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I may be kinda silly (I am), but I'm one of the most (brutally) honest people you'll meet. Get in my good graces and I'll flock to you like a bird, and defend you like a lion.


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So, I recently found out that a person who I considered a good friend and who was always nice to me, apparently hates my guts. I was made aware of it by a third person, and I had a minor freak out.

I have no idea how to deal with this. I can't contact the person for they no longer wish to talk to me and what I did is from more than two years ago, which means that the person must be really mad at me if it's lasted for this long.

I feel horrible and I have no way of cheering me up since I'm unable to make amends. It's tearing me up and I could use some suggestions.

So shoot.

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>>1720883 Just wanted to add it to my collection of MLP Crossover pics.

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Here you are. Might I ask what for?

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Can I get a link to your profile pic?

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>>1487816 It's an anime that originally aired in Japan on 10/10/92. It is my favourite anime.

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Never heard of it.

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