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"We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master." —Ernest Hemingway

My Spirit Animal

Who Is This Crazy Bitch?

The Basics

Name: Bad Seed, Bad, Seed, Baddy, Badsy, Babs, Babsy, Seedy, that one chick who likes Doge, that crazy bitch over there

Chromosomes: XX (cisgendered)

Location: 'MURICA

Age: 23

Birthday: January 28

Sexual Orientation: Gayer than Elton John waving a rainbow flag and skipping down the streets of San Francisco.

Relationship Status: Single and lovin' it!

Life Goals: Become an author and travel the world, one step at a time.

Email: bad.seed.72.fimfiction@gmail.com

Skype: bad.seed.72

Flame War Fuel

Politics: Independent

Religion: Irreligious Panendeist

Patron Saints: These Two, Sunset Shimmer, Sonata Dusk

Best Mare: Applejack

Best Stallion: Big Macintosh

Best Filly: (tie) Apple Bloom and Babs Seed

Best Colt: Rumble

OTPs: AppleSeed, FlashLight, MacDash, RariJack, Sunata, SoarinDash, pretty much anything ever. Ship ALL the ships!

Tangled Roots Trilogy & Side-Stories

  • Tangled Roots The CMC know that Babs Seed was bullied in Manehatten, but how bad could things really have been? by Bad_Seed_72 96,145 words · 7,913 views · 656 likes · 13 dislikes
  • Sweet Apple Anthology First sequel to Tangled Roots. After Babs Seed moves to Sweet Apple Acres, seven years of lessons about friendship, love, and family shape her into the mare she ultimately becomes. by Bad_Seed_72 141,432 words · 2,320 views · 289 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Severed Roots Third and final installment in the "Tangled Roots" timeline. When our heroes of the West and our villains in the East clash at last, who will be left standing? by Bad_Seed_72 216,687 words · 1,217 views · 195 likes · 5 dislikes

Horse Words That I'm Especially Proud Of

  • A Night On Deck One night aboard a cruise ship, Noteworthy recounts his journey from musical prodigy to traveling musician to an unexpected fan. In the end, he learns what "freedom" truly means. by Bad_Seed_72 9,161 words · 1,540 views · 126 likes · 4 dislikes
  • Anxiety Recurrent nightmares and newfound anxiety make Spike come face-to-face with his greatest fear. What if Twilight never needed him in the first place? by Bad_Seed_72 10,788 words · 10,904 views · 931 likes · 11 dislikes
  • Between The Lines After Twilight delivers a batch of books to Sweet Apple Acres as a gesture of goodwill, she finds that Big Macintosh is not interested in her offerings. Through her efforts to discover why, she inadvertently discovers his most shameful secret. by Bad_Seed_72 11,547 words · 5,455 views · 733 likes · 9 dislikes
  • Big Horseshoes When asked to write an essay on his hero for a school assignment, Rumble writes about the only pony he can think of who's deserving of the title: the stallion who's loved, protected, and cared for him the most. by Bad_Seed_72 6,929 words · 3,824 views · 553 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Completely Platonic Caramel and Big Macintosh have been best friends since they were colts. However, some ponies have other ideas about the extent of their relationship... by Bad_Seed_72 4,069 words · 1,625 views · 270 likes · 13 dislikes

More Horse Words That I'm Especially Proud Of

  • Forecast Caramel wakes up and goes to work. It's a normal day, like any other. It's raining. But the sun's still shining. And that's alright. by Bad_Seed_72 6,998 words · 1,210 views · 130 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Just Like Her During one particularly stressful day, Sweetie Belle gets into Rarity's makeup. Rarity demands an explanation. The answer isn't quite as simple as one sister trying to emulate another. by Bad_Seed_72 6,824 words · 7,436 views · 800 likes · 8 dislikes
  • Sympathy For The Devil While locked away in Tartarus, Lord Tirek finds that his ultimate desire has been fulfilled. by Bad_Seed_72 3,000 words · 1,254 views · 192 likes · 5 dislikes
  • The Light-Bringer Discord is no mere trickster spirit, or simply an embodiment of Chaos. In the beginning, he wasn't even evil. A Discord origin story. by Bad_Seed_72 3,000 words · 887 views · 57 likes · 2 dislikes
  • What Hath Joined Together Sequel to "The Order". Despite receiving a harsh reprimand from Captain Ironhoof, Flash Sentry still struggles with his feelings for Twilight. When he is assigned to escort her to the Crystal Empire, tensions on all sides escalate. by Bad_Seed_72 93,536 words · 4,708 views · 668 likes · 70 dislikes

Horse Words You Should Read

  • A Faded Touch of Blue Moxie's whole life has been decided for her. Except for that one trip to Canterlot, that one step into the wrong establishment, and that one mare. by Tofazz 13,990 words · 4,256 views · 360 likes · 8 dislikes
  • Ave Sonata Sonata Dusk plays in the park while Aria and Adagio watch. by Majin Syeekoh 1,050 words · 1,838 views · 222 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Brushed Away For Troy the Gryphon, life in Equestria wasn't exactly as fulfilling as he imagined on his own. However, after volunteering to help out with a storm prepping project, he discovers a pony who helps to change everything. by TheVClaw 225,655 words · 2,280 views · 295 likes · 14 dislikes
  • Flashback During a full moon, Flash Sentry enters the mirror beneath the Crystal Palace to pay an unauthorized visit to the human world. This could cost him his career, and he could care less. by shortskirtsandexplosions 7,565 words · 1,517 views · 254 likes · 34 dislikes
  • For Whom We Are Hungry You didn't want to come here, but fate cares nothing for insects. The story of a changeling in Ponyville. by Cold in Gardez 14,935 words · 2,874 views · 665 likes · 8 dislikes

More Horse Words You Should Read

  • In the Place the Wild Horses Sleep Young Mia is determined to run with wild horses, and nothing is going to stop her. Not her mother. Not even magical talking ponies... by Lucky Dreams 2,814 words · 1,957 views · 301 likes · 7 dislikes
  • Perception Scootaloo is alone. She's failed her family, her friends, her destiny - everything. Running away from her problems, Scootaloo lost herself in the sprawling city of Las Pegasus. Now, her life is meaningless... until a letter arrives from Ponyvill by DeepShift 40,284 words · 1,360 views · 122 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Remember Me Spike's been feeling down on himself lately. Perhaps a flower might help? by Avox 8,365 words · 3,778 views · 618 likes · 10 dislikes
  • Shiver Endless winter befalls Ponyville and drains colour from the world by HAULER 7,458 words · 491 views · 67 likes · 8 dislikes
  • Silverware A pony's encounter with modern utensils. by Butterscotch Cream 5,373 words · 7,720 views · 200 likes · 5 dislikes

Even More Horse Words You Should Read

  • Simply Rarity What does it mean for a pony who has everything to be generous? by Somber 8,846 words · 4,176 views · 889 likes · 21 dislikes
  • Stages It was supposed to be Octavia’s first big moment in her beginning career. To her dismay a unicorn named Vinyl Scratch stole her spotlight and left an impression on the cellist she would so soon not forget. by Bunnybooze79 156,425 words · 1,393 views · 147 likes · 5 dislikes
  • The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog A human finds himself in Equestria... He decides to forsake Ponyville and see the world instead. by Rust 129,645 words · 25,117 views · 3,266 likes · 88 dislikes
  • The Savage Way You're a whole different pony when you're scared. by Horse Voice 5,434 words · 3,331 views · 307 likes · 5 dislikes

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Orchestral sounds applied to an electronica song generally turn out pretty well for me also. :moustache:

Also, d'aww and lul. D'awlullable? :rainbowlaugh: :heart:

#2,391 · 18h, 51m ago · 1 · ·


My favorite was "Love Life". :moustache: Just got a really cool sound to it.

I know, right? For one thing, I already absolutely love pianos involved in electronic music, but there are some really interesting effects going on. I particularly like the electronic melody starting at 0:44. And I love the orchestra coming in a 2:35. I really love classical sounds involved in electronic music. Heck, often times I've wondered what it would be like to hear some of my favorite DnB songs done completely with an orchestra.

Also, hnnnnng:

#2,390 · 19h, 47m ago · · ·


Duuuude, I can't wait for that Frozen special. (Even if Elsa watching her sister sleep is more than a little creepy. :pinkiecrazy:)

And damn, dem doge pics! So much wow! :rainbowlaugh:

Many marijuanas... How me a doge learned English... I lost it! xDDDD

This one is for you too! :D


Ayyyyy gurl.You're so wow you have no idea. :trollestia:

Anthro doge is unsexy, but still funny. xD


So much win. "Destiny Man 2" and "If We Were Gay" were probably the funniest. :rainbowlaugh: Where the hell do you get these things?!


Best pony lookin' so fine. :ajsmug: Also Evil Applejack versus Normal Applejack would have been great in Fighting is Magic...


I really like this artist's style. :)


Some interesting stuff here. My favorite was "Love Life". :moustache: Just got a really cool sound to it.


I approval wholeheartedly. Incredible voice! :ajsmug:


Such big spender! xD

And... you're right... I'm definitely going to hell for laughing at that one... :rainbowderp: :rainbowlaugh:


You certainly do!!! Because in this war, there is no winner... Both are too damn cute!

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