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I write MLP fanfiction. The best story of mine is The Secret Life of Rarity. Pretty simple, really.


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So here's a thought I've been having. What if I finished TD the Alicorn Princess?

No wait, don't go yet! I didn't say stop writing about him/her, just finish that particular story.

See, here's what I was thinking. The story's called TD the Alicorn Princess. Well, after everything that's happened throughout the course of the story, he's not TD anymore. He's morphed completely into Antares. So, I'm thinking of ending TD the Alicorn Princess in a few chapters and doing a sequel called Antares... something. I dunno, the title will have Antares in it.

Now, given the nature of these last few chapters, will the whole story be like that? Dark and brooding and Nolan? No, it won't. Will there be that stuff? Well yeah, Equestria is barreling towards war. But that's not going to be the whole story. It wouldn't be a TD story without some humor and some happy moments.

So yeah, what do you all think?

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Bronywriter. I have created yet another blog for the movie to help us find people. Mind making a link?

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Antares  the scorpion princess:derpytongue2:


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TD the Alicorn Princess has been featured!

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Hey there. It was neat to get to see you at Everfree Northwest this year on the villains and heroes panels.

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