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  • T Acting Foalish

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon have to stay at Sweet Apple Acres for a week and end up forced to be around Applebloom and the CMC. It's not so much a question of if things will go bad, just WHEN...
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  • 38w, 1d
    Status Report 3/1/2014 (New story coming soon)

    Hey guys!

    Just wanted to give an update on how things are going on my end.

    First of all, you may have noticed yesterday that the Vinyl Scratch Tapes was on the featured section of Fimfiction, I wanted to thank all of you that have read it over the years, as well as all the new readers now!

    Now you may be wondering why the Vinyl Scratch Tapes is in the featured section now when it's been around forever, and the reason why that is is that the story was never actually submitted until now. On fimfiction, your story can be linked to even if it's not submitted. For the longest time, I had no idea I hadn't submitted it, but since you can still link to non-submitted stories, it still showed up on links, Google searches, stuff like that. It just didn't show up in groups or most listings on the site here. Once I realized this, I still didn't submit it since I knew there was a rule against script fics, but today I noticed a fic written in screenplay format, so I figured I could submit it without anything bad happening. So in case you were curious about that, that's the story there.

    So now that we have that out of the way, some more exciting news.

    The bad news is that the A. K. Yearling idea I posted a preview of is being shelved for a bit. I hit a bit of a snag with the story and it ended up not working as well as I would have liked. The section I posted in the preview was probably the best part out of what I had written. I haven't given up on the idea entirely since I did have some good ideas for it, but it's on the backburner for now.

    The good news is that I have a new story in the works that I've already written a bit of and it's working really REALLY well so the risk of it getting shelved is rather low. Basically the idea for this story came about when I was writing the A. K. Yearling story and was writing first person, I basically kept wishing A. K. Yearling was a character I could write noir-ish narration for. And out of that basically came the idea, "Well why don't I just write a noir story?"

    So I got to thinking and the idea basically evolved into an AU story with the cast humanized in a noir setting (think Equestria Girls if all the high school stuff was replaced with Sin City and you wouldn't be far off), with Rainbow Dash as a private detective on a Raymond Chandler-esque murder investigation. I really like noir stuff so the idea really appealed to me. I did find out after I started writing that there was a tumblr very similar to this called Noir Dash (which you can find here and you should because it is awesome), but the direction I'm going in is a bit different so I didn't let it deter me from writing anymore. Now, since it is a noir story, it will be a fair bit darker than Vinyl Scratch Tapes, but it won't be completely devoid of humor. One of the things I like most about Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe stories is how much of a smartass Marlowe is, even in the face of almost being murdered, and that's definitely a trait I'd make sure Dash has. I don't think I'd really have it in me to make a story completely devoid of humor. So if you like noir stories and don't mind that this story might be a bit darker than TVST, I hope you check it out once it's released.

    And just because I like you a lot, here's a rough draft of the prologue (again, like last time, this is a rough draft some I'm certain there will be grammatical mistakes, so keep in mind that the final product is subject to change and will likely be a lot more polished).

    So that's all I got for now. Expect that noir story to be coming soon. If you have any questions or comments, let me know below. Thank you for reading and have a nice day :)

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  • 41w, 3d
    Preview of the A. K. Yearling Story

    (Keep in mind, what you'll be reading is from the currently in-progress rough draft, so I'm sure there will be some spelling or grammatical errors I'm sure I've missed. The final product will definitely be in a much more polished state and certainly won't be this rough when fully completed. If you don't mind this being a little rough around the edges, please read ahead and I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think :) )

    “A.K., great to hear from you!” said Hot Shot on the other end of the phone. “Great! Fantastic! Glad to hear from you! Thought you’d fallen off the grid again. I know how you like to do that! Love to hear from you, LOVE it! But that’s what I like about you, A.K., you’re a free spirit! That’s what I talkin’ about.

    “Well--“ I tried to get a word in, which worked about as well as it usually did whenever I tried to talk to Hot Shot on the phone. I swear, I didn’t know how someone talked that fast without ever taking a breath. All I could do was sit slumped against the glass phone booth, hoping too many ponies didn’t stare at the strange pony with the purple shaw, big nerdy red glasses, and white hat looking like she wanted to strangle somepony over the phone.

    “Ah, look at me. How rude, rattling on like that. I’m sure you want to get right to business and I’m just running my mouth. That’s fine, no problem. I’m totally shutting up now.”

    “Great, I--“

    “So what can I do for you, A.K.? How’s my favorite client? Where are you now, anyway?”

    He talked like that all the time. Don’t get me wrong, he was nice enough, if a bit of a phony. And I owed him a lot. He WAS my literary agent after all. The Daring Do books literally wouldn’t exist without him. But seriously, every time he talked, part of me just wanted to punch him. I wonder if all his clients felt like that.

    “The Plaza Hotel in Manehatten,” I said.

    “Really?! You coming by my neck of the woods? You should have called!”

    “I’m calling now, aren’t I?”

    “Well, yeah,” said Hot Shot with a laugh. “What brings you down this way? This is a far cry from your neck of the woods. Hehe ... get it? Neck of the woods. You know, like literally the woods. Where you live.”

    “I get it.”

    “It’s a pun.”

    “I GOT it, alright?! It’s just ... I needed a change of scenery is all.”

    That part was true, at least. I did need a change of scenery. I may have omitted the part where it was to lay low in case that lowlife Caballeron and his goons were still skulking around my house, but hey, minor details.

    “Well, hey, that’s great! I’m glad to have you so close by,” said Hot Shot. “Maybe I’ll pay you a visit! So rare I get the chance!”

    Great, I basically traded one annoyance for another by coming to the city. Wonderful.

    “Plus being in the city will be a nice change for you,” said Hot Shot. “Maybe help with that whole reclusive writer attitude you got going on.”

    “Nice of you to flatter me,” I deadpanned.

    “Hey hey, I mean it all as terms of endearment, A.K. You know that!

    I’m calling about the letter you sent. What is this about my contract?”

    “Ah, right right,” he said, sounding as if the steam had been taken out of his engine a bit. “Well, your publisher was just expressing some concern about the last requirement of your contract at the end of next month. Don’t worry, I got them off your back. Buncha bloodsucking vampires is what they are.”

    “What last requirement?”

    “You remember, A.K. The contract was for six books on Daring Do and one book of your choice.”

    “Yeah, so?!” I said. “I submitted a book for that a while ago. You know, ‘A Guide to Forgotten Relics.’ You said it was great.”

    “It was! You ain’t gotta tell me, A.K. But these guys don’t think it’s suitable. Think it’s a bit dry.”

    “Dry?! What is that supposed to me?!” I was literally screaming now. A few ponies walking down the crowded streets glanced over in my direction as I yelled in the phone book, but now I was too insulted to give a damn.

    “It’s just a bit too ... informative for their tastes. They’re publishers! They want a guaranteed hit. They want something ... vibrant and alive. Something fantastical, like Daring Do. And this they felt was a little too ... real life.”

    I blinked.

    “You have no idea how ironic that is,” I said.

    “What was that, A.K.? You broke up a bit.”

    “Nothing. Well ... so what? They just want something different then? I don’t think I can get another Daring Do out in just two months.”

    “Well, no, they don’t want another Daring Do ...

    “What do you mean they don’t want another Daring Do book?! What’s wrong with that?

    “Nothing, A.K., it’s just... you gotta see this from their perspective. They already got enough sales from ponies who love adventures, they got that tied up. Thanks entirely to you, I might add. Buuuuuut, considering the weight your name has behind it, they were thinking they could push other genres as well.”

    “Like what?”

    “Anything! Mystery, romance, science fiction, vampire stuff, that’s what’s happening with the kids. There’s nothing wrong with Daring Do, they just want to broaden their horizons a little bit. And yours too. They just want something new.”

    I froze. Something new ... what else was there I could write? All I’ve ever written was stuff about myself and archaeology. What else was there?

    “You still there, A.K?” said Hot Shot, concerned.

    “I just--“

    “Ah, I get it. You’re worried. Well don’t be! I’m sure somepony as imaginative as you can think of something.”

    I sighed. “I’m not quite as imaginative as everypony seems to think I am.”

    “Oh, don’t be modest, A.K.”

    “I’m not being modest, I--“

    “Okay, okay, tell you what, A.K. You just kind of relax, try not to let this stress you out, write what you can. Tomorrow I’ll come right over there and we’ll sort this whole mess out.”

    I rolled my eyes. “With all due respect, Hot Shot, I do my best work when I’m left alone.”

    Without missing a beat, he said, “Of course! I hear you loud and clear. I’ll come over there and make sure everypony else leaves you completely alone.”

    “That’s not what I meant--“

    “Oh yeah! Speaking of that, there is something I wanted to talk to you about,” said Hot Shot. “Some biographer or something showed up here asking about you and--“

    My blood ran cold. “Wait, who was asking about me? What did they look like?!”

    “Well--“ There were hoofsteps on the other end of the phone. “Ah crud. Sorry, another client just walked in. I’ll be over there tomorrow, we’ll talk then.”

    “No, Hot Shot, tell me--“

    “Later, A.K. Love ya!” Then nothing but the dial tone.

    I stood still for a moment before I yelled and slammed the phone against the receiver, nearly shattering it.

    “HOT SHOT, I’M GOING TO KILL YOU, YOU FREAKING IDIOT!” I shouted as loud as I could, kicking the receiver hard enough to hear the jingle of change inside it.

    It was around this time I heard a knock on the door of the phone booth. Standing outside was a cream colored unicorn with white and purple streaks in her mane. She gave a wide awkward smile.

    “Um ... hi ... um ... were you done with the phone?” said the unicorn.

    I felt my face turn cherry red. I pulled my hat down over my face and calmly walked out of the phone booth.

    “It’s all yours,” I muttered, or at least I think I did. Can’t believe I made such a fool of myself. So much for keeping a low profile.

    The unicorn didn’t go in right away. “Um ... not that it’s any of my business, but are you alright?”

    “Yes. Fine.”

    “Cause there’s a huge dent in that phone now--“

    “I said I’m fine!” I shouted before just walking away. I think I heard the unicorn call after me, but I couldn’t make out what she said. I ran as fast as I could down the sidewalk, back toward the hotel.

    Daring Do: feared adventurer and famed archeologist, running away from an awkward social situation like a little filly. Good goddess, I hoped whoever WAS asking Hot Shot about me found me and killed me quick to save me some of the embarrassment.

    There was no telling who could have been asking about me to my agent. Caballeron, one of his stooges, cultists, demonic thralls, changelings, ghosts (yeah, ghosts exist, long story), slavers, thieves ...

    I’ve rubbed one or two ponies the wrong way, basically.

    Then again, it could be nothing. I had no way of knowing. Or if Hot Shot even told them anything.

    And that’s not even counting the other pressing issue, trying to write something, ANYTHING, that isn’t a Daring Do story. I had never tried to do anything like that before.

    Oh well, I thought. Maybe I’ll give a shot anyway. Clear my head a little. I mean, I wrote all those other books without even knowing I had it in me. Maybe this will really end up being a cakewalk too.

    How hard could it be?

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  • 41w, 5d
    Status Report 2/4/14

    Hey guys! Just wanted to give you guys an update on how things are going with current projects at the moment.

    I've been writing more of that A. K. Yearling fic I mentioned in the last post. I'm really enjoying writing it thus far. The first chapter of that will probably be the next thing I release.

    The idea eventually evolved into being about both A. K. Yearling (aka Daring Do) and also Twilight Velvet, Twilight's mom. It used to be kind of fanon that Twilight Velvet was the Daring Do author and since Daring Don't was released and disproved that, I haven't really seen much about Twilight Velvet being a writer and as far as I know, there are no fics with both of them together in it. As you can probably tell from my body of work, I really like duos and I think the idea I have for both of them kinda being thrown together will be fun.

    It's also going to be a first person fic from A. K. Yearling's POV, which I'm also having a lot of fun with since her character is more hilariously cynical than most of the other characters of written, so that should be fun.

    It's probably gonna be a big first chapter, it might be a bit longer before it's fully released. I'm still working on the rough draft and it's a bit slow going at the moment just because of RL responsibilities. I'm thinking of posting a preview of one specific part of the chapter to show you guys. I might throw that up tonight if you guys are interested.

    So that's how things are going at the moment. If you have any questions or anything, just let me know. Have a great day :)

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  • 43w, 6d
    About TVST and future projects

    Hey guys. This is ... kind of an embarrassing thing to write especially after the well-received hype I received in the last post, but I felt it was best to be transparent with everybody since I owe it to everybody who enjoys TVST and was excited about it.

    I have actually been trying to work on season 3 of TVST since I announced it, but unfortunately it's been proving rather difficult for a number of reasons. The most significant of them is the original idea I had for season 3's overarching plot. I kinda don't want to give it all away in case I ever do use plot elements, but I will say it introduced Lyra into the storyline (I was also thinking of working Symphony and Concerto in there also) and basically over time working it out, I realized the story was really ABOUT Lyra and not Vinyl and Octavia. Which isn't necessarily bad for a story at all (since I did have some fun ideas), but it IS a problem when you're billing it as a continuation of The Vinyl Scratch Tapes. Vinyl and Octavia were involved (Octavia more so than Vinyl), but eventually I realized the idea wouldn't work simply because ... really the driving force behind both seasons of the Vinyl Scratch Tapes were the development of Vinyl's character and how she changed over time. The idea I had for THIS season wasn't ... and in realizing that, I couldn't help but think if I went with this idea, it just wouldn't be a good idea. Again, the plot would have probably worked for a Lyra story (something I'm not ruling out since I DID think of a lot), but not as a Vinyl Scratch Tapes storyline.

    Once I realized this, I kind of scrambled to think of a way to continue the story another way, but eventually I kind of settled on the realization that if I didn't have an idea for a plot in season 3 that topped what I already did in the first two seasons, I probably shouldn't do it. I would rather not have a season 3 than have a BAD season 3. If I ever get an idea that I think is good enough for season 3 that does something new with Vinyl and Octavia, I would definitely want to do it. After all, part of the reason why I latched on to the original idea for season 3 in the first place was because I missed writing for those characters. They're a lot of fun and nothing else I've written has resonated with people quite as much as TVST has. But really ... season 2 was a good grand finale to the story so I decided I would rather leave it like that for now unless I get an idea that I'm confident IS a worthy enough continuation of the first two seasons.

    I know that's probably gonna disappoint a lot of people and I did want to sincerely say I'm sorry, especially since I had hyped it up. That was really a failing on my part, getting everyone excited before I had actually written enough of it in the first place. I think I announced it the way I did (and this is not an easy thing to admit), but I love seeing people excited about my work and since I hadn't done much of ... well, anything for so long, when I had that idea, I thought "Wow, a lot of people will be excited when this was written. Let me see how excited people are." Which ... may not sound like "I wanted my ego stroked" when I write it out like that, but that is basically what it boils down to when you get to the meat of it. And I'm very sorry for that. It was not fair to all of you to promise something that I could not deliver on like that. I hope everyone who is disappointed at this announcement can forgive me for that.

    So, now that I'm not doing that, you may be asking what I AM working on.

    Well, I want to avoid repeating the same mistake I did last time, so I won't go into too much detail, but I do have a few possible projects I'm working on. The one I think will likely be the next thing I release is a fic about A. K. Yearling (the alter-ego of Daring Do) and her life when she ISN'T adventuring (basically my headcanon is that she's fantastic at adventuring but much less able to deal with very mundane things). It's what I started writing today, so far it's working, so I hope that turns out well.

    Acting Foalish I haven't forgotten about either. I would definitely like to continue that. I had trouble with chapter 2 quite some time ago so put it aside for a while, but I think I could probably come back to it soon. I had A LOT of ideas for it. Like ... A LOT. And I really like Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's characters in it, so I would love to finish that.

    I actually wrote some really silly non-nonsensical shorts involving the MLP Analysis ponies this past week. (Originally I wrote it to get a laugh out of Digibrony since he had kind of a cruddy day recently, but I ended up really having fun with it). It's kind of in transcript style like TVST and ... it's really bizarre. It's not something I'd put as a story on Fimfiction since mostly I wrote it to entertain just a few people (specifically the people who are characters in it). If you guys are interested in seeing it, I can post the links in another blog entry. It's not my best work, it's mainly me being silly with the MLP Analysis pony characters, but if any of you are interested, let me know.

    And the ideas that I DID think of for Lyra, Concerto, and Symphony could be stories in their own right. They'd need more work to stand on their own, but it's definitely not something I'd rule out in the future.

    So that's basically the state of my writing plans for the moment. Again, I'm sorry about the TVST news, but I hope you can understand my reasoning for it. If any of the other ideas sound cool or you have anything else to say, let me know in the comments below.

    All in all, I liked being this transparent with you guys. I think I will use this journal more since you all are my fans and I love you. I definitely prefer being up front with you guys rather than the whole reclusive author act I've probably come across as up until now.

    Till next time, have a great day.

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  • 50w, 18h
    I Have Started Work on the Vinyl Scratch Tapes Season 3.

    I finally had an idea good enough to justify it.

    More information to come.

    (Sorry about my absence as of late, by the way. My wife and I had a newborn son on Oct. 22 and I've been focusing on my family primarily so I haven't had as much time to write while I was getting adjusted to everything. Even now writing will be slow going, but I think I'm ready to do it).

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  • ...

After the invention of radio, DJ-P0n3 (aka Vinyl Scratch) holds the first Equestrian talk show with her co-host Octavia. Octavia quickly finds out her superior is very eccentric, leading their broadcast to be constantly derailed, yet somehow remain popular. These episodes were recorded for historical significance and transcribed. These are the Vinyl Scratch Tapes.

[Update 1/25/13]: Fully updated to contain all of season 1 and 2, correcting a vast oversight on the part of the author. Sorry it took so long to update it fully on Fimfiction, guys.

First Published
28th Feb 2014
Last Modified
28th Feb 2014

I have always enjoyed this series since it was first written. The camaraderie you put with Vinyl and Octavia is nothing short of pure brilliance and fun. I always look forward to the next "transcript" and I never get bored.

I also have to give recognition to the talented folks who do the radio dramatization as well. They really bring the characters to life and I wish if they are ever given real voices in the series, that they should sound just like them.

Seriously, you do a great series. Don't let anyone else say otherwise.

Oh my Luna. I spent the last hour and a half reading all of these and was sent into laughing and snorting fits more times than I could count. :rainbowlaugh:

I want to either hear these recorded or get a group of friends together and record it ourselves. It would be AWESOME. This is so well written and well, AWESOME, that I don't think it could be done justice.

I do hope there will be more, because these are BRILLIANT.



Hehe I found them a couple of days after posting that. They're freaking AWESOME. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you though. :twilightsmile:

ugh! i LOVED it xD listened to the recordings they were top notch! not to mention its pretty easy to read it in there voices xP cant wait for this to be transcribed woot the story here on fim fic definitly needs more love xP

oh god trixie and blueblood -.- >w> this will definitly turn out interesting i mean come on whats the worst they can do?....... <w< dont answer that xDD

:ajsmug: psh well the blueblood tapes may have met its end haha xD ya know i really love the personalities youve given to octavias friends :D cant wait till more!

This story deserves more popularity.

...I can't wait for more, this is amazing.

Octavia: [Angry muttering.] That’s because I’m afraid if I take a day off, you’ll set the studio on fire.

DJ-P0n3: Octy, when has that ever happened, except for that one time?

That one got me laughing or the part with the camera. It's so funny. I'm going to read all of these chapters now^^

First season over^^

This theaterpiece style of writing is cool. But what i'm curious about is what happened between the tapes.

It's so cute.  Thanks a lot for writing these.

:heart: that's everything i need to say... I think. Keep up the good work.


This needs more views on FIMFiction. There's only been 14 comments.

This is one of the most enjoyable romantic fics I have ever read...

Well done! :rainbowkiss:

I listened to this while reading:

This is pretty good for first chapter.

When do you think they'll have the Radio Plays recorded and put on YouTube? Or am I being too hopeful...?

oh god this is awesome :rainbowlaugh:.

and how come i don't see any comments on this amazing piece of comedic writing?

It was okay.. I got pissed at Vinyl Scratch though :twilightsheepish well I am going to go read next chapter


Hi there. I did write more which was posted on EqD, I just neglected to upload it on Fimfiction... whiiiiich was a pretty dumb move on my part, so I've updated it here as well. Just wanted to apologize for that. I don't have an excuse except for massive procrastination and forgetfulness. This has been rectified. Enjoy!

thanks for uploading these, they are so great! Hoping you will continue to write more of octavia and vinyl's shows in the future, their banter is Godlike.


I did leave the story open for more additions but right now I don't have any current plans for new episodes. If I do write more, it probably won't be for a while.

I am, however, currently working on a new project called Newsponies:  I do personally consider it to take place in the same "universe" as the Vinyl Scratch Tapes so it is possible the characterization I wrote for these characters may appear later in the series. We'll see. At the very least, it can be considered a spiritual successor to the Vinyl Scratch Tapes, since it's another story that continues the "pony media" theme that I really enjoy.

>>2028255 hehe well, will be checking up on news ponies in the future :) And again, thanks for writing the vinyl scratch tapes. Will also be checking out TheMidnightMagicPro's youtube site for whenever they decide on doing more of your work.

I just want to say, that I am a huge fan of your work. I love everything about the Vinyl Scratch Tapes, and have read the 1st season like 10 times lol. Season 2 was... the best fanfic I have ever read. Almost cried like 4 times on the last 3 parts. Anyways, I should get to the point and stop bragging lol. I hope you continue the fanfic for at least a few more seasons. They have filled me, and I'm sure many others, with joy that NOTHING could replace. Thank you all for this experience!!:twilightsmile:

I can't wait for the Audio version of season 2! Or season 3 in general. Hopefully Lyra will be Octavia's ex-gf for some classic romance drama. I would love to see what the author and the audio team could do with that.

Drunken Trixie is the best pony! :trixieshiftleft:

Those Diamond Dogs prank calling were just so funny! And Vinyl is just so epic!

I find Blueblood to be delightfully moronic with his misapprehension of sarcasm. :pinkiehappy:

Haha I love this story!

"I must warn you all, when I play, I play for souls."

All hail Princess Trollestia! :trollestia:

... wut.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: lol seriously i think i have to check it again to  understand wtf did i just read xD

A-MAZE-ING:pinkiehappy:  As Vinyl would pronounce it, with it being 3 syllables after all.

Wait wait wait, srry; forgot to mention; MOARZ!!!:pinkiehappy:

I want to know who else has appeared on Late Night With Lyra and Bon-Bon.

Am I the only one who caught the Marx Brothers reference?

Ahh this was a good story

Love how you turned Blueblood form an antagonist to essentially a lonely protagonist, arguably it was sudden but it worked

hope to see more


This is the most liked story in the 10 remaining oldest stories congratulations :D(its also 7th oldest)


Oh really? I had no idea! That's pretty sweet. That makes me feel pretty good actually :pinkiehappy:

Is this really the end?

>>3431102 I dunno its been 8 weeks just put in low numbers into the story thing and youll find out (oldest story is broken)

>>3431224 the story id number in the browser, the number is the stories number as its added to fimfiction

Well:rainbowhuh:......that definatly took a turn that I didn't expect:unsuresweetie:

If I could upvote this again, I totally would! :rainbowlaugh:

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