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I keep staring at that "Block RainbowDoubleDash" button, and I can't help but wonder what would happen if I clicked it...

My Five Favorite (Non-Lunaverse) Fics

  • Mendacity Bon Bon, Lyra, and the Unseelie Court by Dromicosuchus 74,794 words · 35,483 views · 1,844 likes · 28 dislikes
  • My Little Alicorn A magical prank backfires, leaving Celestia stuck as a filly and Luna having to take her place. by InsertAuthorHere 179,845 words · 30,380 views · 2,763 likes · 52 dislikes
  • Ditzy Doo's Dismally Derpy Day With the help of a few close friends, Ditzy gets through an especially unpleasant day at work. by CLAVDIVS CAESAR 12,013 words · 31,749 views · 966 likes · 17 dislikes
  • My Choices: Twisted Tales Through Time Twilight goes back in time to prevent Luna's transformation into Nightmare Moon. by koolerkid 59,659 words · 12,514 views · 1,036 likes · 13 dislikes
  • Dash's Secret A visit from Rainbow Dash's parents reveals that she may not be the mare everypony thought she was. by HopeFox 32,412 words · 18,541 views · 644 likes · 23 dislikes

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Boy, your skin's like wet paper. :rainbowlaugh:

'Tis all in jest, it's just been months since we've seen a chapter.

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Well, its gonna take longer now for calling me that...

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Oi, you double-nigger: Where's the next chapter of Daleks Have No Concept Of Friendship...?

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>>1829314 Like I said in my blog entry, without friends to ground her in reality and show her a world beyond her textbooks and preconceptions and without a mentor to steer her curiosity to useful channels and teach her humility, we'd have gotten somepony like the arrogant, condescending blowhard we're going to see in the movie. You saw that before everyone else and should be given credit for it.

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I kept telling people that I didn't think L!Twilight seemed that out of character compared to M!Twilight, especially considering the alternate universe, but nooo...

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Some people regret or fear the progress of time. Generally speaking I'm not a fan of it myself, especially given the lack of being able to go back. There's a certain day that's an exception to that, though, and that day would be July 19th - today! I am now 28!

Some important, or just interesting, events from history, with commentary:

1702 – Great Northern War: A numerically superior Polish-Saxon army of Augustus II the Strong, operating from an advantageous defensive position, is defeated by a Swedish army half its size under the command of King Charles XII in the Battle of Klissow. The Swedes were totally hitting way above their weight class for awhile there; they were very nearly a Great Power.

1821 – Coronation of George IV of the United Kingdom. Not the best King of England - actually pretty bad. But still! Kingship!

1870 – Franco-Prussian War: France declares war on Prussia. Assuming that I haven't changed history in Vicky 2 again.

1963 – Joe Walker flies a North American X-15 to a record altitude of 106,010 meters (347,800 feet) on X-15 Flight 90. Exceeding an altitude of 100 km, this flight qualifies as a human spaceflight under international convention. Whee!

1981 – In a private meeting with U.S. President Ronald Reagan, French Prime Minister François Mitterrand reveals the existence of the Farewell Dossier, a collection of documents showing that the Soviets had been stealing American technological research and development. Good job, France. Almost makes you forget the whole "withdrew from NATO" thing.

Other People's Birthdays:

1814 – Samuel Colt, American businessman, founded the Colt's Manufacturing Company (d. 1862) Bang!

1869 – Xenophon Stratigos, Greek general (d. 1927) I actually know nothing about this guy, but he has an awesome name.

1947 – Brian May, English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer HELLS YEAH I share a birthday with the guitarist for Queen!

1956 – K.A. Applegate, American author In truth, Animorphs had more influence on me as a writer than just about any other source, so this is pretty awesome to know.

July 19th is also the first day of the Roman holiday of Lucaria. The deity for whom it was celebrated is unknown and possibly deliberately anonymous, though it may connect to Neptune, who was originally a god of fresh water and only became associated with salt water (the sea) when the Romans started worshipping Greece-sempai.

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