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I want to thank everyone who sent me emails, PMs, and comments supporting me in the wake of my grandfather's death. I can't believe so many people, people I've never even seen in person, would go to these lengths just to let me know that I'm in their prayers.

Now obviously, I'm not going to keep posting about my Paw Paw's death, but I'm still reeling from it. My battle with depression and financial problems in the previous months before choked my creativity to the point where my output trickled down to nothing. I don't think I've updated anything in months, and the most I've written is maybe a couple of paragraphs.

But that doesn't mean this account is going dead. This means I'm going to pick up the pieces and try again.

For starters, I'm thinking of putting more of my stories on, possibly even Deviantart (though honestly I kinda dread the place). Let me know if you have any advice to give in that area -- I don't wanna jump in and get in over my head. I've had enough of that kind of shit IRL, thank you very much.

As far as my stories go, you'll be pleased that I just finished jotting down the story outline for not one, but two story arcs in Equestrylvania Adventure: one in which Twilight meets Charlotte's mentor, and another which sees the return of easily one of my most favorite Castlevania villains, as well as a dream team-up. I'm using these two to buy me some more time for EqV II (Since I made the mistake of starting that story without a clear indication of where to go. I'm just as lost as RD is right now!). Hopefully, I'll be able to straighten out what I wanna do with EqV II in time for Christmas (And I already have some awesome ideas I wanna use for it... you know, after I rejected quite a few other ideas I wanted to use). So throughout October and November, at least expect the occasional Adventure update. These two arcs are both two-parters, so it shouldn't take me too much effort.

I'm planning also to write some essay blogs on how to produce decent fiction. I see my friends on this site doing that kind of thing all the time, and I feel my two cents are worth something. Of course, it's only two cents, but hey.

Also! Before I forget, even though my precious, precious time has become even more precious, I'm working on yet another MLP crossover. Maybe I'll even produce some cover art for it finally. As for what the crossover IS, let's just say it's really Halloween-appropriate.

Well, I'm done hammering these keys. Ironically, this is the most writing I've done in a week. Love you guys very much, without you this account wouldn't mean anything, God bless.

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You can annoy me right here:

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>>1316312 Horribly. I've been in a writing funk as of late, between being busy and being sick (almost all better now. :twilightsmile:) I have the Idea, I just need to put it down on paper. :applejackunsure:

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Tired. Trying to work out more and eat right. Turns out physical health can affect your mental health.

So how goes your contribution to the project?

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Hi Brony_Fife! How are you?:pinkiehappy:

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