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I don't really like it.

I enjoy some of the concepts the show has (otherwise With Stings Attached wouldn't be a thing), but the characters and plot don't mesh with me.

It might be that the plot feels tacked on to just move from one fight scene to another. The limited animation between fights definitely speaks for that. There's this unfinished quality to it, not helped by the fact that Trigger only finished the last episode within 18 hours of it airing. On the level of international release, this comes off as ridiculous and unprofessional and it shows in various areas throughout the show, especially in the later episodes which see a much greater increase in the shock values (Read: Anything Ragyo does)

I'm not saying that calling out the portrayals of woman in anime is bad. Heck that was what made Kill distinguished in the beginning, but that position quickly eroded to "Look at how creepy Ragyo is! You guys feel awkward for you slashfics now? Put in another bath scene!" It got the point for me where is just felt like a viewer grab that served no other purpose than to keep people watching for the shock value. That's not a sign of s strong plot.


See how ridiculous that looks typed? I'm fine with Gamagori doing it because that's a unique trait of his, but it becomes dull when every character, if you were to look at the scripts, essentially has exclamation points on every single line they give.

So, yeah. Love the sentient clothing idea, but the rest not so much.

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King Sombra is a good villain

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I like your username.

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What episode are you at?I'm at episode 616,which is the current episode.

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