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    You never forget your first crush.
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    New home, new life, new species. Now things start to get complicated.
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  • Monday
    About that self-insert business

    There's apparently a new term for it: "transcribed aspirational self-narrative".

    Still kinda looks like Mary Sue, though.

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  • 2w, 8h
    There are always numbers

    So I tried out knighty's new stats suite, and I'm not sure which surprised me more: having had 21,750 chapter reads, or being in the top 3000 (barely) in follower count.  Neither of these is a world-beater, exactly, but I still suffer from How Can Anyone Bear To Read This Stuff? Syndrome.

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  • 2w, 4d
    The weather outside is frightful

    The major disadvantage of the lack of pegasi out here on the plain is that we're basically stuck with what the air masses in the sky end up doing, and what they're doing at the moment is giving me 50-mph winds and rain approximately the velocity of an automated car wash, albeit without any of that Anti-Spotting Rinse stuff.    (Well, that and the tragedy of leading a pony-less existence, as I did for the first 57 years of my life.)

    If you don't hear from me for a rather long while, assume I've been spun into orbit by the whirling winds.

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  • 3w, 4d

    So I'd come up with an oh-so-clever plot twist, so to speak, and started pouring it out onto the screen.

    If that's all I'd done, I might have gotten away with it.  But no, I had to go back and look it over just once more, and discovered it had more holes than the Albert Hall.

    If I seem quieter than usual, it's because I'm trying to find some way out of it without making it look like I had to find some way out of it.

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  • 5w, 1d
    In for a pound

    Actually, several pounds, based on the current exchange rate.

    I have reserved a seat for the one and only showing (in this gedunk town of, um, 1.3 million) of Rainbow Rocks.  The dollar off I get for being Incredibly Old exactly balances the convenience fee for ordering online.

    Of course, what I really want to know is whether they'll bring Flash Sentry back.

    Update, after the show:  Maybe a hair too much fanservice, but on the whole, a decided improvement over the first EqG film, and ample justification for continuing the series.  Empty seats were conspicuous by their absence.   I really don't think Harkins expected this thing to sell out.

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  • ...

They came from different worlds, but they were determined to be together, one way or another.  This is the path they chose.

(This is the second story in the TwiBrush series, beginning with The Sparkle Chronicles and continuing through Somepony New.  Cover art commissioned from Jada.)

First Published
10th Oct 2012
Last Modified
21st Oct 2012
#1 · 107w, 1d ago · · · Transit ·

I honestly did read your story Sparkle Chronicles and I have only read I think the first chapter of "Somepony New" so to find the transition of the two is actually kind of sweet. I never commented on a story before so you'd be the first one I ever did comment on. Thanks for the saga.. trilogy? Whatever, when your done you'll know what you got. Hope to see more of you in action, later.

#2 · 107w, 1d ago · · · Transit ·

Oh, Celestia . . . :twilightsmile:

Thank you for adding this. It smoothed out the transition between your other two works, practically seamlessly. If there were any faults, they evaded my searching eye.

Kudos to you, friend!

#3 · 107w, 1d ago · · · Transit ·

There are at least two more chapters in the works here, so don't touch that dial.

#4 · 107w, 1d ago · · · Transit ·

Yes! It's finally here! I'll have to read it proper when I get home tonight after work, but... am I excited about a prequel to Somepony New? Heck yes.


#5 · 107w, 1d ago · · · Transit ·


That's what we need around here: enthusiasm.  (And a few more greenish thumbs, inasmuch as the red ones are out swarming today.  On t'other hoof, one poor soul got hit with almost 150 downs today, so ignore anything I whine about.)

Chapter 2 is done, except for the One Last Editing Pass, and I'm about 500 words into Chapter 3.

#6 · 107w, 9h ago · · · Transit ·

Did I mention One Last Editing Pass?  It's going to take a little longer than that.  I found a plot hole the size of Ghastly Gorge, and of course I berated myself for being a plothole and not seeing it.  (Language extensions, how do they work?)

I am trying, meanwhile, to persuade myself that I haven't already reached Peak Tale and it's all downhill from here.  This endeavor is proving somewhat less successful.

#7 · 106w, 6d ago · · · Transit ·

I trust the good doctor has the Midas touch?

(Sorry, I had to say it. The pun universe throws you a softball and you're required to hit it)


I went to a whole lot of trouble to explain that, then cut it for being (1) unnecessary since everybody got the joke and (2) unfunny.

Okay, more (2) than (1). :twilightsheepish:

#9 · 105w, 5d ago · · · Transition ·

Okay, it's done.  It ends the night before Somepony New begins.  That's about as close as I can get it without digging into Lyra's background.   And to be honest, I thought about ending it after Chapter 3, which despite the pseudoscience lesson ended almost poignantly, but as is often the case, the characters had some more to say, and there were a couple more we hadn't heard from yet.

Forty thousand, three hundred fifty-eight words of a dubious ship.  With an OC, yet.  I'm glad I got it out of my system and on to the screen.

I here admit that I had an idea for a meta-tale, in which Twi reads this mess and casts some horrid spell on me for my effrontery.  I am not, however, about to write it.


#11 · 69w, 4d ago · · · Transition ·

Runcible nods firmly, tossing the book onto the ground where it shatters like glass.


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