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A thirtysomething Brony from Pennsylvania with a library degree.


  • T On the Courtship Behavior of Swamp-Dwelling Chimeras

    Spike somehow ends up on a blind date with the chimera from the fire geyser swamp -- or to be more specific, with its tail.  · Kwakerjak
    6,287 words · 2,976 views  ·  446  ·  6
  • E Flash Fog

    Fluttershy must deal with an unusually thick fog as it approaches Ponyville.  · Kwakerjak
    127,920 words · 14,881 views  ·  1,687  ·  33
  • T Apex

    A new predator arrives in the fire geyser swamp, challenging the dominance of the chimera.  · Kwakerjak
    5,712 words · 1,947 views  ·  292  ·  3 · gore
  • T Pandelirium

    Celestia decides to attempt to reform Discord, so she taps a pony with a similar background for the job. ("Keep Calm and Flutter On" as it occurs in the Petriculture AU.)  · Kwakerjak
    77,357 words · 13,294 views  ·  846  ·  15
  • E π

    Trixie returns to Ponyville to challenge Twilight Sparkle. ("Magic Duel" as it occurs in the Petriculture AU.)  · Kwakerjak
    13,505 words · 6,358 views  ·  896  ·  13
  • E The Final Accusation: A Legal Comedy

    A dozen years after ascending to become an alicorn, Applejack rules on the case of Tiara v. FlimFlam  · Kwakerjak
    21,323 words · 2,803 views  ·  374  ·  6
  • E Avocation

    Penumbra seeks gainful employment.  · Kwakerjak
    4,557 words · 7,405 views  ·  1,244  ·  19
  • T Inscape

    When Twilight is taken by the Nightmare, it's up to Pinkie Pie to rescue her.  · Kwakerjak
    29,281 words · 19,887 views  ·  2,235  ·  32
  • E So, Just What Went Wrong, Anyway?

    Before Applejack's pep rally, Derpy was acting really weird... even for her. This is why.  · Kwakerjak
    5,213 words · 3,498 views  ·  338  ·  6
  • T Wild, Sweet & Cool

    Rainbow Dash wants to add strength training to her regimen by having Twilight Sparkle ride her.  · Kwakerjak
    34,747 words · 15,270 views  ·  1,660  ·  27
  • E Petriculture

    Twilight tries to figure out how rock farming works.  · Kwakerjak
    6,716 words · 39,247 views  ·  2,865  ·  41


This isn't a list of my favorite things; rather it's an incomplete list of things that have directly influenced my storytelling. If you have any questions about how they've influenced me, feel free to leave a comment in my User Page's comment section.


The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

The Mercury trilogy by Robert Kroese

The plays of William Shakespeare


Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell

The Genesis of Science by James Hallam


Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy

The Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Video Games

Persona 4


School of Seven Bells

The New Radicals

The Stone Roses

The entire subgenre of psychedelic trance.

The Petriculture Cycle

  • Petriculture Twilight tries to figure out how rock farming works. by Kwakerjak 6,716 words · 39,247 views · 2,865 likes · 41 dislikes
  • Inscape When Twilight is taken by the Nightmare, it's up to Pinkie Pie to rescue her. by Kwakerjak 29,281 words · 19,887 views · 2,235 likes · 32 dislikes
  • Avocation Penumbra seeks gainful employment. by Kwakerjak 4,557 words · 7,405 views · 1,244 likes · 19 dislikes
  • π Trixie returns to Ponyville to challenge Twilight Sparkle. ("Magic Duel" as it occurs in the Petriculture AU.) by Kwakerjak 13,505 words · 6,358 views · 896 likes · 13 dislikes
  • Pandelirium Celestia decides to attempt to reform Discord, so she taps a pony with a similar background for the job. ("Keep Calm and Flutter On" as it occurs in the Petriculture AU.) by Kwakerjak 77,357 words · 13,294 views · 846 likes · 15 dislikes

The Really Good Stuff

  • T Nosflutteratu

    Twilight Sparkle had been looking forward to a quiet, relaxing day with a friend, but when Twilight discovers Fluttershy's appetite for blood, the knowledge proves to be anything but relaxing...  · Charcoal Quill
    14,657 words · 20,041 views  ·  2,057  ·  30
  • E The Moonstone Cup

    Twilight is invited to Canterlot to compete with some of the greatest unicorns in Equestria!  · Cyanide
    61,073 words · 22,659 views  ·  2,437  ·  38
  • E Daring Do and the Secret of the Fourth Wall

    Thrust into the world of her favorite book-series, Rainbow Dash finds herself dragged along for the ride of Daring Do's latest adventure. However, for Rainbow Dash, breaking the fourth wall may very well prove to be a learning experience.  · Ultra-the-HedgeToaster
    35,780 words · 4,594 views  ·  366  ·  3
  • T Sharing the Night

    Twilight becomes alicorn of the stars. This is sort of a problem, because Luna kind of already was alicorn of the stars. Oops!  · Cast-Iron Caryatid
    144,188 words · 32,668 views  ·  2,969  ·  60
  • E Flipside

    A retelling of the first two episodes in an Alt. Universe. Spike is the pony, Twilight the dragon.  · Bed Head
    85,211 words · 8,349 views  ·  835  ·  16
  • E The Assumption of Applejack -or- Appletheosis

    Applejack deals with ascension to godhood.  · Blue Print
    34,663 words · 12,810 views  ·  1,339  ·  33
  • T Just passing through

    Humans, sailplanes and cloud cities just don't mix very well.  · Caliaponia
    55,898 words · 13,465 views  ·  1,125  ·  27
  • E Fluttershy Has Tea With Jesus

    Fluttershy and Jesus drink tea and nothing objectionable happens. Not a trollfic.  · Retsamoreh
    2,556 words · 8,920 views  ·  559  ·  27

Have you ever been watching a movie, and suddenly you see a scene that's almost a perfect recreation of one of your persistent childhood nightmares, right down to the ambiance and color scheme?

Because that's what happened to me when I saw the opening scene of Waltz With Bashir. Those goddamned dogs...

It's the colors that get me the most, actually. My nightmare was in those exact shades of blue and yellow.

Seriously, I've watched this movie several times (I own it on DVD, actually), but this scene still freaks me out every single time. (And in case you're wondering, my dream predates this movie by about 20 years.)

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I realize this is a bit out of nowhere, but a while back, I was signing up for something, and I was offered a slew of security questions in case I forgot my password. One option was something along the lines of "What is your favorite movie?" I thought to myself, "That's way too general--there are so many movies I like, that I can't pick just one."

Now, I understand perfectly well that you'd want a question like that to be general, to make it more difficult for a stranger to guess, but it started me thinking about more specific questions about my personal taste that I could answer with more certainty. What follows are the questions I came up with, followed by my (genuine) answers.

What is your favorite...

... Harry Potter novel?

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

... Final Fantasy game?

Final Fantasy XII.

... Radiohead song?


... episode of Cowboy Bebop?

"Toys In The Attic."

... Lord of the Rings movie?

Trick question: It's only one movie, split into three parts.

... ice cream topping?

Hot fudge.

... player on the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies?

Jamie Moyer.

... question from this list?

I'm gonna have to go with the Lord of the Rings one. The joke was kind of predictable, but it made me smile while writing it.

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eating words from a book! :pinkiehappy:

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>>1235413 - It's certainly true that it's most evident in The Final Accusation, but other, more subtle influences are seen in Flash Fog. Sowell goes to great length in one chapter to explain that, much like corporations, government bureaucracies are not monolithic entities, but consist of individuals with varying degrees of talent, insight, and ethical standards. Also, government bureaucracies have very different incentives than those in the private sector, which is why their actions often appear irrational to outside observers.

It also taught me quite a bit about how the insurance industry actually works (and what it actually does), which allowed me to come up with a somewhat plausible reason for Caligo to avoid sharing information without depicting them as evil and greedy. For that matter, the idea that a for-profit corporation's actions shouldn't be attributed to greed comes from Basic Economics, too. Sowell goes to great length to demonstrate that he is not expressing a personal opinion in this matter; he notes that even Karl Marx admitted that capitalists can't set prices any higher than the market will allow. As far as mainstream economists are concerned, the idea that some capitalists are motivated by greed is so irrelevant that it's not even worthwhile to waste time disputing it.

Finally, the idea that actions are more important than intentions also comes from Sowell. He was talking about various policy decisions, but the point still stands: ultimately, the results that you achieve are far more important than the results you intend. He was talking about well-intended actions with disastrous consequences, but I decided to create a situation where bad intentions (Fluttershy deciding to cheat on her taxes) led to good consequences (Fluttershy becoming an effective leader), because I have a rather warped sense of humor.

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Hey there! Mind if I ask how Basic Economics has influenced your stories? It shines through in The Last Accusation but is there anywhere else where its influence shows?

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love your chimera fic heres some stuff you might enjoy


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