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Four years of pones · 11:46am

So, on this day, it's been four years since I've signed up to this site. Within that time, I've read hundreds of stories, I've even written four of my own and I made a ton of friends.

I still remember the day that I decided to give MLP a shot. It was on the first monday of the Easter vacation and I had seen the entire two seasons before the week was over (apart from Canterlot wedding since that wasn't out yet). With all the episodes watched, it didn't take long for me to start looking for more of ponies, which lead me to this site. I lurked for a few days, and then had already read enough stories that I loved to bits and didn't want to lose, so I decided to make an account so I could favourite them.

I don't really recall how I got into AppleDash, but my interest in them as a couple was certainly helped along by bookplayer, because the quality of her stories was so good (and still is) that it made me reach out to her in an effort to become involved with them and help in any way I could. Pretty much my first time where I started talking to internet strangers :p

Fast forward a week or two (I think) and I talked to her about how the current AppleDash group was pretty much unmoderated and a barren wasteland. I asked her if she wanted to create a new AppleDash group with me, and what do you know, she said yes.

So, we got to work making the group, inviting Tchernobog along the way (because you can't spell AppleDash without him) and we helped make AppleDash the powerhouse that is today. So hurray for us. Gold stars all around.

I happy with all the friends I've made. I'm proud of the things I've accomplished on this site, little as they are, and of which they are certainly lacking in the latter half of my time on this site, but I'm still along for the ride and I hope that I can get another story out some time soon (or ever).

So..Umm... May the pone be with us?

Here's to another year.

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Thanks for the watch!

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same here:rainbowkiss:

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Thank you for following me. I hope to publish another fic before hell freezes over :p

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