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  • T Trixie And Her Amazing Pet Changeling

    A lost and starving changeling encounters a broke and desperate Trixie. It works out better than expected.  · Georg
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  • T Thou Shalt Not Eat Of The Tree

    In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Pony discuss life, truth, and ear scratches.  · Georg
    2,451 words · 795 views  ·  136  ·  4
  • T There Goes The Neighborhood

    At one time, Mount Olympus was the home of the Greek gods. Then they let the first pony in. There goes the neighborhood  · Georg
    23,993 words · 3,481 views  ·  671  ·  17 · sex
  • T The Adultery of Princess Twilight Sparkle

    Tensions between the Royal Sisters flare when Princess Luna is caught teaching the innocent young Princess Twilight Sparkle the pleasures of adultery.  · Georg
    5,045 words · 3,097 views  ·  421  ·  37 · sex
  • T Written Off

    Georg's entries in the Writeoff.me contests and the stories behind the stories  · Georg
    25,986 words · 352 views  ·  43  ·  2
  • T Buggy and the Beast

    When a critically injured changeling is discovered by the ugliest and most disagreeable unicorn stallion in Baltimare, her only hope for survival is to somehow help them both to feel love again.  · Georg
    82,836 words · 3,614 views  ·  799  ·  20 · sex
  • E Trixie's Fire in the Blood

    The Great and Powerful Trixie returns home in defeat. Can Grand-Père Presto’s magic gumbo give her the confidence to be great and powerful again?  · Georg
    10,552 words · 1,856 views  ·  180  ·  3
  • T Seven Brides for Seven Changelings

    Chrysalis sends seven changelings to Ponyville in a clever attempt to break up the Elements of Harmony. Things do not go according to plan for either the changelings or the ponies.  · Georg
    5,976 words · 9,569 views  ·  1,541  ·  37 · sex
  • E Hearth Warming's Trappings

    As a rebellious teenager, Twilight Sparkle set a trap for Santa Hooves in order to prove he did not exist. She failed spectacularly.  · Georg
    5,924 words · 2,746 views  ·  444  ·  11
  • T The Elements of Maternity

    There are many things that true friends should do together in a group. Delivering foals is not one of them.  · Georg
    8,012 words · 8,338 views  ·  821  ·  39 · sex

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  • On a Cross and Arrow Twilight and her five friends are transported across dimensions to... Ponyville, Equestria? But not the same one they knew. by Conner Cogwork 86,362 words · 51,338 views · 4,063 likes · 87 dislikes
  • Whom the Princesses Would Destroy... Behind the scenes of a perfectly normal visit to Canterlot lies chaos. Also, custard. by GhostOfHeraclitus 19,758 words · 32,479 views · 2,522 likes · 34 dislikes
  • The Magician and the Detective Has Holmes met his match, in either sense, in the travelling showpony Trixie? by Bad Horse 14,788 words · 6,641 views · 364 likes · 9 dislikes
  • Past Sins Can Nightmare Moon, reborn without her hate, ever escape her past? by Pen Stroke 203,015 words · 131,676 views · 10,454 likes · 360 dislikes
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>>2280199 Heh.  Yes, I'm considering it.  I should mark that sucker Hiatus or something.  I'm flooded right now with finishing Child of Nightmares and Everfree before the end of October, and the sequel to The One Who Got Away at about the same time.  I may find time to pop up a chapter or two on it, but not right now.  Thanks for the attention.  I have more Trixie and Twilight (not together, unfortunately) in my list for your enjoyment while waiting.

#126 · 2d, 6h ago · · ·

Hello Georg,

I'm doing the sad work of clearing out my Out of Print bookshelf - those unfinished stories that haven't been touched in over a year, and while many of the authors of these almost-stories have been MIA for half a year if not longer, I ran across one of your stories...  and you're still here!

So, is there any  chance on continuing this Twixie? story anytime in the future, or should I just chalk this one up to thought-it-was-a-good-idea-at-the-time? I know that you're probably busy with other works, but I really would hate to see that story go into the winds with out being told.



#125 · 2w, 4d ago · · ·

Thanks for the fave on Pas de Deux. Glad you liked it! :yay:

#124 · 4w, 1d ago · · ·

...how the fux do I pronounce your username?

#123 · 12w, 2d ago · · ·

It was nice meeting you at the con, sir!

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  • Escort Flight On Hearth’s Warming Eve, Pumpernickel discovers one of the truly unique responsibilities of the Night Guard as he escorts a certain jolly fat reindeer on a whirlwind tour of Equestria. by Georg 3,867 words · 1,611 views · 199 likes · 1 dislikes

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Tuesday, and time for Georg to plug some of his favorite stories and point to some recent ones which need a little loving.

First, the new My Fluttering Heart by Titanium Dragon, in which a young Flurry Heart wonders why her none of her siblings are alicorns too.  Falls close enough to my story Shining Armor and Son that I thought you guys (twisted humors and all) would enjoy it too.

Then two established romances, Lovey Dovey and the business Pony and Lovey Dovey and the Uncertain Stallion (uncomplete), both of which are delightful forays into the silly and heart-filled world of Equestria’s greatest matchmaker and the most difficult match she is tasked to find.

Then an underappreciated short story brought to my attention by Seattles Angels,  One Night In A Storm where a pony and a gryphon are trapped in a cave during a fierce storm and leave changed in a way neither expected.

And an oldie but a goodie that I’ve always appreciated, Erase and Rewind about an odd orphan who can not find a family and the odder pony who is determined to adopt her, regardless of the risk.


"They didn't even tell me your name," he said. "That's why I'm here. To talk with you. I wanted to hear it from you."

She glanced at the door, then back at him. "If you adopt me, you'll die."

"Why? Are you a serial killer or something?"

"No. Probably. But I've been in and out of this place eight times so far." She leaned closer and whispered. "They always die, and it's never my fault.”

He frowned at her. "Who's fault is it, then?"

She shrugged. "Nopony's fault. It just happens."