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Hello all, Fullmetal Pony here! Oh, this is that bio thing, right? Well let's see, I'll pretty much write anything that comes to my mind. Why the name?  FMA is awesome Why the avatar? One Piece is eve


Hey all,

First off, I want to apologize for the lag there's been lately, Real Life has been super busy securing my job and getting things in order for it, so I haven't had much time to write (if you're wondering why Heavy Crown got a new chapter, that was written back in March)

This has given me a bit of time to reflect on my stories though and looking back at My Little Pirates, I really don't think the past few chapters have been in the spirit of one piece and have essentially been saying the same thing: they're training, and continuing on with doing that would be at least another 2 chapters of training plus some breaks to focus on the other characters.

I think the gist of what happens in the training could be said in a few paragraphs now in a latter chapter and shown in much greater detail with actual fights then just training (this isn't a Bleach crossover after all).

But I do value reader opinion as well, so leave a comment on what you think, but in all likelihood I'm going to be getting rid of a majority of the past 3 chapters and kick the plot into gear.

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Hey dude, read MLP:LAiE, and I loved it. Thank you for that wondrous thing.

I myself am writing a One Piece fic, and I was wondering if you know of a good place (or some people) who could edit/preread it?

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hey i just wanted to ask since your name is fullmetal pony and you said the fma is awesome (i love it too ^^) have you ever try to write a fma crossover story?

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I'm glad you're enjoying my story Reformation Buddies thus far.  I hope it continues to entertain you. :twilightsmile:

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Hey, how's it going with A Heavy Crown?

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I'm an addict and I need my dose of Ponyfall. :flutterrage:


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