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  • T Second Princess of the Night

    With King Sombra gone, is Equestria truely safe from harm? Or will another foe as old as the Crystal Kingdom itself appear now that the dark unicorn's position of evil is vacant? What new danger will threaten the land, and the Elements of Harmon
    200,177 words · 5,136 views  ·  387  ·  18
  • T A New Spark

    Life is easy. The fewer of things to bother you, the simplier life will be. Just find anything to pass the time. But that's easier said than done, especially when my latest time waster turned out to be the craziest experience I'll ever have
    11,529 words · 1,373 views  ·  109  ·  7
  • T Lyra's Secret

    Lyra has a secret. One that her life as a human reseacher depends on and could ruin everything she had worked for if it gets out. But she is not going to let this golden opportunity of furthering her research slip away, and by any means necessary.
    14,361 words · 1,464 views  ·  75  ·  7
  • T Dark Trails

    There are somethings that should never be experienced; horrors that are better to remain locked away in realms that cannot be touched. It is an unfortunate thing to dream of such terrors, and even worse to face them. And face them... six will.
    4,135 words · 113 views  ·  19  ·  1 · gore
  • E Gift From The Stars

    Having a job that has me recording all kinds of media is very rewarding. My understanding of the world grows the more I watch. But there is one show I keep coming back to. Is it odd to find interest in a show about two dimensial ponies humans made?
    10,371 words · 569 views  ·  29  ·  6
  • T Hunter, Slayer, Corpse

    An old evil returns, a princess goes missing, and ancient family secrets reveal themselves. It is often portrayed that a child who is thrusted into a strange world are capable of becoming champions of good. Unfortunately, those are merely fairy tales
    3,212 words · 170 views  ·  19  ·  3
  • E Falling Star

    Rainbow Dash has returned from the Academy, leaving with their high expections for her attendance in the future. However word around Ponyville has it she may no longer be the champion of her little town when a new Pegasus arrives.
    2,547 words · 115 views  ·  5  ·  1

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  • Thursday
    2POTN Question

    To address a few things first, I do have a side story planned up with three chapters half made, I still plan on making a Lunar Pearl only side story since she won the poll, and I haven't forgotten Hunter, Slayer, Corpse. Onto the point of this blog now.

    I know I recently had gone through and polished up the story, but I am considering doing it again. While I know it was an improvement, I know I had missed errors, and created new ones in my wake. Honestly, I'm having a hard time rereading over the chapters without wincing at the mistakes. So I'm torn between continuing releasing chapters, or going back and polishing the whole story again which will most likely have new scenes added to improve it. I probably wouldn't do it until the end of act 2 which is fast approaching if I did. I could try to do both at the same time, but that would probably just bog things down. So, I'll leave it to you all. Focus on finishing the story, or going over already made sections and making them better?

    15 comments · 57 views
  • 9w, 2d
    2POTN Side Story Teaser

    (Teaser at the bottom)

    I am currently in the works of a side story for Second Princess of the Night. This isn't the one I promised I would do specifically for Lunar Pearl (It will come someday) but rather a series of stories set during the bat ponies stay in Skyline Tower. Each chapter will be a one shot short story featuring a different character, and will be primarily looking at the various bat ponies lives at the tower and what they may have done during their stay.

    There will be a chapter for each character already established such as Mist Hoof, Lunar Pearl, Lily Wing, and Ebon Wing, as well as introduce other characters that may have had only one name drop or none at all. It's side stories like these where I feel like I can explore the bat ponies in much more depth, as well as serve as a foundation to build future characters from. A well liked and interesting character in the side stories may find a spot in the main story down the road (though not so much as to detract from the main cast) or begin a series of stories focused entirely on them. Lunar Pearl is already one that will be receiving such attention, and there isn't anything preventing others from getting the same treatment. But rest assured, these side endeavours will not take priority of the main story, and will be worked on randomly when the time is found.

    Additionally, it also opens a clean slate for other authors to contribute if they so wish. I've mentioned a few times before that my dream is to create something that others like so much that they also begin adding content to it, and this is a great chance to do so if you are interested. Is there a batpony character you have in your mind to add to this 'verse? Do you have story you think would fit well in this part of the main story? If so, please let me know and we can dicuss adding it to the chapters. Please know that I will not be picky or strict on what you create. I only ask that the story has decent grammar, doesn't go completely off the edge regarding it's place in relation to the main story line (such as creating events that won't fit with what has already be created) and isn't about Lunar Pearl, Mist Hoof, Silver Platter, and Star Mane(a character that had one name drop in chapter 30 of 2POTN), as I already have chapters planned for them.

    If you would like to make something about already established characters such as Ruby, Blueblood, Lily Wing, or other so far named characters, just let me know what you have in mind for them and I'll see if it will work. Again, unless it's ridiculous and far out of character, I won't be picky on what is created.

    I hope I don't come across as arrogant by letting people know they are free to add their own ideas to my story. I just want to create a indepth world with many individual stories and viewpoints, and I know it can only grow bigger and diverse if other people find it to their liking and create their own marks within it. Note that chapter releases will come as they are finished, so there is no time limit on submission if you have anything to add. The story will be updated as more content is made.

    With that out of the way, I have a teaser for a chapter focusing on Star Mane. This chapter is being written in First Person, something I have never done before, and would like to hear peoples opinions about it if they would like to share. It gives me a chance to get some early feedback on it, and help promote what kind of things this collection of small stories might be focusing on. It is a five-hundred word intro, and can be found right below.

    Star Mane

    2 comments · 66 views
  • 10w, 3d
    2POTN Polishing Finished + Cover art!

    6 comments · 110 views
  • 14w, 4d
    Another 2POTN Update

    Eight chapters left to polish, then continuation of the story will commence. Though there were only a few voters, it seems Lunar Pearl is voted pony to receive her own side-line story. I figured it would have been her or Shade Flare. Even though I did not build him up much or reveal how he got into this mess, I do have plans for him to be more involved with the story and be more than just a second in command. While the polishing has only touched him up slightly, I do plan to make him more prevalent in the story. But I don't want to pull away from Ruby/Twilight very much, and he may just have to wait until I make decent headway with other side stories before he receives his own, Lunar Pearls being the newest edition. Also, some exciting news. I have requested a cover art for this story from an artist I quite like, and am awaiting word back on a initial draft. I am hoping it goes through as I think it will be pretty neat.

    Which leads me to my next question, once I am done polishing, should I do one big update, or begin releasing new chapters? I can either hold off new chapters, get a few of them written out and neat looking, and begin releasing them once the coverart is done, as well as some chapters for the currently planned side-stories, Hunter, Slayer, Corpse being one of them. Or, I can begin releasing new chapters as I write them, and include the other updates as they come along. To be honest, as much as I want to do one big update because I think that would be pretty cool, I would find it hard to not release ready-to-read chapters, as the wait for everything to be gathered and put into order might be a bit.

    Though I know it's a silly thing to get excited over (never thought I would over MLP fanfiction) I feel so happy to bring you guys more content. Please know that everything you all have done has helped, and I am so glad you enjoy my writing. Though I understand not wanting to reread the story, I am hoping this polishing of grammar and a few new scenes helps this story become much more enjoyable. So far it's looking to not change the length of the story in any significant way, as I have been learning to cut a lot of exposition save ones I feel necessary, and have been replacing them with scenes and/or dialogue. Let me know in the comments what you think, and I hope everyone has been having a wonderful day :pinkiehappy:

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  • 15w, 1d
    2POTN Update/Poll

    :rainbowdetermined2: I am going to try and be more active with the community. That may mean more blog posts, and most definitely hitting the 785 stories I have on Read Later.

    :raritywink: Today's blog post however, is just an update on the status of 2POTN for any of those who are curious. So far I have chapters 1-11 polished and worked on. My goal is within the next few weeks when time allows to have the rest done, then release all of it as well as a new chapter or two, as well as a side story. Right now I am contemplating adding a chapter or two between the previous chapters as extra scenes, more information, and developing relationships. I personally feel like I could have done a lot more with Ruby in the cave with the batponies. :trixieshiftright: But I feel it may be too much, and adding more will only lengthen a section most people have expressed to have been waiting to pass over. Perhaps saving these interations would be better for a side story from a batponies point of view. While I have one in the works about their time in Skyline Tower (a story where each chapter is about a different bat pony's day at it) I am thinking of also starting a new one from a single bat pony's view who is in the group. As I've said before, I want this to be a indepth universe with multiple stories from various viewpoints. I will still be working on Hunter, Slayer, Corpse of course, but I have been considering having a bat pony one as well.

    :ajsmug: Which leads me to the question of which batpony I should pick. For this, I leave it up to you guys to decide who I will focus on :pinkiehappy:

    Which bat pony would you like to know more about? Who's viewpoint and history during these events would you like to know more of? Who should be the main character in a side story during Ruby's time with them, and potentially going to their own story in the world? Let me know in the comments! :twilightsmile:

    4 comments · 95 views
  • ...

I began my life traveling the world. My dream was to be an antiquarian of ancient artifacts. I saw many things, and discovered old relics. One of which, I should have never found. Since its discovery my life has changed. My mind degrades with each day and I can't tell whats real or not anymore. The only thing holding me together is a little girl I found. And now we travel the world together, one torn by war and full of terrors. With only a curse to keep us alive. My name, is Simon Petrikov.

First Published
21st Jul 2013
Last Modified
4th Sep 2013
#1 · 65w, 1d ago · · · 2. An Invitation ·

Mein gott...

#2 · 65w, 12h ago · · · 2. An Invitation ·

Very interesting. I look forward to the next chapter.

#3 · 65w, 4h ago · · · 3. Facing it Together ·

Great story. How will this change Adventure Time history?

#4 · 65w, 3h ago · · · 3. Facing it Together ·

>>2913709 Not particularly trying to change the history. Just... fill in some gaps creatively :)

#5 · 64w, 12h ago · · · 4. The Other Side ·

Interesting story :twilightsmile:

Please continue with good work :rainbowdetermined2:

#6 · 64w, 11h ago · · · 4. The Other Side ·

Great chapter.

#7 · 63w, 3d ago · · · 5. Introductions ·

Great chapter. I wonder if Twilght and other's will end up meeting the Lich.

#8 · 63w, 3d ago · · · 5. Introductions ·

>>2974469 Oh its planned at some point :raritywink:

#9 · 58w, 4d ago · · · 6. High Flying ·

Great chapter.

#10 · 58w, 4d ago · · · 6. High Flying ·

Good chapter, glad you're still working on this story.

Some points to take into consideration.

1) You seem to be under the impression that young horses are called ponies, this is untrue. Ponies are a completely separate breed of equine from horses. Pony foals grow into ponies just as horse foals grow into horses.

2) The second point is a bit tough to explain and not correctable, more a suggestion for future chapters. The bulk of this chapter was, for all intents and purposes, filler. Entertaining filler, but filler none the less. Normally, this is not a big deal, as it was extra detail which is usually a good thing, but when your taking a month+ between chapters it should be avoided. After so long a wait, readers are going to want to see story progression, dialogue, and the relationships between characters built upon, not Rainbow Dash gallivanting through the wreckage of the world for 7000 words. Really, you had 2-3 vaguely important things happen in this chapter, the first being covered in the very beginning with Spikes disappearance from the group and the groups memories, which wasn't even touched upon in the chapter. The next could be Dash being sent into the city, and last is the allusion to the probable villain at the very end.

Not much at all.

Also a small prediction advice, Marcy is a demon right know and has no weakness to sunlight. She became a vampire sometime after Hudson Abadeer ate her fries.

Well, regardless of the long wait and slight let down, It was still excellently written and fun to read. Keep up the good work and happy writing.:derpytongue2:

#11 · 58w, 3d ago · · · 6. High Flying ·

>>3157695 Sorry, I was away with family for three weeks and was not able to do much. And when I came back my house got broken into so some delays for that as well. Hopefully I can deliver more chapters as I am probably going to have a very difficult time doing it for 6 months starting in October but hopefully I will have internet and enough time to release periodically.

Second Point is that not everyone knows that Ponies stay Ponies, thus showing Simon's ignorance of the topic.

And third, sorry for the filler. But regarding Spike it isn't something that I plan to solve in just a couple chapters currently.

#12 · 58w, 3d ago · · · 6. High Flying ·

>>3160069 Hope that f%#&er gets caught, that kind of thing has happened to me a few times.

As for the pony/horse thing, just making sure you knew. You'd be surprised what kind of misconceptions kids today live with, I can't tell you how many times I had to explain the proper terminology for the eye to people. I must have read "hazel/brown/blue/etc pupils" a thousand times when the writer is thinking of the iris. As for the wait, as long as you actually finish the story, you can take as long as you want.

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