The next chapter of Love For Honor is live! as I said in the post I made a little while before this one, I'm hoping to have an update to The Conversion Bureau: The Warrior's Way up within the week, and  updates to The Shadow of Ages, and The Conversion Bureau: Inversion up around New Year's. :pinkiehappy:

I just have one damn question.

Does ANYONE know what the hell the 'Set Featured' button does?!

Seriously, that's been driving me up the wall ever since I noticed they were on my stories pages. :applejackconfused:

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Real life tech? Not really, no. Sci-fi stuff? Reasonably. Why?

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You any good with tech, technobabble, etc?

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It's all in PM. I'll probably just Paraphrase it.

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You got the argument to show me?

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Thanks for the help on the TvTropes page for 'The Bridge' my friend :twilightsmile:

To clarify, Lea is indeed a gender flipped version to Mothra Leo and has identical powers (abet she never got an armored form due to winning the first battle against Ghidorah thanks to tag teaming with Godzilla Junior). Though Raidrik beat me to the punch there, I'll just say why this is so.

Biologically it never made much sense to me for there to sporadically be a male Mothra. If the mother is reproducing all by herself, she must be doing it through parthenogenesis like real bugs can. In effect, this means she can only give birth to daughters that are effectively clones of herself with slight variation. And though some species can create sons as well, the fact 90% of the time there is only one Mothra then that means the species would end if too many, if any males were born. No daughters means no next generation. So if Lea was a Leo, they'd be the last Mothra period because they couldn't lay another egg.

In addition, Mothra has been female is almost all of the character's appearances. It is often considered a 'she' by both the fandom and most other people who know of the movies. And since I wanted the story to be as generalist as I could, I went with the most prominent and recent gender.

Hope that cleared some things up :twilightsheepish:

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