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I am a thousand tiny ponies operating a mobile human suit for giggles.

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    Trixie's life hangs in the hooves of Twilight Sparkle after an encounter with a cockatrice.  · Richardson
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Nothing actually serious, just a general concept to keep the mind-juice flowing.  You see, if you divide the thousand years of Luna's banishment by the number of weeks in the year, a funny little number comes out, putting Luna at roughly 20 years of subjective time, if say, she experienced one week per year. Hmm, an interesting coming of age story, perhaps? After all, coming into sudden phenominal cosmic power and fighting an ancient demon accidentally summoned into your soul when you turn 20 before getting sucked back into your 'home' dimension  would make for an interesting story. Coming to grips with being someone completely different while reconciling that with a 'human' life and trying to literally move heaven and earth to balance the two.

Being influenced from nearly infancy by echoes of an unfathomably in comparison ancient mind, falling into familiar patterns brought on by the residual connection to her moon still ringing across a potential dimensional gulf. Occasional flashes of power that can't be understood, mysterious blue hair and piercing teal eyes (perhaps slitted?), a love of poetry and motion compounded by an in-built need to rebel and change with the tides of the moon.

And the story as she fights the last few months against a growing darkness in her own mind as she begins developing her powers once more, perhaps fighting summoned creatures in a bid to stay put, to avoid the fate she continually dreams about and the white unicorn/pegasus that haunts them, calling for her to come 'home'.

And more importantly, it could be a nice way of creating a crossover universe, like say with the MCU, or Star Wars, or Trek, or quite a few others...

I'll probably play with it more if there is any feedback on it, and develop it up so that someone else can take it if they'd like. I know it'd make for a good story. Anyways, buffer maintained on the current work, expect many great successes.

Richardson · 56 views · Report · Story: How Hard Could it Be?
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Thanks a lot for supporting Starring Trixie and your kind words! Have a follow for your trouble!

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Thank you, for the favorite on Legacy, and the very kind comment. It's appreciated!:twilightsmile:

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Hey, thanks for favoriting 'Rigging Up the Lights! :pinkiehappy: I really appreciate it, you know! :raritywink::twilightsmile:

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Thanks for the fav on Blind Mare's Bluff!:pinkiehappy:

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Thanks for the fave!

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Thanks for the fave and comment good sir :moustache:

Perhaps I shall endeavor to give your fine work a read.

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IIRC, Scootamom got Jossed HARD, and our favorite not-a-chicken here has been trying to pare down the "ooh-shiny" fic kudzu into separate fics. Celestia going on vacation, disguising herself as a normal pony in Ponyville, and dumping some responsibility on Luna while Twilight Freaks out is currently on his plate.

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Hey, thanks for plugging Mare Doloris on Spacebattles, Richardson! The 'likes' graph sort of went from a sharp climb to a skyrocket the day you did that, and I bet it's not a coincidence.

Sorry it took me so long to get around to thanking you for it, but I was kind of utterly blown away to find how many more people liked this story after the latest update.

Next chapter should be up Easter-ish.

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do you plan on continuing For I Have no Friends, and Must Scream. I really hope you do, I really enjoyed it.

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Yeah... what is the situation with Scootamom?

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any info on scootamom? I won't lie in the slightest its pretty much the only thingof yours I have read.

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I am lucky follower 500! :yay:

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Glad you liked "Ooopsie" and thanks for taking the time to read my story! :pinkiehappy:

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Thanks for the fave on Paper Tigers!!

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Thanks for the favorite on "Ow, Spine!"

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:pinkiecrazy: you stories seem epic!!!:pinkiecrazy:

i will read them!!!!!

also thanks for the favorite:yay:

dragoning her hooves... is that good?:unsuresweetie:

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Thank you for the favorite! Your stories are great! :scootangel:

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Though I sometimes hate to be this guy, can you give us a hint as to when the next chapter of Scoota-Mom or its side stories are going to come out?

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