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I write pony words. Millions of them. If you want to help fund my upcoming wedding (July) go here!


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So, I just got a Wii U and the new Super Smash Bros game. After some trial and error, I set it up and started playing. One of the characters you can play is the Mii. So basically a custom character that you create. I, being me, created a Mii of TD (try saying that ten times fast) and, when given the choice of making him a brawler (fists) sword user, or gun user, I, of course, went with brawler because TD.

I have to say... if you told me when I first started writing TD that he'd eventually be in a Super Smash Bros game I'd roll my eyes, but seeing TD punch Dr Mario in the face repeatedly and fight a villager from Animal Crossing by throwing a bowling ball at her head... I may be able to die happy now. I'd rather not die right now, obviously, but a strong feeling of contentment has washed over me currently. I am at peace.

Until I think about Grand Theft Auto V. I love that game (although IV was crap if for no other reason than the driving and... Roman) and I bought an X-box so I could play it up here. But every time I try to play it, it says

This is a very, very, very frequent problem. From what I've been told, one of the solutions that Rockstar has posted is "buy a new game disk." For 60 bucks. Screw that. I know it can't be a data issue because I have 120 GB of ram on the hard drive and a 32 gig flash drive, and I've installed it on both. Including combinations. Frustrating.


Just think about TD throwing a bowling ball at the head of a villager from Animal Crossing. Just think about him punching Pac-Man in the face repeatedly...

Also, if anyone wants to help edit the Killer Rarityverse Wiki just follow the link, I guess.

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>>1635770 Don't give the guy any ideas!

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LAL! Be glad that he didnt make serial killer out of you...

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>>1634426 Uh... NO.



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So, you're the guy who's been controlling everything that's happened to me...

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>>1626800 Sister's name is Kristen. Not Kristy. But Kristy is a friend, yes.

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