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Hey folks,

So it's been quite a long time since I've made a blog post let alone updating a chapter for Rorschach In Equestria. I've been pretty silent as well for quite a long time and more than once the thought of RoE slipped my mind due to more important things. For the past year I've had to do a lot of maturing but compared to where I was a short time ago where money was a huge issue for me I've gotten to the point where I have a steady income and time to write. Yet over that long period of time I had fallen out of the fandom of MLP. I still love the show and watch it every chance I get but in terms of writing I feel like I can't get into the heads of the mane six like I use (this latest chapter Rarity was a big issue for me).

I do want to finish RoE and every time I come to this site to read other great writers' work it glares at me like an ugly mark, but I don't want to rush it either. A big mistake I made at first was not pacing myself with the chapters I put out. Looking back I should have made the release of each chapter weekly instead of whenever I got done with it for the sake of consistency and proofreading, but to be honest back then I think I in a state of over enthusiasm after seeing so many people enjoyed the story. I wanted to churn out chapters as fast I could and quite often stayed up all night to write a chapter before the momentum left me. It worked, to an extent, but I soon found I wrote myself in a corner when the momentum was gone and I had doubts over where the story would go next. It wasn't long after the momentum of RoE died down that chapters became less frequent and I became doubtful of my own abilities. Obviously I can't change the past besides maybe going over them again for further proofreading. With that said I don't want to throw quality out the window now that the story is starting to go into its final stretch. I want to try and give it a good ending.

I can't promise a regular schedule to chapter updates. After such a long absence I have to be reacquainted with my own story and even rethink what my original ending was going to be. I'll do what I can do to get it out in a timely manner. Thank you to everyone who's kept with this old relic over the years, few sites ever compared to this one and despite falling out of the fandom as a whole it seems this site kept bringing me back with its community and the amazing writers that keep appearing. You guys are amazing and I can't thank people enough for their constructive criticism and pointing out flaws in my stories. If it wasn't for Rorschach in Equestria I don't think my writing in other places would have improved like it did.

Thank you once again.

Edit: Also it seems I've lost most of my contacts in way of proofreaders and people I can brainstorm ideas with so if there are volunteers to help me finish this story that would be greatly helpful!

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I'm totally serious about that custom pony plushie for a few more chapters of Rorschach in Equestria. I think I do pretty decent ones, and I am unashamed of blatant bribery attempts. :raritywink:

#1116024 · 13w, 2d ago · · ·

*prods with stick*

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guys, i think we've lost him:ajsleepy:

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Oi! Say somthin', ya yellow bellied dingus!

Something to say you live!

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Not sure what this is worth, but...

In my experience, the first few hours or days after publishing a chapter are plagued with sorrow.  I know I invariably start beating myself up because I don't think what I published was good enough. It gets worse if I haven't published in a while, because I start worrying about whether I'm still able to understand what I originally set out to do.

So I just thought I'd tell you to your...wall, that I thought the new chapter was very good. I think we all knew Doc Manhattan would play a part in it sooner or later, but you've made it so that his contribution wasn't so large as some (such as I) were expecting. I was surprised to see a new theme enter the story (in this case, free will vs predetermination) enter the story this late into it, but it's certainly a good one to explore (free will plays a large part in my interpretation of MLP).

You've probably figured it out by now, but I'll tell you again: I and most of your followers are behind you all the way. No matter what happens, we all want to know how the story you are telling reaches it's conclusion.

'till next time,

A Fan

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