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  • Sunday
    Into Filly Funtasia?

    It seems to be making a comeback after all! :D Well, I discovered that execrable IP two years ago, bought two of the toys, hated them, and vowed to write horrible crossover fanfiction to showcase their terribleness for all the fandom to see.

    That... never really happened.

    So, today, you can see the first, and only, two chapters of "The Brony Princess" in my speedfic collection. There will never be any more (I include notes about what would have happened had I continued the story, at least). Get it now, while supplies last!

    And don't buy any Filly Princess toys, for srs. D:

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  • Sunday
    Bookshelf shenanigans, and important fic rec updates!

    I at last decided to make an Incompletes Bookshelf to differentiate from my RIL. This way, I can check it every week, or even once a month, for new completes to add to RIL and not have to worry about what’s on it not being complete. The final counts are 2982 RIL, 1032 Incomplete, and 19 Tracking. Tracking I use for incompletes I want to read the moment they’re done. Go ahead and check out that link to the shelf above; if you see one of your stories on there that you haven’t worked on in a while, maybe it’ll give you a kick in the butt to keep going! :V

    So, after going through all four-fucking-thousand stories on my RIL, I said to myself, “Hey, now those 1400 stories you reviewed don’t seem so bad, huh?” So yes, I’ve also made a Reviewed shelf, which is public. This means lots of spamming folks, but the important thing is, people will know I reviewed their stuff. I’ve changed up my userpage to reflect this, so that anyone coming looking will (hopefully) know what to do. (The upshot, though, is that apparently the new bookshelf system is set up to prevent said spamming, and I can't do them all at once. Tune in for more spam tomorrow!)

    I also ended up finding some interesting stuff in the older journals!

    Laugh as I whine about having 100 whole stories on my RIL. :V

    I actually rec’d The Descendant’s A Cup of Joe. It is Highly Recommended, for the record. This is good, because it was on my “Old Favorites” list to re-review, and I don’t want to read it again because I will cry. ;_; Going back through all my old journals, not just the ones that sound like fic recs, has also made me realize I never reviewed Silent Ponyville, so I’m gonna do that sometime, as it’s a pretty popular fic.

    Ah, Blueshift’s The Last Stand of King Sombra will now be Recommended. It was p. hilar. Martial Bliss by Skywriter is also Recommended. It was also hilar.

    It should really get its own journal, but I mentioned it here already: Pipsqueak the Valiant’s Adventure Journal by Casca is one of my all-time favorite stories, an imaginative piece written from Pipsqueak’s POV as he’s dragged off on a quest to find his ship’s captain father… by Mayor Mare. It won whatever writeoff it was part of, and I put the reason squarely on the perfect child’s voice Casca crafted. It doesn’t go anywhere you’d expect, and the reason I never gave it a proper writeup is that, well, I didn’t realize it was marked complete until now. :B It is Highly Recommended.

    Ah, here’s a good one! My journal talking about fiendofthet’s story Fallout Equestria: Lesbians was apparently removed in the big NSFW journal purge. (Which is weird, because I can still see it in the listings.) Here’s the original text, since I went ahead and deleted the blog on my end, as no one can read it now:

    If you haven't, I highly recommend reading Fallout Equestria: Lesbians. It's quite short, and hilariously brilliant. It reminds me of what I was trying to do with My Full-Sized Goddess Horse. :D There's even an "Applejack is a background pony" joke!

    Even though the words “highly recommended” show up in there, I’m going to officially call this Recommended If You Like Mocking FoE, because if you don’t, and you're not at least somewhat familiar with the original, you’re not gonna get anything out of it. It’s still officially my favorite FoE sidefic, though. :V

    Ooh, and not to end on a sour note, but it looks like I almost gave up fic recs before I started. The journal immediately following that one was the very first "official" recommendations blog, however. (My first structured review was actually the vs. Rainbow Factory blog, solely because I used the 5-point rating system.) And now look how far we've come. :D

    So I'm calling it: THE SPREADSHEET IS FINISHED. EVERYTHING PRE-2014 IS RECORDED. THAT’S IT, NO MORE GOING BACK TO SEARCH FOR THINGS. Yeesh. Here's to being organized! :twilightsheepish:

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  • Saturday
    Present Perfect vs. G2

    20 comments · 146 views
  • Thursday
    Fic recs, October 16th: Project Get! #2

    We just passed story #222222. I was disappointed to find out that it was both unpublished (it’s under the word limit, so it must be) and pretty poorly written. :/ Ah well.

    Anyway, I'm in the middle of a longish audiobook and the middle of a definitely-long follower get, so have some more Project Get!

    H: 0 R: 0 C: 3 V: 3 N: 4

    O Fortuna by Gabriel LaVedier

    Mature: Gore

    Genre: Philosphical

    A band of gypsy ponies make their way into Canterlot, to their detriment. This bills itself a “loose, unofficial prequel to 120 Days of Blueblood”, which I have not yet read, and, after looking at the description, do not think I ever shall. I really don’t see how “Nightmare Moon never happened” leads us to “Blueblood is a debauched monster ruling bloodthirsty ponies.” Unfortunately, that’s not gone into in this piece, so we’re left with fanatical priests, gypsies from nowhere, and the aforementioned Prince and ponies who are about as far removed from the show as you can possibly get. This piece, I feel, is a wasted opportunity on the author’s part. I want to know where these gypsies came from, and why their traditions are so different from those of ponies who are already different from what we know. Unfortunately, they’re just plopped into the middle of this AU and then executed so that one of them can have a lengthy conversation with Blueblood about the nature of fate. (On that note, the gore really isn’t that bad; the pony is tortured and killed, but he doesn’t really react to it because he’s in the throes of religious ecstasy or something, which makes it amazingly easy to stomach.) I found myself often lost thanks to having skipped a word or two, this could use some editing, and most of all, I wondered why Blueblood let this guy get in two words edgewise, considering the way he seems to be characterized. All in all, this isn’t as horrible a piece as relation to its apparently infamous predecessor might suggest, I’m just not sure what the point was.

    Vaguely Recommended

    The Accordion by RealmOfMereShadows

    Genre: Warfic

    A pony on a train hurtles toward certain doom. This gets off to a bad start by using “waked me up” in the first sentence; unfortunately, nonstandard constructions like that abound in this piece, making the narrative extremely bumpy and serving as bizarre counterpoint to some of the more image-heavy stretches. The main problem with this, though, is that it’s not very pony. Until the final scene — which is a problem in and of itself, as it's pretty maudlin — there’s really no indication of what, exactly, our protagonist or any of his comrades are. Given the war framing story, nothing about this feels Equestrian. I think this is a piece that everyone can skip.

    Not Recommended

    Squirrel Attack by Art Inspired and Flanagan

    Genre: Dark

    Fluttershy misinterprets squirrel talk and gets a thrashing. Beyond the thought of a squirrel beating up Fluttershy being amusing, the comedy is pretty lacking here. The writing is likewise bad and feels like a first draft. The chapter with Rarity doesn’t do much, the ending is rushed, and overall, this seems to be a quick idea dashed off in a hurry.

    Not Recommended

    These Trying Times by DegeTheMighty

    Genre: Historical

    An unnamed pony shepherds two very special fillies over rough seas toward a brighter tomorrow. The writing needs some touching up, but overall I liked this. Despite the low word count, we get a good feel for both the main character’s awe of Celestia and Luna even existing and just what, exactly, is riding on this trip. Plus, since the character isn’t identified, it could totally be Star Swirl, which is cool.

    Recommended If You Like Historical Pieces

    Unavoidable Unification by Protopony350

    Genre: Apocalypse

    The Void comes to Equestria, and with it the end of days. This has some stuff going for it, namely that the Void isn’t described much and the question of its origin is left unanswered. Unfortunately, the rest is a very surface-level look at a coming apocalypse. However interesting the images at play may be, they would have been more effective coming from a character-level perspective rather than told matter-of-factly by the narrator. Overall, it’s not an effective horror story. (Addendum: Apparently my comment on the story made the author take it down, so, uh, I guess maybe it’ll be better in the future? :B)

    Not Recommended

    The Dawn of Equestria by Templar22

    Genre: Creation Story

    It’s a creation story, framed as a familial affair among creation gods. You’ve seen this kind of thing before, no doubt, but though this has some good things going for it that help it stand out from that crowd, the writing lets it down. It starts off well enough, but soon typos and close repetitions crop up, and by the end, they’re everywhere. That said, as creation fics go, it’s got some interesting ideas and lots of tense fights, because what’s a creation story without an epic battle between gods? Those into creation stories will get the most out of this.

    Vaguely Recommended

    The Game for a Pony by stanku

    Genre: High-Society

    I’m somewhat at a loss to sum this up. It involves Rarity at some kind of societal function, bouncing off a couple of the other attendees, but I’m not quite sure what the point was. The main reason for this is that stanku, while a good writer, is not a native English speaker, and this doesn’t appear to have been edited. Some passages are nigh-unreadable. It doesn’t help that the characters’ names aren’t particularly ponyish (and one of them changes halfway through). I wasn’t too fond of the “what just happened” summation at the end, either. Honestly, I’m not sure who would want to read this.

    Not Recommended

    A Spot of Chocolate Tea by Night_Shine

    Genre: Vignette

    This has the odd position of being a side-story to a cancelled story. I’m not about to read that one now, but does this stand by itself? ...I’m gonna go with ‘no’. I have a feeling there’s some kind of subtext lost in the references to the other story, preventing this from seeming like anything more than a disconnected scene from something larger. That said, I did enjoy Discord’s antics, brief as they were, though the writing could use a bit of touching up. At its core, it’s just some OC getting mad at Discord, because Discord keeps fucking with him, and that’s worth a thousand-word trip, wouldn’t you say?

    Vaguely Recommended

    My Night by Zeck

    Genre: Dark

    After being upstaged by a backwoods yokel named Fiddlesticks, Symphony takes some revenge when an opportunity presents itself. Despite getting hysterical and dramatic toward the end, Symphony ends up being a pretty compelling character. The second half of this ends up being a decent look at how a poor attitude can create a self-fulfilling prophecy, right up until she kills herself. Really, my only other complaint about this story is that the plethora of music-themed background ponies pulled into the penultimate scene includes Vinyl Scratch. The writing could be better, but is altogether decent. It’s just the ending that’s a letdown.

    Recommended If You Don’t Mind Pointless Melodrama

    A Not So Typical Changeling Goes to Equestria and Enters Into a Quickscoping Match With Rainbow Dash by TheBigStallowski

    Genre: Crackfic

    With a title like that, how could this be anything but? If you like laughing at fedora-wearing MRAs and people who play Call of Duty, this’ll be right up your alley. (Also, the main character’s name is hilarious.) There’s not much more to be said about this, save that caps lock is indeed cruise control for cool.

    Recommended If You Get Your Kicks on Tumblr

    19 comments · 196 views
  • 1w, 17h
    Fic Recs, October 12th

    Chris’s story The Sweetest Water just got a reading by a new guy called Neighrator Pony. He’s good. He’s got a nice, deep voice like Illya Leonov or DeftFunk, his reading is clean and clear, and he makes good use of incidental music and sound effects. This is his first reading, so be sure to check him out! (And for the record, I do actually add new readings into reviews I’ve done when I find them; I only make note of them in journals like this when they come from new reviewers.)

    The writeoff wraps up in about 45 minutes, and I plan to spend the day reading all the entries. :V Hopefully. No better time to clean out my review queue!

    H: 0 R: 2 C: 2 V: 0 N: 1

    A Problematic Romance by thejboy99

    DNF: 1/6

    Genre: Shipping

    This is the first of the 9 Sonata Dusk stories I tracked from the group to finish, and it’s by an author I reviewed in that journal. I suppose I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up; again, this is marred by a telly introduction, and small things like a lack of apostrophes denoting elision in the dialogue. What killed it though is that the shipped parties are Sonata… and an OC. Named Randy. I don’t have to explain why this is “problematic”, and I sure as heck didn’t need Pinkie reminding me of the fact in the story. Suffice to say, the character is introduced as having a long string of failed romances with various show characters (that the first one is Maud suggests waifu chasing) and I did not give two damns about his predicament. Time to check the first chapters of all those other stories and see what I’m getting myself into. (Down to 3 stories now!)

    Not Recommended

    Swooty Bell Adventures Part 3: A Swoot Hope by Protopony350

    Sequel to Swooty Bell Adventures Part 2: Mr. McMeany Strikes Back

    Genre: Trollfic

    Do you realize the Swooty Bell Adventures total over 50k words of trolling? Crazy. This story’s over 30k all by itself, and oh man, it’s the best one ever. We see the defeat of Mr. McMeany and the Despicablecons, meet Queen Changeshape, learn the true nature of Marcopolypse, watch a whole bunch of other characters die and/or get possessed by old villains, and get a ton of wacky crossovers. (This story is worth reading just for the Neon Genesis Evangelion reference, I’m serious.) Everything that made the previous installments good is even better this time around. There’s even character drama! This is just the best possible outcome for this series. Once again, if you’re not into poorly-written, nonsensical stores, this will likely be bothersome (as will reading the three stories preceding it; don’t forget about Twix Bar!), but I find myself compelled to give it a rating of “Highly Troll Recommeded”, which averages out to


    As Soft as Stone by TheaWinters

    Reading by Goombasa

    Genre: Ms. Harshwhinny/Maud Pie Crackshipping

    Look at that genre tag. Read it two or three times. Let it sink in. Yeah. This is an entirely serious story, yet the whole time it’s saturated with this feeling of, “no, it doesn’t make sense, stop trying to figure it out.” The pairing works remarkably well, though I place a lot of the credit on incidental things and fantastic characterization of Ms. Harshwhinny. (The first name the author gives her is amazing.) This gives what I feel is a really credible look into the behind-the-scenes of the Equestrian Games, from setup to execution, and how Ms. Harshwhinny handles everything that comes at her. Little things like her having to be corrected by Maud on the use of “friends” rather than “entourage” go a long way to lending circumstances the veneer of realism. I will say Maud feels a little… I guess “convenient” is the word. Not really out of character, but far more willing to do what she does than I would have anticipated. Having written a crackship myself, I feel like it’s the kind of thing an author is left with regardless of what they do when attempting this sort of thing. The writing is otherwise above reproach, minus a close repetition near the opening. This is a surprisingly good story, and those not overly interested in romance will be pleased to know this never gets to the smooching.


    Sonata Discovers Taco Town by Justice4243

    Genre: Comedy

    Another silly Sonata Dusk story by Justice4243? You’re darn right I’m gonna read that now! This is based on Sonata Dusk, pre-movie, finding a Saturday Night Live skit about tacos and doing something stupid, natch. (The video’s helpfully linked in the story, though it’s also explained in the text. Not that I approve of that, mind you. I mean, who uses Yahoo Screen, really?) Though not quite as hilarious as Cafeteria Control, this nevertheless sets up Adagio and Aria as Sonata’s much-beleaguered caregivers. The argument they have over who has to tell her Taco Town isn’t real is priceless. There are some spots where a scene is left hanging, or a comedic beat is missed, but I enjoyed this rather a lot regardless. The real strength is in showing their relationships, which is an odd thing for a comedy.

    Recommended for Sonata Fans, aka The Greatest People on Earth

    Hot Plot by TheBandBrony

    Reading by Doctor Cobra

    Genre: Future Fic

    Applejack visits Rainbow Dash at the airfield and discovers a provocative piece of nose art depicting her backside; she ain’t too happy about that. This story is an odd one. It takes place in a future Equestria at war with griffons, but the setting is entirely earth-analogue. They have airplanes, the government issues war bonds in return for crops, things like that. It’s very much not an Equestrian setting in the least. That said, I really liked the way the author reveals small details; this has a very strong world-building aspect, even if the world is ultimately not something I would normally want to read about. Added to this is some strong characterization of Applejack, Rainbow Dash and their friendship. On that note, I cannot believe this wasn’t used as an AppleDash vehicle. There's a shipping aspect to it, but it's not with Dash, despite her excuses for how the painting ended up as AJ being somewhat flimsy. I do wish that Applejack’s objection to the artwork had gone beyond simple moral outrage; this story reminded me of Wet Feathers somewhat in that way. But what’s here is pretty strong, just off-kilter as far as making sense in canon goes.

    Recommended If You Don’t Mind Earth-Analogue Ponies

    7 comments · 248 views
  • ...

It's been five years since she first met them, and most of Twilight Sparkle's friends have found love, leaving her feeling left out and unwanted. The Winter's Eve Ball promises a magical night of mystique and romantic wonder, but will Twilight's romantic notions get the best of her? Based on the song by the Fireman.

Originally published on Equestria Daily November 29, 2011.

Be sure to check out the song by Baron Thyrai!

First Published
3rd Mar 2012
Last Modified
3rd Mar 2012
#1 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

This wasn't on here earlier? I'm quite surprised.

One of the first ships I've read, and one of the most memorable at that. Glad to see it on here.

#2 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

...you don't need to dance to be high...:moustache:

Just sayin!:trollestia:

#3 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

This was the second ship I've ever read. And it's, to this date, the best thing ever.

Glad to see it here.

#4 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

One of my favorite one-shots. Good to see it on here!

Site Blogger
#5 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·


I've only just come to fimfic; I use EQD as my primary site. But I'm posting this here to see what happens, basically.

#6 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

Fantastic story- one of the first I've ever read. :twilightsmile:


feature box ahoy

#7 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

I remember when this was on EqD.  Delightful story!  I'll have to read it again now that it's on here.

#8 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

Excellent! :rainbowkiss:

#9 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

Already read it, so insta-fav and thumbs up! glad to see this of Fimfiction!

#10 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·


On a serious note I was looking far and wide to find this story again since it was just that awesome when I first read it... Time to read it again!

:twilightblush::rainbowkiss:  This story is what introduced me to the concept of Twidash and how awesome it is!

#11 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

I read this a while back on fimfiction and wow was it good. I really loved it. So cute and well written. Its too bad Dash had to fuck all those other ponies before getting with Twi, even if she loved her....

#12 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

Quite simply my favorite one shot fic ever.

#13 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

Great to see this get more exposure. Now I can stalk you better too.:rainbowwild:

#14 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

Pretty amazing.  Not sure why there's so many dislikes, being such a quality fic and all.

#15 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

good tah see this story ere'. loved it when ah first read it, and it got me intah fanfics. ah can't thank ya enough fer writin' this.

Site Blogger
#16 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·


Much obliged. :) You're a good commenter, it's nice to have you around!


Shipping haters? On my fimfic? It's more likely than you think.


Wow! Now that's just a wonderful thing to say! :D I can't thank you enough for reading it!

#17 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

Life lost meaning, because this was so-


CRAP, my heart breaking


So beautiful...

seriously... So good

*crack crack crack*


The best i ever read

I now go to heaven...


#18 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

First time I've ever read this. This story has all my love :heart:

#19 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

Random Thought for Today: If Harry Potter was a pony, he'd have a cutie mark for cock-blocking Ron.

#20 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·


That was awesome.:rainbowkiss:

Ah, TwiDash, so amazing...

#21 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

I loved this fic, glad to see that its finally on here.:yay:

#22 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

After reading this story, I really want it to be continued into further installments! It may have been written as a one-shotter, but something about the ending and style sets it up to be a fantastic full-on story. :twilightsmile:

#23 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

A beautiful love story.  :rainbowkiss: :twilightblush:

#24 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

Pelase tell me you're going to resurect this story into a series with some more chapters!:pinkiegasp:

#25 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

this is awesome, nuff said.:rainbowkiss:

#26 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

I remember first coming to Equestria Daily and seeing this on the front page. It was my first fanfic, I'm happy to see it's finally up on here man, thanks:heart:

#27 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

All my love and affection! :heart:

As well as a favorite and a watch. :twilightsmile:

#28 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

I was cleaning my knife after hunting and was enjoying the story until the mystery stallion was revealed.

I can never find this lesbian love between any mane6 character possible and when it happens, I am greatly disturbed.

That's just me though, i've seen worse... the clopfics, the POW's. Christ.

#29 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·

Oh I'm so happy to see this here. I first saw it on EQD and loved it. Then I couldn't remember enough of it to go searching but huzzah it is here now. And great thing is i can get it as .epub and read it at work on break :twilightsmile:

#30 · 137w, 2d ago · · ·


Just do what I do, John.

Consider everyone in Equestria universally omnisexual. No sexuality, no race, and species doesn't matter either. It's peace, John. Peace.

#31 · 137w, 1d ago · · ·

I remember this!!:twilightsmile::rainbowwild:

Glad to see it here so I can add it to my list of fics Ive read

Keep em coming here!

#32 · 137w, 1d ago · · ·

i enjoyed reading thins again.  still puzzled as to why straight guys don't get all the 2 chicks stuff.  I mean, we're talking a matriarchal society and an 8-2 female to male ratio, here.  besides, how often do you get to see Dash trying to be charming?

#33 · 137w, 1d ago · · ·

Lovely story, thanks for posting it here.

#34 · 137w, 1d ago · · ·

Who the hell downvoted this?

#35 · 137w, 1d ago · · ·

Daw, :twilightsmile: but the way you spelled the owls name was uncommon. Hehe

Site Blogger
#36 · 137w, 1d ago · · ·


There's like two different accepted ways to spell it. :V

Thanks everyone who commented on this. @_@ I seem to have created a monster.

To anyone asking for a continuation, I'll say what I did on EQD, and that is I've got a sequel planned but it's not high on my priorities right now. Still simmering, as it were. Rest assured you'll see more sometime!

#37 · 137w, 1d ago · · ·


#38 · 137w, 1d ago · · ·

I remember when this was posted on EqD! Glad to see it here on FimFiction!

This was a great read, but looking at it again, I think 'somepony' would just as well as 'someone'. I dunno. We're all just used to seeing it as that in fanfiction at this point, I guess!

Thanks for posting it here. I got to enjoy it all over again!

#39 · 137w, 1d ago · · ·

First time reading it and i loved every minute i even looked up the picture before reading and got a little scepticle about it but ignored it and read on

#40 · 137w, 1d ago · · ·

Ooh, this is here now? Excellent.

#41 · 137w, 1d ago · · ·

I had just read this on EqD. Quite a coincidence indeed! Going back to the story, I'll say this: This is truly one of the best shipping fics, and in general one of the best fanfics I've read. It wasn't one of those clopfics for sex or even one of those "perfect" love-stories. This was realistic while showing genuine love. I think my favorite part is when Rainbow Dash confesses. It even involves my head-canon of Twilight/Rainbow Dash which is Rainbow Dash admiring how smart Twilight is and thinking she herself is an idiot. Mentioning that, I love the TwiDash shipping because I love jock/nerd couplings. There is something so adorable when the jock likes the nerd instead of the cheerleader. I personally think Twilight could keep Rainbow Dash grounded without being so forceful like Applejack would (Don't get me wrong AppleDash fans, I'm a fan of that shipping too.) while Rainbow Dash could help Twilight become a little more extroverted without being so abrupt like Pinkie Pie (Nothing against you Twinkie fans either!). Plus they're in the way the two most important of the mane six. Twilight leads the group and Rainbow connected them together.

Sorry for a paragraph comment :twilightblush: Overall I love this story :heart:

#42 · 137w, 1d ago · · ·

Awesome story, I had a feeling that Rainbow Dash would do something like that.

#43 · 137w, 1d ago · · ·

Oh, yay, this made it to Fimfiction! I'm so happy to see it here, as I've had problems setting up an account to comment at Equestria Daily and therefore haven't been able to review the stories there that only have Google Docs links.

First off, extra points for referencing a Paul McCartney song--and it's a very lovely song, too. Also, not only is this one of my favorite shipping fics that I've read, it's my most favorite TwiDash. I love the pacing here, how it allows for the creation of atmosphere and nuanced characterization. I loved Twilight's letter, and I loved everything about the dashing stallion (especially once we find out just who he is). And the climatic scene in the kitchen was wonderful--a tense conversation between two old friends, laying out all their truths, providing for such an interesting and meaningful contrast to the fairy tale romance of their shared dance in the sky.

I also really liked many of the smaller details. The bit about Rarity's secret love affair, Pinkie's hit or miss love life, Pinkie holding a rolling pin while yelling at Dash in the kitchen. It's easy to lose the side characters in a romance, as one focuses on the two characters being paired, and I didn't feel as though that happened here. I like that all of the Mane Six got to at least put in an appearance.

Thanks for writing and sharing this.


Ha! I find it amusing that you felt the need to try to head off a shipper war by preemptively placating the AppleDash and TwiPie shippers. :pinkiehappy:

... BUT YOU DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT US RAINBOWPIE FANS. I shall consider that a declaration of war. Have at you! :raritywink:

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That was amazing.

#45 · 137w, 1d ago · · ·

Am I the only one who misread the title?

#46 · 137w, 1d ago · · ·

>>284319 Maybe I should have left that out *shrugs* As for RainbowPie, I see them as best friends, but could really see it working as a couple too. I guess anybody can start a war these days :s

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Was not expecting this story to be this epic, was pleasantly surprised...at four in the morning.

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Simply brilliant. Loved the description of the characters. Flowed seamlessly. I never saw Dash and Twilight as viable ship, but your work made me rethink that.

Amazing, Keep up the good work

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:yay:When it was posted on Eqd, It was my Bff's Birthday!:pinkiegasp:

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And they kissed and became a couple.

NOW THAT'S THE HAPPY ENDING. But, seriously. It was great.

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