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  • 6w, 3d
    Only Human: Chapter 15 - Creators Gonna Create Preview

    "Yeah. Keep Talking, you idiot."

    Synergy laid back in her chair and took another sip of wine as she watched Lyra smile and wave on the screen in front of her. Hearing a knock on the door, she rotated her chair to face her guest.

    "And to what do I owe the pleasure?" Synergy asked.

    "An explanation would be a good start," Structuring answered as he entered the office. "Why are you watching Heartstrings? Where is she?"

    "The writers and animators are at some convention the fans put on and they're live streaming it. I guess they had nothing better to do with the bandwidth."

    Structuring raised his brow. "And you have nothing better to do with your day?"

    "Nope." Synergy reached for a tablet on her desk and examined her schedule.

    "My one o'clock cancelled. My two o'clock cancelled. My three o'clock is dead. And my four o'clock is running late."

    "And you're happy about this?"

    "You always tell me to be more positive. Besides, this is Heartstrings' first public appearance. I may as well make sure we don't need any damage control."

    Without saying a word, Structuring walked out of the office. A few moments later, he returned with a chair that matched Synergy.

    "Did you bring enough wine for two?"

    "I always do."

    Miss me? I know I did.

    Yeah, I know, it's been a while, but a lot has happened. For one thing, I'm writing movies now... And that's all I can really say right now.

    Also, I'm graduating with my bachelors in a couple months, so there's that.

    tl;dr - The bitch is back

    3 comments · 118 views
  • 38w, 4d
    Think Fast Sneak Preview

    1 comments · 134 views
  • 40w, 5d
    TV Tropes?

    So... apparently Only Human is on TV Tropes.

    When the hell did that happen?

    6 comments · 243 views
  • 42w, 1d
    I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

    Something a lot of you might not know about me is that I'm sick.

    Depression. That kind of sickness.

    If you follow my blog, you may have noticed recently I've had some bad times. I come here because I have just enough anonymity to keep to myself, but I'm still connected to enough to feel part of the community. So, I'm coming to you now after something.

    I'll take it from the top.  Since July of last year, despite graduating university, my life has fallen apart. My first GF left me for one of my best friends, shortly after which my Mother told me that she had the right to make herself happy anyway she wanted, and had done nothing wrong. Later that week, I lost my job.

    I had my 21st birthday on the 15 of November. I had pushed back the party date so that it was right after exam block. You should be ready to part. But no one came. I had spent 100s on booze, cake, pizza, etc.

    Ever since then, people I thought were my friends just kind of... stopped talking to me.

    Whenever I go into public places, I feel more alone than ever.

    I haven't found work, no matter where I go or what I do.

    The only recommendation I've gotten is to just keep writing, but lately, my body has been shutting down on me, like the energy is just zapped out of my body. I'm tired before I even get to go to the gym.

    Everyday feels more and more pointless. I feel like an horrible person. Like, if I was a decent human being, I'd have a job, love, etc. But instead, I'm abandoned and left alone and suffering.

    I'm not really sure what I'm asking for with this. I just... I don't know.  Maybe someone can give me some guidance I haven't been able to find elsewhere.


    Only Human will be back this week.

    8 comments · 221 views
  • 44w, 4d
    Why I Write and What Makes You Happy

    I write to make you happy.

    That's the basic sum-up right there. The reason I want to be a writer is because I want to make people happy, laugh, forget their problems and have a good time. I write to make people happy.

    Lately, that hasn't been easy for me.

    I've spent the last two weeks work in solitude, and it's taken a tole on me. I'm trying to be happy again and it just won't happen., at least not as easily as it should.

    The reason I'm writing this blog is because I want to know what moments from some of my writings have made you feel happy and/or laugh.

    I'm not doing this for an ego boost, I genuinely want to know what makes you guys happy. It will definitely help.

    15 comments · 211 views
  • ...

Name: Lyra Heartstrings. Occupation: Cartoonist.

Lyra makes a big splash in Equestria when she gets her new animated series for children on the worlds No.1 network. The show in question: Only Human, which centers around a group of these mythical creatures called 'humans', straight from Lyra's imagination, who become friends as they overcome life's obstacles together.

With the help of her executive producer, Bon Bon, Lyra starts to make an unprecedented impact in Equestria. Making friends, enemies and... other.

Can Lyra make it in the world of television? Will the Equestria take to these new 'humans'? You'll have to tune into the Pub network every Saturday at 1PM to find out!

Cover by Arby-Works

Edited by Spabble

First Published
27th Aug 2012
Last Modified
30th May 2014

Oh Lyra, you and humans....

Am I the only one who saw the hand on top of the 'u' in 'human' as an "I'm?"

Hmm, interesting story so far. Tracked.

Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Fav'd.


“You’ve show this to four other studios?”

“You’ve shown this to four other studios?”

On your marks, get set, awesome!

I must say it's an interesting idea, a bit cliche but you pull it off well.  I'm interested to see where this goes.  Good luck. :ajsmug:

To quote Scoots " I'm liking this idea."

Where's that 'dis gun be good' gif when you need it?

Following with great interest, greatly enjoyed this chapter.

One mistake though, "You’re show, doofus." this should be 'your', not 'you are'.

Oh, this is going to be interesting. Awesome and interesting.

"This is NOT a humans in Equestria story"

Then why the fuck did you add an HiE tag?


There are still human elements in there. I wasn't sure if I should keep it or not.

>>1166274 Only add the Human tag if the story involves a human physically going to Equestria.


Fair enough, I'll get rid of it.

This. This turns me on in ways a fic shouldn't.


Or presumably if using humanised ponies?

>>1182863 Well written fics always turn me on.



No, he added a "Human" tag. There is no "HiE" tag. There are humans in the story in some way or another, thusly it should have a Human tag.

SG, do you have someone doing spellchecking and editing? If not, please consider enlisting some help on that front. This is a very interesting and original idea that's unfortunately somewhat marred by a hoofful handful dammit, now I'm doing it of easily-avoided errors.

I don't know. The whole HiE thing really is debatable. Technically there are 'humans' in 'Equestria', so i would leave it.

>>1182964 ha, and I WANTED THAT POSITION!

i always love to spell/grammar check people's work :)


Desperate Housemares? LOL!

I'm just not sure why this chapter is called "Development Hell" when the show hasn't even entered pre-production, but go on, we enjoy the trip!

Wait. . . the ponies are watching a show about humans and we're watching them watch it?! The next thing to happen would be a show about ponies in the show about humans being watched by ponies being watched by humans! HOW MUCH DO THEY KNOW!? Wait. . . is something watching us right now?!

>>1185308 AAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!! -Jumps twenty feet straight up and through the roof-

"...with a wise ass smirk..."

I find this line interesting for two reasons:

1. The swear kinda came out of left field. I would consider changing it.

2. Are you from New York, by any chance?

That ending warmed my heart. :pinkiesmile:


Your comment warmed mine :twilightblush:


I'm so sorry.

“Hey, you’re only human.”



Anyway, as good as this fic is, it looks like it's heading for some serious Lyra/Bon shipping, and fast. Maybe it's just me, but it seems a little bit out of place (but it's probably just me).

People reading a story about ponies watching a show about people


Ohoho. Tracking this and reading it sometime I can actually read.

Sarah Wall, Claire Corlett, and Peter New must be three of the people.

This story is good! There are some grammar issues, but that's about all that is wrong. Also I c wat u did in the picture!

>>1185306 Go read the infinite alternate universe theory. :twilightoops: You can't ever unhear it. Ever.

On another note (the story's note, that is), I think this is good, and your 101 likes straight seem to think so too. :derpytongue2:

Really enjoying this concept, and the characterizations. It's been a while since I've read anything with a happy/funny Lyra, so this is a breath of fresh air for me.

You gets a fave and a like from me. Onward to the next chapter!:pinkiehappy:

Well, this is shaping up to a be a pretty decent story. Like the pre-reader quote on EQD said, it's a good take on the 'Lyra is obsessed with humans' trope and the humor is pretty good. The comedy isn't all-encompassing, but more like a spice - it gives it a little extra flavor.  My one critique would be the shipping - I was going to say it seems out of place, but I'm not sure it's even that. It's more like it just seems to come out of nowhere. At no point in their interactions did I get the sense of deeper romantic feelings going on, but you're dropping all these rather unsubtle hints. It doesn't quite add up to me.

But aside from that, I found this to be a nice, mellow and rather enjoyable fic! :twilightsmile:

You know the comments people give sometimes that consist of just the word 'more (sometimes MOAR) and a bunch of exclamation points? Yeah, I think I am starting to understand why they do that. This fic is just so charming and yet, there just isn't enough of it yet. So...more please. :derpytongue2:

New follower here!

>>1166279 Jeez, why'd you have to be a twat about it?


Forgetting the whole "LyraxBonBon is fanon" thing, sometimes relationships...just happen.


I likededed this.:yay:

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