• Published 21st Nov 2013
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The Death of Princess Celestia - Writingmare

Princess Celestia sets off to fight a darkness that is threatening all of Equestria.

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“Run! Everypony run!” Shouted Lt. Legend, at the two remaining mares, something was chasing after them and taking their friends one at a time. “Hurry we need to escape before….” Before Lt. Legend could finish he was swept away by a shadow instantly. The two mares nearly fell, as they stopped immediately, they were alone now.

“Princess…what are we going to do now?” asked Fluttershy shaking with fright, her legs felt as if they were made of jelly, all of her friends were taken and she didn’t know where they were.

Princess Luna looked around, her horn glowing with a bright light, “I assume this is what captured my men before” said Luna as she continued to look around them. “Fluttershy I believe that we must continue towards the castle in order to find our friends” spoke Luna who began to walk towards the East.

The light began to grow dim as the princess continued through the forest, Fluttershy instantly ran toward the princess, but was cut off when the trees began to close around the path the princess had taken.

“HELP!” shouted Fluttershy in a panic, her heart began to race. “Somepony any pony help!” she shouted even louder.

“Help….”Fluttershy cried, as she crouched to the ground curling herself into a ball. “please…”


Twilight could hear a soft voice coming from the far back of the torture room. After exploring the inner walls she had no choice but to venture towards the back.

“Princess…?” asked Twilight as she moved closer, to her surprise there was no bodies lying around as she would have expected.

“Ughhh" groaned a voice, which was directly in front of her.

Chills ran down her spine as she got closer

The smell had caught her off guard, chocking to keep the awful burning stench out; Twilight covered her face with one of her wings as she pushed forward.

Yet it was too much for the young mare to handle.

Twilight vomited at the first sight of a pony that was dismembered from the waist down. The smell of blood and ammonia was getting to her; her head began to spin out of control.
The body had armor still attached to what was left; it was one of the royal guards from the Crystal Empire.


Twilights ears twitched at the soft whisper.

"Twi…light…" the soft whisper began again

"Who's there?!" demanded a slightly scared Twilight, her horn increasing its brightness, she now realized that the floor was littered with dead bodies, as if leading her to the source of the whisper.

"Is…that…you….?" The soft whisper was closer now. Twilight moved the light towards the middle of the torture room. Her hoofs stepped on something that was moving. At first she thought it was a snake, but the mysterious figure that was whispering yelped in pain.

Twilight turned to her right where the yelp had originated, what she saw made her now empty stomach ball up inside.

"Twi…light…my…dear…is…that…you…?" said the Draconequus who had been chained to the wall, the Draconequus moved its hand against Twilights horn, touching the tip.

Twilight was frozen in fear as the Draconequus began to dim the brightness of her horn.

"To…Bright…" the Draconequus said, his hand was covered in blood as he took a firm grip of Twilights horn. ”Help…" said the Draconequus as it began to tighten its grip around her horn causing extreme pain as a bright light engulfed the two.


Applejack felt the ground on her back, the taste of dried blood still lingered in her mouth and the throbbing pain on the back her head.

"Ugh… what in blue blazes just happened?" Apple Jack asked rubbing her head, there was no response to her question, she was alone. After fumbling through the dim torchlight Apple Jack was able to understand her situation that she was in.

“Okay…first off I need to find my friends” she thought as she moved around the walls looking for a way out. The room she was in had no doors and no windows; there was only a small filly sized hole on the far end of the wall. “Maybe I can … just” Apple Jack says as she presses her body against the wall. “Now if I could just…” she placed both of her hind hoofs against the cracks of the small hole, “Move you stubborn mule of a wall” she says pressing hard against the wall. “Come on…” sweat began to drip off her face as she concentrated all of her strength on the crack. “Move!” she shouted in frustration. After a few attempts the wall began to crumble.

The hole she created was just wide enough for her to squeeze through “Yee ha! Now…let’s…get…out…” Apple Jack couldn’t believe her eyes, they must have been playing tricks on her she thought. “What in the…” what stood in front of her was no creature she had ever laid eyes on.

The sound of bones snapping sent chills running down her spine, its disfigured twisted form was turning its head towards her. Sounds escaped what looked like the creatures mouth, as if it were trying to speak.

Apple Jack moved slightly to the left of the hole, in response the creature moved its disfigured talons spreading them like wings howling at her.

Then without hesitation the creature began to run towards Apple Jack. She took no chances and instantly began to kick rocks at the fast approaching creature.


Fluttershy did not move from the corner of the dungeon, her tears still fresh from crying for help. There was no way out she thought to herself, after realizing that the room she was in had no windows or doors just a small torchlight that was slowly fading away.

“Please help…Twilight…RainbowDash…Rarity….PinkiePie…Apple…” before she could finish a large hole exploded from the wall in front of her.

Out of the smoke and rubble, stood a giant twisted monster that stared deep within her soul. Fluttershy immediately stood on all fours; her legs shook and trembled as she pulled the courage to face the beast.

“Go Away!” Fluttershy shouted as she spread her wings to shield herself in case of an attack. “Please go away!”

The creature looked frighten by her sudden movements, as it began to move away from the hole it had created. Fluttershy immediately saw an opportunity to escape and began to run towards the hole in the wall.

Before she could make her escape, the creature began to throw stones at her direction. Fluttershy, unable to move from her position, shielded herself with her own wings. The stones began to cut at her skin and tear away at her wings.

The creature slammed up against her body causing her to cry out in pain, as the creature bites down on her wing.

Fluttershy pushed the creature off of her and kicked it in the face, as she struggled towards her only means of escape.


The creature was crawling away, as Apple Jack moved in for the kill. She quickly pinned the creature down again, but as soon as she got near it, it began to lash out at her.

The creature’s claws made contact with Apple Jack’s face, as it pushes her off.

The hit was not as strong as she was expecting, but it was powerful enough to blur her vision.

“Please….don’t kill….me” pleaded the creature in its distorted voice. Apple Jack’s blurred vision of the creature began to change, it was then she realized who she was attacking.


Fluttershy couldn’t believe she was about to die.

The creature was just standing over her now, its teeth bared at her, but then it had stopped and began to write something on the ground next to her.


The creature was spelling out her name, as it continued to talk and write. Fluttershy began to understand the creature clearly its ugly groans were instead replaced with actual words.

“Apple Jack?” Fluttershy asked confused, as she rubbed her eyes. The creatures form began to change.


Apple Jack helped Fluttershy up, as they both came back to their senses.

“Sorry ‘bout hurting you earlier sugarcube”, apologized Apple Jack, placing a hoof over Fluttershy’s wing.

“It’s alright…what do you think was wrong with us?” asked Fluttershy flexing her wings. “And where is everypony else?”

“That is a good question” answered Apple Jack.

A loud scream echoed from the room across from them.

“That sounded like Rarity” said Apple Jack listening to the walls where the screaming had come from.

“Maybe she is in trouble” stated Fluttershy, fearing that something bad might be happening to her friend.

“Well come on let’s get out of her” says Apple Jack, as she positions her hind legs to kick down the wall, but before she could knock the wall down, a large boulder crashes right through nearly missing the earth pony.

From the hole in the wall flew in Rainbow dash screaming her head off, as Rarity charged from behind levitating a huge boulder after her.

“Stop Rarity!” shouted Apple Jack “whatever you are seeing is a lie, you are chasing Rainbow Dash”

“That is not Rainbow Dash that is an ugly monster that needs to DIE!” shouted Rarity slamming the rock just a few inches from Rainbow Dashes head.

“Guys she is trying to kill me!” shouted Rainbow Dash

Apple Jack immediately pins down Rarity.

“You need to snap to your senses” said Apple Jack, while struggling to keep the white unicorn down.

“Um…Rarity please don’t be mad at us” said Fluttershy in a soft whisper, that hardly anypony could hear.

“Rarity calm down you’re under some sort of spell” shouted Apple Jack holding Rarity firmly. “Stop struggling and listen.”

A loud slap crosses Rarity’s face; her white skin began to turn a bright pink around the location of the slap. Rarity’s mouth was opened in shock at the pony who had slapped her, a small tear ran down her cheek.

“Fluttershy!” Rarity gasped in shock.

“I’m sorry…you were just not calming down and…and…” Fluttershy began as tears formed in her eyes.

“Oh…sweetie no shhhhh….don’t cry, it was my fault” said Rarity, while she gave Fluttershy a hug and looked at the other two. “I am deeply sorry about what I was doing Rainbow Dash I didn’t”

“No need to apologize, its cool” said Rainbow Dash coyly.

“Okay gals, now we need to find Pinkie, Lt. Legend, Princess Luna, and Twilight, and get the buck out of her as fast as a possible” said Apple Jack walking through the hole that Rarity and Rainbow Dash had came from.

The others followed; the room was quite the same as the others, the dim touch light, the windowless and door less walls, all seemed similar except for the many large rocks pressed up against the wall.

Apple Jack was placing her head against the wall trying to listen in on anypony.

“It sounds like somepony is talking on the other side” said Apple Jack

“Rarity, could you throw one of those boulders in this spot here?” asked Apple Jack who made a large X on the spot she wanted the boulder to go.

“I can try” replied Rarity, her horn glowed as the boulder from the wall to their left began to levitate, sweat dripped from her head as she concentrated her magic to throw the large boulder exactly in the direction of the X.

The boulder crashed and broke a hole in the wall like it had done before, as the smoke cleared the four mares all gasped in unison at the bizarre sight they were seeing.


“Gold Fish!” shouted Pinkie Pie, as she slammed her cards on the makeshift table.

“I thought we were playing Poker?” asked Lt. Legend who was losing his nerve, since he lost his smokes.

“Old Maid!” shouted Pinkie Pie again.

“Ugh…do you even know what we are playing?” asked Lt. Legend

Within seconds of that sentence leaving his mouth the wall to the far back exploded, but neither of them moved. They were both too caught up in a game that neither of them knew what they were playing anymore.

“Oh hi girls!” shouted Pinkie Pie moving away from her cards to greet her friends.

“How come you guys aren’t killing each other?” asked Rainbow Dash.

“Well we were but after a while we found out that we were evenly matched, so we called a truce” said Legend as he began to pick up his playing cards.

“So where were you guys, we were playing Old maid that had a gold fish who was poking her, until you guys showed up, did you want to play?” asked Pinkie Pie smiling.

“Where is the Princess!” shouted Lt. Legend realizing that she was missing a little too late, he looked a Fluttershy for an answer.

“She….ran towards the Castle by herself” replied Fluttershy “I hope she is alright, we were cut off in the forest”

“The princess might need our help” Apple Jack said while walking towards Lt. Legend. “So where are we and how do we get out of here, before something bad happens”

“Let make our own exit and then I will brief you in on our location” said Lt. Legend as he throws a small device against the wall. “Everypony down now!”

A loud explosion shook the structure around them; the building around them began to disappear.

“We are already in the Castle” said Lt. Legend revealing that they were in fact in the grand hall of the castle. “Do not trust everything you see, this castle will dig deep into your most horrid nightmares and bring them to life”

“Now then let’s go find our princesses” shouted Pinkie Pie.

The five mares glanced at each other and nodded, all six moved even deeper into the castle, determined to find their friends and defeat the darkness that was within these walls.