Royal Voice.

"Calm down little sister, you will not be alone, I have ordered Princess Cadence and ShiningArmor to arrive at the castle soon we must talk sister" Princess Celestia said calmly, using her magic to bring the battle armor to the grand hall where her throne sits.

"Dearest sister you know that unlike last time, everything was not planned out, but this time what I'm about to tell you, you must not speak a word of it to anyone." spoke Celestia looking at her sister with a serious expression on her face.


"Princess Twilight Sparkle", Twilight announces in a light whisper as she lays down on her new bed unable to sleep. "It just doesn't feel real, as if this was some type of dream."

Twilight places a hoof in front of her face and then pretend to reach for the ceiling.

Twilight jumps off her bed stretching her wings annoyed by the unfamiliarity of her current situation.

"Maybe I should go to the royal library and see if there is anything about being a princess, maybe I could keep my mind occupied and get a head start" Twilight says to herself as she makes her way out the door and turns around to observe her new room.
"I wonder if the princess is still up?" Twilight wonders as she walks out of her room and heads off into the main castle.


"What!, I can never do that sister!" Luna responds

"It is the only way" Celestia pleaded as she moves to hold her sister, but Luna backs up frighten by the words that had been spoken.

"I see" ,Celestia says a hint of disappointment in her voice, using her magic she begins to place on the battle armor. "In due time sister you will have to decide on your own."

The grand doors open with a loud creak, as Princess Cadence and ShiningArmor walk in both with royal armor.

"We are here as requested" says Princess Cadence and they both bow.

"Thank you for coming, let us begin" Celestia announces as she cast a silent spell over the room.

In Loving Memory

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The wind blew through Celestia's hair, as she flew towards the now weakening Crystal Empire.

She could see the darkness pressing up against the Crystal Heart's Shield Spell as she got closer. Celestia could see the grim expressions that the Crystal Ponies were making; their sad faces were full of tears.

Most of the families that stayed were huddle together, making sure that they had the ones they loved around, when the end

Princess Celestia grew furious as she phased through the shield, she was greeted by the Crystal Royal Guards as they positioned themselves around the weakening shield.

The shield began to phase away, crumbling as the Crystal Heart began to grow cold. Without the Crystal Ponies love, the Crystal Heart could not hold for very long. Darkness was beginning to invade the outer part of the city.

"CRYSTAL GUARDS HEAR ME NOW!” commanded Princess Celestia in her Canterlot voice.


Celestia sighed deeply; sadden by the events that had claimed so many lives. Her horn grew bright, as light reflected against her armor giving her an angelic glow. She summoned her strength as she casted a new shield spell, causing the darkness to retreat from the outer parts of the Crystal Empire.

By the time the Royal Guards escorted the last of the Crystal Ponies, a shadowy figure had manifested itself from Celestia’s shadow.

"So Princess, how are you holding up?" Discord asks with a grin as he floats around Celestia’s head.
Ignoring his question Celestia continued her concentration on the spell.

"Discord I need you to suppress the darkness long enough for me to cast the sealing spell" Celestia orders while struggling to keep the force field up, as the darkness begins its decent against the Crytal Empire once again.

"Are you sure Princess?" Discord asked with a worry look on his usually mischievous face."I mean you know what will happen if you do this right?"

"I am well aware of the consequences I have already made arrangements, so please Discord help me save everypony" pleaded Celestia as she struggled with her current spell.

"Celestia…" Discord begins to say but stops, he places a hand towards Celestia's face, looking deep in her eyes.
Discord nods in acceptance as he flies up above the force field.

"Now to do what I was destined to do" Celestia thought as she concentrated all her magic, her memories began to flash in
her mind, and tears fell from her eyes as she released the spell.

"Good bye... Twilight"

Discord has suppressed the darkness long enough, as a bright light expanded and engulfed the darkness and everything around it including him.


Luna was the first to feel a sharp pain within her heart. It was then she knew her sister was no longer in the world of the living.

"Good bye Sister" Luna whispered as tears began to stream down her eyes.


Cadence was the second; she was escorting the Crystal Guards into the castle when she felt the pain in her chest. She looked towards her husband who also had tears in his eyes, he walked to comfort her.

"Good bye Princess Celestia" they both said holding each other closely


Twilight was reading a book on Alicorn Princess, when she noticed her eyes were dripping tears, but unaware why she had a great pain in her chest and was crying.

"Why do I feel sad?” she wondered, “Maybe I should ask the Princess?"

Twilight closed the book that she was reading and began to walk towards the grand hall.


Princess Luna, sadden by her sister’s death, remembers the order that her sister requested on the night of the meeting.

"Luna please, when I leave this realm, please erase every known existence of me” Celestia began as she stared at her sister.

"No one must know about the darkness, or the reason why they grew sad the day I died, but you will remember me as well as Princess Cadence, yet I do not want Twilight to feel the pain of losing me.”

"So please dearest sister grant me this final request, for the protection of Equestria.”

Luna's tears began to fall even more from the memory, she remembered how she refused at first and how her sister was right all along.

"Sister… I will always love you", Luna says as she performs the most powerful erasing spell that would cover all of Equestria.

As Luna is performing the spell Twilight walks in to the great hall.

"Princess Celes….." Twilight began but couldn't finish her sentence as everything was engulfed in a bright blue mist.

Mysterious Alicorn

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Luna stared up towards the wholesome night sky, sighing at the painful loss of her eldest sister. The night air nipped at her breath creating a visible cloud of smoke, that steamed across her face.

"Sister why did you have to leave us behind?" spoke the sad princess of the night, as she walked back into her room, closing the balcony door with her magic.

Her deep blue translucent mane flowing behind her, as she walks towards her bed to rest. Exhausted with the task of rising the sun and lowering the moon, and vice versa. Luna laid down upon her bed looking up at her dark moonlit ceiling, as she began to wonder.

"Dearest sister…" she thought as tears began to fall. "Twas not fair, we had just began to feel normal once again, and now…now…" tears ran down here face, her voice cracking as she talked to nopony but herself.

A sudden knock on the door caused her to lose her concentration.

"Yes.. who dares bother us?" Luna says partially annoyed demanding an answer in quick haste.

"Princess, my apologies" apologized the Royal Guard as he continued. "Princess Twilight requests your presence at once, word from the Crystal Empire, Princess Twilight has stated it was an emergency."

Luna got up and began to clean her face from any tears that had rested on her cheek.

"Very well, we will be on our way" Luna responded, as she waited for the royal guard to leave the grand hall before she moved to towards the Library, where Princess Twilight would be awaiting.

"Tis probably just some small problem, that can be settled easily." Luna thought to herself as she began her slow walk towards the Castles Library.


Princess Twilight was waiting in the library, rummaging through many letters that her sister in law had kept on sending. Though to her surprise none of the letters made any sense, they were all written in old Equestrian language.

"Uh um" said a voice that stood in front of Twilight making her jump with fright.
"AHH" screamed Twilight, as she fell back against a self full of books, most of them piling around her until one large book slams against her head. Her head pounded with pain from the large book that had hit her, she soon adjusted her vision towards her assailant.

"Princess Luna you scared me" Twilight says with an bit of embarrassment in her voice.

Luna looked confused as this was not the first time she had walked in on Twilight.

"Sorry Princess, I didn't mean to yell" said Twilight picking up the fallen books and placing them back.

"Art thou okay?" Luna asks as she helps Twilight move the books out of her way.

"Yes, sorry for the mess, I had gotten a letter from Princess Cadence and well I can't seem to translate it" says Twilight, moving the letter towards Luna.

In an instant Luna's eyes move from left to right scanning the paper with serious dark eyes, at some point Twilight noticed that Luna's expression was becoming more disturbing as she continued to read.

"Is something wrong Princess?" asked Twilight concerned.

Luna's eyes rapidly calmed at Twilight's worry.

"Yes, everything is as you say, alright", Luna responds as she takes the letter and walks towards the door.

"Princess what does the letter say?" asked Twilight still concerned.

"Tis just a letter requiring me to speak with Princess Cadence, that is all" Luna calmly says as she looks towards Twilight.

"Do not fret Twilight Sparkle, everything is fine" Luna says, giving Twilight her best smile she could muster up. "Tis a lie" Luna thought.

The letter which Cadence had encrypted with old Equestrian language said:





"Twilight I will be departing for a little while, you're in charge till further notice" says Luna as she goes towards the royal carriage and is escorted to the Crystal Empire.

Lost Memory

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Upon arrival, Princess Luna immediately noticed the increase of the Royal Crystal Guards around the entire Crystal Empire. Princess Luna allowed her own personal guards to join forces with the Crystal Guards, while she attends to Princess Cadence.

Luna was shocked at the shear destruction of the Royal Crystal Castle. Most of the left wing was burnt to the ground. Tents were laid across the land, as the citizens tended to the many that were wounded.

Luna's heart sank as her hoof caught something that was lying on the ground; it was a small doll, its face half burnt as it laid next to a pile of ash. It took Luna a short while to realize that the pile of ash was in fact the remains of the dolls owner.

“What…who…would do such a thing” she thought as tears were forming. “I must be strong for these ponies”

Luna could only imagine how Princess Cadence was handling this situation.

By the time she entered the Crystal throne room, she knew the situation was much worse than she had anticipated. Cadence was in disarray, her eyes were red from the lack of sleep, and her hair was much paler than usual.

"Princess Cadence, my child…my dearest apologies for not arriving sooner" Luna said as she moved towards Cadence.

"It is alright Princess Luna, most of the situation had been handled, by the time I had sent out those letters" Regarded
Princess Cadence, as she moved off her throne, before falling down to the ground.

"Guards!" shouted Luna assisting Cadence back to the seat of the throne.

The Royal Crystal Guards arrived as quickly as possible, nearly a full army with weapons in hand.

Princess Cadence waves her hoof signaling them away.

"It is… fine I'm just tired, but rest can wait”, says Princess Cadence, she tries to stand once again, with the help of Princess Luna she is able to balance herself.

"You need rest, why must you push yourself" asked Princess Luna, walking along side Princess Cadence.

"What you need to see cannot wait any longer" says Princess Cadence; her face was full of horror, as she stares into Princess Luna’s eyes. "This cannot wait."


Twilight walked around the Canterlot castle halls, wondering why her mentor was acting really weird, since the letters she had received from her sister in law.

"Maybe it's just a simple meeting on expanding the Crystal Empire" Twilight thought as she made her way to the Royal Canterlot Archive room.

"Princess Twilight how are you today?" asked Writingmare the royal archive clerk.

Twilight smiled and ask the clerk if she had anything on old Canterlot dialect.

"Yes there might be some…oh hello…may I help you?” asked Writingmare, addressing a pony wearing a dark cloak, who had arrived just after Twilight.


"An Alicorn? Are you sure?" asked Luna staring at Cadence.

"Yes, I am sure of it" replied Cadence her gaze stern.

Princess Cadence now slightly rested, walked with Princess Luna to the chamber where Princess Celestia's old armor was being kept.

"Oh my.." Luna gasped at what was within the hidden room.

Shadows of ponies left against the wall, as if a huge solar flare blasted whatever pony stood between it and the wall, incinerating them instantly. Only one pony had the power to do that yet to Luna that was impossible.

"How?" Luna asked Cadence, Luna could feel her whole body shaking with fear.


"May I help you?..." was the last words out of Writingmares mouth as a large bolt of magic slammed against her killing her instantly.

Twilight stood still, shocked at the sight of Writingmare being killed, by the mare that stood before her.

The mare removed her hood to reveal herself as a white alicorn, something about this alicorn seemed firmiliar to Twilight.

"Princess…." The white alicorn said in a hollowed voice, as it began to charge up its horn for another attack.

Twilight just stood there looking at the mare unable to move, her body was shacking as tears began to fall from her eyes.

"Twi…light…" The white alicorn said as its eyes began to grow dark.


Luna walks towards one of the shadows against the wall and places a hoof against it. Within seconds, memories flooded her mind; she used her dream spell to access the last memory of the deceased pony.

She could see a cloaked pony walking up to the hidden door, the cloaked pony was stopped by the seven Royal Guards, the one she was looking through was named BlueLightning. The cloaked figure removed its cloak, ignoring the guards’ orders, as it began to charge its horn with magic and blasted the door with large enough heat that vaporized the guards instantly. Luna shocked at what she had witnessed, couldn't believe who the cloaked figure was



Twilight quickly ran down the hall, as the white alicorn continued to follow right behind her.

She couldn't believe that she was able to escape; luckily a royal guard had opened the door just in time for Twilight to get out of her shocked state and dodge the oncoming blast, which tore through the old archive room engulfing it in flames.

The royal guard then attacked the white alicorn, but was defeated with quick haste.

Twilight called for help, as she ran towards the grand hall.

She stopped near the entrance shocked by what was in front of her, as tears began to fall even more now than they did before.

"Why is this happening?" Twilight screamed, as the white alicorn touches her shoulder, the two stood in the grand hall surrounded by ash covered walls of shadow ponies that were once the Royal Guard.

"REVENGE" said the white alicorn as it spreads its wings and covers Twilight with them, both ponies disappearing in an instant.


"Princess Luna!" a Crystal guard rushes towards them his features full of concern.

"Yes, what is it?" said Luna with worry in her heart, knowing the identity of the killer couldn't possibly be true.

"Canterlot, your Highness, it has been attacked by a cloaked figure" said the Royal guard with deep sorrow.

Elements of Harmony

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"Good bye Twilight…" spoke a distant voice.

Twilight had awoken with-in a dark hall, which was lit up by large torches that hung from the walls.

"Hello?!" Twilight called out, hoping somepony would answer.

The silence was the only response she got.

Twilight wondered around the hall, searching for a way out.

The last thing she could remembered was the grand hall full of shadows, ash was all around her hoof, the smell of burnt flesh still lingered with in her nostrils.

Tears began to run down her face, in a flood of emotions.

"oh dear Luan….all those ponies…al..all…gone" Twilight felt her legs give, as she fell to the floor crying.

The sound of hoofs caused Twilight to stop crying, as the noise began to move closer to her.

"It might be the white alicorn" she thought, as sadness fled from her heart and was replaced with rage, for the murderer of those innocent ponies.

Her horn began to glow, as the hoof steps grew closer.

From across the hall ran a white alicorn colliding against Twilight nearly knocking her over.

"OWW…please don't hurt…." The white alicorn pleaded but then stopped as it looked at Twilight with tearful eyes.

Twilight looked puzzled at the cowering alicorn that stood before her.

"What is going on…?" Twilight asked before the white alicorn hugged her.

"Oh Twilight…I am so happy to see you" Said the white alicorn, hugging Twilight so hard.

"Who are you?" asked Twilight pushing the alicorn off of her.

"Don't you remember?... I was your mentor for so many years…I'm Princess Celestia" Said the white alicorn.

"Princess…Celestia?" Twilight felt like she had heard that name before but couldn't quite place its location, she continued to look a the alicorn with a puzzled stare, her horn still awaiting an attack.

"Yes…we must escape before they…" before the so called princess could finish, a loud screeching sound blared in the direction that the white alicorn had come from.

"Follow me...this way" rushed the white alicorn pulling Twilight by the tail.


Luna had immediately summoned the remaining Elements of harmony, to discuss and reveal the truth of the dangers that had risen.

Applejack was walking in front of the others as they arrived at the castle, they immediately knew something was terribly wrong.

"Oh my..what happened?" asked Fluttershy glancing at the ash ridden wall.

"Is…is..that..a pony?" Fluttershy screamed, points at the burnt remains of what used to be one of the Royal guards.

Everyone gasped at the realization that the grand hall was full of what seemed like shadows spread across different parts of the walls.

"Oh dear.. this isn't right" Rarity says as she moves and hugs Fluttershy who was now deeply sobbing, her mane soaked in tears.

"What 'n all of Equestria is this?" Applejack touched the ash, its grainy texture spread across the wall and on to her hoof.

Rainbow Dash flies to the ceiling touching the same ashy substance,

"Were they vaporized!?" asked Rainbow Dash, worry was spread across her face as she flies back towards the ground.

"Did any pony sur..sur….sur" spoke Pinkie Pie her voice shaking as she couldn't finish the sentence, tears began to roll down her face. Her once poofy man was now flat, the feeling of sadness was taking its toll.

"Girls I do apologize for the short notice…and this dire situation that I have brought you here to see, but there is a much more pressing matter at hand" said Luna walking towards them.

"Your friend, Princess Twilight, has been captured"

"What happened? where is she? and what is going on here?" Apple Jack asked. Her eyes staring straight at Luna, hopping to see an answer.

"I first need to tell you the truth, before I can explain what has happened today" Luna says as she begins to use her magic on the five ponies.


"So what is going on…where are we?" asked Twilight as she is running with the suppose Princess Celestia.

Twilight still couldn't shake the feeling she somewhat believed her, but how could she. She didn't even know who this pony was, for all she knew she could be dangerous.

"I believe we are in the Forgotten Kingdom, once ruled by the evil Lord NightShade." Celestia answered as she opened the door in front of them.

"Get in hurry" she whispered.

Twilight ran through the door, followed by the princess. The two held the door quietly awaiting the monster that was following them; to their luck the monster never came.

Twilight used her magic to illuminate the dark room they had entered.

"Princess I think we might be in the…" Twilight turned as she spoke, but the princess was nowhere to be.

"Princess?" called Twilght, walking around the dark room.

Twilight could hear a faint noise coming from the back, the noise sounded like chains slamming against stone. Increasing her magic light spell, she confirmed what she had feared.

The place they had walked it to was the torture room.


After casting a memory recovery spell on the five ponies, Luna began to explain their situation in better detail.

"So you see…" began Luna.

"The darkness that had turned you into nightmare moon a thousand years ago is in fact an old evil alicorn king that used dark magic and made himself into an evil shadow creature, and since we had broken the spell that was on you the darkness was now roaming freely destroying everything in equestrian, and it was on its way through the crystal empire. And Princess Celestia your sister, our original ruler went on a suicidal mission with Discord the spirit of chaos, to stop the darkness. She told you as soon as she was gone that you would erase everyponies memory in Equestira so that no pony would search of the truth about the darkness, but also she wanted to prevent everypony from feeling sad for the rest of their lives when losing a dear friend. Yet now there are attacks going around by a mysterious white alicorn that closely resembles your sister, and she has kidnapped Twilight for some odd reason. And without her the elements of harmony will not work anymore and that's why you brought us back here so we could go on a mission to save Twilight and save the world"
Pinkie Pie spoke rapidly, taking in a deep breath of air.

"Well by Starswirls beard" Luna spoke shocked at how much the pink mare knew.

"How did thou know of the details Pinkie Pie?" asked the still shocked princess.

"Well that's easy…" replied Pinkie smiling.

"Well?" asked Rainbow Dash annoyed.

"Well what?" questioned Pinkie Pie oblivious to her statement.

"Look never mind that" answered Apple Jack rubbing her head with her hoof. "This is still a bit confusing, but what's the plan your highness?"

To the left of Luna walked in a white Pegasus stallion with a black and white mane. His body was covered in old scars and scratches, his chest was straight out like a solder. He wore light tactical body armor that covered most of his vital organs.

"Let me introduce you to Lt. Legend of the Special Equestrian Task Force. He is the highest ranking assassin that we have here in the kingdom."

The five mares awed in amazement.

"He will be accompanying us to what we believe is the location of Twilight Sparkle" Luna said with her eyes on Lt. Legend.

Lt. Legend walked in front of the princess and spoke with a loud booming voice.

"Alright ladies, be prepped up and ready to go by dusk. We will meet here first, and check our supplies and weapons, before we walk to our destination located deep in the everfree forest." Lt. Legend ordered, saluting the five mares, his eyes coldly stared down at them.

The five mares saluted back before walking towards the door.

"Princess Permission to speak?" asked Lt. Legend

Princess Luna nodded in agreement.

"These five mares, are you sure they are strong enough for the task at hand?" Questioned Lt. Legend

"Don't under estimate these ponies, they are more powerful than they look" answered Princess Luna.

"More powerful?" Lt. Legend looked at the five mares as they walked away.


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“Run! Everypony run!” Shouted Lt. Legend, at the two remaining mares, something was chasing after them and taking their friends one at a time. “Hurry we need to escape before….” Before Lt. Legend could finish he was swept away by a shadow instantly. The two mares nearly fell, as they stopped immediately, they were alone now.

“Princess…what are we going to do now?” asked Fluttershy shaking with fright, her legs felt as if they were made of jelly, all of her friends were taken and she didn’t know where they were.

Princess Luna looked around, her horn glowing with a bright light, “I assume this is what captured my men before” said Luna as she continued to look around them. “Fluttershy I believe that we must continue towards the castle in order to find our friends” spoke Luna who began to walk towards the East.

The light began to grow dim as the princess continued through the forest, Fluttershy instantly ran toward the princess, but was cut off when the trees began to close around the path the princess had taken.

“HELP!” shouted Fluttershy in a panic, her heart began to race. “Somepony any pony help!” she shouted even louder.

“Help….”Fluttershy cried, as she crouched to the ground curling herself into a ball. “please…”


Twilight could hear a soft voice coming from the far back of the torture room. After exploring the inner walls she had no choice but to venture towards the back.

“Princess…?” asked Twilight as she moved closer, to her surprise there was no bodies lying around as she would have expected.

“Ughhh" groaned a voice, which was directly in front of her.

Chills ran down her spine as she got closer

The smell had caught her off guard, chocking to keep the awful burning stench out; Twilight covered her face with one of her wings as she pushed forward.

Yet it was too much for the young mare to handle.

Twilight vomited at the first sight of a pony that was dismembered from the waist down. The smell of blood and ammonia was getting to her; her head began to spin out of control.
The body had armor still attached to what was left; it was one of the royal guards from the Crystal Empire.


Twilights ears twitched at the soft whisper.

"Twi…light…" the soft whisper began again

"Who's there?!" demanded a slightly scared Twilight, her horn increasing its brightness, she now realized that the floor was littered with dead bodies, as if leading her to the source of the whisper.

"Is…that…you….?" The soft whisper was closer now. Twilight moved the light towards the middle of the torture room. Her hoofs stepped on something that was moving. At first she thought it was a snake, but the mysterious figure that was whispering yelped in pain.

Twilight turned to her right where the yelp had originated, what she saw made her now empty stomach ball up inside.

"Twi…light…my…dear…is…that…you…?" said the Draconequus who had been chained to the wall, the Draconequus moved its hand against Twilights horn, touching the tip.

Twilight was frozen in fear as the Draconequus began to dim the brightness of her horn.

"To…Bright…" the Draconequus said, his hand was covered in blood as he took a firm grip of Twilights horn. ”Help…" said the Draconequus as it began to tighten its grip around her horn causing extreme pain as a bright light engulfed the two.


Applejack felt the ground on her back, the taste of dried blood still lingered in her mouth and the throbbing pain on the back her head.

"Ugh… what in blue blazes just happened?" Apple Jack asked rubbing her head, there was no response to her question, she was alone. After fumbling through the dim torchlight Apple Jack was able to understand her situation that she was in.

“Okay…first off I need to find my friends” she thought as she moved around the walls looking for a way out. The room she was in had no doors and no windows; there was only a small filly sized hole on the far end of the wall. “Maybe I can … just” Apple Jack says as she presses her body against the wall. “Now if I could just…” she placed both of her hind hoofs against the cracks of the small hole, “Move you stubborn mule of a wall” she says pressing hard against the wall. “Come on…” sweat began to drip off her face as she concentrated all of her strength on the crack. “Move!” she shouted in frustration. After a few attempts the wall began to crumble.

The hole she created was just wide enough for her to squeeze through “Yee ha! Now…let’s…get…out…” Apple Jack couldn’t believe her eyes, they must have been playing tricks on her she thought. “What in the…” what stood in front of her was no creature she had ever laid eyes on.

The sound of bones snapping sent chills running down her spine, its disfigured twisted form was turning its head towards her. Sounds escaped what looked like the creatures mouth, as if it were trying to speak.

Apple Jack moved slightly to the left of the hole, in response the creature moved its disfigured talons spreading them like wings howling at her.

Then without hesitation the creature began to run towards Apple Jack. She took no chances and instantly began to kick rocks at the fast approaching creature.


Fluttershy did not move from the corner of the dungeon, her tears still fresh from crying for help. There was no way out she thought to herself, after realizing that the room she was in had no windows or doors just a small torchlight that was slowly fading away.

“Please help…Twilight…RainbowDash…Rarity….PinkiePie…Apple…” before she could finish a large hole exploded from the wall in front of her.

Out of the smoke and rubble, stood a giant twisted monster that stared deep within her soul. Fluttershy immediately stood on all fours; her legs shook and trembled as she pulled the courage to face the beast.

“Go Away!” Fluttershy shouted as she spread her wings to shield herself in case of an attack. “Please go away!”

The creature looked frighten by her sudden movements, as it began to move away from the hole it had created. Fluttershy immediately saw an opportunity to escape and began to run towards the hole in the wall.

Before she could make her escape, the creature began to throw stones at her direction. Fluttershy, unable to move from her position, shielded herself with her own wings. The stones began to cut at her skin and tear away at her wings.

The creature slammed up against her body causing her to cry out in pain, as the creature bites down on her wing.

Fluttershy pushed the creature off of her and kicked it in the face, as she struggled towards her only means of escape.


The creature was crawling away, as Apple Jack moved in for the kill. She quickly pinned the creature down again, but as soon as she got near it, it began to lash out at her.

The creature’s claws made contact with Apple Jack’s face, as it pushes her off.

The hit was not as strong as she was expecting, but it was powerful enough to blur her vision.

“Please….don’t kill….me” pleaded the creature in its distorted voice. Apple Jack’s blurred vision of the creature began to change, it was then she realized who she was attacking.


Fluttershy couldn’t believe she was about to die.

The creature was just standing over her now, its teeth bared at her, but then it had stopped and began to write something on the ground next to her.


The creature was spelling out her name, as it continued to talk and write. Fluttershy began to understand the creature clearly its ugly groans were instead replaced with actual words.

“Apple Jack?” Fluttershy asked confused, as she rubbed her eyes. The creatures form began to change.


Apple Jack helped Fluttershy up, as they both came back to their senses.

“Sorry ‘bout hurting you earlier sugarcube”, apologized Apple Jack, placing a hoof over Fluttershy’s wing.

“It’s alright…what do you think was wrong with us?” asked Fluttershy flexing her wings. “And where is everypony else?”

“That is a good question” answered Apple Jack.

A loud scream echoed from the room across from them.

“That sounded like Rarity” said Apple Jack listening to the walls where the screaming had come from.

“Maybe she is in trouble” stated Fluttershy, fearing that something bad might be happening to her friend.

“Well come on let’s get out of her” says Apple Jack, as she positions her hind legs to kick down the wall, but before she could knock the wall down, a large boulder crashes right through nearly missing the earth pony.

From the hole in the wall flew in Rainbow dash screaming her head off, as Rarity charged from behind levitating a huge boulder after her.

“Stop Rarity!” shouted Apple Jack “whatever you are seeing is a lie, you are chasing Rainbow Dash”

“That is not Rainbow Dash that is an ugly monster that needs to DIE!” shouted Rarity slamming the rock just a few inches from Rainbow Dashes head.

“Guys she is trying to kill me!” shouted Rainbow Dash

Apple Jack immediately pins down Rarity.

“You need to snap to your senses” said Apple Jack, while struggling to keep the white unicorn down.

“Um…Rarity please don’t be mad at us” said Fluttershy in a soft whisper, that hardly anypony could hear.

“Rarity calm down you’re under some sort of spell” shouted Apple Jack holding Rarity firmly. “Stop struggling and listen.”

A loud slap crosses Rarity’s face; her white skin began to turn a bright pink around the location of the slap. Rarity’s mouth was opened in shock at the pony who had slapped her, a small tear ran down her cheek.

“Fluttershy!” Rarity gasped in shock.

“I’m sorry…you were just not calming down and…and…” Fluttershy began as tears formed in her eyes.

“Oh…sweetie no shhhhh….don’t cry, it was my fault” said Rarity, while she gave Fluttershy a hug and looked at the other two. “I am deeply sorry about what I was doing Rainbow Dash I didn’t”

“No need to apologize, its cool” said Rainbow Dash coyly.

“Okay gals, now we need to find Pinkie, Lt. Legend, Princess Luna, and Twilight, and get the buck out of her as fast as a possible” said Apple Jack walking through the hole that Rarity and Rainbow Dash had came from.

The others followed; the room was quite the same as the others, the dim touch light, the windowless and door less walls, all seemed similar except for the many large rocks pressed up against the wall.

Apple Jack was placing her head against the wall trying to listen in on anypony.

“It sounds like somepony is talking on the other side” said Apple Jack

“Rarity, could you throw one of those boulders in this spot here?” asked Apple Jack who made a large X on the spot she wanted the boulder to go.

“I can try” replied Rarity, her horn glowed as the boulder from the wall to their left began to levitate, sweat dripped from her head as she concentrated her magic to throw the large boulder exactly in the direction of the X.

The boulder crashed and broke a hole in the wall like it had done before, as the smoke cleared the four mares all gasped in unison at the bizarre sight they were seeing.


“Gold Fish!” shouted Pinkie Pie, as she slammed her cards on the makeshift table.

“I thought we were playing Poker?” asked Lt. Legend who was losing his nerve, since he lost his smokes.

“Old Maid!” shouted Pinkie Pie again.

“Ugh…do you even know what we are playing?” asked Lt. Legend

Within seconds of that sentence leaving his mouth the wall to the far back exploded, but neither of them moved. They were both too caught up in a game that neither of them knew what they were playing anymore.

“Oh hi girls!” shouted Pinkie Pie moving away from her cards to greet her friends.

“How come you guys aren’t killing each other?” asked Rainbow Dash.

“Well we were but after a while we found out that we were evenly matched, so we called a truce” said Legend as he began to pick up his playing cards.

“So where were you guys, we were playing Old maid that had a gold fish who was poking her, until you guys showed up, did you want to play?” asked Pinkie Pie smiling.

“Where is the Princess!” shouted Lt. Legend realizing that she was missing a little too late, he looked a Fluttershy for an answer.

“She….ran towards the Castle by herself” replied Fluttershy “I hope she is alright, we were cut off in the forest”

“The princess might need our help” Apple Jack said while walking towards Lt. Legend. “So where are we and how do we get out of here, before something bad happens”

“Let make our own exit and then I will brief you in on our location” said Lt. Legend as he throws a small device against the wall. “Everypony down now!”

A loud explosion shook the structure around them; the building around them began to disappear.

“We are already in the Castle” said Lt. Legend revealing that they were in fact in the grand hall of the castle. “Do not trust everything you see, this castle will dig deep into your most horrid nightmares and bring them to life”

“Now then let’s go find our princesses” shouted Pinkie Pie.

The five mares glanced at each other and nodded, all six moved even deeper into the castle, determined to find their friends and defeat the darkness that was within these walls.

Luna's Nightmare

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"Sister stop!" shouted Luna, as she ran towards the white mare, who was running away. "Stop please!"

The corridor they had ran through was beginning to grow dark. The torches that had been the only light source were being consumed by an invisible force.

"Please..." pleaded Luna as she lost sight of who she assumed was her sister. Tears ran down her eyes, as the darkness that ran throughout the castle began to consume her.


"Luna....please stop" shouted Celestia "I do not want to hurt you"

"Muahahahaha" Laughed Luna "Hurt me? Your precious light can never defeat the power of everlasting darkness.

"Luna please, do not turn like the others, you are all that I have left of home" begged Celestia, her tears streaming down her cheek, as she stared at her only sister.

"Home! You call me your home, you are but toying with my emotions and I have had enough!" Shouted Luna as she stared down at her sister.


Luna laid on the floor, the painful memories began to play with in her mind, as the darkness continued to consume her.


"The book was right, the light is not as strong as true darkness" Spoke Luna as she gazed out of her old castle balcony, staring into the night sky. "Soon the time will come...soon everypony will remember my beautiful night...and regret everything they had ever done."


"No please stop no more!" shouted Luna as the darkness invaded her most precious memories.


Little filly Luna pranced around a soft meadow, looking for a perfect hiding spot to surprise her eldest sister.

"Luna, ready or not here I come!" shouted a young Celestia who was very far away.

Within minutes Celestia had passed by Luna, who had taken hiding in an old hallowed out tree.

Then hours had passed, but Luna was never discovered. Surprised at her clever hiding spot, Luna began to climb out, excited to have finally beaten her sister at hid and seek.


"Please...stop...anything...but....that...." Pleaded Luna who was now curled in a fetal position crying, the darkness had transformed her back into a small filly. ""


"Tia!...Tiaaa!" shouted filly Luna as tears fell from her eyes, she was cold and lost within the forbidden forest. The trees groaned and creaked scaring the little filly, it was becoming night and soon the bad things would come.

Filly Luna continued to run not wanting the bad things to find her. Without looking where she had stepped, the small filly had tripped over something hard. She kept on tumbling till she fell against some branches. The clouds above had cleared, revealing the full moon over head.

Tears and snot mixed together as the small filly cried in horror. What the full moon had reviled, was a mass of bones that laid in front of her, scattered around a large skeleton of what was once a Draconequus.
Filly Luna moved around the cluster of bones, trying to escape the horrible sight, when she suddenly heard a sound.

"Luna..." a whisper spoke in the direction of the Draconequus skeleton. Filly Luna stopped in her tracks, she could hear the sound of bone scraping against one another.

Filly Luna felt chills run down her spine as she ran as fast as she could away from the forest. She continued to run till she came upon the soft meadows again. As she got closer she could see the silhouette of an Alicorn standing in front of the large moon.

Luna's tears blurred her vision as she ran towards the figure, she had assumed that it was her older sister coming to rescue her.

"Tia oh thank goodness we thought..." Luna stopped as she looked at the Alicorn.

It began to turn around to face the small filly.

The mare that stood in front of her was not her sister, but instead it was an older version of her, dressed in old Alicorn armor.


The Alicorn began to laugh, its midnight mane flowed loosely with the wind.

"So this is our most precious memory..." the Alicorn announced baring its sharp teeth in a menacing smile. "You are weak if you think that your sister will come and save you"

Filly Luna began to step backwards, afraid of letting the Alicorn out of sight.

"Why are you running know that she is not coming don't you?" the Alicorn taunted the small filly, as she took a step forward. "Little filly Luna, running from what will always be inevitable"

Filly Luna closed her eyes as the Alicorn drew closer.

"Be one with us once again" announced the Alicorn, its face barely touching her muzzle. "Darkness is your only family now!"

The Alicorn's smoke like mane began to wrap itself around the small filly.

"Please Tia save me" cried out filly Luna, praying that her sister would come and saver her.

Suddenly a flash of magic pierced through the darkness, releasing filly Luna from the Alicorn's grasp.

"Luna the darkness will only lie, you are not alone" Spoke the mysterious mare, who had disappeared in an instant.

The Alicorn screamed in furry as it lunged towards the filly.

"Enough!" shouted filly Luna, her eyes stared coldly at the Alicorn causing it to stop within its tracks. "For many years we had run away from you."

Filly Luna began to change back to her normal form as she took a step towards the Alicorn.

"I will never turn to darkness, and I am not afraid of you" Luna spoke with courage in her voice, as her horn began to glow bright. "I cast you away Nightmare Moon!"

Luna aimed her horn directly at her own personal darkness, within seconds a bright beam of magic flashed from her horn and entered into Nightmare Moon.

Nightmare Moon looked shocked as the beam of light passed through her body.

"No!" shouted Nightmare Moon, as beams of light rapidly pierced through her body. Nightmare Moon looked once again towards a fully grown Luna, as its body began to disintegrate into small orbs of light.

Luna watched as the last orb of light faded away. Her heart felt relief, as she took a deep breath of fresh air. She then began to pace herself down the path that her sister had taken, determined to bring her family home.

Twilight and Chaos

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The bright light took a brief second to fade, as Twilight's eyes began to adjust. She could hear voices in the distance getting closer to where she was. Twilight rushed towards the closest object that was near her, which happened to be an old pillar.

Two unicorn approached, one a young mare and another an old stallion; the two were arguing about something. Twilight moved closer to hear what they were saying.

"Father this is madness! We must unify both kingdoms in peace, not war!" spoke the mare who stopped to address her father.

"Daughter you are in no position to argue with me. The alicorns are an abomination that must be snuffed out" Spoke the old stallion, as he walked toward the throne.

"But father..." began the mare once again.

"No more" interrupted her father. "I will not stand her while you rant about him, he is one of them and I will not allow an Alicorn to be a part of this family!"

"But he is the father " pleaded the mare, who was touching her belly with her hoof.

"Be blessed that we even allowed you to keep whatever monstrosity the two of you have created" the old stallion spoke with fury in his eyes.

The old stallion sat upon his throne looking down at his daughter.

"Father we do not have the magic or the strength to fight against them, it would be suicide" spoke the mare who stared at her father.

Twilight could feel the tension in the air, she did not understand why she was witnessing this.

"Father if you will not stand down, then I will have no other choice but to stop you" the mare spoke, as her horn glowed.

"You dare threaten me?" the old stallion looked slightly surprised, yet unfazed as he asked the question.

The old stallion struck his daughter with one bolt of magic, which was so fast that even Twilight did not noticed it, till the mare fell.

"Do you even care about your life?" spoke the old stallion, as he walked towards his wounded daughter. "I have given you everything and this is how you repay us, with betrayal!"

The daughter began to crawl away, her leg singed by the magic bolt that her father had casted.

The old stallion’s horn grew dark grey, as he continued towards her.

"You will not get in my way!" shouted the old stallion, blinded by rage and hate he shot another bolt of magic towards his daughter.

"No!" shouted Twilight as she tried to cast a protection spell around the mare, but she quickly realized that her magic was not working.

Then suddenly a protection shield appeared and blocked the bolt of magic away from the mare.

"Lord Nightshade stand down!" shouted a young light skinned alicorn stallion, who had casted the spell. "By the Grand Alicorn Kingdom you are under arrest for conspiracy against the Alicorn Kingdom."

Lord Nightshade shot another bolt of magic, but this time his aim was towards the Alicorn.

"This is all your fault!" Lord Nightshade shouted.

The young Alicorn cast a larger protection spells that shield the mare and himself.

"You will all die!" shouted Lord Nightshade, who was beginning to transform. His horn turned a deep black, as his eyes glowed red, his mane was becoming smoke. He then shot another bolt of magic, but this time it was much darker, his hate and rage consumed him completely.

Then everything froze, as if time had stopped. Twilight was the only one who could move freely.

"Well....well...well...if it isn't my favorite mare" spoke a disembodied voice that seemed to echo around the room. "Don't be alarmed it is just little old do remember me don't you?"

Discord enough with your games....where are we?" shouted Twilight, who was surprised at first that she even knew who the voice belonged to.

"Oh good, I was beginning to wonder if the memory recovery spell was going to work" spoke Discord, who appeared in front of the frozen bolt of dark magic. "Well to answer your question we are in the past, where this all had started"

“I don’t understand what you mean?” Twilight spoke confused at her jumbled memories, “Who are these ponies?”

Discord floated closely towards the shield that the young stallion had made. “These ponies are the reason we are in this situation
with the darkness.”

“What darkness?” asked Twilight, as more memories began to flood her mind.

“His darkness…my dear, Lord NightShade’s” Discord announced as he took a sarcastic bow in front of the old stallion, flicking the
frozen figures nose with his tail.

“So it’s his fault for turning Luna into Nightmare Moon and nearly destroying the world?” questioned Twilight, as she moved closer to the others.

“Well I wouldn't say that it was all his fault for Luna turning, most of her decisions were merely amplified with his help, but it was still her decision.” spoke Discord who sat on the throne, his body began to look pale than usual. “Although he had his reasons…like most of us”

“But who are they?” asked Twilight, as she walked towards the two ponies who were behind the shield.

“Look closer, don’t they look familiar?” mused Discord, as he lay on the throne chair.

“I don’t understand…they don’t look like anypony I know” answered Twilight as she moved around them to get a better sight.

“Don’t they remind you of somepony?” asked Discord slightly annoyed, “As if they were related to a certain princess sisters?”

“Impossible they can’t be” spoke Twilight, as her eyes widen at the realization.

“But they are” mused Discord

“So you mean to tell me that Lord NightShade is the princesses’ grandfather?” asked Twilight, her mind began to spin with the overload of information, causing her to sit down.

“How are we even seeing this?” asked Twilight

“Because I took us here” answered Discord as he began to walk towards Twilight, “so you can possibly help us get rid of the darkness that threatens all of Equestria, I simply showed you this so you could better understand what we are facing.”

“This right here, is where he turns into a shadow of his own doing, and forever cursing his own blood line with the darkness of his own hatred” spoke Discord as he sat next to Twilight “She is alive you know?”

“Who?” asked Twilight, heaviness in her heart began to form as the words left his lips.

“Princess Celestia” answered Discord as he lifted the young alicorn up.

“Now what comes next might surprise you, but don’t worry” Discord spoke with a slight cheer in his voice.
Twilight looked at Discord with a slight hesitation to run away.

“I need you to give a message to your sweet friend Fluttershy” demanded Discord, as he grabbed Twilights horn.

“Why don’t you just tell her yourself” asked Twilight, she could feel the magic flowing back into her, through Discords grasp.

“Well funny thing you should ask, the darkness has completely drained me of my own magic, and we only have enough to send one of us back.” Discord spoke with a heavy sigh, but smiled at the teary alicorn that stood in front of him.

“Wait there has to be another way, I could figure something…” Twilight began, but Discord stopped her in mid-sentence.

“No, there are some things that cannot be changed and for once I am at peace.” Discord laughed at his own words, “ Look at me the god of chaos talking about being at peace with myself, ha”

Discord flicked Twilights nose and laughed.

“Well I guess I should be thanking you Twilight Sparkle, if it weren’t for you I would have never learned the true meaning of friendship, or what it means to be good to a friend” Discords voice was cracking, as tears fell from his eyes. “Now I’ve done it, here come the water works”

Discord swiped the tears from his eyes and looked at Twilight.

“Tell Fluttershy that she was the best friend a chaotic god could ever have, and that I would do anything to bring her friend back.” Discord spoke with a smile.

Before Twilight could say anything more; Discord teleported her back to the castle in her own time.

Twilight stood with her mouth open, as tears fell from her eyes, her voice was caught in her throat.

‘This can’t be real’ Twilight thought, but deep within her heart she knew.

Discord was gone.

Lord Nightshade

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A white alicorn mare ran as fast as she could down the long hallway. She was desperate to get away from the dangers that were following her. If they were to capture her then all her planning would be in vain.

Their hallowed growls echoed all around her, she knew that they were closing in on her. She couldn’t rest even though her legs burned from the many hours of running.

The mare came upon a large hall when she ran into somepony.

“Oww…” shouted the mare in pain, fear spread through her mind.

“Please…don’t…hurt” the mare began until she looked up at the pony she had ran into.

Her vision blurred by her tears, but she knew without a doubt that the pony in front of her was real.

“What’s going on?” asked the violet alicorn, who stood with a face of confusion and anger.

The white alicorn did not hear the question that the violet alicorn had ask, yet instead hugged the violet alicorn thanking the gods that she had found her.

“Oh Twilight… I am so happy to see you” said the white alicorn cheerfully, as she continued to hug Twilight.

“How do you know my name?” asked Twilight, who pushed the white alicorn away. “Who are you?”

The white alicorn felt a cold pain in her chest, when she realized why Twilight, a mare who grew up under her wing looked at her with cold eyes.

“Don’t you remember?” asked the white alicorn, her eyes staring deep into Twilights. “I was your mentor for so many years…”

Twilight stared at her preparing to attack.

“I’m Princess Celestia” the white alicorn spoke hoping that Twilight would remember her.

“Princess…Celestia?” spoke Twilight as if she were trying to recall a forgotten memory.

“Yes…please trust me, we must escape before they…” before Celestia could finish her sentence a loud screeching sound blared in the direction she had came from.

Celestia immediately began searching for the door she had been looking for; it was her only chance to find him.

“Follow me…this way!” rushed Celestia, as she pulled Twilight by the tail.

“What is going on…where are we?” Twilight asked as both of them ran at a quick pace.

“I believe we are in the forgotten kingdom, once ruled by the evil Lord Nightshade” Celestia answered, as she noticed a door that led to the only possible place he was being kept in. “Hurry…over here”

Celestia opened the door, whispering to Twilight to get in. As soon as her student ran through she closed the door shut. They both held the door closed, waiting to see if the monster that was hunting them would pass.

After a few minutes they assumed it was safe to move around quietly. Twilight illuminated the dark room using her magic.

Immediately Celestia could sense his presence, yet as she took a step forward her body began to fade away.

“No!” shouted Celestia angrily. “I was so close”

The chains that held her down rustled as she collapsed from exhausting her magic. The astral projection spell did not last very long and it would possibly be another hour till she could perform it once again.

The coolness of the ground slightly calmed her down.

“I know you are there” spoke Celestia. “I can sense your presence”

A figured emerged from the darkness in front of Celestia, its body was surrounded by a dark smoke.

“Did you really think you would get help from those who have forgotten you?” the figure spoke as it walked towards Celestia. “All they will remember is how you nearly destroyed them.”

Celestia felt rage flowing through her body, as she lifted herself up. The figure stood in front of her as it began to change its form.

“I would take deep pleasure in pulling your younger sister’s wings apart, one feather at a time” spoke the figure, as its voice began to change along with its appearance.

In an instance Celestia was staring at an exact replica of herself.

“Don’t you dare hurt her!” screamed Celestia, as she struggled to perform a bolt of magic.

“You don’t have the strength” laughed the replica, as it began to walk away. “Now watch as everyone you love dies!”

The replica vanished; its laugh echoed around the room.

Tears began to fall from Celestia’s eyes, as she began to summon all of her strength to perform another astral projection spell.

“Please ancient gods give me the strength I need to save my sister” Celestia prayed as her horn began to glow bright.

“Luna the darkness lies, you are not alone!” shouted Celestia, after attacking the replica who posed as Nightmare Moon.

Before she could say anything else the spell had worn off. Celestia’s tears fell from her eyes as she collapsed from exhaustion.

“So princess, you think you can do as you please!” the replica spoke with rage in its voice, as it reappeared from the shadows.

“Who…” Celestia began her body worm from the spells. “Who are you?”

“You wouldn’t remember me, but I remember you” the replica spoke as it grabbed her face. “You look just like your father, but with your mother’s eyes”

The replica began to change, as it continued to stare into Celestia’s eyes.

Celestia struggled to pull away; but the replicas grasp was firm.

“You know we have not felt this strong in so many years” The replica spoke as its form began to settle; it had turned into an old stallion with a dark coat and a midnight blue mane.

“You know who I am now, don’t you… granddaughter” spoke the stallion that stood in front of Celestia, tilting her face.

Celestia’s eyes widen with fear as the words left his mouth.

“Lord...Night…Shade” spoke Celestia in a weak tone, her vision began to blur.

“Yes…and soon I will have my revenge!” Lord Nightshade spoke his voice began to fade as Celestia blacked out.