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  • 55w, 2d
    Sorry to my readers

    But man am I in a HUGE funk with my writing.  I sit down to write and I just don't have anything come, for any of my stories.  I can't even get a new one started which is usually my answer to writer's block.  I just want folks to know, I haven't disappeared or given up on any of my stories.  Lately I just can't find the motivation to write.  It'll come back sooner or later.

    21 comments · 1,135 views
  • 61w, 4d
    Important announcement!

    Greetings readers!  I have very important questions for you!

    Do you like killing monsters with swords, bows, and/or spells?

    Do you enjoy delving into their homes unannounced, killing them (possibly in their sleep) and taking all of their possessions?

    Do you like role playing?

    Do you like ponies? (I should think the answer to this fairly obvious.)

    Do you think I am the greatest author of all time?  (Answering this correctly can be beneficial down the line)

    If you said 'yes' to one or more of these questions perhaps you'd be interested in PCing in an MLP themed DnD campaign I'm cooking up.  The system is 3.5 with some homebrew stats for the ponyfolk.  The setting is my "Jenverse" universe.  The initial plot sees the PCs as aspiring new members of the Order of Harmony.  Players will be able to pick from any of the five pony tribes.  Why five you ask?  Good question.  In my version of Equestria, the night or bat ponies are their own tribe, as are the crystal ponies.  

    But wait!  There's more!

    Those familiar with The Best Babysitter/Settling In/Galaxia's Equestria already will know that humans are semi-regular visitors to Equestria.  Can you PC as one?  Yes.  Do you need a very good reason as to why/how you got there?  Also yes.

    There's even more!

    Queen Chrysalis' assistance in dethroning Queen Galaxia has seen the changeling people coming out of the shadows and living semi-peacefully with their new favorite ponyfolk neighbors(food source).  So you can play as a changeling as well.  

    Full again!  If I have more drops or don't hear from some folks, I'll be looking at the next in line.

    Pegasus Rogue

    Night pony Ranger

    Pegasus Bard

    (?) Monk/Paladin undecided!

    Unicorn Wizard

    Human Fighter

    My incredibly lame friends seem to like night ponies.  So no more night ponies.  I want some variety people!  So let's see those characters!  (and no Big McLarge Huge the alicorn... be creative)  Also no being evil.  No creepy weird stuff.  PG-13 people!

    Also something else I should mention.  I'm a bit of a stickler when it comes to staying in character.  What that means in a text setting like we'll be using is "I like to see a sentence typed like this."  "not tiped lyke ths"  Capitalization and occasional punctuation.  (except commas, fuck commas).  I also have a three strikes policy about skipping sessions.  You don't show up three times?  Your character gets crushed by a falling boulder and someone new takes his/her place.  One thing I've learned from my years of DMing online, there are ALWAYS more PCs out there.  Not so much DM's. XD;;

    27 comments · 423 views
  • 67w, 5d
    Going outta town!

    As the title says!  I'm going to be gone all next week.  Leaving tuesday morning and not getting back until sunday evening.  Heading to Gen Con with some friends to compete in some heroclix tournaments so wish me luck!

    To all the folks who read my NOT Mass Effect story, I'm sorry it's been so long between updates.  I started Commander of Shepherds because I had pretty hefty blocks on Dawn, Galaxia, and Overlord.  Hopefully by the time I get back I'll be able to get some chapters for them done.  Especially stupid Galaxia which is 2 away from being complete! >:O

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  • 68w, 5d
    Season 4 sneak peaks from comic-con!

    Has anyone not seen this yet?  I just found it tonight.  So cool!

    2 comments · 276 views
  • 73w, 1d
    I got skype!

    Howdy ho reader-roonies.  I got pushed into setting up a skype account for myself.  I don't have a mic or anything but I can use it for talking of the txt variety if anyone wants to chat.  My contact info (I think!) is jenniza00  feel free to hit me up!

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  • ...

Commander Shepard remembers firing the crucible.  She remembers she had to make an important choice.  She remembers good friends, a lover, and plenty of loyal crewmen.  

She just can't remember what her choice was.  What the threat she was striving so hard to end was.  Or what the faces of the most important people in her life look like.

She also has no idea how she wound up in the monster filled forest she's come to call home for the past eight months.  Or how she picked up a snarky A.I. making its home in her omni-tool.  

First Published
27th Jul 2013
Last Modified
27th Jan 2014

Welp, even if I only know the first ME, you got me hooked!

Do continue!:raritystarry:

I love it:heart::pinkiehappy:

Mass Effect 3 has been my favorite game of-all-time:twilightsmile:

BTW paragraph 21-ish you wrote tree-of-the- night. Don't think that space before night is supposed to be there:raritywink:



Story Approver

Great start to what should be a great story!  Now, to go buy ME3.  Maybe play 1 and 2 some more.  Hmm, decisions decisions.

Well, I'm interested to see where this goes.  :twilightsmile:


You have to remember those decisions! It's important!:rainbowdetermined2:

Nice to see people using FemShep. Even Better, an Infiltrator FemShep. That's the best Shep there is. Liked it so far. So Keep it up.

...Oh yes.

Human Shepard in the Everfree with Legion as an AI assistant about to make first contact?

Sign me the hell up.

Only complaint is that Legion seems a... bit off (and it's not the "I" thing, I know why that works), but besides that, excellent work.

Dude, you titled this 'Commander of Sheperds' and then you constantly call her 'Shepard'.

Consistency: also, the second one is the correct spelling.

Heres hoping this is a Paragon Shepard... My Femshep was a renegade vanguard.... Bad assed as hell, but not a nice lady XD

I hope we get a renegade femshep


Shepard's name is spelled wrong in the title for a reason lol


Thanks for catchin that.  :o Fix'd


Well it's MY Shep haha, she was an infiltrator. XD


It's been quite a while since I played 2 or 3 for that matter so there's a chance Legion MIGHT sound a bit off.  The I thing though, there's a reason for that.


She's probably more neutral than paragon or renegade.  She's killing to keep herself alive, and she eats what she can get a hold of.  So far she's more or less a blank slate (what with the amnesia and all) so events happening around her are going to shape whether she's paragon or renegade.

It's too awesome for me to form a coherent reply so until then I give you :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:


That's a lot of kissy Rainbow Dashes. :o


I look forward to more, though I'm beginning to despair for ever clearing out my backlog of things to read considering how often I come across anything fic that just grabs me by the ears, pulls me in, and beats me over the head with desire to read it... So far I think theres like 150 or so that have done this, most over 15 chapters...




Please, everyone knows Paragade!Shepard is best Shepard.

>>2946925My read later queue is up to 199 now. XD I never read anything anymore, it's always write, write, write.  Sigh.


I agree entirely.  I never liked having to 100% go one way or the other for optimum story results.  Smart ass Hawke in DA2 is the only way I go.

>>2947039 smart-asses are the funniest! :pinkiehappy:

>>2946097 >>2946862 Agreed Infiltrator is best... snipers... CLOAKING! WOOHOO (to bad cloaking wasn't in the 1st game) :pinkiehappy:


Blerg I know.  She's gonna be cloaking soon once the Mane 6 start hunting for her in the Everfree.

>>2947066 Nice touch with Legion by the way, I was literally crying when he died. :fluttercry:

Though your right, anyone as trained as shepherd (and not as cocky as myself or renegade shepherd) would cloak and watch... I do prefer smart-ass and going one way only seems kinda dull, so don't limit yourself to ether good or evil be both~! :pinkiecrazy: And your right Smart-ass Hawke was the only real entertainment in there (besides the sexy dwarf)

looking good, though your cover pic makes me think she will be turned pony sometime in the future


Psh I was sobbing the whole game.  Even for Thane who I hated!  I couldn't stand him in two but man the waterworks came on in 3.  And Mordin I had to stop playing for a while I was so broken up.  I wanted Shep to have some sort of connection with her old life, and Legion seemed easy to squeeze in the way I did.  It was him or EDI, and no offense to Joker's sexbot but I liked Legion more.


She might!  She might not.  I just thought it was a cute picture of pony Shepard, that fits with the MLP/ME crossover. XD


sort of wishing she would be, I would expect twilight to transform her even if its temporary, just to prevent the population from panicking

>>2947234Edi was funny and all, but Legion is just better in all sorts of ways. I wasn't able to cry for Thane, it made me pissed off, and what pissed me off the most was the fact I almost killed that LT.Bastard Ki-Lang (whatever his name was) on Thesia I mean I took his shields down to zero ... and yet I wouldn't let me touch his life. Mordan's death made smile and cry all at the same time, he was a great alien and kicked ass, his sacrifice was the point where, everyone knew the war changed. So yes I shed a tear for Mordan but his death was a light that brought forth many more. :coolphoto:

now am going to go finish my book on Chseesy Lines!  :pinkiecrazy:

Story Approver

Grats on the feature, you totally deserve it.  : )


725 unread items in mine currently...


this story is full of yes. but now i demand hot sheppony shipping.


Before I even read this story, I beg you not to turn her pony.

She just fought to save her species and the rest of the galaxy.

Maybe play it off as some sort of trigger from her past?

Just because she can't remember it doesn't mean she can't 'remember' it.

Like someone who had amnesia due to a fire, and has an irrational fear to it.

The person doesn't know why, while at the same time said person does remember why?

Get what I'm saying? Because I'm beginning to confuse myself.

Just, please no pony Shep?

This should be good.  I'm a sucker for a good crossover, and lately all i've been reading are FoE crossfics.  'S time for a good Mass Effect crossfic.

I like the looks of this! Keep up the great work! :pinkiehappy:

Now this has me interested. Can't wait for more!:rainbowkiss:

Favorited for later read, this looks good. Always a fan of Mass Effect :pinkiesmile:

Other than a couple of little errors, this was pretty good!

well, this is a keeper. not the bug kind either. (bad joke I know)

I'm adding this to my favorites immediately.

Also, might want to change the image to avoid confusion, I thought Shep was a pony for a while.:eeyup:

Of course the bullets passed harmlessly through

If by "bullets" you mean "piece of metal the size of a grain of sand shaved off of a block of metal within the gun and fired at incredibly deadly speed via the weapon's mass accelerator" then sure!


That's just me nitpicking though. Calling them bullets is fine, I just always loved the lore behind ammunition in the Mass Effect universe, and can never resist an opportunity to bring it up.

In any case, liking this so far. The cover image was a little confusing, but the story itself is looking good. :twilightsmile:

Can't wait to see where this goes.


Right, I know how the ammo works but saying 'rapidly fired shred of metal surrounded in a mass effect field' is a little wordier than bullet. XD


I keep hearing that, I might change it soon.  Or I might just turn Shepard into a pony.


Thanks!  Grammar and I are age old enemies.  As is comma placement.  I haven't had any formal education since high school and that was quite a few years ago lol


Might ship her, I have a couple ideas I'm rolling around lol

At first it moves a tad too fast, but as it goes the flow work better. I like it so far, i'll keep an eye on it.

Definitely a good start, but you might want to use something to separate a character's thoughts from narration.  Italics are a common method.

>>2948221 please don't. I mean really, don't

not that 'human in equestria' is original, neither is 'human made pony in equestria'

you got a good thing going here as is.

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