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  • 9w, 6d
    Just a quick character concept: 'Wild Wing 'Warhawk' '

    Just to stuff this character concept somewhere so I don't forget it if I ever use it.

    Wild Wing is/was the captain of the Wonderbolts, for all of five minutes.  The crazy-assed pegasus was promoted ahead of Spitfire before he took off, following a prank by Celestia talking about a non-existent griffon air force threat.

    Wild Wing now travels about the world, ever in persuit of the existential griffon threat, commandeering Equestrian military resources and supplies at every turn.  Even going so far as to pull the leadership of the Wonderbolts right out from under Spitfire whenever he makes it back to Home Base, at least until he takes off again.

    Celestia has failed to inform him the 'threat' was a joke, and nopony can convince him it isn't real.  His rank above Spitfire is...  Unfortunately, real, and Celestia has ALSO neglected to remedy that.

    W3 is based off John Belushi's character 'Wild Wing' Bill Kelso from the movie 1941, and would even share the movie's Leit Motif.

    As far as my 'planes to pegasi' outlook, Wild Wing is a P-40 Warhawk to complement Spitfire's...  Spitfire.

    6 comments · 343 views
  • 11w, 5d
    CiG's OP theme...

    If 'Shut Up and Hold On' is Toby/Gazer's leitmotif...  Well, here's the overall story op theme.

    Sometimes you're the windshield!  

    Sometimes you're the bug (Hi Chrissy!)!

    Sometimes it all comes together baby!

    Sometimes you're a fool in love!

    And you know, I actually wouldn't mind being a windmill tech...  Seems like a pretty chill job out away from everything even with the heights involved.  Just avoid thunderstorms.

    Just...  I can't go ANYWHERE for another three months.  And being a windmill tech would require some mobility.

    3 comments · 198 views
  • 11w, 6d
    Still no job...

    15 comments · 321 views
  • 16w, 2h
    FULL STOP on all my writing for a short time.

    "Do NOT Panic."

    This is just a quick notice that all writing is suspended until my GP levels return to something sustainable.  I've got a few job prospects I'm throwing feelers at, but it's hard to think and write when you're stressed and then excited and then stressed again.  Once I'm comfortable that my income is stable, I'll be back to writing.

    On the side note, it seems I did lick that virus infection mentioned in the last blog entry.  No signs of it popping back up after three weeks of keeping an eye on scans, checks, observation of running processes, etc.  Of course, I just taunted murphy by saying this...  =p

    10 comments · 414 views
  • 18w, 21m
    Little Brick Wall in writing...

    Not writer's block or plot problems but Trojan.zekos being a real pest.  So I'm doing system maintenance after it kicked in... again (for the fourth time) and trying to find the root of the infection so I can be rid of it permanently.  (Putting in ABP, doing some long overdue system updates, and getting ten million different scanning profile softwares to hunt for this thing and doing my research.)  Naturally, the big clue to this infection is when the computer suddenly shuts itself off in the middle of my work and restarts and an svchost process starts up and starts eating ram.

    I can rollback and clean to clear the 'additional' infections the virus pulls in, but I need to find its source.  Already used rootkit rescue CDs and the like last night after I thought I was clear.  


    Why's an Operating System have to be so ungodly complicated?

    Anyway...  Don't worry about my PC, that'll work itself out when I get done.

    A question for you guys reading CiG:  What country songs do you know that Toby would like?

    So far, I would put these as his list and template other songs like them:

    - Shut up and Hold, Toby Keith  (His effective intro and title theme)

    - Hard Working Man, Brooks n Dun

    - Boot Scoot Boogie, Brooks n Dun

    - Ghost Riders in the Sky (just about any version, though Spiderbait and Duane Eddy versions are his favorites)

    Effectively upbeat country and country-western.  He's going to be sensitive under his calm (if sometimes disgruntled) exterior and a bit cowardly under pressure, so he's going to have a lot of upbeat country music to keep from feeling depressed.  

    28 comments · 531 views
  • ...

The star system Omega Centauri was just another oddity on a map to scientists in the not too distant future.  However when they found the star was orbiting an earth-sized, earth-like planet instead of a black hole as its motion had suggested, a mission was scrambled to investigate this most unusual of celestial behaviors.

Hamstrung by politics, and nearly crippled before it began, the 'Lone Ranger' mission was reduced to just one crew member and left to his own devices.

These are the logs of Arrow 18 and its lone commander.  This information is classified TOP SECRET by the Global Space Agency.  

Do NOT tell the princess.

First Published
1st Mar 2012
Last Modified
25th Dec 2013
#1 · 137w, 5d ago · 20 · · Archive One: Arrival ·

And thus begins one of the most unique HiE fics yet.

As they say, Tracking like the Firey Hoof of an Angry Sun Goddess.

#2 · 137w, 5d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

Yeah, this is going to be good.

#3 · 137w, 5d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

Indeed, a well- written epistolary fic. :twilightsmile:

#4 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive One: Arrival ·

Very good so far, very good. I shall definitely track your story: I'm always interested in first contact scenarios written the right way.

Only thing I could find wrong was you forgot to uppercase a mention of the "Raven". In the paragraph above the last picture you used. Nothing major.

#5 · 137w, 4d ago · 2 · · Archive Two: Contact ·


#6 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

I like it. I like it a lot.

#7 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

Excellent story, this is so getting tracked. Interesting take, and I'm really liking how you're building up the interaction rather than just having them speak Human right from the start.

Looking forward to seeing the reactions to other sapients like griffons or cows, especially after the exchanges of food. And now we get so see how Rarity responds to the flight suit.

Great story, looking forward to more!

#8 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·


#9 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

this is gunna be sooooo goood.

#10 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

You play Orbiter! I love DanSteph's addons!

#11 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

What's this? A Human in Equestria story that actually has interesting interaction between characters and point of view of the human character? Really, this was a very entertaining read and the manner in which they first attempt to communicate was very clever. What makes this so different from the other Human in Equestria stories is that you actually know how to pace the story.

It's a slow but enjoyable build up with the characters. I can't believe it, but I'm going to track a Human in Equestria story.

Keep up the good work. :ajsmug:

#12 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

FYI, first comment on this site.

I have to say I'm liking this so far. Twilight being First Contact Pony makes a lot of sense - especially since I suspect the unseen observer is Luna.

I also think our unnamed protagonist is handling the whole thing pretty well. I'd be amused to see the scientific communities reaction...

"Sapient, you say?"



"Well they've got agriculture, buildings, businesses and a managed environment, so yes."

"And... intelligent?"

"I think this one would give you a run for your money..." :twilightsmile:

#13 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·


Of course they don't.  Why do you think the scientific community went HAYwire?

#14 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·


My reaction upon seeing the UCGO Arrow freighter in the opening pic:


Followed by


AdmiralTigerClaw is an Orbiter fan! Now I've got to read this.

#15 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

I have to say, i make a point to avoid "Human in Equestria" fics, but this is absolutely golden, loving every second

#16 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

I'm really enjoying this so far.

#17 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

Oh my god, this is simply fantastic. Tracked harder than I have ever tracked a story before.

#18 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

Most interesting HiE fic ever. Good job so far on the 'different languages' path. It's a really good plot  device.

I really like the pointing out of the sun-moon cycle.

#19 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·



    Cant tell if troll,

    Or just ignorant.

#20 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

AdmiralTigerClaw, you have once again captured my attention.  *tracked and thumbs up*  

This is quite a different take than any HiE fics that I have read so far.  Almost refreshing in a way.  And because of that I find myself wanting more.  Well done sir.  Well done.  

Keep up the excellent work!

#21 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

Haven't read a Human in Equestria fic this good since Thessalonica Legacy. Really well done. Poor unnamed protagonist having to do a mission designed for 30 people all alone. I like the more sci-fi approach to reaching Equestria and how it is Celestia and Luna manipulating the sun/moon respectively that got humans attention. :rainbowlaugh:

#22 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

>>278477 or maybe commented on the description before the chapter, thinking it was a typo :ajbemused:

... can't tell if mule,

or just mule.

#23 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

this  is wonderful MORE MORE! '

i love the fact that this is a HIE story that does not have the human be a brony.  the entire slow  buildup, the  slow scientifc methodology employed by the narrator. the fact that they do NOT share a common language. the  scientific puzzlement at a geocentric solar system, this warms the cockles of my science loving heart. please MORE

( i also love how Luna is just  creeping about, nice touch)

#24 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·


If you cant tell if I'm a mule or not you have other problems. :raritywink:

Besides that, I always like HIE taking a more scientific approach to the troupe. And this is no exception, and despite that you still find a refreshingly different approach to getting to Equetria. Using the journal entries to tell the story works well, in how it is done here. Characterization is spot on, and I cant wait to read more.

P.S Luna is a creeper.


#25 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

Like this one a lot. Nice approach on the subject and I like the logbook style. Have been thinking about how to pull that off for a HiE fic myself.

I usually dislike HiE fics, but this one is tracked! :pinkiehappy:

#26 · 137w, 4d ago · 1 · · Archive One: Arrival ·

Found a minor error: "I returned to my spot to continue observations a little more discretely" It should be discreetly, not discretely.

#27 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

>> AdmiralTigerclaw

Alright, I said I'd read it and I have.

Wow. I've read a lot of space-opera-style fanfics, but yours is the first I've come across that felt like real Science Fiction. My inner scientist/engineer was squealing like a schoolfilly the whole time! I love how this first contact situation wasn't resolved in thirty seconds by either the local ponies speaking English or Twilight (or the princesses) pulling a Universal Translator spell out of nowhere. Not that I have anything against those tropes, but this was a wonderful change of pace.

I have to say I am -very- jealous of your protagonist. He gets to fly a DanSteph Arrow freighter to a freaky rule-breaking solar system, cruise over Equestria in an XR2, has a Sagan-esque first-contact with Twilight... yeah.

Overall, I really like the style (logbook, very appropriate) and pacing you've got going here. Aside from some minor grammatical goof-ups (of the kind that everybody makes) this story has a lot going for it. Consider it tracked! I'll be anxiously awaiting the next chapters.

#28 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

I.. I believe that I actually love this fic. It's the best take on HiE I've seen yet, and I don't usually even like HiE fics. I think the main selling point is the fact that there's no fourth wall to be broken, and that the language barrier is portrayed realistically.

I am very, very eager to see this update. Great job!

#29 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

This is very interesting. I am looking forward to seeing more!

#31 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

About time there's a HiE story that human isn't a brony and/or trying to get away from the crule wrold by being "magically" teleported to Equestria. And they're interacting differently than just by simply speaking English. Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

#32 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive One: Arrival ·

This is very much an interesting idea of a story, and one I'll very much track and read. Well done so far, my man!

#33 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

LOL, I like it. Will track and hope for updates.

Wonder how Apple Jack and Fluttershy will react when they finally meet him.

#34 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

Language barriers are certainly interesting parts of HiE stories, and this one is a new take indeed - and very well executed. Some small spots of editing need doing, but mistakes are only minor. This is truly a fantastic piece of work, and I'm waiting for the next chapter quite anxiously!

#35 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

The pictures are annoying, do not like.

#36 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

This a very nice HiE story! I can't wait to see the next one! *Tracked and thumbs up*

#37 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

Very interesting start, definitely be tracking. About ten minutes after I finished reading the second chapter, I finally figured out who was watching the protagonist. (Felt like a total idiot afterward)

#38 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

This is awesome.

Keep going.

#39 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

I am so far beyond looking forward to the next chapter. I'm jumping up and down, and tripping over horse-apples waiting for the next chapter!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild:

#40 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

Absolutely astounding. You really have hit the nail on the head with this. I've never read such a good first-contact HiE fic before. Bravo good sir, keep at it. :twilightsmile:

#41 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

I like it!

#42 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

>>278840 Just to be clear it is the -pictures- I do not like in the fic.

The fic itself is one of the better ones I have read on here ever.

I hope to see more of this.^_^

#43 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive One: Arrival ·

One small mistake: "Tomorrow" is spelt "Tomarrow" at one point.

#44 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

As someone who has been subjects to my friends arguing over the complexities of spaceflight, I am in love with this fic.

I expect more in the future.

#45 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

Is anyone else getting the vibe that this thing that's stalking him is actually Luna?

#46 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·


#47 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

I was skeptical of this fic, but I'm really happy I gave it a shot. I wonder how you will go about with dialogue once Twlight learns English.

#48 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

Very good, love how this plays out. Keep it up!!!:pinkiehappy:

or i will cry:fluttercry:

like a women on her monthly:raritycry:


#49 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

moor! ..... plz

#50 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Archive Two: Contact ·

This is a great story. Please keep it up. I would give constructive criticisms, but I just can't find anything wrong with it. I didn't even notice any (unintentional) grammar mistakes (though that's not saying much. I'm a terrible proofreader).

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