• Published 21st Nov 2013
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The Death of Princess Celestia - Writingmare

Princess Celestia sets off to fight a darkness that is threatening all of Equestria.

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Elements of Harmony

"Good bye Twilight…" spoke a distant voice.

Twilight had awoken with-in a dark hall, which was lit up by large torches that hung from the walls.

"Hello?!" Twilight called out, hoping somepony would answer.

The silence was the only response she got.

Twilight wondered around the hall, searching for a way out.

The last thing she could remembered was the grand hall full of shadows, ash was all around her hoof, the smell of burnt flesh still lingered with in her nostrils.

Tears began to run down her face, in a flood of emotions.

"oh dear Luan….all those ponies…al..all…gone" Twilight felt her legs give, as she fell to the floor crying.

The sound of hoofs caused Twilight to stop crying, as the noise began to move closer to her.

"It might be the white alicorn" she thought, as sadness fled from her heart and was replaced with rage, for the murderer of those innocent ponies.

Her horn began to glow, as the hoof steps grew closer.

From across the hall ran a white alicorn colliding against Twilight nearly knocking her over.

"OWW…please don't hurt…." The white alicorn pleaded but then stopped as it looked at Twilight with tearful eyes.

Twilight looked puzzled at the cowering alicorn that stood before her.

"What is going on…?" Twilight asked before the white alicorn hugged her.

"Oh Twilight…I am so happy to see you" Said the white alicorn, hugging Twilight so hard.

"Who are you?" asked Twilight pushing the alicorn off of her.

"Don't you remember?... I was your mentor for so many years…I'm Princess Celestia" Said the white alicorn.

"Princess…Celestia?" Twilight felt like she had heard that name before but couldn't quite place its location, she continued to look a the alicorn with a puzzled stare, her horn still awaiting an attack.

"Yes…we must escape before they…" before the so called princess could finish, a loud screeching sound blared in the direction that the white alicorn had come from.

"Follow me...this way" rushed the white alicorn pulling Twilight by the tail.


Luna had immediately summoned the remaining Elements of harmony, to discuss and reveal the truth of the dangers that had risen.

Applejack was walking in front of the others as they arrived at the castle, they immediately knew something was terribly wrong.

"Oh my..what happened?" asked Fluttershy glancing at the ash ridden wall.

"Is…is..that..a pony?" Fluttershy screamed, points at the burnt remains of what used to be one of the Royal guards.

Everyone gasped at the realization that the grand hall was full of what seemed like shadows spread across different parts of the walls.

"Oh dear.. this isn't right" Rarity says as she moves and hugs Fluttershy who was now deeply sobbing, her mane soaked in tears.

"What 'n all of Equestria is this?" Applejack touched the ash, its grainy texture spread across the wall and on to her hoof.

Rainbow Dash flies to the ceiling touching the same ashy substance,

"Were they vaporized!?" asked Rainbow Dash, worry was spread across her face as she flies back towards the ground.

"Did any pony sur..sur….sur" spoke Pinkie Pie her voice shaking as she couldn't finish the sentence, tears began to roll down her face. Her once poofy man was now flat, the feeling of sadness was taking its toll.

"Girls I do apologize for the short notice…and this dire situation that I have brought you here to see, but there is a much more pressing matter at hand" said Luna walking towards them.

"Your friend, Princess Twilight, has been captured"

"What happened? where is she? and what is going on here?" Apple Jack asked. Her eyes staring straight at Luna, hopping to see an answer.

"I first need to tell you the truth, before I can explain what has happened today" Luna says as she begins to use her magic on the five ponies.


"So what is going on…where are we?" asked Twilight as she is running with the suppose Princess Celestia.

Twilight still couldn't shake the feeling she somewhat believed her, but how could she. She didn't even know who this pony was, for all she knew she could be dangerous.

"I believe we are in the Forgotten Kingdom, once ruled by the evil Lord NightShade." Celestia answered as she opened the door in front of them.

"Get in hurry" she whispered.

Twilight ran through the door, followed by the princess. The two held the door quietly awaiting the monster that was following them; to their luck the monster never came.

Twilight used her magic to illuminate the dark room they had entered.

"Princess I think we might be in the…" Twilight turned as she spoke, but the princess was nowhere to be.

"Princess?" called Twilght, walking around the dark room.

Twilight could hear a faint noise coming from the back, the noise sounded like chains slamming against stone. Increasing her magic light spell, she confirmed what she had feared.

The place they had walked it to was the torture room.


After casting a memory recovery spell on the five ponies, Luna began to explain their situation in better detail.

"So you see…" began Luna.

"The darkness that had turned you into nightmare moon a thousand years ago is in fact an old evil alicorn king that used dark magic and made himself into an evil shadow creature, and since we had broken the spell that was on you the darkness was now roaming freely destroying everything in equestrian, and it was on its way through the crystal empire. And Princess Celestia your sister, our original ruler went on a suicidal mission with Discord the spirit of chaos, to stop the darkness. She told you as soon as she was gone that you would erase everyponies memory in Equestira so that no pony would search of the truth about the darkness, but also she wanted to prevent everypony from feeling sad for the rest of their lives when losing a dear friend. Yet now there are attacks going around by a mysterious white alicorn that closely resembles your sister, and she has kidnapped Twilight for some odd reason. And without her the elements of harmony will not work anymore and that's why you brought us back here so we could go on a mission to save Twilight and save the world"
Pinkie Pie spoke rapidly, taking in a deep breath of air.

"Well by Starswirls beard" Luna spoke shocked at how much the pink mare knew.

"How did thou know of the details Pinkie Pie?" asked the still shocked princess.

"Well that's easy…" replied Pinkie smiling.

"Well?" asked Rainbow Dash annoyed.

"Well what?" questioned Pinkie Pie oblivious to her statement.

"Look never mind that" answered Apple Jack rubbing her head with her hoof. "This is still a bit confusing, but what's the plan your highness?"

To the left of Luna walked in a white Pegasus stallion with a black and white mane. His body was covered in old scars and scratches, his chest was straight out like a solder. He wore light tactical body armor that covered most of his vital organs.

"Let me introduce you to Lt. Legend of the Special Equestrian Task Force. He is the highest ranking assassin that we have here in the kingdom."

The five mares awed in amazement.

"He will be accompanying us to what we believe is the location of Twilight Sparkle" Luna said with her eyes on Lt. Legend.

Lt. Legend walked in front of the princess and spoke with a loud booming voice.

"Alright ladies, be prepped up and ready to go by dusk. We will meet here first, and check our supplies and weapons, before we walk to our destination located deep in the everfree forest." Lt. Legend ordered, saluting the five mares, his eyes coldly stared down at them.

The five mares saluted back before walking towards the door.

"Princess Permission to speak?" asked Lt. Legend

Princess Luna nodded in agreement.

"These five mares, are you sure they are strong enough for the task at hand?" Questioned Lt. Legend

"Don't under estimate these ponies, they are more powerful than they look" answered Princess Luna.

"More powerful?" Lt. Legend looked at the five mares as they walked away.