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I write pony words. Millions of them. Some people actually think they might be worth reading. I am very thankful for that. Also, I have a Patreon now?


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Not terribly much, as a matter of fact. A lot of working. My boss decided that in response to me taking a weekend off of work to go to BABS, I needed to be scheduled for a 12 hour shift. As a cashier in a burger joint. Not my most fun of days. I don't think he was trying to be mean, I think he just wanted to get me the hours I lost.

It still sucked, though. I expect him to do the same thing after EFNW.

Speaking of that, I have panels at both that and CMPC in Utah. I have a grimdark panel with TheLostNarrator.

I have gotten a little writing done. I'm part of the way through chapters of Life and Prince, so I hope to get some of those out soon.

Also, I forgot to mention on my BABS blog: I talked to Lauren Faust about The Powerpuff Girls. I told her that I saw the show on the very first day it aired, and even as a young boy watching a girl's show, I thought to myself "huh, this isn't actually that bad." Foreshadowing! I told her my favorite was always Bubbles (played by Tara "Twilight" Strong. More foreshadowing!), and she said she always liked Blossom the best.

I have done a bit of writing that I've finished. Namely Reading Sins: this site's version of Cinema Sins. My list is as follows:



The Elements of Maternity

My Filly, Nightshine chapters 1-2 and 3-6

Abandoned by Pinkie

The Assassination of Braeburn by the Coward Dirty Rich

Sonic Rainbigot

Why do I Like Horse Women?

Princess Celestia Hates Tea

I also did a reading of a story

So yeah, that's about where I am right now. I have Wednesday and Thursday off, so I hope to get something updated in that time. One problem I've run into is that Shadow of Mordor was on sale on Steam for 12 bucks, so... heh. :twilightblush:

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>>2180428 It was just a coincidence! XD

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>>2180408 Except, you know, I had it three years before you did.

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Isn't anyone here weirded out how we basically share the same name?

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Are you by any chance familiar with a story I call LOPE?  

In  L.O.P.E. the Earth has been saturated in a strange energy source that is unprecedented and unknown to humankind.  For the most part, it's presence outside Earth's atmosphere is unknown to anybody but the astronomers, but it's clearly coming for us.  Nothing to worry about, until several astronauts turn up dead.  Sacrificing several volunteers, they determine that while these strange waves are harmless to microbial and plant lifeforms, animals, especially any animal with a sufficiently large brain would act like a magnet for this energy source, which would overload, then cook the brain to a crisp.  

When the presence of Equiis is established, contact is made between both universes, but neither party can thrive in the other's environment.  They who rely on this power would grow weak and die like we would without UV.  Through auditory means, both try to learn as much as they can about one another, but when time is on the side of neither, they agree to sever contact.  The equestrians went back on their word and brought back several dozen FBI and CIA men to their own immediate regret.  None of the agents lasted more than five minutes, as they watch with horror their guests immediately begin to thrash, write and twitch like they grabbed a livewire.  The points of initial exposure, such as the hands or necks turn black from charring, the brains, from autopsy, thoroughly cooked.  Studying the cadavers as best they can without a pulse, they do everything they can to learn their physiology, but learn almost nothing from the corpses other than the way we walk, humans knowing even less about ponies.

Determined not to let it happen, as they know what NASA was on about, they concoct a mass conversion/preservation that sends Earth's citizens into limbo not to come back out until we are ready.  Unfortunately, the operation was very rushed, put together in a matter of days, and had bad side effects they never intended.  Unprecedented, their intervention resulted in everybody on Earth vanishing, except several hundred encased in a lead, aluminum and tin box or hiding in tunnels and caverns whose walls are laced with them, and the entries sealed shut.  Minutes later hundreds of people came back in strange bodies in random locations across the world, the same locations they vanished from.  

The problem is there are only hundreds of them.  Hours later, thousands would turn up.  Days later tens of thousands.  Who comes back and at what time is completely random, the rate would increase as time progresses until everyone eventually came back.  That would take thousands of years, and the early arrivals would rarely if ever turn up at the same time and place as anybody else, let alone anybody they knew before the event.  Therefore, most people would never see their neighbors, families, coworkers, schoolmates, friends, or any acquaintances ever again.  

This isn't the only thing.  The casting accounts for moving vehicles, too.  It doesn't bother motionless cars, but a moving automobile, train, streetcar, sea vessel, or aircraft would be teleported into an undetermined point into the future with all of its cargo and passengers/crew in tow.  The good is these would not be separated from anybody on board.  The bad is they could get into a collision that might kill or maim somebody.  

One final side effect that is especially inconvenient is what happens when they are sent to limbo before coming back to the same spot they left.  Rather than mutate the existing bodies, it banishes them to limbo and leaves them there while the mind is transferred into a new body that is built on sight to take possession of.  The result is one that in no way is based on or reflects the original or accounts for the memories of their current hosts.  This means whatever features or equipment your old one had, the new will not necessarily have.  Like the outcome of a coin or die toss, having straight, wavy or curly hair doesn't mean you will or won't have that same kind later.  Having straight, parallel eyes or slanted one does not impact which kind you are going to receive.  Having a high, low, or intermediate voice, regardless of you desire does not affect what you will ultimately sound like.  Your current lifestyle or history does nothing to help predict what type of body you will get.  

The early arrivals who would live to see nature reclaim everything humanity accomplished include:

Alex, Sam, W.L., Sudden Storm, Scott Andrews, and Jim Miller.  These are only six of many who have no idea what's going on thrust headfirst into a vacant world.  

1) In Los Angeles we have a man who never drove nor cooked in his life, always with instant dinners and taxis/busses who specializes in computers and electronics.  He's not very social.  Few friends, let alone romance.

2) A grease monkey who narrates.  The entire story is told in the first person to conceal the identity of the main character which is revealed in the final chapter.  

3) A lonely girl whose home life was not ideal.  She won't reveal what her life was like before, but she is so determined to start her new life, she won't even reveal her original name and goes strictly by a new name she made up, and wants to identify with her new body.  She won't talk about it.

4) A female pilot who loves flight, loves airplanes, balloons, and helicopters, who was up in the air at the time, and almost drowned were it not for the others being there.  Unlike the last, she doesn't like her new body at all, and takes the loss of her family much harder than the one whose life was miserable.  Evidently she didn't hate them.  As a result, she often comes off as bitter and unpleasant to everybody.

5)  A reckless adventurer who often leaps before he looks, and sees this as a chance to live like one of his adventure novels.  A drifter, he is far from dependable, but sticks around when he can.  

6) A man who has been to medical school who acts like the obnoxious self righteous saint who is obsessed with preserving and making life always.  Like Alan Alda's BF Pierce, he will provide medical treatment to hostile adversaries who are bent on destruction, force those who want to be let go to hang on no matter what, and urges everybody to breed whether they like it or not.  One of them becomes victim to her hormones and falls pregnant, and he forces her to deal with it.

7) In Vancouver BC, a carpenter named Scott Andrew gets marooned on the roof of a neighbor's house by wild dogs who want to get at him/her and a surge of energy bursts out of his/her body collapsing the house, scaring off the dogs, and causing him to flail his arms and legs as s/he falls on his/her way down to the rubble, only for that same energy from Scott's body to levitate the man/mare in midair, breaking the fall while also reassembling the house from the same debris that composed it.  Immediately with the dogs gone and the house restored, Scott receives a mark on his/her hip that looks like a sledgehammer smashing a plaster wall on his/her hips.

8) Also from Vancouver, Scott's best friend Jim Miller (who didn't originally go by James or Jim, but was always Miller) goes the longest time without some magic tattoo on his hips, but by the end of it, gets one of a camera on a tripod.

9) An Englishman wakes up to find Britain deserted, and wants to find somebody.  He spends the better part of his story scavenging and scrounging London and other cities for essentials, only to find he's the only one.

10) A man/mare residing in a small village up in the Canadian Rockies takes refuge in an adjoining town in a shopping mall with several others seeking essentials.  S/he finds them.  His position is Marconi, a radioman (or radiomare).  Sending broadcast to find survivors as much as s/he can.

I know, lots of info, but does that story ring a bell?

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Just commenting on your user page since we haven't talked in awhile. Have this picture of Batman fighting a shark underwater with a lightsaber.

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