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3:10 to Write Off! · 9:09pm

If you aren't already aware, there's a Write Off happening today. So if you think you can crank out 400-750 words in the next 21 hours you can get in on it too! The prompt is 'Famous Last Words,' for those who are interested.

I've already finished my entry, which will be visible in my compilation in the next few minutes when judging is over (apparently it has to stay anonymous until judging ends, so you'll have to wait a bit longer. Sorry!) even if you aren't interested. But if you've wanted to jump into horse words and maybe make a couple bucks at the same time, now's a great chance to do it!

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It still impresses me that Al ran down five flights of stairs while doing a costume change to make that work in a single shot. He's the man.

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>>1350624 No, you're just tacky. You get the Tacky song.

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Great seeing you both. Here's to next year!

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It was awesome to meet you at the con!

~Skeeter The Lurker

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I will! The 10 AM fanfic panel tomorrow morning is probably your best bet, but I'll be around all weekend

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