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  • 23w, 1d
    Rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated.

    ... As of writing this it has been well over a year since I last wrote a chapter of Binky Pie, and, to my further shame, over three years since I started it!  I'm sorry I never got around to finishing it.  It's been a constant nagging presence in the back of my head for so long I sort of got used to ignoring it, and life has a way of getting... in the way, as it were.

    However!  I write this now with a renewed promise, for what it's worth, that I do intend to finish it.  This current chapter is difficult for me to write, mostly because it's the one bit I never planned for and I just can't figure out what the hell to actually put on paper.  From here on out I reckon there's three chapters 'til the end, and I apologize if the style of the end does not match the style of the beginning.  For that, blame the extreme length of time separating them and the changes to my writing style and person that have resulted from it.

    Onwards!  For cake and glory!

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  • 82w, 1d
    By Way of Explanation...

    ... As to why I've been rather quiet and why you should care (spoiler: you shouldn't).  In short, last year of degree, last term was more hellish on writing time than I thought it would be, and this last term is exams, exams, exams.  Once all that's out of the way (16th May), I can dedicate myself to writing more and finishing Binky Pie, which I believe just turned two years old.   Which makes me feel old.  And slow.

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  • 108w, 4d
    The Pony of the Opera - Complete

    I've finally finished Pony of the Opera, for which I am thankful.  I started writing that around July last year, so it's good to finally have it done.  To tell the truth, before beginning it, all I had done was watch the film adaptation of Lloyd Webber's musical about ten times.  I had no familiarity with the book or any other version of the story, although I had visited the location that inspired the story, the Opéra Populaire or Opéra Garnier in Paris, which is a fabulous building that I heartedly recommend visiting if you're going to Paris!

    Originally I planned the story to be a straighter adaptation of the film, but as I began writing, I realised that the themes and values present in both the film and the original novel did not translate well to the FiM universe, and began to work around it.  The result, I hope, is a compromise that both captures the feel of FiM and remains faithful to the spirit of the story, if not the letter.  The characters are primarily adapted from the 2004 film, especially Carlotta (Prima Donna), André and Firmin (collectively Falsetto), Madame Giry (Madame Quick Step) and Buquet the Technician (Iron Knot).  Fluttershy stars in the role of Christine Daae, while Rarity partially takes over the role of Raoul.

    After beginning, I started to read the original book by Gaston Leroux, which is available in English for free on WikiSource, Project Gutenberg, and other such repositories of non-copyrighted literature.  Many of the elements of the story are, as a result, adapted from both the book and film, and the order of events follows the book more closely, perhaps, than the more familiar musical.  Someone familiar with both works should get more enjoyment out of the story than someone familiar with only one or the other as a result!

    The scenery of the story's setting - Canterlot and the Royal Opera House - is based on my impressions of Paris (for the streets of Canterlot) and the actual architecture and layout of the Opéra Populaire (for the Royal Opera House).  I visited Paris again whilst writing the story, and made sure to see the Opéra once more, if only to refresh my memory of its layout and décor!  The underground lake is, sadly, merely an element of fiction from the original tale (although based on real waterways and catacombs that run beneath the city of Paris).

    All in all, this story was an interesting challenge to write.  I chose to keep the style deliberately flowery in places, moreso than I would normally, as I felt this better showcased the grandeur and decadence of the Opera and all it entails.  Adapting the story to FiM was not as easy as I thought it would be, but hopefully it will be enjoyed.

    And now that I have that story out of the way... I'm free to dedicate more time to completing Binky Pie!

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  • 118w, 9h
    Pony of the Opera, Act II: Scene III - An Update!

    I have finally posted something!  It's been a long break.  The long delay was started by exams, lengthened by writer's block, and then further extended because I got roped into doing writing for a private server who are developing a new setting for World of Warcraft.  This chapter of Pony of the Opera has been in the writing for quite a long time, although there was large chunks of nothing between writing.  It's been a nightmare to write specifically because of the confrontation, which is not a subject that comes easily to a setting like My Little Pony! Regardless, this represents the last big chapter, as now only the Finale remains, which hopefully should arrive without too much of a long wait.

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  • 124w, 4d
    "Tagged" & Miscellany

    I got 'tagged' or something.  While I ain't gonna humour the notion in its entirety by annoying a further eleven people and forcing them to answer some questions, I'll answer the ones that were sent to me.


    1. Who is (the) best pony?

    Rarity, and Celestia.

    2. Why?

    Personally, Rarity solidified herself as my favourite in S1E19; A Dog And Pony Show, and that's just been continued ever since.  I like her because, of the Mane Six, she's... Pretty much the biggest hypocrite, but somehow remains true to her spirit of generosity despite it all.  Tabitha St Germain's voicework on her is also excellent, and Rarity's lines and reactions crack me up more often than the others.  She's also a complete karma Houdini and very fun to write for.

    However, I also adore Princess Celestia.  Like everyone I've got my own notions of what she's really like, can can argue based on the show.  She is by far my favourite character to write anything for, because I picture her as the adult that's forced to be mother to thousands of children who all look up to her and expect her to act in a particular way... And at times she gets sick of it, and longs for a break.

    My favourite line from Celestia definitely comes from S2E20; It's About Time: "Good morning, Twilight!  Love the hairstyle!  Well, Happy Tuesday!" /walks off.  /no explanation given.

    3. How does magic work?

    My personal theory is that, in universe, magic is powered by the bonds between ponies, as a collective effort.  There's a magic 'field' that pervades and surrounds everything in Equestria, that ponies can tap into either indirectly (as Earth Ponies or Pegasi) or directly (as Unicorns and Alicorns).  The more friends (proper friends) a pony has, the more powerful they are, when tempered with trained talent and skill.  Magic powered by a bond of true love between two ponies (as demonstrated with Cadence and Shining Armour) is on a similar level of power to the Elements of Harmony, which requires a minimum of two ponies and some tricky genetics and fate.

    As for mechanics?  It's been shown to act somewhere between pure force and some kind of energy, but I don't think it's worth analyzing to that degree.  We also know that some creatures have innate magical ability (Cockatrice, CHangeling) and others certainly aren't powered by friendship (Windigo, Discord).  In fact it could be argued that both friendship and hatred work as sources of power, although ponies as a race can only use the former.

    4. Do you think Chrysalis was truly evil?

    "Evil" is relative.  As I wrote shortly after the episode in this short story, I don't think a Changeling needs to dominate to exist, but I think Chrysalis was portrayed as something more like a concerned 'mother' who was willing to go to serious extremes to provide for her 'children'.  Unfortunately for her, so's Celestia.

    5. What about Discord?

    Discord is Chaos, let's not confuse that with Evil.  By the same Token, Celestia and Luna (as one unit) represent Order, but I'm sure that in their thousands of years of life, they've committed acts that would not be considered 'good'.  I think both of them need to exist, or else the universe in which Equestria exists would ultimately stop working.  Unfortunately, the two are constantly at odds with one another, although perhaps in time they could form a mutually beneficial partnership.

    Of course, having said that, Discord does delight in the apparent torture of beings under his rule, and is completely egotistical and concerned with only his own satisfaction and amusement.  In that way, yes, he's 'evil'.

    6. What is your favorite meme?

    Hrm.  I dunno.  I tend to smirk at most of them.  Like any joke, delivery and timing is everything.

    7. Favorite episode?

    Hrm... Possibly S1E20; Green Isn't Your Colour.  I love the play-off between Fluttershy, Rarity and Twilight in that episode.  As mentioned above, I also enjoy A Dog And Pony Show for Rarity's magnificent hamminess, and I've had favourite moments all throughout season two.  Of course, there's also Party Of One.  Who doesn't like schizophrenia and possible mental breakdowns on a kid's show?

    8. If you found yourself in Equestria, what species would you want to be?

    In all honesty?  Probably a unicorn so that I could retain the semblance of having hands.  But if I'd been born a pony, Earth Ponies are pretty cool.

    9. If you could, what pony would you date?

    Yes, well, next question!

    10. Would you adopt the filly version of Queen Chysalis?

    After screaming for several hours at the concept of a talking, shapeshifting, half-dragonfly, half-horse monstrosity on my doorstep, possibly.


    No idea.  I ain't continuin' it.


    Right, right, update news, I suppose.  I've finished my exams (rejoice!) so I'll get back to writing pony soon enough.  Mainly scrambling around to find my inspiration again.

    4 comments · 237 views
  • ...

Continuing from Fleurdeliser, Fleur-de-Lis has spent three years living in blissful matrimony with her husband, Fancy Pants, but will she be able to choose between her new life and the old when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presents itself: the chance to steal the greatest treasure in all of Equestria - the Crown Jewels themselves?

Image by LuezA-35.

First Published
24th Oct 2012
Last Modified
24th Oct 2012
#1 · 104w, 3d ago · · · Chapter II: Invitation ·

I'm glad to see a continuation of this series, but the need for a separate story page sort of evades me. I guess it helps to frame the shift in focus, but it really doesn't make much sense when the previous fic was only two chapters long.

It'd also be nice if downvoters would actually leave a reason for downvoting. Aside from formatting and a strange detached air, there's really nothing in this fic that should make someone do that. I, for one, welcome our new larcenist overlords.

#2 · 104w, 3d ago · · · Chapter II: Invitation ·


I did consider it, but I felt as they were different stories entirely, it was better to give it a new page.  After all, when an author writes a sequel to a book, they don't re-print the first book by adding the text of the second to it, do they?

(Compilations notwithstanding :trixieshiftright: )

#3 · 104w, 2d ago · · · Chapter II: Invitation ·


A good start to the sequel, let's see where it takes us.

I've been waiting for this for a while now. And I am not dissappointed.

Btw since everyone does it; FIRST.

#6 · 104w, 2d ago · · · Chapter II: Invitation ·

Very nice. The off formatting aside; it has good drama, reasonable conflict, and I even liked Fancy and Fleur's argument. I never see them argue when they're together in a fic.

Good stuff and I can't wait for more

#7 · 104w, 2d ago · · · Chapter II: Invitation ·


Wait, how is the formatting off?

#8 · 104w, 2d ago · · · Chapter II: Invitation ·


Oh it was about what Fox had said about downvoters. I don't think the formatting is off. I had meant to put it in quotations.:twilightblush:

There are a couple bits I could nitpick, but those would be better suited to an editor, which I am not.  This story is looking good so far, and I look forward to reading more. :twilightsmile:


     -Élisabeth de la Camarque

     When Sweet and Elite first aired, I was a supporter of her name being Elisabeth, but to no avail.  I love your use of it here. :D

#10 · 103w, 3d ago · · · Chapter II: Invitation ·

The timeshift is a bit of a pity in my opinion, I would much rather have seen her steal some of those items you've described (fencing with 'Barding' all the while)

Still, I'm interested to see how this continues.

>>1510394 I never got why some call her Elizabeth. Fleur De Lis seemedd to fit better for me

#12 · 97w, 5d ago · · · Chapter II: Invitation ·

>>1770861 At one point in Sweet and Elite, Fancypants says "Ah, listen then," very quickly, to the point that many people - including myself - mistook it for "Elizabeth" until the rest of his sentence gave it context a moment later.

#13 · 97w, 5d ago · · · Chapter II: Invitation ·

>>1770887 when did he say that?

#14 · 97w, 5d ago · · · Chapter II: Invitation ·

>>1771745 Click the link I provided - it's programmed to the timecode at which he says it.

#15 · 97w, 5d ago · · · Chapter II: Invitation ·

>>1771807 I can see why people thought that, but even if he did I don't think he was really addressing Fleur but whatever. Not a big a deal

#16 · 97w, 4d ago · · · Chapter II: Invitation ·


People probably presumed he was saying "Elizabeth and I have tickets..." rather than "Ah, listen, I have tickets..."

In my case here in the story I just liked the joke of using several of the fanon names and making them all 'canon' at once.

I feel I am obligated to ask this before  I read;

She will return it...right?

#18 · 89w, 2d ago · · · Chapter II: Invitation ·


You'll have to wait and see!  I'm in the process of writing Chapter 3 currently.  The story will only be four chapters long when it's finished.

#19 · 51w, 6d ago · · · Chapter II: Invitation ·

Excellent story, very much looking forward to the continuation! The fencing analogies work very well, especially with the way you portray the characters.

...zornhau? Do you do German longsword fencing??

#20 · 51w, 6d ago · · · Chapter II: Invitation ·


Thank you, I can't really say I'm working on it, I've been neglecting my writing of late, but it's still sort-of there in the wings waiting.  And I'm afraid I don't do fencing, no, I mainly pick the terms from a list on Wikipedia as they best fit each situation. :trollestia:

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