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Applejack finds a strange visitor in her apple orchard one day, with even stranger stories to tell...

MLP/L4D2 crossover.  My first story on FiMfiction.net!  May add more tags as story progresses.

Credit for the image goes to brokencreation on DeviantArt.

First Published
22nd Dec 2011
Last Modified
16th Apr 2013
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Left 4 dead... Ellis was one of my favorite!! KEEP GOING MAN IM LIKING IT!!! :rainbowdetermined2:

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And one more reason to hate Rochelle.

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Not bad. Take my stars.

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Oooh what Nick said to Coach was just goddamn brilliant! Tracked!

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Oooh what Nick said to Coach was just goddamn brilliant! Tracked!

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GREAT character work btw

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Two things:

1) I always knew it would be Rochelle that messes things up (no offense to her or anything).

2) Hot Damn, that was good. Keep it up!

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Rochelle... You are always there when we need you... BUT THEN YOU FUCKING STAND AROUND EATING MEDIKITS LIKE WHORE!!!:flutterrage:

wow some deep stuff cant wait til the next part

Hey, this is Manny^, I made an account just to rate and track this story. Keep up the good work!:rainbowkiss:


i really had no clue as to this deep-seated hatred of Rochelle...  To be honest, I kinda sorta always liked he-



dude, this is some good stuff, keep it up man. take all my stars and a track.


That's my queue to hit her with an axe. Which I enjoy.

I can't even explain why I hate her. I think it's just cause she is the computer always doing the stupidest things.

i.e. I shoot a which and start to run away (lol) when Rochelle starts healing me and gets me slaughtered... :trixieshiftleft:


Same here. Except it's when eveyone is about to die, and the only survivor left is Rochelle...and she also has a medkit, which she then uses on HERSELF.







Hahaha, she uses the medikits in all the wrong ways! :facehoof:


Wow... The dialog is exactly as I would imagine it. I could just see all of this happening in my mind.


Freakin' Rochelle, ALWAYS mess it up! :facehoof:

God dammit Rochelle...

Keep writing!

>>81033 Ok.


That creeps me out.

please sir> take all my internets


Oh, I've gotta see where this story goes...

I like this, Keep it up. And if you don't..... Oh celestia save us all.

Great, i am getting bored and i think i have read all the good fanfics then this pops up. It's dangerous to go alone! take these! *hands five stars*

Like the story so far, although there are numerous errors like "Coach pick zombies off," pick should be picked, and other things like that. I'm just being nitpicky though. You did better than most people.:twilightsmile:

this could get very interesting

Yet another story to track at one in the morning.


You had me at Left 4 Dead+ Ponies. I feel compelled to re-buy the second game now, I wonder if anyone still plays it...


That is all

I dropped everything and read this as soon as I saw it. I look forward to more.

THIS ONE TIME ME AND MY BUDDY KEITH.....took an arrow to the knee by some bastard who stole our sweet rolls that we bought from some people from HammerFell that had CURVED. SWORDS.:pinkiecrazy:

Keep this up now you magnificent pony



In other news, tracking. I want to see where this goes.

update this now.............:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

i ever tell you this one time my buddy kief and i watched this show called my little pony?

You had me at hello.:ajbemused:



Dayum. Rochelle, rochelle, Rochelle. This is why EVERYBODY KILLS YOU FIRST!!! So you dont fuck shit up and kill Ellis.

Ellis and Bill are best survivors.

Man, the MLP community produces a lot of quality fanfiction, doesn't it?  I'm interested to see where this goes.  Track'd.

That said, there were a couple of errors that detracted from the experience: the story never seemed to stay in one tense - it was always switching between present and past, which is awkward to read.  Additionally, there were a decent number of minor spelling errors (it's = it is, its = possessive).  While not enough to ruin the story, they were prevalent enough to make it wonky to read.

These are fairly minor errors, though - the story itself has a lot of promise, and I really look forward to the next updates of this.  I mean, we must have at least "AH LUV HORSES" out of Ellis when he wakes up to find himself in a land of marshmallow ponies.

I don't understand why everyone hates Rochelle so much. The only reasons I ever hear are A) things all the bots have in common, and B) AXE ME A QUESTION, which come on you guys, every group needs someone to make the bad puns.

TRACKED.. Take all 5 of my stars you villian..

>>81466 I thank you for your feedback.  Quite frankly I wasn't aware that "its" is possessive.  Just goes to show that the English language is one of the hardest in terms of grammar.  As for the tense change, that is probably my biggest flaw in writing right now.  I just got done writing a present tense script-fic and even then I kept switching to past every once in a while.  I should probably proof-read my stories, anyway...  I usually charge through them and then shove them on the internet for everyone to see.

Again, I thank you for your time and feedback and I am glad you enjoy the story.


▲ ▲ The Tri-Force demands moar!:yay:


▲ ▲ The Tri-Force demands moar!:yay:>>81562 Dammit....

One time, me and mah buddy Keith...

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