• Published 21st Nov 2013
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The Death of Princess Celestia - Writingmare

Princess Celestia sets off to fight a darkness that is threatening all of Equestria.

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In Loving Memory

The wind blew through Celestia's hair, as she flew towards the now weakening Crystal Empire.

She could see the darkness pressing up against the Crystal Heart's Shield Spell as she got closer. Celestia could see the grim expressions that the Crystal Ponies were making; their sad faces were full of tears.

Most of the families that stayed were huddle together, making sure that they had the ones they loved around, when the end

Princess Celestia grew furious as she phased through the shield, she was greeted by the Crystal Royal Guards as they positioned themselves around the weakening shield.

The shield began to phase away, crumbling as the Crystal Heart began to grow cold. Without the Crystal Ponies love, the Crystal Heart could not hold for very long. Darkness was beginning to invade the outer part of the city.

"CRYSTAL GUARDS HEAR ME NOW!” commanded Princess Celestia in her Canterlot voice.


Celestia sighed deeply; sadden by the events that had claimed so many lives. Her horn grew bright, as light reflected against her armor giving her an angelic glow. She summoned her strength as she casted a new shield spell, causing the darkness to retreat from the outer parts of the Crystal Empire.

By the time the Royal Guards escorted the last of the Crystal Ponies, a shadowy figure had manifested itself from Celestia’s shadow.

"So Princess, how are you holding up?" Discord asks with a grin as he floats around Celestia’s head.
Ignoring his question Celestia continued her concentration on the spell.

"Discord I need you to suppress the darkness long enough for me to cast the sealing spell" Celestia orders while struggling to keep the force field up, as the darkness begins its decent against the Crytal Empire once again.

"Are you sure Princess?" Discord asked with a worry look on his usually mischievous face."I mean you know what will happen if you do this right?"

"I am well aware of the consequences I have already made arrangements, so please Discord help me save everypony" pleaded Celestia as she struggled with her current spell.

"Celestia…" Discord begins to say but stops, he places a hand towards Celestia's face, looking deep in her eyes.
Discord nods in acceptance as he flies up above the force field.

"Now to do what I was destined to do" Celestia thought as she concentrated all her magic, her memories began to flash in
her mind, and tears fell from her eyes as she released the spell.

"Good bye... Twilight"

Discord has suppressed the darkness long enough, as a bright light expanded and engulfed the darkness and everything around it including him.


Luna was the first to feel a sharp pain within her heart. It was then she knew her sister was no longer in the world of the living.

"Good bye Sister" Luna whispered as tears began to stream down her eyes.


Cadence was the second; she was escorting the Crystal Guards into the castle when she felt the pain in her chest. She looked towards her husband who also had tears in his eyes, he walked to comfort her.

"Good bye Princess Celestia" they both said holding each other closely


Twilight was reading a book on Alicorn Princess, when she noticed her eyes were dripping tears, but unaware why she had a great pain in her chest and was crying.

"Why do I feel sad?” she wondered, “Maybe I should ask the Princess?"

Twilight closed the book that she was reading and began to walk towards the grand hall.


Princess Luna, sadden by her sister’s death, remembers the order that her sister requested on the night of the meeting.

"Luna please, when I leave this realm, please erase every known existence of me” Celestia began as she stared at her sister.

"No one must know about the darkness, or the reason why they grew sad the day I died, but you will remember me as well as Princess Cadence, yet I do not want Twilight to feel the pain of losing me.”

"So please dearest sister grant me this final request, for the protection of Equestria.”

Luna's tears began to fall even more from the memory, she remembered how she refused at first and how her sister was right all along.

"Sister… I will always love you", Luna says as she performs the most powerful erasing spell that would cover all of Equestria.

As Luna is performing the spell Twilight walks in to the great hall.

"Princess Celes….." Twilight began but couldn't finish her sentence as everything was engulfed in a bright blue mist.