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I write MLP fanfiction. The best story of mine is The Secret Life of Rarity. Pretty simple, really.


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Plushies anypony? · 9:12pm

So, as most of you are aware (unless you are a relatively new follower, in which case welcome) I am trying to pay for my wedding to my wonderful fiancee. One or two of you might have met her at Everfree Northwest. We are hoping to get married next December (2015) before I do my student teaching somewhere not in America.

So, as it turns out, my fiancee is quite adept at sewing and making things. She made my entire family these delightful corn warmers that work like a charm. They're wonderful. Now, a friend of mine had a birthday, and I pitched it to her that we should make our mutual friend a giant stuffed squid (Of Suns and Squids anybody? Yes, that's exactly where that came from) so... we did.

This is Susan. Susan the squid.

Yes, I am* Australian.**

Now, with all of the practice she's had, she can make the next ones even better, and I think the squid is pretty good. So, she's going to start a little mini business on Etsy to sell stuff like that.

So... the point.

Which of my OCs would you like to have as plushies? Don't be shy, tell me and we'll make one for you. Antares? Joyous Blossom? Captain Blaze? Lieutenant Rapids? Comet Blitz? Your OC? Or an upcoming character in Life of a Non-Brony whom I know you will all just love. Trust me on that. Also, we don't even have to stick to one style. You want an Antares pillow? Sure. We'll hook you up. A Blossom marshmallow chibi? Why not? The prices would obviously vary on what you wanted, but for the average sized plushie, no more than fifty, we're thinking. Probably less. So, what do you all think? Thoughts? Ideas for characters? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much!

Also, I'll be trying to update some stuff soon, but I'm going to be spending the rest of this week finishing Breaking Bad. But, once that's done, it's updates for me! And you.


** But my Aussie accent is so good you'd never know the difference.

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>>1361846 Thank god I gave that up

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>>1361826 Pretty good. Just got back to college. Classes start *gulp* tomorrow.

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How are you doing sir?

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>>1356485 I wrote a whole blog post on it which I linked in the description in the story. The blog post also has a synopsis for the rest of the story.

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Could you please tell me why you cancelled Feel Like a Monster? I'm not going to hate on you, (though I am sad) but I just want to know why.

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