• Published 21st Nov 2013
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The Death of Princess Celestia - Writingmare

Princess Celestia sets off to fight a darkness that is threatening all of Equestria.

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Lost Memory

Upon arrival, Princess Luna immediately noticed the increase of the Royal Crystal Guards around the entire Crystal Empire. Princess Luna allowed her own personal guards to join forces with the Crystal Guards, while she attends to Princess Cadence.

Luna was shocked at the shear destruction of the Royal Crystal Castle. Most of the left wing was burnt to the ground. Tents were laid across the land, as the citizens tended to the many that were wounded.

Luna's heart sank as her hoof caught something that was lying on the ground; it was a small doll, its face half burnt as it laid next to a pile of ash. It took Luna a short while to realize that the pile of ash was in fact the remains of the dolls owner.

“What…who…would do such a thing” she thought as tears were forming. “I must be strong for these ponies”

Luna could only imagine how Princess Cadence was handling this situation.

By the time she entered the Crystal throne room, she knew the situation was much worse than she had anticipated. Cadence was in disarray, her eyes were red from the lack of sleep, and her hair was much paler than usual.

"Princess Cadence, my child…my dearest apologies for not arriving sooner" Luna said as she moved towards Cadence.

"It is alright Princess Luna, most of the situation had been handled, by the time I had sent out those letters" Regarded
Princess Cadence, as she moved off her throne, before falling down to the ground.

"Guards!" shouted Luna assisting Cadence back to the seat of the throne.

The Royal Crystal Guards arrived as quickly as possible, nearly a full army with weapons in hand.

Princess Cadence waves her hoof signaling them away.

"It is… fine I'm just tired, but rest can wait”, says Princess Cadence, she tries to stand once again, with the help of Princess Luna she is able to balance herself.

"You need rest, why must you push yourself" asked Princess Luna, walking along side Princess Cadence.

"What you need to see cannot wait any longer" says Princess Cadence; her face was full of horror, as she stares into Princess Luna’s eyes. "This cannot wait."


Twilight walked around the Canterlot castle halls, wondering why her mentor was acting really weird, since the letters she had received from her sister in law.

"Maybe it's just a simple meeting on expanding the Crystal Empire" Twilight thought as she made her way to the Royal Canterlot Archive room.

"Princess Twilight how are you today?" asked Writingmare the royal archive clerk.

Twilight smiled and ask the clerk if she had anything on old Canterlot dialect.

"Yes there might be some…oh hello…may I help you?” asked Writingmare, addressing a pony wearing a dark cloak, who had arrived just after Twilight.


"An Alicorn? Are you sure?" asked Luna staring at Cadence.

"Yes, I am sure of it" replied Cadence her gaze stern.

Princess Cadence now slightly rested, walked with Princess Luna to the chamber where Princess Celestia's old armor was being kept.

"Oh my.." Luna gasped at what was within the hidden room.

Shadows of ponies left against the wall, as if a huge solar flare blasted whatever pony stood between it and the wall, incinerating them instantly. Only one pony had the power to do that yet to Luna that was impossible.

"How?" Luna asked Cadence, Luna could feel her whole body shaking with fear.


"May I help you?..." was the last words out of Writingmares mouth as a large bolt of magic slammed against her killing her instantly.

Twilight stood still, shocked at the sight of Writingmare being killed, by the mare that stood before her.

The mare removed her hood to reveal herself as a white alicorn, something about this alicorn seemed firmiliar to Twilight.

"Princess…." The white alicorn said in a hollowed voice, as it began to charge up its horn for another attack.

Twilight just stood there looking at the mare unable to move, her body was shacking as tears began to fall from her eyes.

"Twi…light…" The white alicorn said as its eyes began to grow dark.


Luna walks towards one of the shadows against the wall and places a hoof against it. Within seconds, memories flooded her mind; she used her dream spell to access the last memory of the deceased pony.

She could see a cloaked pony walking up to the hidden door, the cloaked pony was stopped by the seven Royal Guards, the one she was looking through was named BlueLightning. The cloaked figure removed its cloak, ignoring the guards’ orders, as it began to charge its horn with magic and blasted the door with large enough heat that vaporized the guards instantly. Luna shocked at what she had witnessed, couldn't believe who the cloaked figure was



Twilight quickly ran down the hall, as the white alicorn continued to follow right behind her.

She couldn't believe that she was able to escape; luckily a royal guard had opened the door just in time for Twilight to get out of her shocked state and dodge the oncoming blast, which tore through the old archive room engulfing it in flames.

The royal guard then attacked the white alicorn, but was defeated with quick haste.

Twilight called for help, as she ran towards the grand hall.

She stopped near the entrance shocked by what was in front of her, as tears began to fall even more now than they did before.

"Why is this happening?" Twilight screamed, as the white alicorn touches her shoulder, the two stood in the grand hall surrounded by ash covered walls of shadow ponies that were once the Royal Guard.

"REVENGE" said the white alicorn as it spreads its wings and covers Twilight with them, both ponies disappearing in an instant.


"Princess Luna!" a Crystal guard rushes towards them his features full of concern.

"Yes, what is it?" said Luna with worry in her heart, knowing the identity of the killer couldn't possibly be true.

"Canterlot, your Highness, it has been attacked by a cloaked figure" said the Royal guard with deep sorrow.