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  • 47w, 11h
    A Few Thoughts on Rainbow Dash and her Many Deaths

    There's some gory stuff in videos below (including the preview image for one). Just a heads up.

    Fun fact: this story was supposed to be a little lark initially. As in, I'd do an update a week, top it off in about 30,000 words, and have it done in two months.

    So, consider how things turned out another confirmation that I'm incapable of writing short. And also that graduating college and working two jobs takes up a remarkable out of free time over the course of a year.

    Anywho, onto my little post-story thing for The Many Deaths of Rainbow Dash. First, let's all give a big show of thanks to Caden. He's been my editor on this thing since the beginning, and he is essentially the reason that the story is even half as readable as it actually is (no, he didn't edit this blog post, why do you ask?).

    And further, a general thank you to all of you for digging this story so much. I never would've guessed that my little idea about killing Rainbow Dash over and over would've proved so popular, and yet here we are.

    My original plan for the story was something much more low-key, albeit just as absurd. I had noticed how often Dash appeared to be a target for doom and destruction and all things bloody when it comes to darker fics, and decided to try out doing something about exactly that. Something along the lines of Dash suddenly encountering a number of deadly situations, and somehow managing to survive/die/something-in-between. It wasn't long into the planning, though, that I realized that it would be a story that would start to get real meta real fast. Seeing as my previous story already covered the meta angle (in general, kinda-sorta), I figured that that would just end up pigeonholing me. So I changed things up to a general narrative, the results of which I'm actually pretty pleased with.

    To address the big complaint I've seen: yes, Twilight should've stopped putzing about and contacted the Princess way earlier. I tried to justify what she was doing as best I could while still staying in-character (that's the number one goal I have in all my stories: keep everypony in-character), but I believe my results were only marginally acceptable. My excuse is a bit of a cop-out, too: had she done that, the story would've been a whole lot less interesting. This story's ultimate focus was on Dash, well, dying. It's right there in the title. Everything else was background to me, so even as I was slowly nudging the plot along, I wanted to keep Dash's predicament in the foreground. This is also why the curses that befell the other ponies didn't get nearly as much attention (what I said in the comments is true: that whole subplot was pretty much just an excuse for Pinkie to make the "I wonder where the fish has gone" gag"). Had I planned things out better at the beginning, I probably could've made things stronger, but things can get tricky to plan for when a story just balloons out of control.

    Luckily it was still a lot of run to write as it is. So, again, I'm okay with it all.

    Also, people seemed to be looking towards the Final Destination movie series as a primary source of inspiration here (along with that Captain fellow from Dr. Who, a character I was totally unfamiliar with until you all started bringing him up). That would be a good guess, but believe it or not, those movies never really came to mind as I was writing (I was never much of a fan). I was just trying to get creative with the various ways I killed Dash. And in that regard, getting ridiculous or having an overly-intricate setup works well for keeping things fun. If anything, my inspiration was stuff like this:

    Plenty of blood and plenty of laughs. Just the way I like it for this sort of thing.

    And... that about covers it, I think. If anyone's got a question, feel free to ask. If you spotted anything you think I could improve upon in later writings, please don't keep it to yourself. I am all about the criticism, the more the better. I know I'm still a mid-level writer (a tremendously lazy one at that), so there's always room for improvement. As to what comes next, I really couldn't say at the moment. I'm toying with a few ideas, but nothing really strong has jumped out yet. Maybe I'll actually get to my Read Later folder and actually check out some other fan fic for once (which is something I never seem to ever do, for whatever reason. Likely the insane jealousy I get when seeing how good all the other writers are without even trying. Who can say :P).

    To close, thanks again for reading everyone! Definitely boosts my spirits (and weirds me out a bit) to see something I've written become so popular. Hopefully it happens again sometime.

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  • 82w, 3d
    On delays and absences

    As is obvious to anyone who even glances at my stories, I'm the sort who has big delays between updates. I don't like this about myself, since it bugs me to leave folks hanging for so long. The trouble usually is that I'm the sort of writer who is both crazy busy in every other aspect of life, and also unfathomably lazy. Especially at this time of year. Like most of you, I'm a student, and we are fast approaching the end of another semester. In this case, though, it's my final semester of college, so I've got a pressing need to get things done so I can get my diploma and move on to the next stage of life (I believe it's just called Life). So, while I work on fic when I can, keep expecting delays.

    However, everyone can at least rest assured that I will see Many Deaths through to the end. I've got the next chapter (and rest of the story) mapped out already, and am simply waiting for enough free moments to write it all down. I'm hoping to get it completed by the end of May, if not a little later. After that, time to get started on another story that I've been pondering for quite some time now. Assuming that the hunt for a full-time job doesn't slow me down, of course.

    In the meantime, everyone sit tight. Maybe read another story on this site. From what I understand, it has several to choose from.

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  • 91w, 3d
    Why am I in the Popular Stories column?

    That wasn't supposed to happen. Do I have to make some sort of ritualistic sacrifice now? Because I don't know if I'd be up for that (it's always a nightmare of paperwork).

    Anywho, a hearty thanks to all new readers for the support. It means the world to me that all my keyboard flailing is amounting to something. I hope that what I keep writing continues to entertain. And that it also comes at a considerably steadier pace (I detest month-long breaks between chapters, especially since they are primarily fueled by my own laziness).

    A particular shoutout to all these Many Deaths fans coming up here. After reading all these wonderful comments (which are like crack to me), I have come to a simple conclusion for all of you, something that I say with endless love and appreciation:

    Seek help. Immediately.

    That is all, carry on :heart:

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  • 97w, 3d
    Check some fanart I got

    To pretty much everyone out there waiting on baited breath for whatever bits of writing I'm going to post next -please, folks, please, control yourselves. No need to resort to mob violence to spur me along just yet- I apologize for the delay. I've been remarkably busy since the week before Christmas, and now have a combination of a full-time job and finishing off two schools that are keeping me somewhat busy (also moving back to the US from Europe, that's been a bit of a hassle as well). But things are being beaten into the keyboard, so I'm hoping to have something up this weekend.

    In the meantime, everyone can take a look at this bit of fanart for First Week of Winter passed my way yesterday, as drawn by this site's very own Caden. Specifically, it's of a section in Chapter 8 that appears to have struck a chord with a number of folks, although I suppose it also constitutes a bit of a spoiler for anyone who hasn't gotten that far.

    Now, I am just tickled pink that someone decided to do this. It's never happened before, and it gives my ego that much more of a boost to know something I wrote somehow made someone with actual talent want to do something about it. And I think it came out quite well, especially with that expression. Because as my writing has shown, nothing seems to make me happier than the drawn-out, gruesome demise of that particular pony.


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  • 105w, 1d
    In which I ramble about what I'm writing next

    ...or, to be more on point, in which I write a new blog post to knock the old spoiler one off my page.

    So, First Week of Winter is wrapped up. Over and done with, feels good, high fives all around, time to look ahead. I do have a few ideas I'm kicking around, and would like to get started on soon. School here is actually at a very managable level, so the only thing holding me back is my unceasing laziness. Well, that and the fact that whatever I write will probably end up being fairly lengthy again. Those folks who can pump out fantastic stories with 3K word chapters (if that), I don't know how you do it. Because honestly, I couldn't write a competent short story with a gun to my head. Still, I'll get it figured out.

    Actually, I do have one story I've been working on. By which I mean I've got two chapters done and self-edited, and I could theoretically post them right now. Trouble is, they're a bit on the gory side, which makes finding an editor difficult. I always always always want to get my chapters edited by someone else before I post them anywhere, but here I may just make an exception, since I'm not even sure I'm allowed to post it on /fic/ (FWoW I got away with, but I don't think that story really qualifies as 'gory'). Anyone here has any suggestions, I am free to hear them. I will say that I'm not too concerned with this story going places, if that makes sense. I wrote it mostly to have a little fun, and to indulge my gorehound side one more time, because I roll like that sometimes.

    I should also note that this particular story will probably be the last really bloody one I write for a while. After that, all my other ideas are much more 'wholesome', as it were. I imagine those will be easier to get good feedback on.

    Oh, and one last thing for all you Thing fans out there (because I'll never stop loving you, and because this journal needs some actual content):


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my favorite movie I'll have to give this a read soon I love the thing

Yes! You uploaded this to here!!

Now I'm happier!!!

You.......what have you done you've brought my childhood fear to the world of equestria:ajsleepy::fluttercry:

Sweet mother of god... :fluttercry:

Never looking at Scootaloo the same way......ever.:fluttershysad:

This was terrifying.... In a good way. :D

Chapter 3 was great. I can't wait to see what mutation you will prepare up next :)

I see twilight now realizing it now, that liquid, that what it is, scootaloo was expose to it, and the reason it can only open on the inside that liquid ate scootaloo and impersonated, absorbing her memories and personality.

This story is so freakin' awesome, it deserves way more than 9 likes! You manage to keep the tension, emotional responses and mystery to a maximum. I also have no idea who's the Thing in disguise but my money's kind of on Fluttershy (it was on Rainbow Dash originally but then I read that bit at the end and it gave me doubts - see this is what I was talking about when I said you work in the mystery well, you glorious bastard!). Keep up the good work Mr Author, I have the utmost faith in you...besides, it can't be worse than the 2011 prequel can it? :rainbowwild:

PS. Fingers crossed for somepony's head detaching, growing eight legs and eyestalks, and trying to scuttle off :pinkiehappy:

Gah, I'm gonna regret reading it before sleep.


Rarity and AJ are my prime suspects of being infected, but I can't tell which one it is.

Twilight is definitely not infected, because she wants to find a way to identify the Thing (also, I dont think that the Thing would waste energy on crying while being alone in the lab), plus she was alone with Fluttershy and nothing happened between them, which also strikes Fluttershy off from my suspect list.

Neither Rainbow Dash or Sweetie are infected, because of the 'kitchen scene' - they were alone in the room and nothing really happened.

I also don't think that Apple Bloom is infected, because the CMC were together all the time(I guess?) and the monster couldnt freely infect her without being caught red handed by Sweetie.


Rarity is off the list too. Why would she scream hysterically when she saw Scootaloo doing this and that with Spike, if she were infected herself?

That leaves only our cute orange apple farmer... poor Apple Bloom :applecry:

Aw, not Sweetie Belle. Now I sense a conflict with Rarity with Sweetie being infected being Twilight's fault. :fluttershysad:

Nice crossover you got going here that doesn't just feel like "THE THING! BUT WITH PONIES~!" and is actually engaging. Not to mention that all the characters are actually IN character.

Gonna keep an eye out on this one.


A My Little Pony/The Thing crossover, by all rights, should be terrible and ridiculous. But this is excellent. I'm hanging on the edge of my seat. With a cliffhanger like this, I hope the next update comes soon. I'm not sure I can take the suspense.

awwwwww shits gonna go down

Gah, my 'the thing detection algorithm' is a bit off it seems.

Oh and Dash got tied to the couch :yay: some bondage action is in order!

I just read this all in one sitting, excellent. It's a very strong crossover, although there are a few places that get a little too close to the source material for my taste. The backstory for the Thing is very well executed, I'm very happy that you went somewhere besides just "an alien." You capture the paranoia terrifically. The decision to bring in the CMC to increase the kill-count was brilliant and horrible. In a good way.

I like to think that in my own body-horror filled FoE homage to the Thing that I pull that aspect off rather well. I found your body-horror to be deliciously disturbing. I can see the corollaries between scenes from the movie and your work, but you have made them enough your own to really shine.

Excitedly following.

Oh man, poor Spike. At least we didn't have to read descriptions of what happened to Scootaloo and [spoiler].

Yep, I called it. Right before Scootaloo infected the mystery character in chapter three, Sweetie Belle was the only one not mentioned in the description of the base's activity. Poor Sweetie Belle. :unsuresweetie:

not just a The Thing crossover, but all of John Carpenters "Apocolypse Trilogy". Amazing. LOL how Sutter Cane is, in Equestria, "Sugar Cane". The Thing was the scariest movie I have ever seen. (The game was rather weak, more of a "rent it" instead of a "buy it". good work

   Oh my god this is good stuff. poor :applecry:

Another excellent chapter. You had me worried a second there that I wouldn't get to read a line about Dash not wanting to spend the rest of the winter on the couch. I'm glad you didn't do it word for word, but I'm ecstatic it was there.

It looks like I'm going to need to look at some of the source material, I am only familiar with The Thing. I don't know if it is from the sources, or something you added, but I'm glad there is a possibility of a reset. While I'm usually pretty grumpy when grim dark writers "wimp out" at the end, it is usually because it seems tacked on. Having the reset as a goal instead of a happy coincidence gives it a believability that is lacking in a lot of other works.

I applaud you sir, and eagerly await more.

my god you sir are a genius! freaking brohug to you man :heart:

Author Interviewer

Boy, that was a convoluted explanation, but it makes perfect sense once she gets to the point.

Oh shit. D: But what the hell is up with Pinkie?

So this has gone from Carpenter to Lovecraft? :O Not that I mind.

Hah! And I was about to accuse you of OOC Rainbow Dash.

Coming into this chapter, I found myself wondering why I was continuing to follow such a gut-wrenchingly horrifying fic. I came up with "I like the atmosphere", which is true. Now, I'm putting all those thoughts aside. Despite what's happened, the current scene feels very pony-adventure, and I'm okay with that. Actually, my one complaint at this point is that I don't really remember how everything fits together geographically, and I'm pretty much lost as to where they've gone.

This fic is my twisted guilty pleasure, and it opened my eyes to the wonders/horrors of a fic with gore that's actually used well.  :pinkiecrazy:

I'm with MisterClacky on this one; the cheap thing to do would be to suddenly fix everything at the end, but introducing it as a tempting possibility really works and adds some hope and suspense to this fic. It would be a relief after the characters we love so much died so horribly. The scene where Pinkie was explaining it all was pretty exciting.

In previous chapters, I felt bad for what happened to Spike and how it affected Twilight and Rarity, but a little worse for the fact the Scootaloo was barely mourned at all. Rarity's death was far worse, though. And poor Apple Bloom is probably traumatized by now, unless she isn't herself. Except ... the thing was under the couch with Dash ... They'd better watch their backs.:pinkiegasp::applecry::twilightoops::fluttershyouch:


Wow. I wonder what kind of ending we're going to get.  Is there really a way to turn back the clock? Will the world end? This is intense. Guess that's the thing about horror: miserable endings are just as likely as happy ones, if not more likely.

Interesting twist with Pinkie Pie being the dangerous one. It's particularly clever because Pinkie's already a weird, quirky character. It isn't immediately apparent that she's being more than her usual eccentric self.

Looking forward to more.

  Holly crap that's epic,:rainbowderp: but i still have a ton of unanswered questions.

I don't know what it's worse, that the original "The Thing" is pure Lovecraftian horror mixed with high octane paranoia, or putting Lovecraftian horrors in "The Thing" with ponified paranoia.

Overkill? Yes. I like it? Oh boy if I like it.

I was waiting for this to happen. it's awesome!

And I thought it was pinkie pie.....

Suspense is killing me.

Story made me a little bit on the sick side litterally:pinkiesick:

Brilliant. The portrayal of Dash in this chapter was amazing. Every scene with her showcased a mounting paranoia and growing disillusionment. And that stubborn "I can win this" attitude was perfect. And her ending? That has to be the most chilling accounting of drowning I have ever read.

I literally had shivers when Fluttershy stared down the big bad. I wasn't expecting that, and it was brilliant.

And more bodies showed up, which is good, cause we're all out.

Keep up the excellent work as you wind this down.

Who here tried reading this with the original The Thing theme song? I DID.:pinkiehappy:

Amazing work, so many questions, so many mysteries. I loved the suspenseful atmosphere the story gives.

You sir made a (high) brony have the most amazing lecture, here.

  Shouldn't this be rated grimdark?  Seems a fair shade darker than just "dark" to me.

Author Interviewer

Why is Pinkie crying tears of blood? D:

I think you mean "tinkling", not "tinkering".

This history that Pinkie is telling is fascinating. This is all fascinating, and completely entrancing!


Ohai Applejack. :B

...And Rainbow drowns under the ice? D: After all that? ._. That's not a good prize. Where's the frickin' tragedy tag, man?

"and her eyebrows rising": rose

Okay, I'm okay with how you killed Fluttershy off. That was pretty epic, not to mention heroic. But now Twilight gets to be all alone, assuming she makes it out even. D: What the fuck?

God dammit, Hawks, god dammit! D: Where the hell have you been?

Well, this has been a real crapsack of an adventure. ;_; I guess there's one more left?

This has to be the single most amazing, touching and bone-chilling stories that i've EVER READ on this website, it even goes as far as to rank up there on my favourite stories. Adding Lovecraftian horror to an already amazing horror theme such as; "The Thing" was absolutely genius. Great job man! I can't wait to see the next chapter (possibly an ending?) and more from you. Have all of my internets, Infinite internets coming your way!

I have a feeling this sugar cane is behind all this. Will the next chapter be the last?

It was probably the fact that I would have no more to read after reading this chapter that kept me from it. Well, shame on me. Dash's final sequence was amazing to read, and Twilight's equally so. I can hardly wait to see how this ends.

Sugar Cane is just as much a victim as twilight...

Bravo! Keep it up!

Author Interviewer

I am ever so slightly concerned that this is not yet over. D: It felt over! Or at least headed for a definite ending.

Interesting start to this chapter. A POV switch that works well, and more importantly is handled properly.


He's wanting to know what she saw... This isn't real, is it? Hmm, but then it switches to Weaver's POV... Argh, confused! Though I like how, even after the main danger has passed, there are still questions and puzzles to figure out.

"with the rest of her body was similarly": take out 'was'


This seems to have become a completely different sort of story. c.c


I really have to call you out on using 'feet' and 'meter' in the same sentence. D:

So was everything reset? But things have changed...

This is the thing taking everything over. Or in her mind, something like that. Oh man oh man.

Growling Mad Ponies? Really? This is not the time for ponified musical references.

NOW I am scared. Pinkie, what did you do?

Ah, and what I at first thought was Pinkie breaking the fourth wall actually comes back to an earlier thought I didn't put words to: it's all about the books somehow.

You've got me gibbering madly to myself with Pinkie being squeezed by the green things. @_@

Oh wow, that's a great plan!


That was the best line, seriously. :D Wow, shit, what a chapter. I can only imagine that the Princess's absence has something to do with something...

I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say that, like the majority or readers, I thought a The Thing crossover with Ponies would be bad, really really bad.

But, also like said majority, I am currently eating my words with gusto. This is a brilliant fanfic. Extremely well executed and so much suspense.


80 feet Pinkie Pie :pinkiegasp: The world is DOOMED! :pinkiecrazy:

Brilliant chapter. I'm really curious what happens in Canterlot!

If it wasn't intense enough before, it sure has turned now! o:

Now Donald Pleasance! Throw the axe!

so this turned from a the thing crossover to some sort of silent hill thing?

OK, I really should start replying to comments on here.


No, it just got thigh-deep into Prince of Darkness territory, and neck-deep into In the Mouth of Madness territory. And those movies (particularly the latter) go to some very, very strange places.


Fun fact: My original outline of this story pretty much ended just like that. Minus the Donald Pleasance priest, at least.

>>1400751 And then she wakes up with the Burger King in bed with her.

You've been working in this story for nearly a year. Do you feel the end is near?


I can assure you, the end is quite near.

I can also assure you that, were it not for my rather staggering laziness, this would've been over and done about four months ago.

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