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BABSCon Wrapup · 12:41am

BABSCon Wrap-up, BABSCon Wrap-up! Let's finish our awesome con cheer. BABSCon Wrap-up, BABSCon Wrap-up! For soon Everfree Northwest will be here!

For soon Everfree Northwest will be here!

So, BABSCon, or, as I like to call it, the con of near-misses. I already stated that I made my flight by five or so minutes, so that's good. I was sick with some sort of thingie on Saturday, so I missed most of it. What I did not miss was about half of the Saturday VA panel, which the amazing xjuggernaughtx has here.

However, when I say half, I was feeling off enough that I did not stay for much more. I also did not miss the con store. Oh no I did not miss that.

Hard to see, I know, so let me give you a rundown.

1. Rarity plushie

2. Sweetie Belle plushie.

3. Fluttershy drawing.


5. Rainbow Dash cutie mark shot glass as a gift for a friend.

6. Rarity cutie mark flask, also as a gift for the same friend.

7. Dr. Whooves t-shirt.

8. Luna hat.

9. Rarity mousepad

10. Rarity plushie with gala dress and Element necklace (gift for a friend already given)

11. A Twilight ponified print of

12. a Rarity dog tag

13. 4 buttons. 1 Rarity, 1 Luna, 1 Pinkie, and 1 NLR.

14. A sleep mask. It's a godsend. I don't know why I didn't get one before.

Also, you may notice a Cheerilee button in the pile there. That was gifted to me after the panel I did by the amazingly awesome Jponyguy. I cannot express how honored I am by that.

My bank account is empty. It is so totally worth it.

On the whole. I also bought a Rainbow Dash beer glass that did not survive the flight home. That was not so nice.

What made this con better for me than BronyCon was the Fimficion authors! I got to meet a ton of them! xjuggernaughtx, Pen Stroke, Super Trampoline, Regidar, totallynotabrony, Andrew Joshua Talon, Xepher, Leonzilla, Horizon, Law Abiding Pony, Statoose, and a few others I can't remember off of the top of my head. If I met you and don't remember I'm sorry, but as you can see, the list is pretty darned long.

Didn't meet any show celebrities, but oh well.

Now, I did promise you my panel, so here it is.

Yep. Right there. That's me on the right, and Kaidan on the left. I must stress once again that I am kind of sick, so the fact that the opening segment of the panel is me being a total blanking idiot can be largely attributed to that. Largely, not completely. The rest of it can be attributed to Kaidan secretly enjoying me looking like a total blanking idiot.

BTW, that's Pen Stroke holding the camera. He's a really cool guy. We played this MLP shipping card game over lunch, and he won quite easily. Although, the list of cool guys is pretty long too. Went out to lunch with xjuggernaughtx and we talked about the show. Regidar and I talked a lot, and he's pretty cool too, Xepher and I hung out at the airport, and my time back to Denver wouldn't have been as easy without him, so a big shout-out to him there. Super Trampoline let me into his hotel room (with Pen Stroke and Leonzilla). Also a cool guy.

Okay, so, my panel. Before I talked to the girl in the bright pink wig (cosplaying as Pinkamena, and, as a side note, there was a girl in an awesome Cupcakes cutie mark outfit) and we were talking about Lil Miss Rarity. As a result of that, who should come up to greet me and shake my hand? Why, the guy who draws Lil Miss Rarity. He watched my whole panel.

So overall, I'd say that the panel was a pretty nice success. Once the Q&A got going, so did I. I dunno. You can watch and judge for yourself. After the panel some people came up and asked a few more questions, and a few even asked for autographs. I signed a few posters, a con booklet, and even a con badge. I cannot begin to stress how honored I am that people think I'm good enough for all that.

One of the other highlights of the weekend was a panel called "Read it and Weep" where (with permission from the author, I believe) they took this bad piece of self-insert, Gary Stu fanfiction and let the audience take turns reading it. Some people were absolutely hilarious, as was the story itself. I cannot recall the name of it for the life of me, but it is the most typical HiE OC story that you can imagine. It's also 600,000+ words long. The first time I read it with the protagonist sounding as much like a James Earl Jones/Morgan Freeman sounding guy as I could, then the second time I had the protagonist slurring his words like a drunk, and Twilight as Darth Vader. Highlight of my day.

I think that's really it. I got to meet a ton of cool people, got some really awesome stuff (Rarity and Sweetie Belle plushies to go with my Blossom plushie! Now the whole murderous collection is complete!) and got to do some really cool things. I really hope that I get to go back, and I'm really looking forwards to Everfree Northwest this July for some more awesome times.

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