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I write pony words. Millions of them. If you want to help fund my upcoming wedding (July) go here!


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I made one. Most people skip the theme. So I made a new one.

A bit of backstory here, though. I used to do MST3Ks of the episodes and throw them up on Youtube. I got to Keep Calm and Flutter On before Hasbro started blocking them all worldwide. Now, I always changed the theme song because there was no point in having the same one over and over again. Some of them were actually okay. Like for the one to Luna Eclipsed I completely cut out the traditional one and instead made one with a black background and the Halloween theme playing in the background. So, just for fun, here's the one I made for the Season 2 finale, which was my personal favorite.

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>>1412178 Reasons. :trollestia:

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>>1412150 He watched Wolf Creek in the original story. So he doesn't shy away from the brutal. Just quality ones. Why?

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What kind of horror movies would TD prefer?

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I read your pony words. Millions of them.

Seriously, I love them. Sometimes they've kept me awake a little bit past my bed time.. :twilightblush:

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I love that you made your picture blossom. I think she is my second favorite OC of yours (next to TD)

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