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  • Wednesday
    MN7 update for January slot

    Hey folks,

    Just a heads up, I'm setting a tentative January release time for the next chapter. Likely second half of the month.

    Work gets ultra busy for me this time of year in my industry. Couple with holidays taking time and, well, you guys know the score.


    I may be writing a "short" (as in, 10 pages or so) to fill the Christmas gap in the little time I have, using some content that wouldn't fit in the next chapter for pacing reasons. Just a little gift for you all at the end of the year...maybe. If I can make it all work right. :)

    Thank you all for your patience, this happens every year around this point!



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  • 3w, 3d
    Sunday Night Writing Update (MN7, yes I never left!)

    Significant increase in chapter quality this week. Remember all I talked about last week? I did a bunch of editing on those scenes and they are vastly vastly stronger than they used to be. One event in particular I’m very pleased with.

    It has also advanced further, finishing us up to about…hmm…50-55% if I think on it? It galls me that these chapters take longer, but thats the nature of finales.

    Learning point from this session is consistency of events. A massive event near the end of one scene in my current draft is somehow unnoticed by everyone else not directly affected by it in the next scene. Need to add more “reaction” or queries as to what happened. Also want to go back and streamline one sequence a little more to drop some pagecount. I sense a little bloat somewhere in a 1st act scene. I’ll likely do that during the week as it’s just smaller edits.

    Thus far, I’m finding that this chapter has a certain rawness to it that I am particularly enjoying. Just everything being unleashed and a lot of minor character moments trying to struggling to stay afloat in a world thats already started the descent into changing history. Probably gonna do more with that, I think.

    ~ Fuzzy

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  • 8w, 14h
    Update (MN7)

    Hey folks,

    Had a health issue (more detail here) thats held back writing a bit, but we're still firmly in business, Doc's given me some anti-inflammitories that should help. Typing feels much easier now compared to being completely unable in the last couple days, using a mouse is a nightmare but typing has no pressure on my wrist directly.

    So we had a little delay on writing till I knew for sure. It'll still be a bit slower than normal too, but just letting you all know there's nothing drastic! :)

    ~ Fuzzy

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  • 9w, 3d
    Sunday Night Writing Update

    Sunday Night Writing Update

    Hey folks,

    Progress was made this weekend, as usual. I didn’t write on the Saturday because I had to go visit my new nephew in hospital. Three days old!

    Got back into it today on Sunday and made up for the lost ground. The initial act of the chapter is complete now, putting us at approx 30% done. 20% gain from last week.

    Also, while I’m here. I know you guys have sent some questions on pacing or editing. I do intend to answer them, I just need to think about what I’m gonna say on things first for them.

    - Fuzzy

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  • 10w, 14h
    Writing Update

    Writing Update

    Hey guys,

    Good news, that schedule I talked about seems to work. I did the first stage of the chapter this weekend and it’s being editing during the week for next weekends writing session. This could be nicely structured, might let me predict dates more in advance. (Maybe!)

    Currently, it is 100% planned and about 10% written. I’ll update after each weekend. This one is a real doozy to pack as much content into, having to force myself to keep brevity in mind for some. (And there were some painful cuts in the planning stage too, including a joke I’d been waiting so very long to do, but just couldn’t make the cut. It took too much setup for one line.)

    - Fuzzy

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No password on this planet will keep me from liking that story. :twilightblush:

So yea, even if I'm not supposed to be here yet (I guess?): Awesome story, awesome characters, love it. Gives me so much feels. :raritycry:

Keep up the good work, Fuzzy!

Thanks for the upload, Doc!

Go Murky, go!

Gawd damnit. Every time I think it's going to turn out well for him....

Curse you for giving me so much feels. :fluttercry:

:D Moved to fimfic? Wooot!

Oh, Murky Number Seven has been moved to Fim Fic. Well, now I will be able to read it much easi-OH GOD 30K WORDS A CHAPTER!

Well, I'm going to have to clear my schedule to read this, but I hear it is worth it.


This story is fantastic.  It's incredible in every way.  Kudos sir, kudos.

- V  :raritywink:

Oh, so it's on FiMFiction now? Crap, I really have to get around to reading this...

I knew Sixty Minutes in Hell was the longest chapter. I could just tell as I was reading it. Still, I'm completely shocked how close Morality of Escape is—only three thousand words short? Really? It didn't seem that long...

Oh yeah, this is supposed to be a review. Ahem: this fic is bloody fantastic. :heart:

Dude, finally this gets put up! I've been reading this on Google Docs like, forever!

I never understood why you used Google Docs, cause you can never get feedback. I think.


GDocs is still the primary place to get the chapters as early as possible, but FiMFic is now an option for those who prefer it too. A few of us thought it'd be best to give people options.


Haha! They say a chapter should only be as long as it needs to be. I just have a much more drifting pace to my writing style than more concise writers. I like to think it's for a good reason though. :p

It's still using GDocs as the primary source for it, but FiMFic will not be far behind each upload for those who prefer it here!


Oh I got plenty of feedback through DevArt, tumblr, reddit, email and GDoc chat. No worries about that, although it did catch me by surprise! FiMFic just feels like the next natural addition to ways people can read and offer their views upon the story. Personally, I find GDocs much more user friendly for the author and when I read things, I prefer to read in GDocs too. But as I said, options! That's why it's here. :)

Thanks so much for sticking with it though, even if GDocs wasn't your preferred one. That means a lot to me.


Much easier to keep up with the story on FimFic, as it sends you notifications, and you can also comment on the story.

Gdocs is easier to write on, but fimfic is better to read on in my opinion.


That's absolutely fine! It's why I brought it here after all. My personal opinions aren't nessesarily my readers' too. Choices choices. :)

I'm really happy now:pinkiehappy:

It used to be such a hassle to read in Gdocs because my computer sucks:twilightangry2:

So THANK YOU:twilightsheepish:


good chapter

Amazing! can't wait to read the other chapters!!!

Your chapters are at minimum 20 - 30 thousand words... Holy shit!

Wow. People always recommend this on a website I go on whenever we talk about FO:E. Odd to see it having so few likes. I guess people just prefer Google Docs.

Glad I decided to start reading this. This is now one of the stories I always hope to update soon.

This whole chapter, I have one word ringing in my ears:


A minor point of contention: Pyrelight didn't get huge when she soaked up radiation in the crater. She just powered up. She was emitting a visible aura "a hundred times her size", but her physical size didn't change.


Brings a smile to my face. Absolutely true in my mind when I was writing. ^^

Best one yet, get me crying near the end.

i cant stress enough about how good of a story this is. the characters are fantastic but each have their own flaws that make them personal and feel more alive which you rarely see in a fanfic. another thing that is bloody genius are how the constant failings of murky really make the reader themselves want him to win even more. by the end of the story i think well be shouting at the computer for him to succeed.


That's the sort of attitude I always long and hope people may feel. The be on Murky's side and really wanting to spur him on. I'm really glad you love it as much as you do. :)

My face when The Mare's name is revealed :pinkiehappy:

Five seconds later when I remembered the prophetic implications of Equestrian naming :twilightoops:

When that prophecy was realized :facehoof:

And what's this? Murky isn't being kicked around the entire chapter and actually ends it on the loose? Hell yeah!


Now, more than ever, Murky's gotta Galvanize!

Oh, finally you are here. Very exсiting story. Always waiting for new chapters)) And I have a little request. Can you give me detailed description(or rough sketch) of Murkies battle saddle? Wanna draw it, but it's hard to get description from the story.


Sure man. It was a little difficult in the chapter he got it, given I couple pause too long between the lines. :p

The saddle is actually a utility saddle normally used for tools, hence why its lighter and smaller. Murky would never fit a full battle saddle, hence his saddle can only mount tools and pistol scale weapons.

It's mostly leather straps going around his torso and chest, with a little bit going around his left leg. As said, it's like leather strapping, but with a little bit of metal going through it as though it's embedded in between strips of leather. It's a little system of thin metal really. The mouthpiece folds back along his shoulder/back, ready to flip out when the strapped leg kicks out. The mouthpiece itself is very thin and only extends from one side.

Really, it's actually quite a subtle design, I didn't want to overblow it on him, as Murky relies on being a small looking pony both for dramatic design and for sneaking around. It forms around his body rather than over it. The leather is likely a dark brown, so that it does still stand out a little against his black fleece.

If you need anything else about it, feel free to ask for clarification or individual details, I'm always willing to answer. Thanks for considering putting together a pic of it. Your last picture was so awesome that I do kinda go "eee" at the thought. :)

My only complaint is that your chapters need chapters! :pinkiegasp:

Featured! Yes! Congrats, fuzzy.

WOOT!!! IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiegasp:

This is one of my favorite FO:E stories, gald to see it brought to FIMFiction.  :yay:

hey people, please tell me - how much is dark that story compare to... um... well, for example, original FoE and PH?

hey now i can read it on FIM!

Oh Murky you are soooooo fucked right now.

>>1314020  In FOE the highs weren't too high, nor the lows too low. It was kinda grey... like Lil'Pip.  PH the highs are blinding and the darkness crushing, but it's very alive, much in the way that Blackjack is white, black and red.  M#7 is dark and gloomy, freedom is broken and chained; what life exists is sickly or poisoned, much like Murky Number Seven's dull green coat.

In terms of darkness, PH wins through sheer graphic horror, but it's M#7 that will set your soul howling against the injustice of it all.

he.. is a pegisus?

Well fuzzy see you on clouds ville. As always an emotional roller coaster ansd I wanted to share my praise. That ending was phenomenal.


Thanks very much, sah. I'll see you on there. :)


huh, I swear I somewhere saw this opinion about grey FoE and black-n-white PH, perhaps in PH thread

anyway, thanks for the answer, I suppose I'll start reading Murky #7 when I'm done with last PH chapter

But when your cutie mark is a set of shackles... are you really supposed to be free at all?

Haven't even read chapter one yet, though I can already guess as to what his Cutie Mark really means: Breaking free. It's not just shackles, but open shackles. That can only mean that either his special talent is breaking free, or helping others do so.

Another wonderfully powerful chapter! :yay:

As always, the light points in the chapter really help break up the tension and prevents it from getting too overwhelmingly oppressive. Even little things like pointing out the absurdity of having ladders in a pony built society (something I also touched on in an upcoming chapter of Souls), helps remind the reader that this is still a world of silly cartoon ponies, no mater how messed up it's gotten. The best line of the entire chapter has to be “Mhm...yeah, I'd like him on top, so I can get something inside me too.” Fuzzy must love teasing the Murky/Protege shippers. :rainbowlaugh:

Having Murky, and everything around him, so strongly affect by the new of Pip's actions at Arbu reinforced the thought I had about this story since chapter 4. No mater how bleak and bad things get, I know from reading FOE that things will get better, Murky just needs to survive until then.

-In a day or so the real news of Arbu will get out.

-In 10 days the Goddess will be killed and the lack of alicorns will throw Fillydelphia into chaos (hopefully in Murk's favor).

-in 20 days the big battle at Fillydelphia will take place and Murky, if he wasn't already, would be free (if he's not blow up by Celestia Prime).

(Pretty certain on these dates after making a time line for Wings):twistnerd:

Considering all that Murky's overcome so far (it's been 2 weeks since Pip escaped), I have hope that the little pegasus can survive 3 more weeks, and that hope stops this story from getting too depressing to read at times.:applecry:

Also, I'm SO glad this is on FimFic! Now I can read it anywhere I go on my 3DS and easily comment on chapters. Huge thanks to Doctor Whooves for making it happen! :pinkiehappy:

Wow. Just, wow.

Can't wait to see where it's going from this point. Great work, Fuzzy.


My pleasure, mate. I'm just happy to help.

That Perk lost part really got to me.

Good to see this featured.

>>1316962  Yeah, I definitely borrowed the original grey/black analogy, but I can't remember where I found it (probably was the PH thread).  I'm definitely partial to PH and MN7 over original FOE though.

it took me all day; bit i finished the third chapter...

Wow...this was really depressing. Sixty Minutes in Hell was by far the most suspenseful and emotionally charged chapter, but the end of this chapter felt harder to read for me than any part of this fic so far. I think it might have something to do with all the references to the original Fallout: the end of the chapter I was feeling horrible for Murky and Littlepip simultaneously, two characters I care a lot about.

Uh, by the way, everything I just said about feeling horrible? That's a very good thing. Keep up the awesomeness!

Now...sorry for how petty this is going to sound...the one thing in this chapter that did, unfortunately, continuously pull me from the story was the constant mis-capitalization of Littlepip's name. My OCDness has been bugged by it in every other chapter too, but this chapter uses her name a lot more than usual, so I got distracted by it a lot more than usual. Again, sorry for the pettiness, but do you mind not spelling her name LittlePip anymore? Because honestly every time I see it it distracts me and pulls me from the mood of the story. :ajsleepy:

ANYWAY, this chapter was fantastic, and keep up the great work!

Edit: I just remembered a small criticism of mine. I know an arm wrestle must be one the hardest things in the world to write dramatically about, but how things went down was still really ridiculous: Brimstone is winning! No, wait, Shackles is winning because he's done playing around and is now using his true strength. No, wait, Brimstone is winning because he's done playing around and is now using his true strength. No, wait, Shackles is winning because he's done playing around and is now using his true strength. No, wait, Brimstone has won because he's done playing around and finally used his true strength.

It kind of reminded me of the never-ending “power levels” the characters kept on reaching in Dragon Ball Z.

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