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    Like every little filly, Dinky loves everypony and everything... except spiders.
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    A colt and his fathers move to Ponyville to start a new life.
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    Barely three years old, the fledgling nation of Equestria is threatened by chaos foretold in a dream. It's up to Star Swirl and five erstwhile, beardy stallions to brave the Forest Ever Free in search of their only salvation.
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    Spitfire decides to make up for an embarrassing mistake by inviting Filthy Rich out for a night on the town.
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  • E The Sun Shines Brightest at Night

    Nightmare Moon's defeat meant more to Equestria than just the return of the sun and their Princess. Witness the conclusion of a story one thousand years in the making, through the eyes of a Hoofington nurse.
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    Though she admired him, Pinkie Pie was never close to Ponyacci. She wasn't expecting him to call her to visit. She really wasn't expecting to find him like this...
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    A mysterious machine shows up in Ponyville, and things quickly get out of hoof.
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    She stumbles into the Whitetail Woods one last time, to finish what she'd started so many years before...
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  • Friday
    And one more for good measure!

    Y'know, for someone who doesn't like Halloween much, I sure am having a good day. :D I knew about this one ahead of time, but that doesn't make it any less awesome!

    Scribbler actually asked me to record a little thing about why I wrote Faun, so there's that too!

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  • Friday
    State of the writer, October 2014

    First, cool stuff. Fall Down got a reading by Cherax!

    This is awesome for two reasons. First, because, hey, audiobook of my work, that is always cool! :D Second, because Cherax wrote Cerulean, which I did a reading of, and which was also a big influence on Fall Down. So it's like this awesome, incestuous circlejerk ouroboros of fic reading and writing and I love it.

    (Allow me a moment to be conceited: I think Fall Down is one of the best things I've ever written. Yeah, I've been hard on it in the past, and even listening to it now, I can see tons of places where I could have added more or used a different phrasing or something. But the fact is, it's really a case of succeeding at doing the wrong thing, and I think I succeeded quite a bit. I can definitely see where I was pushing myself as a writer, and I vow to continue to do that while writing serious stuff, at least.)

    So, what's new on the writing circuit? The Loneliest Laundromat was a decent hit, which pleases me. :) Some folks got the jokes without needing them to be explained, which also pleases me. And according to Csquared08, it was "actually not just a super dumb crackfic." I win!

    (Huh. Looking at the stories page, the one that you get for editing stuff, they've moved unsubmitted fics to their own spot at the top. I'm not liking this. :| Though I can see why it was done. It may be time to retire the Fic That Shall Not Be Named forever.)

    Other than the writeoff, which I can't even remember what my entry was, I haven't done a whole lot of writing this month. I've gone to two job fairs in as many weeks, I'm talking with employers for possible interviews (don't get exciting, I have it on good authority that this company is actually a pyramid scheme, just my luck), some music mag on Tumblr noticed my reviews and has been talking with me, and oh yeah, I'm going in for a medical procedure on the 17th, so life has been hectic. @_@ I usually go out food shopping with my parents on Fridays, but decided to stay home today so I could write, that's how bad things have been.

    And on that note...

    Funny story. I totally sat down Monday to finish off the draft of Epic Unicorn History 4, which I wanted to get done by the end of the month, when a fugue overtook me. I don't remember everything that happened, but it involved syrup and being upside-down and there were a lot of people laughing at me. Long story short, I wrote something else and you won't find out what until tomorrow. :B Maybe. Doubtless you will be disappointed in me, but that's okay, I'm doing it for the lulz. (That's a good thing, right?)

    (Actually I'm not even all that mad at myself, given that November will mark a year since the last installment of The Elements of Awesomery. :( )

    Oh, and Laugh, Laugh suddenly showed up in my top fics sidebar at #7. Surprise! (I miss having 10 stories there though. ;_;)

    What lies in store? Well, my goal is now to finish the draft of EUH4 next month. Hopefully next week. While my #NoContests promise hasn't really gotten me to write more (okay, it has some, there were some interesting contests over the last two months that I passed by) and I've kind of broken it this week, I had plans to continue it one more month in the name of getting shit done. And I can totally get this shit done, I swear. D: God, I can't wait to finish this story so I can never write anything ever again. By which I mean not publish until a story is at least fully drafted, which will likely mean really low outputs for the near future. :B And on that note, my newest "huge fic that I will never write" idea is a two-book shipping adventure that starts with DashBlaze and ends in the Dazzlings coming back to Equestria along with the humane five and Sunset Shimmer to try and break Star Swirl's enchantment. I'll never write it though. :V Probably.

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  • Thursday
    Fic recs, October 30th

    Hot dang, I love that there's a "new blog post" button in the drop-down now. Also, newer, easier-to-use story tagging system! :D

    Things will be slow for a bit as I’m currently a third of the way into an audiobook of The Celestia Code, which will be my next vs. post. Unless, y’know, I read something else first. (I have a couple shorter ones lined up.) The upside is, my dad’s finally recovered from his heart surgery and will be going back to work, which means mornings are mine again! That means more time to listen to stuff, is what I’m saying. :B Also, when I said I wasn't doing Halloween recs this year, I meant it. Hope no one's disappointed.

    H: 1 R: 2 C: 2 V: 0 N: 0

    The Life and Death of April Fool by Prak

    Genre: Surreal Comedy

    A little filly named April Fool comes out from under a rock in the Everfree Forest once a year to play with the foals in the nearby town. This is a magnificently charming comedy, moving from whimsical fairy tale to bizarre random fic at the drop of a hat and without ever feeling disjointed. That is the biggest “thing done right” in this piece. I’m kind of amazed at how much comedy is packed into this, given that the fairy tale and nursery rhyme motifs are front and center. The twist at the end is the kind you’ll never see coming, but which makes perfect sense in hindsight. Definitely give this a read if you’re looking for something upbeat and cheerful (yes, in spite of “death” in the title, there is no darkness here) with maybe a bit of whimsy and carnival in addition.


    Sacrifice by Mystic

    Genre: Low Fantasy

    Two pegasus knights climb a mountain, hoping to slay a dragon. This isn’t very pony, set as it is pre-Unification, and it’s rather telly, but man, it’s kinda cool. The dynamic between the two characters is compelling, and there’s a lot of little hints of world-building around the edges that really caught my attention. Plus, the fight against the dragon is a lot of fun. The ending is pretty well foreshadowed, so it likely won’t catch you by surprise, but if you ever wanted a tale of pony knights doing knightly things, check this out.

    Recommended If You Don’t Mind Telling

    Breaking the News by horizon

    Genre: Comedy

    Oh yeah, horizon’s got a writeoff compilation too, so expect lots of him in the future. :B This has a great premise: how do you manage a disaster when they're all planned? Given the ponies’ control over weather, this seems a natural thing to consider, and the journalistic style makes this a hilarious read. This is absolutely brilliant, and its shortness means it doesn’t stretch out its central joke more than necessary.


    Sugar, Cubed by BlazzingInferno

    Genre: Slice of Life

    This story is a giant middle finger to anyone who took “Don’t use your fancy mathematics to muddle the issue” to mean “Applejack is terrible at math”. Here, we see just what math means to her, both in the present and the past. Despite the Sad tag, the emotional overtones are subtle, and the result of the contest deftly avoids either of two poor outcomes. My only real complaint about this piece is the use of the title; it’s extremely cheesy, specifically as it appears in chapter 3. Still, the writing is good, and this is a very unique look at Applejack.

    Highly Recommended

    Sonata Grabs Twilight’s Peaches by Admiral Biscuit

    Sequel to Twilight Eats Sonata’s Taco

    Genre: Crackfic

    Oh dear, we’ve crossed the memes. Never cross the memes! Anyway, all you have to know about the prequel to approach this story is that Twilight Sparkle ate a taco that was Sonata’s and it wasn’t sexual in the least. I find I like this story more, for a couple of reasons. First, while it’s mostly just an excuse to again have a silly sexual title, the characters feel a little more real and the situation is less far-fetched. The inherent ridiculousness is left to hang in the air while the characters move on with the story, rather than the setup. Second, it’s mostly just the Dazzlings arguing, and that’s always fun. Third, the touted locker room scene just barely passes muster by leaving all the true details to the imagination. And fourth, the ending has quite a twist to it. I hope we get more in this series.

    Recommended for Sonata Fans

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  • Sunday
    Fic recs, October 26th

    Man, do you realize Leap of Faith is a look at how scammers play on the fears of the elderly? Heavy.

    Griffin from City of Doors has started posting redirects to his blog on his Fimfic account, along with rewrites of old reviews! So if you didn’t have a way to follow his site, now you can be one click away by following him here!

    Have today’s Sonata dose.

    This is another monster review blog because I wanted to get one story out from each of the collections I’m now trying to get through. Expect lots of Cold in Gardez, Esle Ynopemos, Benman, Chris and Pascoite in the future!

    H: 0 R: 7 C: 10 V: 1 N: 0

    I’m Afraid of Changeling by Cold in Gardez

    Genre: Comedy

    We kick off the story collections with a short piece about a changeling going to a psychiatrist. What a comedy this is! The centerpiece is the psychiatrist, who remains unflappable and entirely professional while his client does very changeling-like things. There’s a lot of great wordplay in this, and the punchline is fantastic. For feeling shorter than it is, it manages to pack in a lot of laughs.


    A Night in the Barn by Esle Ynopemos

    Genre: Sad

    Granny Smith can’t sleep one night, which ends up being rather fateful. Honestly, I’d hate to think what would’ve happened if she hadn’t been up to see Applejack leave the house. This is a pretty solid little piece, giving us some nice background on Granny and approaching Applejack’s reaction to the loss of her parents in an original way. Definitely check this out if you’re into stories about that.


    One Giant Leap by Benman

    Sequel to One Small Step

    Genre: Politics

    Princess Luna seeks to reclaim her role as Princess of Equestria starting with a few titles, including... Captain of the Wonderbolts? I was kind of hesitant to get into Ben’s collection, because so many of the stories are abandoned, but despite being marked so, and being a sequel to a story of his I haven’t read yet, this stands on its own remarkably well. It comes in two parts, first Celestia and Luna playing Go and discussing Luna’s plans, then Luna and Spitfire racing for control of the Wonderbolts. It’s obvious that there’s room for continuation, but I was satisfied by the ending, not to mention it’s pretty funny. As for connections to One Small Step, all I saw was a mention of Luna’s assistant Lodestar, who I’ve seen in other stories of Ben’s, so I wasn't bothered by it and now you know enough to deal with her yourself. This is a good followup to Luna Eclipsed, and it’s well-written to boot.


    Doppelganger by obabscribbler

    Genre: Comedy

    Rarity takes over for Vinyl Scratch. The whole situation is as well-explained as it is far-fetched. My only complaint is that this is all setup with no denouement; I wanna know how the show goes! Still, if you ever wanted to see two characters interacting who normally never would, this is your chance.

    Recommended as Light Reading

    Dream Pony by Dimondium

    Genre: Shipping

    Pinkie recounts her relationship with Twilight. This is pretty average as shipping goes: Pinkie likes Twilight, finally works up the courage to tell her, and finds out Twilight secretly liked her back. The draw is the follow-through and the voicing. I started off feeling like this was too serious to be Pinkie, but in short order the narrative really takes a turn for her style, and the serious bits are understandably mixed into that. As for the follow-through, we don’t see much of the courtship, but this goes into the wedding, and them dealing with other life issues: losing friends, relationship troubles. That said, it is all told, so YMMV.

    Recommended for Shippers Only

    One Day in the Crystal Library by FanOfMostEverything

    Genre: World-Building

    The last three collections are (mostly) writeoff-based, and rather than read and review the literal dozens of entries for my writeoff edition, Imma just do ‘em with these guys. This one deals with Sombra and Cadence before all that “taking over the Crystal Empire” business. The ending scene feels rushed, but otherwise this posits a scenario that is both believable and interesting. I do wish a little more had been done with it.

    Recommended If You Like World-Building Vignettes

    Of Course, You Realize… by Chris

    Genre: Comedy

    Rarity and Rainbow Dash play War; it doesn’t end well. This is maybe the definition of “just enough” as stories go: at not even 300 words, it's sufficient to get the scene established and lay out the punchline. I will make some bones about Rarity’s behavior, but it’s kind of worth it given that it's Rainbow Dash falling for it. Reading this won’t put a dent in your day, anyway.

    Recommended as Light Reading

    Sweet Temptation by Pascoite

    Genre: Comedy

    Dinky Doo is taunted by a muffin. This is mostly light comedy for the sake of cuteness, but it takes a bit of a turn when Derpy Ditzy shows up. Also, there’s something truly amazing about Dinky saying “By Celestia, I’ll unmake you!” There’s a good balance of adorable and super-serious meant for comedic effect, but I can see a few places where word choices could have been improved. Granted, that’s comparing something two years old to the author’s current works; had anyone else written this, I might not have even noticed. Definitely worth it if you’re into cute stuff, especially as it doesn’t go overboard.


    From a Filly on a Hill by littlerobotbird

    Genre: Slice of Life

    This is written very strangely, making it hard to suss out what’s going on. What I think it is is Dinky recounting a time she lay out on a hill after either a fight with her mother over having gotten into a fight at school (likely started by Dinky trying to protect her), or that fight itself. There are concrete things I can point to, like the tense shifts and certain spots where repetition doesn’t work, that are definite errors. And then the perspective starts getting all wonky toward the end, and the overall effect is simply confusing. I’m not sure what the purpose was of writing the story this way. (Up until the very end, I thought the narrator might be the spirit of Dinky’s departed father, watching over her.) I’m just baffled by it.

    Vaguely Recommended

    Trixie’s Favourite Pony by Blueshift

    Reading by Sleipniiir that I am not linking to because the cover image is kinda NSFW

    Genre: Crackfic

    Trixie finally works up the courage to tell her favorite pony she loves her. This is an extraordinarily silly (and old) piece, written by the master of silliness himself. The central joke is amusing, things ramp up nicely, and it’s no longer than it needs to be. If you want Trixie silliness, look no further.

    Recommended If You Like Silly Things

    Scent by DegeTheMighty

    Reading by Scribbler, et. al.

    Genre: Horror

    After Ponyville’s first Nightmare Night celebration featuring Princess Luna, Big Macintosh goes in search of his missing little sister, all the while aware of an unfamiliar scent in the air. This does at least one thing majorly right, which is using an unusual sense to instill foreboding over the narrative. And “foreboding” is the right word, for that’s what I was filled with by the end. I was waiting for the proverbial skeleton to jump out, but this story doesn’t bother with trying to explain itself. I however was intrigued and wanted to know what the heck was going on. The answer is in the comments, but I’ll say this much: the one thing missing is an indication that the scent is a signifier in the first place. Once you know that, it’s just a matter of piecing together the fridge horror yourself, spoiler comments or no. Going through the story myself, I wasn’t quite looking at it from the right angle to get the full effect, and that’s fine, because I did at least get something out of this. If you’re looking for a spooky scare this Halloween, check this one out! (And if it spoops you too much, check out the parody in the comments.)

    Recommended for Horror Fans

    Rainbooms and Marshmallows by electreXcessive

    Reading by Doctor Cobra

    Mature: Sex

    Genre: Clopfic

    Rainbow Dash visits Rarity, her self-esteem crushed after her encounter with Prince Blueblood, and cheers her up with sex. I’ll hand it to the author, the intro to this is pretty well-crafted, though it also contains my major issue with the piece. Rarity is clearly shown to be in the throes of self-doubt, her self-worth entirely nil. So is it okay that she has sex with the first pony to compliment her, genuine compliments or not? Beyond that, this has some weird issues with POV and cheesy dialogue. Face it, if you’re coming at this story for anything but the clop watch out for the fisting, you’re doing it wrong.

    Recommended for Cloppers Only

    The Words Won’t Come by True Blue Spark

    Reading by Hero541

    Genre: Shipping

    Fluttershy tries to work up the courage to tell Applejack how she feels about her. At its core, this is pretty much every shipfic with Fluttershy on the attack. In true anime style, she “accidentally” cooks too much food, invites AJ out for a picnic, and then tries her damnedest to say the words she wants to. In true February fic form (I think; it’s been a while since I used that term), she starts out already liking AJ, and they end up practically married by day’s end. Non-shippers will definitely want to skip this, but if you like shipping — and this is one of my favorite pairings, I should add — this is fluffy and cute and features a great cameo by Apple Bloom.

    Recommended for Shippers Only

    Maud’s River by ArtichokeLust

    Reading by Akash the Reader

    Genre: Character Study

    Maud’s reaction to Pinkie’s first party. As character pieces go, this is quite good. Maud’s voice subsumes the narrative, and it makes a good case for her having some kind of mental issue. (Not autism, though, she’s too good with metaphors. If anything, her inability to understand the actions and emotions of others sounds more like sociopathy, at least in this story.) It’s also a very admirable and believable effort to reconcile season four canon with season one. (Remember that period of time between Pinkie Pride and Maud Pie where the question on everyone’s mind was “Who is the third sister?”) Though I will say that adding in Maud finding Boulder was a bit of an overreach, but probably the only issue I have with this. I’m just glad someone not only tried to do this, but got it right.


    The Brief Reign of Princess Twily by Forthwith

    Reading by Dr. Wolf

    Genre: Comedy

    Wanting to give Celestia a day off, Twilight Sparkle finds a loophole in Equestrian law that will allow her to do just that. Hopefully. This story has a “Lesson Zero but not terrible” vibe to it. (The scene when Twilight is contemplating ways to cause a national crisis got me worried, but the execution pays off.) It’s a really fun piece, even if it drags just a bit in the middle. We get to see both Twilight and Shining Armor as kids in the palace, and Celestia having a little fun at Twilight’s expense. Plus, filly Twilight as a cranky tyrant is just lots of fun. Also, there’s plenty of Cakelestia. If you missed this back when it was in the featured box, now’s the time to check it out!


    PETAshy by Chelis

    Genre: Crackfic

    Fluttershy ends up as part of an animal liberation raid on a facility, coordinated by the Eco Kids from school. What strikes me about this is how she gets involved in this: she’s got a crush on the kid with the green dreadlocks, if you remember him, and what she thinks is going to be a midnight tryst ends up being, well, this. That’s hilarious. That said, the ending is played rather straight, so this isn’t quite as funny as it could be. This is in major need of proofreading, with colon misuse and “they” instead of “the” all over the place, but if you’re here for lols, you’re probably not going to care much.

    Recommended If You Like Silly EQG Stuff

    Bad Sonata! by Syeekoh

    Genre: Crackfic

    The Dazzlings accidentally meet up with Twilight and Sunset at Donut Joe’s after their defeat, where a horrible truth comes to light. This story is kind of amazing for a number of reasons. First, it shows the Dazzlings post-defeat as actually caring about one another, Adagio for Sonata in particular. That’s definitely not how the trope has been going lately. Second, Sonata has a “stupid attack”. Third, it balls up a bunch of EQG-related fanon into a single explanation that manages to be the most Cards Against Humanity-style hilarious thing ever. And then we learn about the power of forgiveness. This is pretty good, but be warned, it does take a turn.

    Recommended for Terrible People

    Hooves of Clay by iisaw

    Genre: Political

    Twilight attacks Lyra in broad daylight, revealing her as a changeling, then vows to do something about them. It doesn't turn out well. I have my misgivings about this story, and though it tackles most of them during its course, the primary one remains: I can’t imagine Twilight getting that angry. I mean, we’ve seen her that angry, two seasons after this story was written, but problems of using later show canon for critique aside, it took a clear and present threat to all five of her friends, the princesses, and Discord before she acted on her emotions. Still, this ends up being more about Luna, and Twilight bonding with Luna, and the state of modern American politics than anything. Yeah, that last one’s totally in there. This gets maybe a little tangled up in the allegory, focusing on it more than is necessary, but I nevertheless appreciated it, and that it ends on a positive note. Given how things stand at the start of the second chapter — from where most of my misgivings stemmed — I was expecting another The Hanging of Twilight Sparkle. It’s just a matter of getting everyone to calm down so they can talk things out like rational ponies, after which they don’t seem to be so out of character. And Twilight learns a letter about politics. Definitely a worth read, as it left me with a lot to chew on.


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  • 6d, 23h
    If you liked Awful Rumors...

    And you're also into creepypastas or just the SCP Foundation in general, check out my newest skip, SCP-2080, which is based on a similar idea. That's kind of not a coincidence. (Also neither it nor its companion tale explain what's happening in Awful Rumors. Just to be clear.)

    6 comments · 115 views
  • ...

It's been five years since she first met them, and most of Twilight Sparkle's friends have found love, leaving her feeling left out and unwanted. The Winter's Eve Ball promises a magical night of mystique and romantic wonder, but will Twilight's romantic notions get the best of her? Based on the song by the Fireman.

Originally published on Equestria Daily November 29, 2011.

Be sure to check out the song by Baron Thyrai!

First Published
3rd Mar 2012
Last Modified
3rd Mar 2012
#1 · 139w, 10h ago · · ·

This wasn't on here earlier? I'm quite surprised.

One of the first ships I've read, and one of the most memorable at that. Glad to see it on here.

#2 · 139w, 10h ago · · ·

...you don't need to dance to be high...:moustache:

Just sayin!:trollestia:

#3 · 139w, 10h ago · · ·

This was the second ship I've ever read. And it's, to this date, the best thing ever.

Glad to see it here.

#4 · 139w, 10h ago · · ·

One of my favorite one-shots. Good to see it on here!

Author Interviewer
#5 · 139w, 10h ago · · ·


I've only just come to fimfic; I use EQD as my primary site. But I'm posting this here to see what happens, basically.

#6 · 139w, 10h ago · · ·

Fantastic story- one of the first I've ever read. :twilightsmile:


feature box ahoy

#7 · 139w, 10h ago · · ·

I remember when this was on EqD.  Delightful story!  I'll have to read it again now that it's on here.

#8 · 139w, 10h ago · · ·

Excellent! :rainbowkiss:

#9 · 139w, 9h ago · · ·

Already read it, so insta-fav and thumbs up! glad to see this of Fimfiction!

#10 · 139w, 9h ago · · ·


On a serious note I was looking far and wide to find this story again since it was just that awesome when I first read it... Time to read it again!

:twilightblush::rainbowkiss:  This story is what introduced me to the concept of Twidash and how awesome it is!

#11 · 139w, 9h ago · · ·

I read this a while back on fimfiction and wow was it good. I really loved it. So cute and well written. Its too bad Dash had to fuck all those other ponies before getting with Twi, even if she loved her....

#12 · 139w, 9h ago · · ·

Quite simply my favorite one shot fic ever.

#13 · 139w, 9h ago · · ·

Great to see this get more exposure. Now I can stalk you better too.:rainbowwild:

#14 · 139w, 9h ago · · ·

Pretty amazing.  Not sure why there's so many dislikes, being such a quality fic and all.

#15 · 139w, 9h ago · · ·

good tah see this story ere'. loved it when ah first read it, and it got me intah fanfics. ah can't thank ya enough fer writin' this.

Author Interviewer
#16 · 139w, 9h ago · · ·


Much obliged. :) You're a good commenter, it's nice to have you around!


Shipping haters? On my fimfic? It's more likely than you think.


Wow! Now that's just a wonderful thing to say! :D I can't thank you enough for reading it!

#17 · 139w, 8h ago · · ·

Life lost meaning, because this was so-


CRAP, my heart breaking


So beautiful...

seriously... So good

*crack crack crack*


The best i ever read

I now go to heaven...


#18 · 139w, 8h ago · · ·

First time I've ever read this. This story has all my love :heart:

#19 · 139w, 7h ago · · ·

Random Thought for Today: If Harry Potter was a pony, he'd have a cutie mark for cock-blocking Ron.

#20 · 139w, 7h ago · · ·


That was awesome.:rainbowkiss:

Ah, TwiDash, so amazing...

#21 · 139w, 7h ago · · ·

I loved this fic, glad to see that its finally on here.:yay:

#22 · 139w, 7h ago · · ·

After reading this story, I really want it to be continued into further installments! It may have been written as a one-shotter, but something about the ending and style sets it up to be a fantastic full-on story. :twilightsmile:

#23 · 139w, 6h ago · · ·

A beautiful love story.  :rainbowkiss: :twilightblush:

#24 · 139w, 6h ago · · ·

Pelase tell me you're going to resurect this story into a series with some more chapters!:pinkiegasp:

#25 · 139w, 6h ago · · ·

this is awesome, nuff said.:rainbowkiss:

#26 · 139w, 5h ago · · ·

I remember first coming to Equestria Daily and seeing this on the front page. It was my first fanfic, I'm happy to see it's finally up on here man, thanks:heart:

#27 · 139w, 4h ago · · ·

All my love and affection! :heart:

As well as a favorite and a watch. :twilightsmile:

#28 · 139w, 4h ago · · ·

I was cleaning my knife after hunting and was enjoying the story until the mystery stallion was revealed.

I can never find this lesbian love between any mane6 character possible and when it happens, I am greatly disturbed.

That's just me though, i've seen worse... the clopfics, the POW's. Christ.

#29 · 139w, 4h ago · · ·

Oh I'm so happy to see this here. I first saw it on EQD and loved it. Then I couldn't remember enough of it to go searching but huzzah it is here now. And great thing is i can get it as .epub and read it at work on break :twilightsmile:

#30 · 139w, 3h ago · · ·


Just do what I do, John.

Consider everyone in Equestria universally omnisexual. No sexuality, no race, and species doesn't matter either. It's peace, John. Peace.

#31 · 139w, 2h ago · · ·

I remember this!!:twilightsmile::rainbowwild:

Glad to see it here so I can add it to my list of fics Ive read

Keep em coming here!

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i enjoyed reading thins again.  still puzzled as to why straight guys don't get all the 2 chicks stuff.  I mean, we're talking a matriarchal society and an 8-2 female to male ratio, here.  besides, how often do you get to see Dash trying to be charming?

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Lovely story, thanks for posting it here.

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Who the hell downvoted this?

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Daw, :twilightsmile: but the way you spelled the owls name was uncommon. Hehe

Author Interviewer
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There's like two different accepted ways to spell it. :V

Thanks everyone who commented on this. @_@ I seem to have created a monster.

To anyone asking for a continuation, I'll say what I did on EQD, and that is I've got a sequel planned but it's not high on my priorities right now. Still simmering, as it were. Rest assured you'll see more sometime!

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I remember when this was posted on EqD! Glad to see it here on FimFiction!

This was a great read, but looking at it again, I think 'somepony' would just as well as 'someone'. I dunno. We're all just used to seeing it as that in fanfiction at this point, I guess!

Thanks for posting it here. I got to enjoy it all over again!

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First time reading it and i loved every minute i even looked up the picture before reading and got a little scepticle about it but ignored it and read on

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Ooh, this is here now? Excellent.

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I had just read this on EqD. Quite a coincidence indeed! Going back to the story, I'll say this: This is truly one of the best shipping fics, and in general one of the best fanfics I've read. It wasn't one of those clopfics for sex or even one of those "perfect" love-stories. This was realistic while showing genuine love. I think my favorite part is when Rainbow Dash confesses. It even involves my head-canon of Twilight/Rainbow Dash which is Rainbow Dash admiring how smart Twilight is and thinking she herself is an idiot. Mentioning that, I love the TwiDash shipping because I love jock/nerd couplings. There is something so adorable when the jock likes the nerd instead of the cheerleader. I personally think Twilight could keep Rainbow Dash grounded without being so forceful like Applejack would (Don't get me wrong AppleDash fans, I'm a fan of that shipping too.) while Rainbow Dash could help Twilight become a little more extroverted without being so abrupt like Pinkie Pie (Nothing against you Twinkie fans either!). Plus they're in the way the two most important of the mane six. Twilight leads the group and Rainbow connected them together.

Sorry for a paragraph comment :twilightblush: Overall I love this story :heart:

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Awesome story, I had a feeling that Rainbow Dash would do something like that.

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Oh, yay, this made it to Fimfiction! I'm so happy to see it here, as I've had problems setting up an account to comment at Equestria Daily and therefore haven't been able to review the stories there that only have Google Docs links.

First off, extra points for referencing a Paul McCartney song--and it's a very lovely song, too. Also, not only is this one of my favorite shipping fics that I've read, it's my most favorite TwiDash. I love the pacing here, how it allows for the creation of atmosphere and nuanced characterization. I loved Twilight's letter, and I loved everything about the dashing stallion (especially once we find out just who he is). And the climatic scene in the kitchen was wonderful--a tense conversation between two old friends, laying out all their truths, providing for such an interesting and meaningful contrast to the fairy tale romance of their shared dance in the sky.

I also really liked many of the smaller details. The bit about Rarity's secret love affair, Pinkie's hit or miss love life, Pinkie holding a rolling pin while yelling at Dash in the kitchen. It's easy to lose the side characters in a romance, as one focuses on the two characters being paired, and I didn't feel as though that happened here. I like that all of the Mane Six got to at least put in an appearance.

Thanks for writing and sharing this.


Ha! I find it amusing that you felt the need to try to head off a shipper war by preemptively placating the AppleDash and TwiPie shippers. :pinkiehappy:

... BUT YOU DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT US RAINBOWPIE FANS. I shall consider that a declaration of war. Have at you! :raritywink:

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That was amazing.

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Am I the only one who misread the title?

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>>284319 Maybe I should have left that out *shrugs* As for RainbowPie, I see them as best friends, but could really see it working as a couple too. I guess anybody can start a war these days :s

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Was not expecting this story to be this epic, was pleasantly surprised...at four in the morning.

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Simply brilliant. Loved the description of the characters. Flowed seamlessly. I never saw Dash and Twilight as viable ship, but your work made me rethink that.

Amazing, Keep up the good work

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:yay:When it was posted on Eqd, It was my Bff's Birthday!:pinkiegasp:

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And they kissed and became a couple.

NOW THAT'S THE HAPPY ENDING. But, seriously. It was great.

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