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My favorite depiction for Star Swirl the Bearded

I’ve seen fancier ones, and highly detailed ones with rich colors, pictures of him doing great deeds or portraits done in classical styles.

But in this one, Star Swirl is simply a pony. A pony that looks like he carries a great yoke and this is one of the few times he gets to rest. He looks very tired, and a little sad. I like that it’s a humble sketch, like something someone that knew him might have drawn.

I wonder how old he is in this. It can be assumed that he’s elderly, since he’s elderly in most pictures of him, but I like to think he’s middle aged or in early adulthood. It’s just that Star Swirl has always looked old, even when he was young.


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I swear I'm gonna write a story based on this

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Racing around to come up behind you again.

So, as those Pink Floyd lyrics might hint, I'm behind on my draft for chapter 18. Way behind. Like, two weeks behind. Normally the chapter would be going up next weekend and the rough draft's not even finished yet. However, I am very glad to say that after real life and my worst case of writer's block since 2011, the rough draft is finally rolling smoothly. I'm a little over halfway through, I think, and the proposed upload for the final draft is mid April.

I forgot how much legitimate writer's block stinks. This one was an ugly combination of the Blanks and the Every Word I Create Is An Abomination Kill Me Now. I blame a lot of that on A) stress, because we're coming close to the endgame and every scene matters and B) I went in blind. I've got no solid plan for this chapter or much of the chapters after. No outline, no detailed notes, no visualization of how it'd work in my head, nothing. Vague idea of events at best, and most of those won't come in until a chapter later. Partly because for various reasons (mainly that humans are not unicorns and don't behave as such) after this chapter I'm probably gonna be diverting hard from The Last Unicorn.

In unrelated news:

-- Star Swirl finally has a canon appearance! Both in the poster in "Three's a Crowd" and in the comic. I was pleasantly surprised to discover he wasn't a cranky old grump as I expected, but not unlike my own Star Swirl: curious, adventurous, and a little odd. I wasn't expecting a white stallion, but I much prefer it to the fanon grey. It makes his cape really pop.

-- I recently watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I watched it all of it in about two days. This was a mistake. I should have paced that out more... Also, that was one of the best things I've ever seen.

-- The Man With Two Names is pretty much done, save for the epilogue. I'm getting those post-story blues because now I need a new fic to have unnecessarily extreme emotions about.

-- "Fight the Power" has been stuck in my head for the past eight days. It will not leave. Send help.

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Hello, I'm doing well! :twilightsmile: For once, my rough draft is moving along nice and smooth.


You're welcome. It's a story about persistence hunting in Africa (Zebrica?), of course I favorited it!

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Hi Patchwork! How are you? :pinkiehappy:

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I'm following you for no other reason than that somehow, for some reason, it just felt right. Might sound a bit odd, but it's the truth.

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Whoa, I still haven't caught up with the newest chapters of The Last Human, but thanks for the fave on Persistence...means a lot :pinkiehappy:

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There is no other individual that the impassioned fan reader should be so grateful for having as the author Patchwork Poltergeist.  

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