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  • Monday
    Aftermath of a Fallen Start Readings

    [url= ]Neighrator Pony [/url]does it again with a lot of these. I've been meaning to post them all over time, but I got caught up in other stuff. Enjoy!

    1 comments · 64 views
  • Sunday
    The Spongebob Poll Winner: Idiot Box

    3 comments · 78 views
  • 6d, 43m
    This Random Comedy Idea Is Up For Adoption (But I'm giving it to somebody who is really REALLY good)

    This adoption is gonna be a bit different from my previous adoptions. For one thing, this focuses on one story and one story only. It's a humor/random/crackfic/whatever idea that I got and I've shown a lot of people I know. They loved it, and said this could be a really big thing. Problem is, I don't have time to do it. I have too many fic on my plate to deal with this. But I do want to see it come to life.

    This idea I will only give to somebody who not only wants it, but has experience with funny fics, writes well, and has free time. It has to be somebody experience and if nobody shows up I'm gonna look for people to give this idea too (You can even suggest to other people to try and adopt it from me if you think they can be up for the task). So if I feel your not up to writing this fic, I won't give it to you.

    Here is the basic plot:

    The idea is that Twilight sought to experiment with the  mirror pool a bit more. So she had a clone of her made and gave it basic functions. However, it screws up and accidentally killed her. When she wakes up she find out she's still in her body and everything is fine, but she goes outside and finds the town in a state of mourning, for her. She spies on her own funeral where she sees herself in a casket. She can rule out being a ghost since she still feels pain and enters the ceremony shocking everypony. At first they accuse her of being a changeling, but in truth, she realizes she's in her clone's body.

    Celestia and Luna do some scans and it's indeed Twilight with the same mind and soul, but her corpse is still there. She then realizes that her soul and mind must have sought out the clone instead. Everypony is just thankful she's alive (however, they continue with the funeral, burial and partly by the demands of Pinkie since she worked so hard for everything to be made and don't like seeing party stuff get to waste, plus Twilight admits she always wanted to go through her own funeral).

    Twilight theorizes that the clones from the mirror pool can allow ponies souls and minds upon death to travel to their living bodies like beacons and take over. Rainbow Dash pretty much says that the clones can be a way to prevent their real deaths. Twilight says she wants to experiment, but finds it too dangerous and decides to leave things as they are. Rainbow, naturally, figures she can abuse this by doing really dangerous stunts, and clones herself. She manages to do a really dangerous stunt that ends up killing her, but sure enough, she wakes up in her clone's body and crashes her own funeral, proving, much to Twilight's anger, that her theory was real

    Naturally, when everypony learns they can cheat death, they abuse the hell out of the mirror pool

    And from there the fic goes in whatever crazy direction the writer wants. If you are interested in doing this fic or you know somebody who might be good for it, please mention it. Remember, I will not give this to first come first serve. I will give it to whoever I feel can do this justice. And I will assist in helping it made.

    Hope I find somebody good for it.

    14 comments · 122 views
  • 6d, 13h
    Depression: The Number One Growing Disorder in the Western World

    There is a problem growing not just in the Western World, but for our generation: depression. Over the past few months I've learned a lot of things from some friends of mine that scare me and I felt I need to do something about it. So I've decided to post this blog post. I'm sure we've all seen blog posts of people who are suffering from depression, or are having struggles in their lives and they can't explain why. Sure, sometimes we take everything in the internet not that seriously, but sometimes those people are real and they are asking for help. I myself have never had to go through depression, but I have had both family members and friends with it.

    The No.1 psychological disorder in the western world is Depression and it's hitting us young adults around the ages of 25-29 and, slowly, it's even going lower to that of teens in high school. I know at least ten or so people alone who either have this disorder, or know somebody who has this disorder both mild and serious. It ruins lives and most of us aren't aware of who may or may not have it.

    If you know somebody who has depression, or you yourself may be depressed, the first and foremost thing is  to see somebody and get on therapy. You may also want to look at sites or groups that are willing to help people with depression such as and There are also sites where you can donate money into depression research.

    While I am no professional myself, some well known signs if people are having depression are the following:

    You can’t sleep or you sleep too much

    You can’t concentrate or find that previously easy tasks are now difficult

    You feel hopeless and helpless

    You can’t control your negative thoughts, no matter how much you try

    You have lost your appetite or you can’t stop eating

    You are much more irritable, short-tempered, or aggressive than usual

    You talk less to your family and friends

    You’re consuming more alcohol than normal, taking drugs, or engaging in other reckless behavior

    You are causing self-harm to yourself

    You have mood swings from happy to anger to sad and you can't control them.

    You have thoughts that life is not worth living (seek help immediately if this is the case)

    Any of these signs may be signs of depression or possibly other mental illnesses that you are experiencing too. Nevertheless, if you are somebody who has these signs, or knows somebody who has them. You need to seek help ASAP.

    It also helps to talk about it, either with your friends, family, doctors, therapists, clergy, and more to talk about your feelings and seek professional and medical help. Nobody wants to lose somebody to depression and it's up to us to help make a difference. Spread the word through your communities, join or set up fundraisers, or even write or draw about depression to send a message. Even something as this blog post may help save a life.

    And I pray that one day we'll be able to do that.

    31 comments · 225 views
  • ...

Applejack has always had a secret dream, one that some ponies would find strange for the tomboyish farmer. She's always wanted somepony to treat her to a special romantic night, while being treated like a real lady. Turns out all she had to do was have a certain rainbow-maned pegasus catch her in a dress.  Such an awkward moment will lead them to a night neither will ever forget.


Also on Equestria Daily

First Published
5th Jan 2013
Last Modified
12th Jun 2013
#1 · 98w, 4d ago · 33 · 2 · Treating Her Right ·

Live long and Dash Apples.

>>1906743 Holy god Regi.  Where the hell have you been?

>>1906757  Yeah ever since your ban. :trixieshiftright:


>Implying that was my first ban.


Does this mean that you have fallen behind on your total comment count?

No of course not.  How silly of me :twilightsheepish:

>>1906772 OK, your most recent ban :ajbemused:

Four thumbs up and three thumbs down already. Not the most comforting of starts...


Psh, wait till people besides Regidar read it :twilightsmile:  you need to give it a bit more time :pinkiesmile:

Besides, some people just downvote things cause they don't like the idea of the story, or the ship in the story etc :twilightangry2:

>>1906792 well welcome back to the land of the living anyways :ajsmug:

>>1906788 Don't forget, your dealing with a lot of biased hate.  it had 3 down with only one view right after posting :applejackunsure:


>Implying that I'm a bad thing

>>1906824 :ajbemused:

Gotta love that "judge a book by its cover" crowd...


Well on the plus side, if it wins or gets recognition in the contest it's bound to attract attention.  

>>1906839 lol yep, best of luck!

I just started writing my submission for it wednesday evening like an idiot. :facehoof:

hadn't planned on it til an idea popped in my head that night. :unsuresweetie:


What do you think of the story anyway?

haven't had a chance to check it out tbh.:ajsleepy:  Got it saved for later so i can try and get to it this weekend.

Still hammering away on mine.  I just saw the notification pop up and thought I'd watch it's progress.

Pisses me off the people that will just thumb it down without giving it a read though.


Well, to be fair, it might be bad. I am my own worst judge. I'd just like people telling me though why.

>>1906889 Certainly understandable.  I would love to give you an honest opinion when i get through it.  I'll admit, I like the concept.

I loved this with all my heart. :ajsmug::heart::rainbowkiss:


Yay! Positive Feedback! I l wuv you!:heart:

I loved it. If I could make one suggestion it would be to change the word transvestite with transgender (transvestite is actually a very derogatory term); other than that it was sweet, heartfelt, and a pleasure to read. Thank you.


More specifically judging a book by the section it is in.  :facehoof:

I have not read or rated this story.

>>1907040 Aye, that be true too.  Tis a sad thing to see in this fandom :ajsleepy:

SO ROMANTIC! :D :heart::heart::heart:


Implying that you are a bad thing?:facehoof:  Never.  Just that you must have read damn near everything on this site by now.

That was so sweet that I may need to get checked for cavities.  Har har har!

But really, all bad jokes aside, that was really well done.  Its too bad you got bombed with downvotes, but we all know this community can't handle the awesomeness of AppleDash.  Tis such a shame ...

Very nice story (fan of AppleDash myself), I thought your characterization of Applejack was spot on. Rainbow Dash, on the other hoof, seemed to be doing a bit too well of a job for someone whose whole intention was to set the night up as a role-play that (unintentionally) moved into something more (dropping an large undisclosed number of bits, knowing AJ liked Bucky Cash, the cake and songbirds, ect). She also seemed to jump at the idea of taking the role of the stallion rather fast (again, for someone who intended the night to be in effect a LARP). To me, RD's actions would make more sense as a whole if she already knew in her own heart she had romantic feelings for AJ but wasn't sure if AJ felt the same (the ''you helped my dream so I'm helping yours" being a coy cover-story should things not turn out in RD's favor).

Still, it was well paced, had it's funny moments, and overall a great read.

A good ship fic is always nice to read, and this one was done perfectly. You set up the 2 characters involved well, gave them both effective motivation, and let the others come in as extras in order to increase the idea. It had excellent pacing, and the actual characters you shipped didn't seem like they would never end up together (they are both particularly athletic and competitive ponies, after all). One thing you did that put you over the top, though, is not ruin their personalities. Dash didn't wear a dress for the date, as she would never do so in real life (and for other reasons), and she also kept her pranking personality throughout. Applejack, on the other hand, had perfect motivation for wanting such a night, as well as you having a nicely set up theatrical production that the real Applejack would enjoy. I can only find 2 faults with it; (1) the grammatical errors, for obvious reason, and (2) the fact that the other ponies were in the bush, which caused buckets of unnecessary cheesiness to be propelled onto the scene. I'll need to check out your other work, though, as this was really amazing.

This story

This story


Damn you for making it that perfect:raritycry:

I'm more of a fan of the Flutterdash ship but this was an extremely well written Appledash. Very good sir, have a moustache:moustache:

Absolutely gorgeous.  Cute, funny, never tawdry, this is an awesome little fic.  I can't believe it got so many down-votes.  The date was perhaps too perfect, but RD never struck me as a pony that would do something halfway, so it worked still.  Faved!:pinkiesmile:

Words cannot describe what I am feeling about this story.

So here's some thing that comes close.


*Passes out*


In other words, I loved it.

Lately, one of the things that I ignore in AppleDash fics is the immediate bomb of downvotes, mostly numbering from six to nine in a very short amount of time. So so far, this story is doing very well. Aside from the upvotes/downvotes, as for the story itself, I am truly speechless. I do not normally cry when I read.... but this story, I mean, just wow. And when I mean crying, I mean tears of joy. Tears caused from sadness? Those are a lot easier to cause upon someone rather than from happiness, which are common for sad fics.

I hope this story gets featured, because, in all honesty, it trully deserves it. P.S. Good luck in the contest! :ajsmug::heart::rainbowdetermined2:

Ten out of ten for this good ser.


If you could point out the grammatical errors that would be great. PM me please. Glad you and others like the fic so far.


Glad you liked it.:twilightsmile: NOW READ UPON WINGS ALREADY DAMNIT! :twilightangry2:

I kid, (No, really read it). :heart:

Fantabulawesomazing. That's the only word I can think of to describe this story.

I don't always read fictions like these but...



Very well made! :pinkiehappy:


Picture caught my attention

Description made me want to read... Now let's see how my #2 Mane6 shipping does in this story :3

I'm not really an AppleDash fan, but this hit me right in the feels. well done.


EEP!!! That good.....don't worry about those down votes. AMAZlNG! :raritystarry: Have you considered adding more...or maybe a sequel?? :moustache:




Precious! :raritywink:

I really do have to say one on my new favourite AppleDash fics.

~hugs~ Agreed, don't worry about the voting war there. Sad biased people don't want to give other ships room to breathe in this fandom, it has nothing to do with your writing! =)

But hmm, to the story. Gotta give you props for taking Appledash in a different way - I've had just about enough of the RD-AJ-have-loved-one-nother-for-5/6/7/8/9/1000-years-and-didn't-realize-til-now fics. You know what I mean. But you built the feels up from platonic to ILY, gotta enjoy the pacing. :D But... have to say, to me they both seemed the tiniest bit OOC in some parts. Maybe it's just my character views against yours, but whatevs. :p Don't get me wrong, this was very well written and a nice original idea. My OCD is just trying to get in the way xD Keep at it though, you're doing fantastic!

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