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I swear I'm gonna write a story based on this

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The rough draft for the second half of Luxury of Failure is too goddamn long and has too many words AHGGHH nearly done and final draft is already a thousand words in. Proposed upload is in two weeks, max.

It's also a chapter in which you already know the ending. In fact, you already know the ending to many chapters, due to the nature of the fanfiction Silver Standard is. At least half of the story takes place during canon, but from a different lens. The borders are strict and confined; there's only so far one can go before it trips into straight up AU territory.

Nothing wrong with that in itself; plenty of media's built on that concept, especially villain/protagonist turnarounds. Of course, a good number of those stories also move the goalposts to cast villains in a woobiful light and the former heroes as pompous, hypocritical bastards all along. Also, the villain gets to win through a loophole somehow because it'd be a right bummer if our protagonist was doomed to fail. (Looking at you, Maleficent.)

This, I do not do and thus, as soon as the reader realizes what episode they're in, they know Silver Spoon is (probably) doomed to fail.

When I mention this to people who aren't my readers, I receive incredulous looks. Why would I write a story everyone already knows and has seen the end to? And an ending where the protagonist fails? All the time?

And every time I explain that it's really not as bad as it sounds. Aside from the appeal of seeing another side to a story, narratives benefit from the protagonist's struggle.  In addition to a number of internal factors, the CMC's barrage of wins give Silver Spoon something to fight against. She gets knocked down, but she gets up again you're never gonna keep her down, even if Diamond Tiara has to drag her up. There's no satisfaction in an automatic win; characters need to fight for---and, more importantly--deserve their victories.

More to the point, however, the conclusion to the episode centric chapters simply aren't the focus. It's not a plot driven story.

The question isn't "will Silver carry the flag at the Games?" The question is "Why did she attack Scootaloo?" "Why did she fail?" "How does she feel about it?" "What are the consequences of this action?"

Often, I'll write a scene that takes place right before or after something we've already seen in canon. After all, the reader has already seen the episode, so it's usually not necessary.

If I do transcribe part of an episode, it must A) be absolutely necessary to see and B) justify the reader's attention and time. That means Silver's inner monologue takes precedence over canon-dialogue, and sometimes I'll have her attention fade in and out of whatever's happening as she plots/sulks/plans/fusses/snarks about what's going on without deviating from the scene too much. It's a hell of a tightrope walk and I don't even know if I succeed in those scenes half the time.  

Without a doubt, those scenes are the hardest part of this story and feels like pulling teeth every goddamn time. If it was just a matter of transcribing dialogue it'd be easy, but it's not. It's body language and tone and music cues that now have to be narrative and how the hell do you even work with song cues (are the numbers even in-universe?) and matching the pov narration with action and at the same time making the prose provocative enough to keep the reader's attention.

It's also something I highly suggest all fanfiction writers do, especially if they're aiming for the similar feel to the show, or learning how to write a canon character. Not for publication, just for practice.

...Which means I need to translate a Pinkie Pie scene in a couple weeks. *reluctant horse noises*

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I appreciatates yore comments 'pon mah blog, sir!

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Patch, thanks a bunch for adding my story As a Mother to your "Nice Things are Nice" bookshelf. You know that I've always appreciated your support.:twilightsmile:

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Hello!  Thanks for adding 'Ciphers' to your shelves!  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  :)

If you like, feel free to check out my other stories as well.

Cheers! :pinkiehappy:


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Wait wait wait--you are watching one of my projects?

Well, damn. Now I have to actually finish it. Thank you, though! I consider that high praise.

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Ooh, neat! I've only been there once--like, 18 years ago and not for very long--but I do remember...actually, no, that at Brooklyn. Nevermind.  

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