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Story Progress


Super Smash Bros: Disharmony - Ch6

90% (Needs editing and some tweaks)

Applebloom: Transform and Roll Out - Ch9


PonyFall: Leather and Lace - Ch14 (Finale)

60% (It's been stuck here for a while)

The Shadow in the Hollow - Ch2

75% (needs MAJOR tweaking)




Princess Luna's Babysitting Service

80% to posting first chapter

Final Harmony: Fate of Two Worlds

30% (prologue done. Need to rethink first chapter)


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Stories I may or may not have been reading recently

  • E The Floor is Lava

    What's a little filly to do, when the best foalsitter ever is running late, her BBBFF starts acting funny, and her house is filled with molten rock?  · Caliaponia
    4,941 words · 4,146 views  ·  586  ·  10
  • E The One Where Pinkie Gets Even

    What’s that? Make my life a living nightmare? Foolish pink pony! I’m Discord, the Lord of Chaos! What could a simple pony like you possibly do to me?  · Justice3442
    14,548 words · 1,584 views  ·  293  ·  8
  • E MissingNo.

    Fluttershy and Angel go help some sea turtles, and do not stumble upon any mysterious abominations from beyond existence. Nope. None whatsoever.  · Thought Prism
    2,761 words · 415 views  ·  58  ·  0
  • T Discord's Discount Disguises

    Discord opens a costume shop in Ponyville for Nightmare Night. But is he on the up and up?  · MythrilMoth
    24,600 words · 4,163 views  ·  600  ·  22
  • E Storm on the Prairie

    Set in the Dashverse AU: When Applejack and friends visit her cousin in Appleloosa, she's disturbed to find that Braeburn's been bucking tradition instead of apples.  · Trinary
    5,384 words · 278 views  ·  30  ·  2
  • T What if I told you there was a changeling in the basement of Carousel Boutique?

    Twilight Sparkle and Rarity meet up at a cafe for tea. Everything seems to be going well, until Rarity asks a rather alarming question.  · Hoopy McGee
    1,522 words · 5,967 views  ·  1,105  ·  39
  • E Would It Matter If I Wasn't?

    In the wake of the Canterlot Wedding, Twilight has to ask Fluttershy a very difficult question.  · Masterweaver
    2,361 words · 2,074 views  ·  232  ·  14
  • E A Moment's Hesitation

    Twilight stops to think for one critical second.  · FanOfMostEverything
    3,915 words · 5,092 views  ·  1,008  ·  26
  • E Story Shuffle

    Thirty-one one-shots inspired by thirty-one random Magic cards.  · FanOfMostEverything
    39,149 words · 1,317 views  ·  107  ·  4
  • E What's Your Story, Morning Glory?

    Morning Glory has succeeded in becoming Princess Luna's personal student. But how did she get there, and where will she go afterwards?  · Bucking Nonsense
    16,314 words · 5,088 views  ·  973  ·  22
  • E Paper Promises

    Diamond Tiara keeps breaking her promises. Realizing his normal parenting methods aren't working, Filthy Rich has to get creative.  · Fervidor
    4,041 words · 5,093 views  ·  829  ·  9
  • E The Moon, The Flower, And The Door

    Princess Luna's test to find a new student hits a snag when it proves to be too difficult for any unicorn taking it...  · Bucking Nonsense
    4,474 words · 9,745 views  ·  1,890  ·  32
  • E Red Apples

    Nightmare Moon is defeated, Ponyville is celebrating the return of the sun and Princess Luna finds herself a thousand years from the world she knew, where even apples are strange.  · billymorph
    3,891 words · 4,471 views  ·  860  ·  11
  • E No Sale

    After the early summer tourist trade produces an endless parade of traveling Canterlot residents who refuse to make a Ponyville purchase, Rarity decides to help the strangers in her shop -- help them buy absolutely nothing from her at all.  · Estee
    10,501 words · 3,976 views  ·  627  ·  15
  • T What's the Sound of Two Mimes Dating?

    Fluttershy and Big Mac have been a couple for a year now. Their friends are naturally baffled as to how.  · MidnightDancer
    3,652 words · 3,145 views  ·  468  ·  10
  • E Twilight Sparkle Discovers Earth

    Twilight Sparkle opens a portal to somewhere on Earth. It doesn't go as well as one would hope.  · Minalkra
    3,738 words · 4,324 views  ·  650  ·  15


Hey everybody! I have a Livestream where I stream writing my various stories. It helps keep me focused and gives my readers a sneak peek at what might be coming up soon. If you want to check it out, come to the site below at the following times

Dusty's Livestream Channel of awkwardness and ponywords!

Streams will be starting at the following times. Short streams will likely only be a couple hours at most. Long streams will range between 2 and 3 hours long:

Mondays between 5:30 and 6:00pm (short stream)

Wednesdays between 3:00 and 3:30pm (long stream)

Fridays between 5:30 and 6:00pm (short stream)

Sundays between 3:00 and 3:30pm (long stream)

All Stream times are taking place in the Central USA time zone. Adjust your clocks accordingly.

Any changes to the schedule will be announced in a blog post. Hope to see you there!


I am deeply sorry that it didn't get out when I expected it would. I was caught up pretty much the whole month trying to write my own original work for NaNoWriMo

It... didn't work out. =__=

I got, like, a third of a novel done so that's something at least. If I've learned anything from writing fanfiction it's that I'm very slow, though. And apparently it's no different with my original work. What really killed me, though, was my lack of a sufficient outline beyond the first quarter of the story.

Remember kids. Never fly by the seat of your pants when writing. It never ends well.

But whatever. November is done and... it seems like it was pretty disappointing all around. Thanksgiving was a tense affair for me this year. A great deal of my family has stopped getting along so well in recent years and it was pretty hard to watch them snipe at each other for the whole night, eventually ending up forced to pick sides myself. With my time taken up either by writing or by trying to smooth out family issues as best I could, I ended up with little time to finish all the edits on the latest chapter of Applebloom, even though my good friend Merlos sent his list of recommendations to me a while back now.

On top of that, I came back onto the website a couple days ago to see that November was pretty disappointing for the rest of the fandom as well. Yikes, that finale sounds like it was bad. >_>

I guess what they said is true. November really is the Thursday of the year.

BUT! Thursday is behind us now and it's onto the Friday that is the holidays! Hopefully December will be better for productivity, the fandom, and family matters. With this in mind, I'll be starting up streaming again at the usual set times this Friday. That's December 4th

Looking forward to seeing you all again.

Furthermore, I intend to have the chapter out on Wednesday. That's December 2nd in case you can't be arsed to do math (I know I can't most of the time)

So yeah. Stuff to look forward to. Like I said, hopefully December will be better than this last month (hopefully I'll also be able to work more on that original work in my spare time, too, but I'll try not to let it cut into stream time).

Anyway, it's good to be back. Later guys!

Latest Stories

  • E Applebloom: Transform and Roll Out!

    Applebloom has a secret. A secret so well hidden even she never knew it. But when the truth comes to light, how will she cope when the reality of her past comes crashing down? More importantly, how will she deal with her new enemies: The Decepticons?  · Dusty the Royal Janitor
    103,942 words · 10,647 views  ·  922  ·  24
  • T PonyFall: Leather and Lace

    It was another one of those days. You know the type... the kind where an omnipotent tomfool decides  · Dusty the Royal Janitor
    59,816 words · 5,225 views  ·  557  ·  19
  • E Super Smash Brothers: Disharmony

    Twilight and her friends are whisked away to a strange tournament on the edge of time and space. Can they make new friends with the colorful characters there? Will they cope with the strange goings on and dark conspiracies that are revealed there?  · Dusty the Royal Janitor
    79,780 words · 4,934 views  ·  457  ·  14
  • E Spike Eats a Peach

    Spike buys a peach from the marketplace. Twilight has war flashbacks.  · Dusty the Royal Janitor
    1,798 words · 744 views  ·  55  ·  14
  • T Trixie vs. Roadside Assistance

    Trixie's wagon wheel breaks, stranding her in the middle of Hoofington. Unable to fix it herself, she must call upon Equestrian Roadside Assistance for help. If help will ever come, that is. Which it probably won't.  · Dusty the Royal Janitor
    9,555 words · 729 views  ·  54  ·  2
  • E And That's How Equestria was Made...

    The creation of the great planet of Equus and its myriad life forms is shrouded in mystery, myth, chaos, and outright lies. Many stories are told about how this great world came to be. This is one such story...  · Dusty the Royal Janitor
    3,821 words · 492 views  ·  25  ·  1

Stories I like to read.

  • Project: Sunflower As the Earth is under threat, humanity reaches out for one last hope of salvation. by Hoopy McGee 242,202 words · 26,355 views · 3,753 likes · 56 dislikes
  • Sweet Apple Capers Pinkie Pie wants some apple strudel, and by Celestia, she's gonna get it! by The RPGenius 24,277 words · 926 views · 77 likes · 1 dislikes
  • The Dresden Fillies: False Masks Sequel to the Dresden Fillies: Strange Friends. Everyone's favorite wizard returns to Equestria. by psychicscubadiver 199,676 words · 17,283 views · 2,093 likes · 35 dislikes
  • Doctor Whooves - The Series: Episode One - The Pinkie Conundrum After the harrowing events of "Traveller," the Doctor is forced into having some downtime in Ponyville while the TARDIS rests. Meanwhile, Twilight goes to confide in her beloved mentor, but ends up learning far more than she expected. by Loyal2Luna 30,783 words · 18,528 views · 913 likes · 14 dislikes
  • Bug In The City Third part of the Leech series. Leech gets a job, Trixie discovers a new power. Excitement. Oh yes. by PointlessGizmo 52,389 words · 2,974 views · 166 likes · 3 dislikes

More stories I like to read.

  • My Little Marriage : Mary is a Mare Stan has been married to his wife, Mary, for nearly fifteen years. They're happy and live a very normal, almost picturesque life. Sometimes... life has a funny way of pulling a one eighty when you least expect it. by MerlosTheMad 210,759 words · 16,511 views · 1,457 likes · 75 dislikes
  • Master While investigating a strange magical signal, the Element bearers (along with an unsuspecting Spike) are scattered throughout a strange world filled with even stranger creatures. The one who brought them there is very interested in catching them all. by NejinOniwa 52,050 words · 5,736 views · 589 likes · 40 dislikes
  • Hail to the King A human soul is stuffed into King Sombra's body. Having no idea what's going on, and thinking he is in some kind of coma, he just casually strolls into the Crystal Empire. by Qwapdo 85,508 words · 49,704 views · 4,713 likes · 76 dislikes
  • Elementals of Harmony (FiMtG) The only standing between Equestria and apocalypse is Ditzy Doo. Yes, really. Stop laughing! by FanOfMostEverything 96,433 words · 5,766 views · 266 likes · 9 dislikes
  • Rainbooms and Royalty Alternate Universe: Filly Rainbow Dash has just performed her Sonic Rainboom when she gets a visitor by Trinary 106,195 words · 16,661 views · 1,763 likes · 45 dislikes

Even more stories I like to read.

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#108 · 4w, 3d ago · · ·

Please continue the super smash bros pony crossover! .

#107 · 7w, 2d ago · · ·

Hi. Just wondering how it's going with the next A:TaRO chapter?

#106 · 8w, 3d ago · · ·

Can you please continue super smash brothers : disharmony?  I really love that story, sand I was overjoyed when the new chapter came out.

#105 · 10w, 5d ago · 1 · ·


Nah, but seriously. First I'm going to get over this goddamn cold I've landed myself with and then I'm going to get to work on chapter 12. I might possibly start a new fic as well, though that's up in the air. Depends on how much time I can devote to writing.

#104 · 10w, 5d ago · · ·

I am sadface about the fact that Tale of Two Worlds got cancelled, I see you liked it too. D:

But wowsers, you just put out a lot of words of your own in a very short period of time! How do you feel? What are you going to do next? :pinkiehappy:

#103 · 36w, 2d ago · · ·


Ok, take your time then.

#102 · 36w, 2d ago · · ·


Since getting my job, production has slowed to a near halt, but there'll be a stream tomorrow. If luck is on my side, I'll finish the next chapter of Smash.

#101 · 36w, 2d ago · · ·

Can we get some news about your stories please?

#100 · 46w, 5d ago · · ·

>>1592584 Which one? Hearts as Strong as Horses? Apples to the Core? Discord? Dragon Ball Z fight scene?

I personally think it was a good season. :pinkiehappy:

#99 · 47w, 1d ago · · ·

>>1548023 There is one memorable moment in Season 4.  If you haven't seen it already, I'm sure the nice people of fimfiction will point it out :twilightsmile:

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