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  • E Going Anywhere

    Who knows who you'll end up sitting next to on your next train ride?  · Eakin
    3,634 words · 3,816 views  ·  689  ·  12
  • T The Last Days of Parrsboro

    An unusual earthquake may be the end for a little coastal town, and the start of something new for the world beyond  · Eakin
    4,674 words · 927 views  ·  140  ·  5 · gore
  • E The Mare Behind the Mare

    Thrown into an entirely unfamiliar world of intrigue and politics, Princess Twilight finds herself struggling to adjust. Luckily, Rarity is there to help her adapt.  · Eakin
    9,688 words · 2,447 views  ·  427  ·  8
  • T Magnum Opus Dissonance

    Octavia is successful, if not happy.  · Eakin
    2,539 words · 1,309 views  ·  153  ·  5
  • E I Can Wait

    Rainbow Dash waits for Applejack  · Eakin
    4,897 words · 5,207 views  ·  765  ·  25
  • E Cutie Mark Crusadicorn

    The CMC and Princess Twilight swap bodies  · Eakin
    13,544 words · 5,724 views  ·  492  ·  15
  • E Friendship is Optimal: Broken Bird

    In one small Amish community, the appearance of an injured Pinkiebot will change everything for one little girl and her family  · Eakin
    4,322 words · 2,023 views  ·  211  ·  12
  • T Instability

    Twilight tries to return to the past and warn herself of Tirek's escape  · Eakin
    1,528 words · 3,609 views  ·  433  ·  15
  • E Facebook Buys Ponyville

    Twilight Sparkle vs. social media  · Eakin
    4,339 words · 6,534 views  ·  898  ·  25
  • T The Moon Glows Gently

    Luna always follows her heart. That's not necessarily a good thing.  · Eakin
    8,776 words · 5,479 views  ·  767  ·  8

Twilight Being Awesome

  • Hard Reset Twilight gives her life to stop a changeling invasion. Repeatedly. by Eakin 37,399 words · 60,466 views · 6,237 likes · 99 dislikes
  • A Stitch in Time A sequel to Hard Reset by Eakin 70,648 words · 31,999 views · 4,262 likes · 66 dislikes
  • You Can Fight Fate Twilight discovers that the Elements of Harmony aren't as benevolent as she thought, and crosses time and space in order to stop them by Eakin 61,759 words · 19,200 views · 3,390 likes · 54 dislikes
  • Duel Nature After a close call, Twilight learns to defend herself by Eakin 61,245 words · 11,109 views · 1,300 likes · 56 dislikes
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#387 · 3w, 1d ago · · ·


Not yet, but if I ever do I'll make sure it's findable from here.

#386 · 3w, 3d ago · · ·

Do you post any written work anywhere else? DA possibly? If so I'd love to check it out even if it isnt pony. :twilightsmile:

#385 · 7w, 21h ago · · ·


I just random dropped by, thinking, "not seen Eakin around anywhere for ages..."  

Dang. But that's how it goes, I guess. Sadly, this sort of thing seems to be pretty endemic these days; a lot of the greats have moved on or just stopped now.

(I 'spose I can't talk, my time is a little more limited these days as well, not that anyone could accuse me of being one of the aforementioned.)

(Even the GitP ponythread is very quiet these days. even with the new season upon us.)

#384 · 11w, 4d ago · · ·


Oh, also: I noticed your writing had dropped off, but I don't think I've ever seen you get the multi-week logout time that people who make a clean break, or even go on random hiatuses (like me), often have.  Does this mean you're still reading?  I hope so; I get how "all or nothing" could apply to writing, but I'd want you to keep enjoying the site somehow if you can.

(Also also: thanks for all your great horsewords, please don't take any of this as whining that you owe us more free labor, hope the aforementioned changes in your life are going well, etc. -- not to be glib, but I'm never sure how authors feel about these questions and therefore how to phrase stuff like this.)

#383 · 11w, 4d ago · · ·


I came checking what your status was because I was curious if you still had plans for Friendship is Optimal: The Movie.  Then again, life, and my RiL list, provide many opportunities in the fullness of time, so I'd kind of prefer to wait and see if you ever do get a chance to finish it.

I would love some confirmation that A Scent of the Fine Life/Taste II: The Tastening would involve Ebby's douchebag ex getting his comeuppance, even if the story never gets written.  Seeing you seamlessly connect FiM canon to bloody magical war, PTSD, and skull-rape in the time loop trilogy was awesome, yet seeing you connect it to gulags and untouchable corrupt nobles in Taste was surprisingly upsetting.  (I assume the difference is because "Twilight Sparkle wrecks shit" and "Scootaloo gets a loving family" are satisfying in very different ways.  Or because it's easier for me to accept gross bug things as evil than cute ponies.  Or because I'm a lot more likely to encounter abuses of authority than I am to get trapped in a time loop...)

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