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  • 24w, 1d

    If my loop 6.1 made you decide not to read the Lunaverse... then go give it a go and decide for yourself. For goodness' sake, I'm only Someone On The Internet, I could be Wrong. (I was, in at least one factual way.)

    That's quite apart from how 6.1 is the worst thing I've written in the past year and change. (At least I hope it is; if not, there's a real stinker somewhere.)

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  • 25w, 5d
    The Unicorn at Hogwarts has updated (Ch.8, May 31)

    Apparently the fav thing didn't alert everyone. So this is in case someone didn't get the fav-alert.

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  • 49w, 1d
    The MLP Loops now have a Trope page

    This trope page is shared with the Innortal loops. But putting tropes on from either fic is fine, they don't have to be common to both my loops and Innortals' ones.

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  • 54w, 2d

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  • 71w, 6d
    Politics and ponies.

    Equestria's Government

    I never actually state it outright in the loops, though I may in other fics, but here's the system I picture for the Equestrian government.

    The ruler/s are the princess/es, and basically function as an executive branch. Fair amount of discretionary power.

    The legal system is common-law.

    The legislature (let's call it Parliament, and say it has 500 seats - it could be more, but I'm using that as a sample maximum number. They're basically never all filled.)

    It is unicameral, but with four ways of gaining a seat:

    100 are for noble families (which represents the old Unicorn style).

    150 are for electoral ridings (which represents the old Earth Pony style)

    150 are for Parliament-appointed life seats, held in recognition of great achievement or great wisdom. This (promotion on merit) represents the old Pegasus style.

    And 100 are Princess-appointed life seats.

    Thus, no one group (and nor the 'unicorns' and the princess working together) can obtain a majority. Only the electoral ridings and the life seats can gain a true majority alone together, and those are the most "temporary" positions anyway.

    Each of the Element bearers would have a Princess-appointed life seat if they ever wanted to go into politics; Celestia has some reserved, though only the electoral and noble family branches of parliament are up to muster anyway so there's a fair amount of free space. (So, say, Spitfire might hold a life seat on recognition of her skill as a pegasus speedster and organizer, and would be their go-to pony on matters of what a pegasus is physically capable of.)

    That permits nobles with power (reflecting the pre-modern England and France), elections (hence government by consent), gives the Princess substantial power (though also a lot of paperwork as the executive branch) and in general combines the traditions of the three founding tribes as well as giving substantial influence to the alicorns.

    (Of course, if a Loop or story contradicts this then that's no particular problem. I'm just mentioning what I use as a default - it's drawn from Empire from the Ashes, by David Weber.)

    I just thought I'd mention. It seems to fit, somehow.

    8 comments · 488 views
  • ...

Based on the image, by Equestria-prevails on Deviantart. Two guards, one Day and one Night, having a drink on their night off.

This more or less came about when I wondered at the backstory of the image, saw several other people doing the same, then decided to make it happen.

First Published
25th Aug 2012
Last Modified
31st Aug 2012

This was nice a light. Keep it up. Question, despite the tag, is it a one shot or is it going to be multiple chapter bar hopping?

>>1156000 It won't go past this bar, but it may well look at other parts of the picture. (Like, say, Sunshine and Meadowlark on the left, or the lone Night Guard clearly drinking himself into a stupor at the bar) - hence, I've not marked it as complete yet.

I remember seeing the same two guards in other stories, but the day guard was called Hoplite, while the night guard was called Lethe. The last story I saw them used was "Slice of life".  So seeing them given new names confuses my headcanon:derpyderp1:.

>>1156081 These particular two (day and night) are OCs of the artist of this picture (see notes section on bottom of image):

Midnight Blossom

Cloud Skipper

And hence I use the names he's defined for them.

If the specific art has been used for Hoplite and Lethe, then it's applying a new name to them. Sorry.

Or it could be that this particular vector artist is sufficiently good that it looks like he works on the show, and so was the other art source.

I like it. I'd like to see the rest of it, particularly the embarrasing photos :rainbowkiss:

>>1156197 Sadly, the scope of the fic is limited to the night out (since the picture is what gave me this particular burst of inspiration). But that doesn't mean that I won't cover other parts of the pic...

(Who knows what I'll end up doing, I certainly don't.)

I like this. I'm really interested to hear the lone guards story...since that is usually me at the bar.

The commanders of the Night Guard, meanwhile, were telling some kind of tall story to the other pegasus at that table about sea ponies on the moon or something.

So, the pony Maria maybe?

Been reading Moonstuck a little too much?

Really, i would love to see those two brothers and the rest of the night guard more, I just loved it.


That is indeed the reference. Sunshine and Meadowlark are in the picture this is based off  - and, once Moonstuck is done, I'll likely do a chapter focusing on them.

I want to have the full scope of their story available for me to work from...

Nice story. That particular banner is also my favorite.

>>1158513 ...oh, hey! I hadn't noticed it was a banner on here.

The Night Guard prefers ale? I like them more and more every night...

>>1161999 I did that because it felt like a "night" drink - that and I'm a Brit, so the kind of beer I think of when I think of a pub with casks is ale rather than lager.

Also it lends itself to creating the difference.

Two pegasi and a gryphon walk into a bar...

Really though great story can't wait for more


If (and it is an if, though looking like a likely one) I do more chapters, they'll probably be something like

"Buy me a drink and I'll tell you", (the table to the left)

and "Put it on the tab, I'll pay it off when I feel better" (the stallion at the bar)

i need a shipping fic of cloud skipper and midnight blossum, can anyone do  so?


That's one thing I'm less likely to be able to do. (Especially since they're OCs of someone else - but I tend not to do shipping anyway).

So, she's been gone for a few days, and only has the evening before she'll be gone for a month or so... And he spends that evening away from her, drinking. Not the smartest lad, is he? :duck:


Well, they don't get today either - preparation, plus she's starting out early next morning and so on. So she's unable to get permission to be out past (say) 8pm.

You could turn this into a regular series of people dropping in to the bar, telling their stories, exchanging experiences.... Might even be a good premise to get well known fics to cross-over into as a stop off point; a crossroads if you will, of worlds.

Interesting story, I wondered what was the story behind the griffin the Day and the Night Guard in a bar, I enjoy the occasional simple Slice of Life fic, just to see ponies getting on their their daily lives when there isn't an awesome villain trying to do whatever and become a fountain of memes.


It could be nice, just ponies coming in, having a drink and just chatting.

Gerta chuckled to herself. She had an… ulterior motive, as well. This was the perfect chance to take a photo or two and embarrass them both.


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