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How's it going, everyone? I've got something pretty amazing to share with you all today :twilightsmile:

So, a while back I was told that there was a group of Russian bronies who wanted to translate and publish Why am I Pinkie Pie?! Not only that, but they wanted to illustrate it!

I was incredibly excited about that, naturally. I mean, what writer wouldn't be? I waited as patiently as I could, and one day I got a PM with the pictures. And they blew my friggen' mind!

Seriously, check this out:

And those are just a few of them! Click here for the full album:

They're also on derpibooru, if you search for "Why am I Pinkie Pie"

Apparently, the book sold out in a few hours at rusbronycon, which is gratifying and humbling all at once. So, I want to send a quick "Thanks!" to the people who worked so hard on this, and to my Russian readers. You guys are amazing, and I wish I could read Russian, because I'd really love to have a copy of this book :pinkiehappy:

Actually, maybe I should see if there are any Russian language classes in my area... That would be cool.

A special thanks to Lalieri and dsp for all their hard work. It really blew my mind how good this all looked.

Truly, this was a

Heh :pinkiehappy:

Later, all!


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Glad to hear it! Thank you for taking the time to say so, I really appreciate it!

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Your stories have repeatedly brought joy to my life during otherwise trying times.  I didn't have an account to comment on them at the time (finally caved a couple of months ago), so, since I find myself re-reading some of my favorite scenes from Project: Sunflower at the moment, I thought I shold take a moment to say thank you.  So thanks for doing what you do; it has been a boon to me.

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>>2321952 Okay, I see. Thanks!

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I started that a couple days ago and was going to finish it today, but ran out of time. I'll try to get it done tomorrow (Tuesday) some time.

#448 · 13w, 6d ago · · ·

Um... When are you going to reply to that PM I sent you ages ago?

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