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  • 24w, 1d
    Hmm, I am apparently not dead.

    As the title states, I am neither dead nor incapacitated, just preoccupied. I got a couple of jobs this past year and have purchased a new laptop. One of the purposes of said portable computer is to sharpen my writing skills. As such, I thought that it would only make sense for me to return here.

    So, as such, we come to the main purpose of this post: give me something to write about. I need all the practice I can get. I will try my best to get to all of your ideas in some forme. Some may get vignettes and others may get chapters, just depends on my thoughts on the idea.

    One last note, thanks for 101 followers, though I'm confused why some would follow a dead account. Thank you regardless. Keep on keeping on and get me some ideas.

    Till next we meet


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    Guess who's not dead...

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    I'm a winner, apparently.

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    Oh, Hooray

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Cursed with silence, Vinyl Scratch (A.K.A. DJ PON-3) turns to music to express herself. However, through this curse she is also bound to Silere, a strange and cruel pony who appears only as a reflection of Vinyl. Day to day, Silere torments Vinyl, yet their only chance to live normal lives is to work together to find the one pony who can break their curse.

First Published
7th Nov 2012
Last Modified
16th Dec 2012


I do want to see where this goes, good work!

Adding to read later. I'd read right now if it weren't for Halo 4.:twilightsheepish:

Yes yes yes yes yes.  Continue please! :rainbowwild:

Pretty good. The formatting could use a bit of work. Too wall of text-ey.

<(Seems Good...., I hope nopony will break their curse...)

Me gusta

Oh this is an intresting find I really am curious now to where this goes. This is rly good I give it 8/10 Rarities


...You, my dear writer, have my attention.

Fascinations concept.

This story so far seems interesting to me. Can't wait to see what comes from this! Good work.:pinkiehappy:

what!? octavia has a curse!?!? i must jump into this story and help her myself!!!!!! *blue scadoo we can too!*:flutterrage:

>>1581583 kinda glad someone caught the not so subtle hint.

Thanks everypony for your support. I was unsure if I should continue this story, but thanks to your kind words a new chapter should be out tomorrow or the next day.

foreshadowing in the stained glass window? :unsuresweetie:

love the story so far! can't wait to see where this goes :twilightsmile:


You have my attention

Misery Loves my Company.... 3DG reference or was that just a random thought...?...

>>1682807 It's actually an old proverb, however I do quite enjoy 3DG. XD


Also loving this story.

Sorry about the delay, I got super-freaking-mega sick.


It's cool.:twilightsmile:  JUST DON'T DO IT AGAIN!:twilightangry2: Unless you need to that is.:twilightsheepish:

Buck yeah! There needs to be a Whooves/The Silence cameo in a future chapter.:eeyup:

Pinkie Pie had even managed to find some cupcakes.

So innocent, and yet, It came back to haunt me....:pinkiecrazy:

A note about the new chapter "Those Who Are Closest": I was having a bad day, to say the least, and I was pretty down on myself. I decided to write a more sentimental chapter. Hope you still enjoy it.

I did enjoy this chapter and maybe this will help you have a better day.:twilightsmile:


But what comes next?

#34 · 101w, 1d ago · · · Epilogue ·

Huzzah! A wonderful ending, and you did quite well working with 3rd person past tense if I do say so myself.

Comment posted by That Gamer deleted at 7:35pm on the 16th of December, 2012
#36 · 101w, 1d ago · · · Epilogue ·

This was a great story which had a wonderful ending.:twilightsmile: Keep writing.

Her "coat" was jet black and her "coat" light brown,

You've got coat there twice. And her coats grey.

Good story, if brief.

I have a question though. If Octavia hasn't been able to make music since she was born, how'd she get her cutie mark? And play at the previous years Gala? And the garden party? Sorry, had to say it.

This is a good idea for a story though. If you were to go back and add more detail to it, it could be (inserty big word here).

#38 · 101w, 21h ago · · · Epilogue ·

>>1811060 I guess that's why I shouldn't write when tired, thanks for the catch.

Also, in response to your question, it is an AU fic after all.

#39 · 101w, 21h ago · · · Epilogue ·

a brown earth pony with a brown mane,

Imma assume that's supposed to be Octavia. I thought the Doctor for a sec. Good story though.

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