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Moving · 5:44pm

From my apartment, not the site. (Not that such a thing would be a big loss for either party.)

And on top of that, I have to work all spring break!

So there may not be an update for a while. So like usual. I guess I'm just posting this to let everyone know I'm not dead.

And April 5th. Excited? Very.

Brony_Fife · 34 views · Report
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#94 · 6d, 21h ago · · ·

Sorry, I accidentally unclicked the eyeball D:

#93 · 9w, 3d ago · · ·


So far, besides you, nobody.

But I did get a couple of Scottish bronies who thought I was from Fife, Scotland. Easily one of the funniest things I've ever experienced.

#92 · 9w, 3d ago · · ·

I wonder how many people actually get the reference that your name is? :twilightsheepish:

#91 · 12w, 5h ago · · ·

The author of the awesomely awesome Equestrylvania is watching me? I'm not worthy! :raritycry:

But seriously, thank you for the watch. I'll do my best to make sure I continue to earn it. :pinkiehappy:

#90 · 17w, 5d ago · · ·

I'm glad you're enjoying my story Reformation Buddies thus far.  I hope it continues to entertain you. :twilightsmile:

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