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  • 4w, 3d
    You guys must like tacos

    100+ likes on Taking Another Career Option (henceforth: T.A.C.O.) in under a week leads me to believe this blog entry's title is true.  Here I was worried folks would take exception to my writing an Equestria Girls story, or even my jumping on the "Sonata loves tacos" bandwagon.  But no, turns out you guys just rock!  Thanks so much for the support, as always it is appreciated and humbles me that so many of you find enjoyment in one of my stories.

    As I said in my author's notes for T.A.C.O., I'd been wanting to write an EqG story for a long time now.  My earliest ideas were to do a series of stories about Sunset Shimmer being reformed with the help of the rest of the girls.  This was long before we knew Rainbow Rocks was going to be a thing, but a number of things conspired to keep me from actually tackling that idea.  Then we got Rainbow Rocks and, lo and behold, Sunset is redeemed and made a part of the human Mane 6.  So that pretty much scrapped my original story idea.  Seeing RR in the theater definitely sparked my creativity, though.  I had to write something.

    It's almost a given we're never going to see The Dazzlings again (watch me eat those words whenever the next EqG thing lands) so I figured that was my best bet and there is plenty of room to fudge things with these three.  The easiest target was Sonata, because let's all be honest here she's just plain cute.  At heart she's just a variation on Pinkie herself so it wasn't that difficult to get her characterization down.  The story practically wrote itself once I had the hook by which Sunset and Sonata would cross paths.  I purposefully left a door open at the end there for future stories with Sonata supposing that "anything's possible" with regards to Adagio and Aria possibly coming around as well, but I didn't want to bank on this being a thing until I received some feedback on T.A.C.O.

    And as I said at the beginning of this post, 100+ likes and a few dozen comments later, I get the sense that you guys like this idea.   So work has already begun on the first follow-up story to T.A.C.O.  Who's getting the treatment this time?  I'll leave that for you all guess for now, but you've got a 50/50 shot at being right.

    Yes, this is further putting off my follow-up story to Tarnished Feelings.  I know.  I kinda feel bad about that, but at the same time this is where my creative energy is going right now and I can't really force myself to write something my heart isn't in at the moment.  That story will get its time in the sun, but it likely won't be until after I've gotten this business with The Dazzlings put to bed.

    Again, I'm not going to put a timetable on when the next story will be done, but I'm definitely excited to be writing this story so we're not talking months.  It'll be posted as another one-shot story, but will certainly be linked to the events of T.A.C.O.

    Thank you all yet again for your support, and I'll have another blog post in the near future to let you all know when the next story is nearing completion.  Take care, and as always folks, shine like rainbows.

    2 comments · 30 views
  • 5w, 4d
    ESCP Update and More

    Head over to the ESCP Foundation for a new entry!

    So, I really enjoyed Rainbow Rocks.  A lot.  Enough that it sparked my creativity and has helped pull me out of my funk.  I've got a new story finished, but I'm going to hold off on posting it until Friday when Rainbow Rocks is set to air on Discovery Family.  It is an Equestria Girls story, my first one for that setting, and I had a lot of fun writing it.  I hope you all find it enjoyable, as I am considering more Equestria Girls stories for the future.

    Next up, though, is more work on my promised follow-up to Tarnished Feelings.  Yes, I remember I promised it and no I haven't abandoned it.  As I've said in a comment recently, real life happens.  Plus I've been in a writing funk for a while, plus there's the fact that writing isn't the only thing I do in my free time.  Work has begun on this story, though, and as soon as I have a good buffer of writing established I will be posting it.  I won't promise a solid timeframe just yet, but I'm aiming to be able to start posting things for it before the end of the month.  We'll see.

    So to recap: new ESCP case file entry, new Equestria Girls story coming Friday, and more things definitely on the horizon.  Barring the unforeseen, of course.  Thanks again to all of you who follow me and have liked my stories and left so many comments on them.  It's still incredibly humbling that so many of you have found my stories and have enjoyed them so much.  This is still the best fandom in the world, I honestly believe that.  Take care, everyone, and I'll see you back here Friday!

    0 comments · 13 views
  • 22w, 6d
    ESCP-6CLR & more on the way!

    No I didn't forget about this side project.  The end of a school year is a big deal for a parent too, after all.  Plus there have been other things lately keeping me occupied and away from writing.  But today we have our first ESCP case entry on the blog!  So pop on over and read up on this thing, and with summer here now and my free time being a bit more open I hope to get some more writing done for both the Foundation and the next story I'm working up.

    Click here to head over to The ESCP Foundation!

    0 comments · 63 views
  • 29w, 5d
    And Now For Something Completely Different

    The Equestria SCP Foundation

    Yeah, I'm doing this thing.  For real this time.  A scant few of you might remember that I originally wanted to do this here on FIMFiction.  The folks who run this site, however, don't like this kind of thing here.  So I figure Tumblr would be a better place for it.  A few quick notes about this project of mine:

    1. This is a side project, nothing more.  I will spend time on it here and there between working on stories but don't expect updates with any kind of regularity unless it somehow takes off and does spectacularly well.  I doubt that will happen because...

    2. This is not an art Tumblr.  It's a pseudo-story Tumblr.  That means text, not pretty pony pics.  Sorry to disappoint, but I am no artist.  If you want pony artist Tumblrs, there are hundreds of them out there.

    3. I am not working on this alone.  I have a long time friend and fellow SCP enthusiast who is helping me write some of the entries.  I will credit him with an entry whenever I post one of his works.

    4. This is likely not going to be a 100% perfect mimicry of The SCP Foundation, mainly because while I enjoy the style of that site I'm not really going to be as strict about adhering to it.  This is a fun side project for me and nothing more.  I welcome criticism and suggestions for how to improve entries, but please don't try and be a purist about stuff.

    So pop on over to the site, check out the first post, and if you like what you see and are intrigued give me a follow.  I'll likely post new blogs here on FIMFiction to announce when an update happens as well.  The first case file should be up later this week.  Hope you all enjoy it!

    2 comments · 115 views
  • 30w, 2d
    Secrets, Silver Spoon, and Some Other Stuff

    Okay, as promised I'm going to answer a few questions as well as comment on some things from Tarnished Feelings.  I'll also talk about upcoming writing projects I have in mind here, so let's get to it.

    What's your secret?

    Tabasco sauce on everything I eat and washing it down with scotch on the rocks. Yes, you heard it here, all of my writings are the children of drunken fever dreams. Now you too can be a slightly well-liked fic writer!

    My secret is this: I write the stories that I want to write.  Period.  That's all.  I get an idea in my head and go, "Okay, I want to see where I can take this concept."  That's really all there is to it.  Sometimes the ideas come from listening to music, sometimes they come from some artwork I see, sometimes they even just come to me out of the blue while I'm driving to or from work.  But ultimately what I write and share with the world are stories I want to write.  I don't take requests. I certainly don't take commissions. And as should be patently clear from Tarnished Feelings, I by and large do not bend to the pleas of my readers unless it's something that really needs re-working.

    The sheer number of people who asked to have Diamond Tiara have the taste slapped out of her mouth honestly surprised me.  And I get it, she's the kind of character in the show - and here as well - who seems devoid of any redeemable qualities.  I don't disagree with that notion in the slightest.  But the thing I hope you all understand by now is this story was never intended to be a revenge fantasy against her.  Tarnished Feelings had two core themes to it: forgiveness and moving on.  If Silver had just hauled off and knocked Diamond silly, would she have been justified for it after everything that happened?  Probably, yeah.  But that wouldn't have given her the closure she needed on her relationship with Diamond.  All it would've meant was that Diamond once again managed to bring out the worst in her just like always.  For Silver to move on, she had to let go of everything that has poisoned her personality for so long.  Think about that the next time you think someone "deserves" to be slapped for their behavior.  Is that really going to change anything for the better, or are you just giving in to the kind of negative feelings they want you to feel?

    And to bring this tangent back to my point, this story played out exactly how I planned it to all along.  That means yes, there is no comeuppance for Diamond Tiara here, but at the same time Silver Spoon got her clean slate and a new group of better friends who'll be there to help and support her going forward.  Of course, just because Diamond didn't get what's coming to her here doesn't mean karma's giving her a free ride.  More on that later.  Next!

    where you got your cover pic

    Found it where I find 95% of my favorite pony artwork: Derpibooru!  Here's the original Silver Spoon pic for you all.

    If I had a way of contacting the artist behind that image, I would thank them for just a spectacular piece of art.  Alas, there was no source given for the pic on the 'booru.

    What made you want to focus on Silver Spoon for this story?

    Season 2, Episode 12: Family Appreciation Day.  That was the catalyst for all of this.  Silver spontaneously burst into applause at the conclusion of Granny Smith's story about the foundation of Ponyville before anyone else in the class including Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.  To me, this spoke volumes.  Although it hasn't been touched on since then, this clearly showed that Silver has thoughts and feelings that are not dominated by Diamond Tiara.  So I wanted to explore the idea that of the two of them, Silver was the one more likely to try and make amends with the CMC.  To do that, she would need to be separate from Diamond.  So I concocted a disaster scenario wherein Silver was more or less broken down and then would begin her healing process by at least trying to set things right between herself and the others..  The rest is there for the reading.

    Will we get to see more of Silver Spoon's progress and Rarities and Art Deco's relationship or will you be diverting towards maybe other characters and plots?

    Art & Rarity will probably show up again as a cameo somewhere down the line, and Silver will be involved in future story events as well, but there are other stories that need writing and other characters that need attention.  Will I eventually cover the wedding?  Maybe.  I'll think about it, but it's not on my radar at the moment as far as other writing projects go.

    So what's next for me?  First, a lot of brainstorming and outlining.  Right now I don't have much else actually written apart from the starts of a couple of stories, neither of which is related to the Raiders/Tarnished timeline.  I prefer to have my stories outlined before I get started so I can make sure to stay on task while writing.  I've tried to just make things up as I go before, and while I turned out some stories that people did enjoy I wasn't all that pleased with the end results.  I'd rather have a plan set first and stick to it as best I can, altering it as I go if needed if some aspect of the story just isn't working out.  As far as what kind of stories I have in mind, here's a few quick teaser notes.

    - A more canon-faithful story focused on Applejack and a rather large and humorous misunderstanding.

    - An Equestria Girls story looking at how Sunset Shimmer starts her reformation process with the help of the other girls.  Could be a series, but only one story planned presently.

    - The next story in the Raiders/Tarnished setting will indeed be about Diamond Tiara and the aforementioned karmic backlash that she is due.  Not gonna lie, this one's going to be a challenge to write, but I look forward to it.  Actual writing on this will start after one of the other two stories is done and posted, though.

    That should cover everything for now.  Again, my thanks to everyone who's supported me and I'm delighted you've all enjoyed my stories as much as you have.  If you have any other questions, feel free to toss them my way.  Take care, and watch for something new from me in the weeks to come!

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  • ...

What started as a normal friendly visit ends up taking two ponies on a trip down memory lane that leads them both to realize their friendship began even before Rainbow Dash's first sonic rainboom.

First Published
24th Oct 2011
Last Modified
24th Oct 2011
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Confounded adorable fillies being adorable. That was definitely one of the better stories I've read.

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That was sooooo cute! :pinkiehappy:

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I always did like that comic, it was so adorable. I loved the sweet but simple story told here, but did I detect a hint of Star Wars there? :)

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You just made my day, made everything so much better. You took a meme and turned in such a well written and heart warming story just made made my day, and not just because you added Star Wars and Star Fox. Thank you ~Celestia's Paladin

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This story was cute, good work!

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I may have to read this everyday, for it is one of the sweetest and most adorable things I have ever read.:heart: This made my day

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Nice... bet you can't do a comic base on this!

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Eee! I remember first seeing that comic, it gave me such a cutegasm! X3 Nice story, it did quite a good job matching the cuteness of the comic. :twilightsmile:

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Absolutely loved it!

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Well done. Well done. :pinkiehappy:

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This story was so well written, I could literally feel the nostalgia. Sometimes nostalgia makes me want to shed a tear for some reason... even if it is someone or somepony else....

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....I think my heart just stopped....nope there it is.  Anyways, great job making a platinum story from a golden picture.  I highly recommend that you try to get this posted on EQD if you haven't already. The sheer volume of adorable-ness that this story exudes should net 6 stars instantly.

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excellent!, there is a lack of good short fics recently, this was a good one though.

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That was absolutely amazing! You took an adorable comic and made it into an adorable story, and it worked great!

Short, sweet, and I loved it. Absolutely perfect!

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Wow, what a great, fun little story, and so heartwarming! :heart:

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Oh dear, this story is delightful! The flashback is adorable and the story afterward is delightfully sweet. You've hit a homerun with this one, well done. I'd recommend this to EqD.

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That was funny. The dialogue seemed a bit forced, though, but overall I loved it.

Nice "do a barrel roll" in there.

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I loved this story. It's a shame that the ED pre-readers didn't like it. Oh well, their loss.

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great, you broke my d'aw-o-meter i hope you are happy now

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D'aaaaaaaawwww...:twilightsmile: That was such a sweet little story, and you did a fantastic job creating an entire event out of such a short little comic. Everything feels true to the show (hey, it's not like fanfics are the only ones dropping Star Wars references now, right?) and very well written.

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Every popular pony picture needs a fabulous fan-written fic. :twilightsmile:

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I approve of this.


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I just died from an overdose of "D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"

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Do a barrel roll! :duck:

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Awwwwwww.... So cute. BUT DAFFODIL SANDWICH SHOULD BE A CHARACTER TOO1!!1!:rainbowkiss:

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Everything they said.  But twice as much d'awww and general adorableness. :rainbowkiss:

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That expression on Twilight..o u o..... So much squee in this story! :heart:

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Frankly, I'd like to read that book they were reading. I wonder how would ponies write space operas.

Anyway, that story itself is a 5-star material. Short, sweet, D'aaawww inducing, and the characters are 'in character'.

#32 · 160w, 2d ago · · ·

So much D'awwwwwwww!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!

#33 · 157w, 6d ago · · ·

Heh, I saw that Haruhi reference there. Nice little touch to the story.

As for the comic if you haven't found the source:

The comic is in the description where it says B-B-B-Bonus!

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Such a nice little story, it's so adorable!! :yay:

We need more gems like this, so keep up the amazing work! :rainbowdetermined2:

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:derpyderp1: ......dude, that is a golden story! :twilightsmile: :raritystarry: THIS is why I LOVE PONIES! :rainbowlaugh: :pinkiehappy:

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I will be faving this, no doubt about that, FTW:pinkiehappy:

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so adorable!

*throws up rainbows of cuteness*:rainbowkiss:

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Awesome, I like it.

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Any more cuteness today and I'll probably die.

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D'aww.... Wait. Someone beat me to that.



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SOOOO CUTE :twilightsmile:

I say, I really like your stories. Imagining the two fillies playing was so funny. I've had the whole "would you ever want to be young and carefree again?" question in my head so many times, but I agree, nothing is better than now. I wouldn't want to go through my boring, lonely childhood again.

I think I'm gonna go find a bunch of fics about filly Twilight and d'aww all over them. You should write some! :pinkiehappy:

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Funny and cute... and a clever take on that meme-comic, too. Very well done.

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I want a mini Twilight! Cuteness explosion in my heart:heart::rainbowkiss::heart:

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Daaaww :pinkiesad2:  That was really cute

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What a gem this is :twilightsmile:

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cute and adorable.

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There is a gaping hole in my chest where my exploded. Twice.:pinkiehappy::yay::twilightsmile::raritywink::rainbowkiss::ajsmug:

So much cute!!!

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Speaking of which... where is my copy of the Book of Squee... for this must be added... :yay:

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There really isn't a response more appropriate than D'awww.

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This was beautiful. And I gotta ask did you purposefully reference Yuki Nagato in there? I know there were other obvious references in there but I loved that one. Twilight is a perfect character for a Yuki reference :pinkiehappy:

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