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My favorite depiction for Star Swirl the Bearded

I’ve seen fancier ones, and highly detailed ones with rich colors, pictures of him doing great deeds or portraits done in classical styles.

But in this one, Star Swirl is simply a pony. A pony that looks like he carries a great yoke and this is one of the few times he gets to rest. He looks very tired, and a little sad. I like that it’s a humble sketch, like something someone that knew him might have drawn.

I wonder how old he is in this. It can be assumed that he’s elderly, since he’s elderly in most pictures of him, but I like to think he’s middle aged or in early adulthood. It’s just that Star Swirl has always looked old, even when he was young.


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I swear I'm gonna write a story based on this

Latest Stories


I think it was inevitable I'd eventually write additional material for The Last Human. Well before the midpoint of the story, I realized my worldbuilding had gotten out of my control and the story was outgrowing its Last Unicorn framework. There are many side stories that I'd be remiss not to tell somewhere at some point. I expected to write it, though I didn't think I'd write it so soon. Stories take place before, during, and after Last Human.

Thus, come September, I found myself in the beginnings of drafting a story about Ashling (who you'll remember from the last two chapters) because

A) I need to wrap up some loose ends. Namely what happened to Forget-Me-Not, the flutterpony.

B) Worldbuilding for witches is fun and fascinating. The question of how a witch— who are fully and proudly on the opposite side of good—functions in the magical ecology of the world ended up being a question I wanted to answer.

C) Ashling seemed to leave a good impression on people. Readers seem to want to read more or her

D) But most of all the little wretched witch wouldn’t leave me alone. I tried ten times to start on the fic I wanted to start and she wouldn’t let me so now here I am writing about this awful little girl and her awful adventures with this awful sword and generally being awful. Ashling is the worst and needs to let me live my life.

(However, in drafting this story it made me wonder I should write Star Swirl's further adventures in their own separate story. It would work better that way and stand on its own with its own audience. What complicates this are a few stories where he again encounters humans (or witches) and I have no idea where I'd put those. Probably with the Last Human collection.)

Expect it to go live in early November/late October.

PS: Ashling's story has a title, but the side-story collection does not. I'm open to suggestions.

PPS: Said collection will not be on a schedule and will update sporadically. Just warning you.    

In November:

I'm starting (hopefully shorter) multichapter fic: Winner's Circle. A story about Diamond Tiara, cutie marks, and pageants. And Apple Bloom.

I've wanted to write a good story about Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon since before FiM season one ended. Diamond Tiara especially. She's a character who's rarely explored in the canon (understandable, most side characters aren't) or in the fandom (which is slightly more surprising) despite being arguably the only reoccurring villain in the show.

The only thing I've written (and published) regular old FiM canon was Moon and Thtarth so the whole thing's new and exciting to me.

Until next time, dear readers, I leave you with this corgi

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I honestly thought I faved "Carnivore's Prayer" months ago. I find myself rereading it a lot.

And thank you very much! That means a lot coming from you

#40 · 13w, 4d ago · · ·

Hey man, always nice to see you trolling around with my stuff. Gotta say I'm surprised it was Carnivore's Prayer, though.

Also, congratulations on finishing The Last Human. It's one of the best stories in the fandom, in my entirely biased opinion.

Author Interviewer
#39 · 16w, 1d ago · · ·


You got it! :V

Whenever, y'know, I can get around to it. :/

#38 · 16w, 1d ago · · ·


8D Wow, I never win anything!

Since it's finished and I really could use a critique, I'd love a review of The Last Human

Author Interviewer
#37 · 16w, 2d ago · 1 · ·

Hey, thanks for the watch-back! :D Congrats on finishing The Last Human, btw.

Also, you're my 555th follower, so you WIN! :D I'll review any story you want, your own included, so long as it's complete and I haven't already reviewed it.

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