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  • 1w, 4d
    Glowmelon edits

    Finally got around to addressing all/the majority of the comma problems in the fic that dealt with quoted dialogue and direct addresses. Could have sworn I already fixed those issues before, but oh well! The edits didn't take long to make, so I felt it was worth my time. Especially since I'll hopefully have the first chapter of the sequel out before the end of the year...

    0 comments · 5 views
  • 31w, 2d
    "The Glowmelon Mystery," now available as an audio book by The Living Library Player Society!



    I got a wonderful surprise when I woke up today! A group by the name of “The Living Library Player Society” did a dramatic reading of my story, “The Glowmelon Mystery,” last night on their podcast! They are a podcast team that specializes in reading fanfiction, and someone recommended my story to them.

    This is such an honor. I never suspected that anyone would think my story deserved to be read for a live listening audience. A big thank-you to the Player Society, and also to whoever recommended my story to them!

    Because of this dramatic reading, the fanfiction itself got that final push it needed to break 1,000 unique hits on the last chapter, essentially making it certain that 1,000 people have read my story to completion now.

    I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

    Also, as a final note... "Glowmelon Mystery Sequel 2014" is still very much a thing that is being written, even though college stole most of my free time again. Be excited for it. :3

    0 comments · 33 views
  • 37w, 1d
    Surprise Release, "Lyra's Silly Dream"!

    Just a couple blog posts ago, I said I probably wasn't going to upload my Subordinate Six "Lyra's Dream" story. Well, I certainly flip-flopped on that! I wanted to write more about dreams this week, but instead of starting a whole new story, I decided to expand "Lyra's Dream" into "Lyra's Silly Dream". I easily doubled the length, using my own experience with lucid dreaming and a few outside sources to craft a longer narrative.

    So this now means that I've released all the Subordinate Six stories that I had in semi-completed states. As I said in my last blog, the next fanfiction coming down the pipeline is a sequel to "The Glowmelon Mystery", so prepare for that!

    0 comments · 41 views
  • 37w, 3d
    "Dine and Derp" has been released!

    Sorry that it probably wasn't worth the wait, but the first short story set in The Subordinate Six universe is now out. This story was nearly finished for almost a year, but kept getting put on the backburner due to jobs, college, and other miscellanea. I still think it's a dang funny story though, so of course I'm gonna recommend you read it, especially if you read "The Ensemble" in the past.

    So, what next? I've already started writing my next big story, and it is gonna take me away from SubSix stuff for a while. The story should be out this year, or else its working title, "The Glowmelon Mystery Sequel 2014", is gonna be awfully incorrect. ;)

    0 comments · 36 views
  • 39w, 1d
    Explanation for lack of stories

    As of my last blog post, college is in full swing. You might have an inkling as to why I haven't updated here in a while. ;)

    So, the news is this. I have finished both of my stories for the Fiction class I took, so aside from writing the final draft of one of them at the end of the school year, I'm pretty much free to write for FiMFiction now. At least, when my other classes aren't taking up my time with their own homework. Also, I might be able to convert one or both of the stories I wrote for the class into Pony stories. But it would take more than a simple find-replace, and I don't know if I want to focus on that now.

    What is coming next, then? "Dine and Derp," to be sure. It is sitting nearly finished on my hard drive right now, and the only reason I won't be releasing it tonight is that I have an essay due for one of my classes tomorrow, and I should really be writing it now instead of this blog post. As for the other Subordinate Six Short, "Lyra's Dream," it is finished, but I'm not entirely happy with the way it turned out. Too short and one-note. I don't know if I feel like releasing it without adding a lot more to it first. We'll see.

    But, there is something BIG coming up over the horizon. It's a story I've thought about doing for about a year now, and I finally have all the ideas collected together. If you enjoyed "The Glowmelon Mystery," you have permission to be excited.

    0 comments · 39 views
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(As seen on EQD!)

Dramatic Reading by the Living Library Player Society:

It's the day of the mysterious Glowmelon Festival and all of Ponyville is excited. But Twilight Sparkle is confused by the strange fruit that the forest animals bring in, and hearing that somepony or something named Glowmelina is behind the event only makes her even more curious. Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy decide to seek out the truth behind the festival, but perhaps not all mysteries are meant to be solved.

First Published
1st Mar 2012
Last Modified
29th May 2012

This is so much fun to read. :pinkiehappy: Out of interest, did you wake up one morning and think; "Hmm, glowmelons. I'm going to write a story about these"? It's a wonderfully unusual concept.


Hah, I basically did wake up with the idea for glowmelons! Though when I first started the story they were just regular watermelons.But that was too boring of a concept to stick with, so I slept on it, and then came up with glowmelons.

I'm glad I gave you a bit of fun. :)

This was actually a really good and cute story. I really enjoyed it. And the Celestia bit at the end was rather amusing.

We need more stories like this!   :coolphoto:

I would have given it a Normal tag instead of Slice-of-Life.  It really is that much like a real episode.


How do I use the normal tag? That's what I wanted to go with as well, but "Normal" doesn't show up in the list of tags when I try to edit.

Also, glad you liked it. :)


Holy cats, you're right!  There is no Normal tag here.  It must have been something I saw on EQD or some other site.  :derpytongue2:

Yes! I has the spoilers! They are mine and Emerald's only!

What a great little story. I could easily see it being an episode, hehe. :twilightsmile:

I read the first chapter.

I am willing to read more. :coolphoto:

Finally, she tied a white cloth over her eyes, and poised a hoof over the melon. With a 'hiya!', she cleaved the Glowmelon in two.

That's a little uncalled for, considering it goes away from her basic personality, but this story is awesome other than that! :pinkiesmile:


Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. :pinkiehappy:

And that part is in their specifically because it isn't something you'd normally think of her doing. Because it was unexpected, I thought it was a funny thing to include. Sorry that joke didn't work for you, though.

Well, I'm a sugar obsessed spaz who eats Sweetarts in bed and jars of nutella (don't even get me started on Halloween), so don't take my word for it. :pinkiecrazy:

If you look at my profile, I added this to my featured favorites list!


Lol, I'm willing to trust the sugar obsessed part, considering it looks like this is at least your third attempt at posting a response to my previous comment. That or my notifications box and email account is just trolling me at the moment, which I wouldn't rule out. This site is weird sometimes. :derpytongue2:

Thanks for the favorite list add. I'm glad you were able to find this story even when it's some 500+ spots down the list. Knowing that people can still find and enjoy this story really makes me believe I did the right thing by spending over two months rewriting this.


I'be actually been going down the list of all stories that involve Fluttershy, so it took me a couple of days to get to this.

Also, it's actually my fault with the whole reply thing. My kindle fire is acting seriously weird.

Oh well. I shall cease to spam. :scootangel:

Celestia, i'd like to introduce you to the Glowmelon upside down cake:trollestia:

the best. cake. ever.


"Mmm, delicious!" :trollestia:

Also, thanks for the favorite add!

Now I'm wondering just where those things came from in the first place... Glowing melons and an invisible shed don't just appear from nowhere...

Ah, curiosity aside, nicely done. ^^

By any chance, will there be a sequel to explain just where those things came from?

And here I was thinking that the end would be Trollestia having created the glowmelon patch.


You're most indeedly welcome! it was worth a fave!:pinkiehappy:


Multiple people have expressed interest in a sequel now, so who knows? If I come up with a good enough idea, I might just give it a shot.

She rubbed her bleary eyes and read the digital numbers: 8:00 am.

Uh. Hmm. I find this sentence difficult to believe for three different reasons.

a.) Twilight has a digital alarm clock.

b.) Eight o' clock in the morning. That's not early for an essentially agrarian society. Granted, Twilight is the sort to stay up late.

c.) Twilight has a digital alarm clock. It could have just been a normal mechanical alarm clock. Or how about that one cuckoo clock? Look at Look Before You Sleep, at about 13:15. I think it appears a few more times in the show, but that's the simplest place to find it. Also you get this really adorable frustrated look on AJ on the left, so that's worth a visit.

It's not going to stop me from reading the rest (that would be weird), but it's just strange. It reminds me of the technological jumps that the writers make. Like how suddenly there was a hydroelectric dam and all that 1950s era construction scene in Mare Do Well. Keep in mind that pegasus ponies and power lines aren't going to peacefully coexist in the same place.


I guess I just wrote it as a digital clock because I thought it would be easier to describe. I didn't think much about the inclusion of technology specifically because the show jumps back and forth on that issue. Heck, in one episode, they even had a videogame arcade set up outside!

And yes, the only reason 8:00 seems early to Twilight is that she tends to stay up late studying. I didn't feel the need to expressly state that though. Maybe I should have but oh well, missed opportunities. At this point, I'd rather not edit the story anymore; it's published, and it would just feel weird to change anything now that a bunch of people have read it.

I'm glad the small issues you've had haven't completely put you off of the story. Hopefully you'll enjoy the rest of it.

Twilight Sparkle shook her head, dark indigo and pin-streaked mane swaying with the motion. She stretched her limbs, bending low to the floor. On her left flank there was an emblem of a 6 pointed pink star surrounded by 5 smaller white stars - her ''cutie-mark''.

:facehoof: Know your audience.


I wrote this story with the intent of showing it to people outside the pony fandom as well. Plenty of fanfiction authors take the time to describe the characters in their fanfics, and even if it isn't necessary, I don't think it hurts to do so. To me, it just makes the story feel more real, and less "fanfic-y".

I can name quite a few flaws with the story off the top of my head, but I wouldn't necessarily count that as one of them.

Comment posted by nemryn deleted at 4:02am on the 15th of February, 2013
Comment posted by Legendary Emerald deleted at 4:02am on the 15th of February, 2013

stay out of my invisible shed :flutterrage:


:rainbowlaugh: A bit surprised it's taken that long for someone to make that joke. Thanks for the favorite-add, btw. :twilightsmile:

And the Glowmelons turn out to be glowing because they absorb radium from the ground beneath the shed, which shot through a wormhole from the toxic waste dumps of central NJ.  I know this, because I live there!  :trollestia:

“I see.” Twilight responded calmly. She did a double take. “Wait, hot chocolate coffee? Do you have any idea how much caffeine would be in that? How often do you drink that stuff?”

“Tee-hee! All the time, of course!” Pinkie answered, taking out a thermos and sipping from its caffeinated contents. “Ahhh...”

“Well that certainly answers a lot of questions.”

“I see.” Twilight responded calmly. She did a double take. “Wait, hot chocolate coffee? Do you have any idea how much caffeine would be in that? How often do you drink that stuff?”

“Tee-hee! All the time, of course!” Pinkie answered, taking out a thermos and sipping from its caffeinated contents. “Ahhh...”

“Well that certainly answers a lot of questions.”

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