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Stories I may or may not have been reading recently

  • Secrets Shine BrighterPonyville wakes up one morning to find that their deepest darkest secret is written in magical paint on their houses. There is at least one point in time where a pony makes a horrible mistake, can they band together to save who they really are? · Cyneryk36,868 words ·10,914 views ·1,893 likes ·65 dislikes
  • The ConquerorsA young griffin watches pony conquerors go through her city. · BronyWriter6,271 words ·3,617 views ·605 likes ·24 dislikes
  • Mechanical AptitudeLife isn't always easy when you're the only repairpony for enchanted devices and conveniences in all of Ponyville. It can get rougher when you're exactly the wrong race for the job... · Estee12,670 words ·1,700 views ·371 likes ·8 dislikes
  • Not The HeroIn all his existence, Discord has never faced an enemy as dangerous as this. · alarajrogers14,252 words ·942 views ·171 likes ·7 dislikes
  • Little DeceptionsBlank Slate is the greatest thief of his generation, ready to pull off the heist of a lifetime. But you have to get up pretty early in the morning to get one past the pony who defines when ‘early in the morning’ is… · Taranth5,527 words ·3,884 views ·872 likes ·10 dislikes
  • Xanadu's ElementsWelcome to the world's craziest costume convention, where what you wear is what you are. Join theadventures of six bronies on the day of madness. · Masterweaver2,600 words ·190 views ·30 likes ·1 dislikes
  • Twilight's Escort ServiceThere are times when a young mare just really needs the money. · Estee16,763 words ·3,880 views ·560 likes ·17 dislikes
  • What I've BecomeA mysterious predator haunts the White Tail Woods... one that is deadly, terrifying, and...nice? · Knight Breeze13,428 words ·3,955 views ·717 likes ·20 dislikes
  • The Nautilus ProtocolTwilight wakes up to find herself trapped in an alien research facility and must find some way to escape! · Knight Breeze47,352 words ·2,358 views ·211 likes ·13 dislikes
  • All in a Day's WorkWilfred Xavier Manning is an exemplary clerk. However, he is somewhat less qualified to deliver invitations. Especially when the recipients are six of the strangest girls he has ever met.  · psychicscubadiver7,928 words ·1,751 views ·199 likes ·7 dislikes
  • The Truth About Myths and LegendsA troubled Princess Celestia, wandering her School for Gifted Unicorns late one night, chances upon her young faithful student, Twilight Sparkle, who has problems of her own: she can't catch the Tooth Flutterpony. · The Ponytrician4,211 words ·2,642 views ·452 likes ·3 dislikes
  • Naked LunchDo you know what Canterlot really needs to make the city complete? A big, bright, well-lit butcher shop.  · Estee22,247 words ·1,455 views ·269 likes ·2 dislikes
  • A Legion Of OneDuring its two year search for Shepard, the lone Geth discovered a world unlike anywhere else in the galaxy.  · GeneralLiberator19,606 words ·3,737 views ·851 likes ·14 dislikes
  • Signal to NoiseTwilight could possibly have forgiven the thief for stealing books from the library. But when she finds food stains all over a few the thief returned... oh, now it is on. · alarajrogers2,056 words ·181 views ·14 likes ·0 dislikes
  • The Striped PonyWhen a zebra has grown accustomed to being shunned, trying to become a part of a community is not easy. · ts_cogwheel19,303 words ·2,188 views ·331 likes ·2 dislikes
  • Dr. Horrible's Equestrian StoryDr. Horrible was at the height of power. His arch-nemesis was defeated, he had gained a seat in the Evil League of Evil, he had everything he could ever hope for. Billy was crushed. · Terrasora23,306 words ·1,447 views ·168 likes ·6 dislikes

Just in general. It makes me sad. I've long since vowed never to remove any stories I write, even if I someday grow to regret them (and in some cases, with MUCH older works that have nothing to do with MLP, I have). I feel like every story is worth something. Even if it's just as an example of "how not to do it," even the most offensive and disgusting works, the most terribly written and poorly crafted stories... all of them have something to say and something to teach us. And every story should at least be experienced by somebody, and should be left available for others to experience and learn from. Though sometimes it's not immediately evident what a story has to teach people, this is a belief I hold firmly.

A little background about me: I have a tendency to leave stories open in tabs for a long long time. Weeks, even. Heck, maybe even months. I lose track of time. These are basically things I've said, "I'll read it later, but it's higher priority on my list than the rest of the things on my read later list." This doesn't mean I'll be getting to it anytime SOON, but it's there, and I'm ready to read it at any time.

I have a lot of stories I still have yet to read.

One story like this was called "One Last Game Book 1: The Maddened Mind." It was a story that had obviously been around for a while (especially given that there was a sequel Book called Book 2: Temple of Chaos). I don't know how long it was sitting in my tabs, but it was a while. I remember looking it up because a while back I was on a real "Legend of Korra" kick and I saw that, in some manner, it was a crossover with that show (perhaps the only crossover with LoK that I'd seen on the site. It's not a series that lends itself particularly well to crossovers). After having it opened for who knows how long, I finally decided to read it, but not remembering anything about the description other than Korra was included, I clicked on the story title to be taken to its main page to see what else was in it (I remember it was a crossover with more than one series. Usually those don't do well, but it looked popular and it had a sequel, so I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, not that popularity is necessarily a good designation of quality).

I got a message saying the story didn't exist.

Apparently it, along with its sequel, both got removed. Or perhaps the author left or got banned or something. I don't know. What I can tell you is that it STUNNED me because I've had to force quit my browser and reload my tabs several times since opening that tab in the first place. I can only assume it was removed somewhat recently. Or perhaps reloading tabs from a reload screen works differently from just pressing refresh. I dunno, I don't computer well.

I feel really gypped and upset at myself now that I didn't get to read it because I waited on it so long. And now I'm more curious than ever to see what was involved with it. It seemed like something truly massive in scale and I'm bummed that I won't get to experience it now, even if I was skeptical of its quality.

Look at me. I'm mourning a STORY ON THE INTERNET that I hadn't even READ. At 5:30 in the morning no less. I truly am pathetic, aren't I.

Any of you guys know what it was about? Maybe can give me a quick plot summary? Or maybe even downloaded it and can shoot it to me? It's a HUGE stretch, but I'd like to know a little bit more about it, even if it could possibly just make me pine to see it more.

Weirdly, if you search "One Last Game" in the FiMFiction search bar, you'll still get chapter results with little snippets of the text, but if you click on it, you just get the story doesn't exist page. >:P

Anyway... this was an inadequate way to come back after being generally absent for over a month. I've seriously lost any semblance of mojo I ever had and I wanted to actually get something out (preferably the last few chapters of PonyFall) before making my return, but I guess I really just wanted to ask after this one random story that got away >_>

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Stories I like to read.

  • Project: Sunflower As the Earth is under threat, humanity reaches out for one last hope of salvation. by Hoopy McGee 242,215 words · 19,513 views · 2,901 likes · 48 dislikes
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More stories I like to read.

  • My Little Marriage : Mary is a Mare Stan has been married to his wife, Mary, for nearly fifteen years. They're happy and live a very normal, almost picturesque life. Sometimes... life has a funny way of pulling a one eighty when you least expect it. by MerlosTheMad 210,760 words · 12,606 views · 1,270 likes · 73 dislikes
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Even more stories I like to read.


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>>1182717 No, thank you for writing such amazing stories.

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Wow! Thanks a bundle!

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Woo! I'm your 200th follower! Congrats, man!!!

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Hope you enjoy your time out because of the finale.

Has been epic.

But could you maybe bring more Ponyfall out of the bunker with you? :fluttershysad:


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Hey there!

Thanks for helping Twilight chase the ghosts out from her basement!

Well, I guess it didn't work out all too well this time, but there's always more adventures ahead.

Thank you very much for the fave. I appreciate it.

- KR :twistnerd:

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