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This is primarily for me, so I can keep track of the fics that I've read that aren't in my favourites. Feel free to browse, however.

Twilight Sparkle goes to bed

Who Knew


Born of Clouds

The Visit



Holla holla, yolla dolla!

Booya, fillies and gentlecolts! Thank you for your patience in this time of no updates. As a reward, have not one, but two new chapters for Princess Twilight!

Newsflash: The story now has over 1000 views! Woohoo!

Onto more serious matters. I wish to thank Craine, bobdat and Tchernobog for pre-reading everything and putting up with my bullshit. You guys rock and I wish I had money to buy you all ice cream. Or beer. Beer is good and stuff. Or so I'm told.

Anyways, just to head off any questions, RBD will be appearing next chapter. You have my word on that, even if chapter three has to be 10k words long to get her in there. As usual, though, don't expect the next chapter in short order. My muse is a fickle bitch and my will to write even more so. For some reason, this latest chapter was a real slog to write and I have no idea. Perhaps it was because it stood between me and what I actually wanted to write (cute shipping between Twilight, AJ and Rainbow), combined with the fact that I write chronologically.

Urgh, I'm starting to ramble above my station again.

Until next time, keep your fingers out of my custard, you filthy cat.

Peace. /)

EDIT: Forgot to add that the story now has a cover image, courtesy of permission kindly granted by RatofDrawn. I blame tiredness on my lack of mentioning skills.

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Mind vomits

  • Alimentary TransportationIn which Twilight gets assaulted with bread, and accidentally creates a bread monster.3,432 words ·189 views ·15 likes ·1 dislikes
  • Princess Twilight Sparkle and her curious love lifeIn which Twilight acquires acceptance of the self, and a pair of loving partners.12,688 words ·1,770 views ·127 likes ·10 dislikes
  • Hillside RemembranceIn which Applejack shares some memories with Rainbow Dash.6,497 words ·794 views ·62 likes ·5 dislikes
  • Spider, spider, on the wall...In which Twilight has troubles with an arachnid in her plasterwork.1,616 words ·307 views ·23 likes ·1 dislikes
  • FiredanceIn which Spitfire discovers that not everypony hates her romantic predilections.22,293 words ·1,252 views ·113 likes ·2 dislikes


  • Eternal Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle's bond is tested by miscommunication and guilt. by device heretic 159,827 words · 23,901 views · 2,352 likes · 56 dislikes
  • Background Pony "My name's Lyra Heartstrings, but you won't remember anything. Listen to my symphony, for it by shortskirtsandexplosions 432,377 words · 61,031 views · 4,909 likes · 161 dislikes
  • Composure What could be revealed when the mask called composure slips? Twilight and Celestia romance by Varanus 91,837 words · 22,671 views · 2,042 likes · 39 dislikes
  • Diary of a Ruler Thoughts of the sun princess. by Lamia 28,613 words · 3,682 views · 467 likes · 13 dislikes
  • Mood Wings The body language of wings. by Tchernobog 9,503 words · 31,406 views · 2,977 likes · 42 dislikes

More Favourites

  • Past Sins Can Nightmare Moon, reborn without her hate, ever escape her past? by Pen Stroke 203,015 words · 90,369 views · 8,136 likes · 281 dislikes
  • Just Words Twilight is adopted; Celestia is unsurprised. by device heretic 5,560 words · 17,588 views · 1,983 likes · 58 dislikes
  • Pegasus Device In the sequel to Rainbow Factory, can two foals survive the secrets of the Corporation? by AuroraDawn 53,500 words · 30,215 views · 953 likes · 46 dislikes
  • Sunset Twilight Sparkle discovers a secret in her past that will forever change her future by Ciroton 37,836 words · 9,055 views · 988 likes · 25 dislikes
  • Take the Long Way Home Sometimes it's hard to find your way home. Just ask Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack. by Donnys Boy 7,288 words · 4,965 views · 542 likes · 21 dislikes

Words what are spoken to, about and of oneself.

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I read your stories. Firedance was nice and sweet it also felt like it didn't overstay its welcome. That is to say the length felt just right. :twilightsmile:  And Spider, spider on the wall... Was good for a laugh. You just got a new watcher/follower. Keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

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>>199295 I wasn't planning to not continue watching. :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:

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>>199294 Lol, if you decide to continue watching me, I'd be very thankful.:pinkiehappy:

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