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I am a thousand tiny ponies operating a mobile human suit for giggles.

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Okay, here's a proper idea based off of this episode:

Encouraged by the success of his flameless fireworks, the good Doctor decides to take up experimenting once more, aiming to get around the limitations with time travel he discovered by cheating through using a dimensional relay point to step around paradoxes, so to speak. Unfortunately, his first experiment drags Sunset Shimmer through the portal. In human form. Both promptly freak out, for completely opposite reasons. Sunset because of the reasonable worries about how Celestia would react and the fact that she's human in Equestria. Timey because he comes up with a hair-brained idea that the human form might be mimetically contagious and promptly tries to quarantine her while freaking out with crazy fears that he'll turn human from seeing her.

So, we end up with a fic of him trying to hide her while she tries to hide as well so that the ponies of Ponyvile don't freak out while she tries to find a way back before Celestia (or god forbid, Luna) finds her, Muffin Sacrifices, Pinkie and Rarity living together, MASS HYSTERIA!

Meanwhile, Derpy's just trying to get some more of those flameless fireworks as an unwitting instigator of doom... :derpyderp2:


Yeah. Thinking about taking up putting together off-standard ideas for people to take a look at and perhaps adopt if this garners interest. With expanding some stories into full-fledged outlines if particular interest is taken in them. No, I won't actually do them, as I'm quite busy with my current work and schoolwork, but I'll be happy to set it up for other authors to take over.

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IIRC, Scootamom got Jossed HARD, and our favorite not-a-chicken here has been trying to pare down the "ooh-shiny" fic kudzu into separate fics. Celestia going on vacation, disguising herself as a normal pony in Ponyville, and dumping some responsibility on Luna while Twilight Freaks out is currently on his plate.

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Hey, thanks for plugging Mare Doloris on Spacebattles, Richardson! The 'likes' graph sort of went from a sharp climb to a skyrocket the day you did that, and I bet it's not a coincidence.

Sorry it took me so long to get around to thanking you for it, but I was kind of utterly blown away to find how many more people liked this story after the latest update.

Next chapter should be up Easter-ish.

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do you plan on continuing For I Have no Friends, and Must Scream. I really hope you do, I really enjoyed it.

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Yeah... what is the situation with Scootamom?

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