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Stories I may or may not have been reading recently

  • E Dinky Who

    Her father's a murderer and her mother won't listen. What choice did Dinky have other than to leave?  · sparkypchu
    4,565 words · 84 views  ·  19  ·  1
  • T Silent Ponyville

    Pinkie Pie goes to Twilight to end her horrible nightmares.  · SamRose
    30,195 words · 23,248 views  ·  1,166  ·  21 · gore
  • T Ms. Celestia

    What if Celestia was just an ordinary mare?  · Flint-Lock
    6,267 words · 4,132 views  ·  650  ·  17
  • T Starswirl's Journal

    Genius, mad scientist or simple unicorn who caught a lucky break? Starswirl's journal shall reveal all.  · AlesFlamas
    23,572 words · 665 views  ·  81  ·  2
  • T A Hard Day's Nightmare Night

    Nightmare Night comes to Hoofington. Plum Pudding and Cinnamon Swirl go out to celebrate, but there is something hiding in the fog...  · Hoopy McGee
    11,686 words · 629 views  ·  167  ·  1
  • T The Dresden Fillies: Great Power

    It was supposed to be a simple vacation. Just a chance to get away from the daily grind, explore a new city, and catch up with an absent friend. But when that friend happens to be Harry Dresden, all bets are off.  · psychicscubadiver
    8,742 words · 3,569 views  ·  601  ·  12
  • E Fairly Hairy!

    Twilight, your hair can talk?! That's just absolutely, positively, amazingly, astoundingly... hair-raising!  · sunnypack
    3,584 words · 487 views  ·  70  ·  1
  • T Vinyl's Heritage

    After a fight about meeting each others' parents, Vinyl finally agrees to let Octavia meet her parents. Octavia is in for one heck of a surprise when she finds out who Vinyl's parents are.  · DemonBrightSpirit
    3,853 words · 6,165 views  ·  1,107  ·  31
  • T Poniocracy

    Cryogenics was a pretty cool concept until we forgot about it and buried it. So sorry you're going to be woken up ten thousand years in the future... Give or take a few thousand.  · sunnypack
    19,329 words · 5,685 views  ·  852  ·  46
  • T Post Negative Comments Only

    Adrift in a sea of fearful adoration born from residual terror, how can Cadance possibly hope to get honest criticism out of anypony? By making it mandatory.  · Estee
    7,144 words · 3,637 views  ·  573  ·  21
  • E If It Can Be Remembered...

    The Doctor's TARDIS combines with another Doctor's TARDIS... again.  · Shotoman
    5,109 words · 5,482 views  ·  657  ·  16
  • E Diary of an Aspiring Tyrant

    Luna keeps a record of her attempts to overthrow Celestia and rule Equestria with an iron hoof. It doesn't work as planned.  · SugarPesticide
    71,040 words · 3,536 views  ·  338  ·  7
  • E The Conquerors

    A young griffin watches pony conquerors go through her city.  · BronyWriter
    6,271 words · 3,964 views  ·  639  ·  25
  • E Mechanical Aptitude

    Life isn't always easy when you're the only repairpony for enchanted devices and conveniences in all of Ponyville. It can get rougher when you're exactly the wrong race for the job...  · Estee
    12,669 words · 2,543 views  ·  488  ·  11
  • T Not The Hero

    In all his existence, Discord has never faced an enemy as dangerous as this.  · alarajrogers
    57,278 words · 2,084 views  ·  355  ·  19 · sex · gore
  • E Little Deceptions

    Blank Slate is the greatest thief of his generation, ready to pull off the heist of a lifetime. But you have to get up pretty early in the morning to get one past the pony who defines when ‘early in the morning’ is…  · Taranth
    5,527 words · 5,444 views  ·  1,158  ·  13

What do you think is the best thing about my writing? I've been complimented a lot in the past, particularly about my ability to write dialogue, characterization, and decent exposition, but what would you all say is the best thing about my writing?

By extension, what would you all say is worst about my writing? What should I improve on? I've had people criticize my tendency to pace things really slowly, and that I have some troubles with punctuation in quotes (which I keep trying to do better on but unfortunately I developed some bad habits that I just can't seem to break.) What do you guys think I need to improve upon the most?


Latest Stories

  • E Applebloom: Transform and Roll Out!

    Applebloom has a secret. A secret so well hidden even she never knew it. But when the truth comes to light, how will she cope when the reality of her past comes crashing down? More importantly, how will she deal with her new enemies: The Decepticons?  · Dusty the Royal Janitor
    37,176 words · 7,067 views  ·  657  ·  25
  • T PonyFall: Leather and Lace

    It was another one of those days. You know the type... the kind where an omnipotent tomfool decides  · Dusty the Royal Janitor
    59,816 words · 4,716 views  ·  551  ·  18
  • E Super Smash Brothers: Disharmony

    Twilight and her friends are whisked away to a strange tournament on the edge of time and space. Can they make new friends with the colorful characters there? Will they cope with the strange goings on and dark conspiracies that are revealed there?  · Dusty the Royal Janitor
    35,176 words · 2,968 views  ·  285  ·  5
  • E Spike Eats a Peach

    Spike buys a peach from the marketplace. Twilight has war flashbacks.  · Dusty the Royal Janitor
    1,798 words · 546 views  ·  49  ·  14
  • T Trixie vs. Roadside Assistance

    Trixie's wagon wheel breaks, stranding her in the middle of Hoofington. Unable to fix it herself, she must call upon Equestrian Roadside Assistance for help. If help will ever come, that is. Which it probably won't.  · Dusty the Royal Janitor
    9,555 words · 400 views  ·  46  ·  2
  • E And That's How Equestria was Made...

    The creation of the great planet of Equus and its myriad life forms is shrouded in mystery, myth, chaos, and outright lies. Many stories are told about how this great world came to be. This is one such story...  · Dusty the Royal Janitor
    3,821 words · 301 views  ·  24  ·  1

Stories I like to read.

  • Project: Sunflower As the Earth is under threat, humanity reaches out for one last hope of salvation. by Hoopy McGee 242,202 words · 20,473 views · 3,009 likes · 49 dislikes
  • Sweet Apple Capers Pinkie Pie wants some apple strudel, and by Celestia, she's gonna get it! by The RPGenius 24,277 words · 700 views · 68 likes · 1 dislikes
  • The Dresden Fillies: False Masks Sequel to the Dresden Fillies: Strange Friends. Everyone's favorite wizard returns to Equestria. by psychicscubadiver 199,676 words · 14,938 views · 1,893 likes · 32 dislikes
  • Doctor Whooves - The Series: Episode One - The Pinkie Conundrum After the harrowing events of "Traveller," the Doctor is forced into having some downtime in Ponyville while the TARDIS rests. Meanwhile, Twilight goes to confide in her beloved mentor, but ends up learning far more than she expected. by Loyal2Luna 30,783 words · 16,695 views · 916 likes · 15 dislikes
  • Bug In The City Third part of the Leech series. Leech gets a job, Trixie discovers a new power. Excitement. Oh yes. by PointlessGizmo 52,389 words · 2,658 views · 155 likes · 3 dislikes

More stories I like to read.

  • My Little Marriage : Mary is a Mare Stan has been married to his wife, Mary, for nearly fifteen years. They're happy and live a very normal, almost picturesque life. Sometimes... life has a funny way of pulling a one eighty when you least expect it. by MerlosTheMad 210,760 words · 15,573 views · 1,302 likes · 73 dislikes
  • Master While investigating a strange magical signal, the Element bearers (along with an unsuspecting Spike) are scattered throughout a strange world filled with even stranger creatures. The one who brought them there is very interested in catching them all. by NejinOniwa 52,050 words · 4,955 views · 572 likes · 40 dislikes
  • Hail to the King A human soul is stuffed into King Sombra's body. Having no idea what's going on, and thinking he is in some kind of coma, he just casually strolls into the Crystal Empire. by Qwapdo 54,571 words · 38,568 views · 3,976 likes · 61 dislikes
  • Elementals of Harmony (FiMtG) The only standing between Equestria and apocalypse is Ditzy Doo. Yes, really. Stop laughing! by FanOfMostEverything 96,433 words · 4,818 views · 263 likes · 8 dislikes
  • Rainbooms and Royalty Alternate Universe: Filly Rainbow Dash has just performed her Sonic Rainboom when she gets a visitor by Trinary 106,195 words · 14,161 views · 1,593 likes · 40 dislikes

Even more stories I like to read.

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I had fun on your stream do it again sometime please :pinkiesad2:

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>>1425555 Long since, yeah

But sadly, things haven't been so great in Dustyland recently, so there isn't much forthcoming. I'm tapping at keys occasionally, but I don't have much that is substantial. :ajsleepy:

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So, did your laptop get back from its vacation to Russia yet?

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>>1182717 No, thank you for writing such amazing stories.

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Wow! Thanks a bundle!

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Woo! I'm your 200th follower! Congrats, man!!!

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Hope you enjoy your time out because of the finale.

Has been epic.

But could you maybe bring more Ponyfall out of the bunker with you? :fluttershysad:


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>>1110080 *slowly reaches to try and steal taco's from Dusty*:trixieshiftright:

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