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I am an admin for a number of groups, including TwiDash, The Mailbox, One-Shots, RariJack, High Quality Mature Fiction, Intelligent Shipping Discussion, TwiJack, ScootaBelle and Ponies Love Tentacles, so if you have any concerns or questions regarding those groups, feel free to send a PM.

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Story Collections

I have a handful of stand-alone stories that are either set in the same continuity as each other or thematically related in some way.  Here are the collections:

Twilight Holmes

These stories are set in the Twilight Holmes continuity.  Here they are in chronological order:

     It's Elementary, My Dear Rainbow

     Twilight Holmes: Sabotage After Sunset

     Salting Snails

Heat Trilogy

A trilogy of saucy tales covering the starts of three heated relationships within the mane six.

     Heat of the Moment (Twilight and Rainbow Dash)

     Finding Her Smile (Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy)

     pending (Applejack and Rarity)

Variety is the Spice of Life Challenge

A shipping challenge of epic proportions, which I am going to play in hard-mode: all fifteen prompts, all fifteen ships.

     TwiDash: Little Wonders (Prompt: A Kiss)

     AppleDash: The Great Cider Heist (Prompt: An Anniversary)

     RariDash: (Prompt: A Gift)

     FlutterDash: Hummingbird Heartbeat (Prompt: An Apology)

     PinkieDash: (Prompt: A Game)

     TwiJack: (Prompt: An Illness)






     ApplePie: (Prompt: A Reunion)


     RariPie: (Prompt: A Date)


Variety is the Spice of Life Challenge Extra Spicy Edition

Because I'm crazy, I'm playing on hard-mode twice.  The Extra Spicy Edition is the challenge again, only for these the stories are erotica.  Fifteen prompts, fifteen pairings, fifteen stories filled with ponisex.



     RariDash: Tap That (Prompt: A Proposal)







     RariJack: Unnamed Heat Trilogy Conclusion (Prompt: A Wedding)





     FlutterPie: Finding Her Smile (Prompt: A Date)


  • Rolling With the PunchesTwilight's plans for a sleepover are tested when most of her guests have to cancel, but Applejack convinces her they can have fun together with just each other's company.8,353 words ·3,644 views ·630 likes ·24 dislikes
  • Twilight's Hearth's Warming CarolOn Hearth's Warming Eve, Twilight is visited by three ghosts, who take her on a journey across time to show her what she's almost missed.16,390 words ·1,121 views ·197 likes ·7 dislikes
  • Hummingbird HeartbeatRainbow Dash and Fluttershy have had a rocky relationship, with ups and downs over the course of years, and Rainbow thinks she's ready to call it quits for good.9,168 words ·1,284 views ·183 likes ·6 dislikes
  • Salting SnailsWhile Apple Bloom is on vacation, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle struggle to find something to do with their time. An innocent question is raised: what does Snails' cutie mark mean, anyway? It couldn't mean that, could it?6,925 words ·1,755 views ·177 likes ·5 dislikes
  • Little WondersFollowing the coronation, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash are both troubled by regret. In the face of irreversible changes, they search for solace in solitude, but instead find each other in the small hours of the morning.11,753 words ·6,626 views ·706 likes ·32 dislikes
  • Spellbound FirefliesRainbow Dash teaches a preteen Scootaloo how to fly, strengthening their bonds, both to each other and the ponies around them. A story about love, family, and growing up.77,162 words ·6,563 views ·898 likes ·15 dislikes
  • Fluttershy Kicks a PuppyWhile she's providing veterinary care at the park, Fluttershy runs afoul with one of the more domesticated critters. Fluttershy would never kick a puppy on purpose, would she?4,155 words ·7,304 views ·700 likes ·25 dislikes
  • The TwiDash ProjectA series of vignettes depicting the budding romance between Twilight and Rainbow Dash behind the scenes of season two and onward9,966 words ·4,487 views ·579 likes ·29 dislikes
  • Twilight Holmes: Sabotage After SunsetSomething is going bump in the night in Ponyville, cutting a path of destruction through the quiet town. It's up to Twilight Sparkle and her marefriend Rainbow Dash to get to the bottom of this.6,881 words ·3,816 views ·438 likes ·12 dislikes
  • It's Elementary, My Dear RainbowTwilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash awake to find themselves in a mysterious, compromising position. It's up to the brilliant mind of Twilight to deduce what series of events led them to this.5,972 words ·11,053 views ·1,151 likes ·27 dislikes

Incomplete Stories

  • Coming Back Peace in the world beyond proves elusive to Rainbow, and she'll never let her friends down when they need her. by bats 94,318 words · 5,243 views · 553 likes · 14 dislikes
  • The TwiDash Project A series of vignettes depicting the budding romance between Twilight and Rainbow Dash behind the scenes of season two and onward by bats 9,966 words · 4,487 views · 579 likes · 29 dislikes

Howdy, folks.  It's been an interesting week so far: finished posting a novel, and came down with some sort of illness that's slowly killing me.  Well, not killing me, just making me pissy.  Same thing, right?  Anyway, writing junk.

1,874 words drafted (MSWord word count) out of 10,000 (estimated finished length).

Alright, so I mentioned this briefly last week as what I was "probably" working on next.  I continued to slack off like a boss this week, but I'm back in the writing saddle and plugging away at this.  No clue whether that 10k estimation is close or not, but...yeah, maybe I'm a fifth of the way through or so, who the hell knows?  Anywho, this is progressing reasonably, and I'm enjoying writing again after novel-finishing and laziness.  I do very much prefer novels over short stories, but short stories are so much less labor-intensive.  It's both a blessing and a curse.  Well, I'll get this short done and go onto something else that'll take months that I can bore y'all in these things about week in and week out.  I'm still doing a lot of waffling on what it'll be I'll bring the bore with, though.  Meh, that's for future bats to worry about!  Present bats has other stuff to write horseysmut.  The hell sorta hobby is this again?


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