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My favorite depiction for Star Swirl the Bearded

I’ve seen fancier ones, and highly detailed ones with rich colors, pictures of him doing great deeds or portraits done in classical styles.

But in this one, Star Swirl is simply a pony. A pony that looks like he carries a great yoke and this is one of the few times he gets to rest. He looks very tired, and a little sad. I like that it’s a humble sketch, like something someone that knew him might have drawn.

I wonder how old he is in this. It can be assumed that he’s elderly, since he’s elderly in most pictures of him, but I like to think he’s middle aged or in early adulthood. It’s just that Star Swirl has always looked old, even when he was young.


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I swear I'm gonna write a story based on this

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So! As my outline stands, we are officially in the middle of The Silver Standard. ...More or less.

Crusader of the Lost Mark means the fic isn't ending where I'd planned it to end, and in retrospect that's for the best. The second half--at least in brainstorm mode---was sort of unfocused and I'd been having a hard time figuring out what on earth to do with Flight to the Finish because aside from one small bit, I had no idea what to do with it. Now it's been given to me on a silver platter and what is now the conclusion is, in outline, much stronger.

Canon-balls are like wildfires, I guess. Burn everything down but stuff grows back better.

So that's at least one extra chapter, putting us at more like... 40% rather than 50%. Close enough. I'm rambling now, back to business.

As per tradition and to make up for not having an update this month and because real life doesn't give me time for the in-depth look at CotLM I'm opening the floor for an open question and answer session. OAnything about the story, about my other stories, my opinion on pickles beets, whatever.

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I got a watch from PatchworkPoltergeist!  Thanks!

Any idea why I got 5 new watchers in the past few hours?

It's probably a trap.  :trixieshiftleft:

>>1918615 What, I never did?

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Dear Internet Dork-Person:

I have read your reccomended list and found it to be of excellent quality. I have several new favorites because of those suggestions you posted.


I refresh The Silver Standard at least once a day hoping for an update that slipped past my tracker. There really isn't a comparative fiction to tide me over, either. The Silver Standard is the golden standard in DT and SS fiction.

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I like your profile picture! :D

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TheJediMasterEd sent me. :twilightsmile:

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>>1916218 I know you will sleep peacefully, since you deserve it for being a good writer. :twilightsmile:

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