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    I will not apologize for art.  · Justice3442
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  • T Guess What's Coming to Dinner

    Apple Bloom is bringing over her ‘colt friend’ for dinner, but she and the rest of the apple family have some concerns that the Apple's matriarch may not be progressive enough to accept this new relationship.  · Justice3442
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  • T Most of the Cast is Replaced by Inanimate Objects

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  • T The Order of Things

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  • E A Newspaper Solves Everypony's Problem

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  • E Out Of Space

    Running low on pages to talk across the dimensional rift, Twilight reads what might be Sunset’s final message to her. However much to Twilight’s surprise, there’s also another message to a different pony.  · Justice3442
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  • T Strangerer Thing

    A strange other worldly portal shows up unexpectantly in Sugarcube Corner when Pinkie flubs the ingredients for a cake. It must be Thursday, amirite?  · Justice3442
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Dan & Pinkie Stuff · 6:52pm

Hola readers,

Today's surprise offering of Dan & Pinkie joy comes from not one, but two talents!

The first was a birthday present Nova Quill made for me a few weeks back.

You can find more of her wonderful art here.

The second is a lovely little ditty about the pains of being human for the first time and having to deal with that dreaded responsibility, putting on clothes. This comes from none other than FimFiction's cross-over writing powerhouse Tatsurou!

First you put on the bra, that infernal contraption

Of binding and torment and chest orb holding action

Loops on your arms with cups curved out

Slide all the way up with nary a pout

Limbs in the holes!

Limbs in the holes!

Limbs in the holes!

Limbs in the holes!

Set the orbs in the cups

Shift the loops further up

Stretch your arms round back

Close the clasp with a snap.

Panties are next, Pone!  Face Front!

Limbs in the holes!

Limbs in the holes!

Limbs in the holes!

Limbs in the holes!

After panties are shorts

Going all the way up

Zipper in front

your crotch to cup!

Pull up the zip!

Button up quick!

Then the shirt over top of it all-

Don't fall!

Limbs in the holes!

Limbs in the holes!

Limbs in the holes!

Limbs in the holes!

Head up top with arms straight stand!

Socks on the feet, not on the hands!

Shoes over socks and lace them up tight!

Does it really take a rap to make you get this right?

Limbs in the holes!

Limbs in the holes!

Limbs in the holes!

Limbs in the holes!

Word ugh, yo...

If you're a lover of ponies and crossover and NOT following Tatsurou, you've either not been paying attention or there's something wrong with your brain and you should see a doctor.

As always, thanks for reading!

Justice writes a little about Justice (Warning: may be lies).

He killed a bear when he was only three!

The bear was three that is(making it still an adult...bear), Justice was 25 and armed with a cannon that fired logging chain-saws.

He once summoned a demon using the Keys of Solomon because he was too lazy to rummage through his liquor cabinets to mix a cocktail for himself

Also, he's Prime Minister of Ecuador for reasons he's not entirely sure of.  Justice suspects drinking alcohol is involved, but that's just playing the odds.

He spends many days in front of a computer running SQL queries and making reports that present what those queries say in a visually pleasing way.  

Potentially related, he usually receives direct deposits to his bank account at regular intervals for a near identical amount of money. He secretly wonders if this is related to his database and reporting work or if he has a secret (potentially interstellar) admirer.

He's told he has a wife and daughter and that the three of them occupy a house in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, but he's yet to hire a private detective to confirm if this is true or not. He has confirmed he resides in a residence with at least four cats with other felines wandering in to steal the delicious cat-food he stockpiles in case of the Apocalypse, or if he gets peckish.

The amount of hippies and doughnuts with bacon on them in his general vicinity had led Justice to conclude he probably lives in or very near Portland, Oregon.

Social media hang-outs below.



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#296 · 1w, 2d ago · · ·


a writing style that doesn't make me want to take a melon baller to my eyesockets.

I have a friend or two that would vehemently disagree with that sentiment, which is why 70% of my stories have at least one "Goddammit, Syeekoh" comment in them.

#295 · 1w, 2d ago · · ·


Similarly, a thought occurred to me that I need to go through your ample story pile and read some stuff as you're slinging my kind of humor and also have a writing style that doesn't make me want to take a melon baller to my eyesockets.

#294 · 1w, 2d ago · · ·

It just occurred to me that I enjoy your stories but wasn't' following you yet.

#292 · 3w, 8h ago · · ·

Happy Birthday mate, if it's a bit late sorry, just spotted on DA Firimil.:pinkiehappy:

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